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  1. Just updated. Seems fine except landing. As bad as before the update with 3 kts....and uncontrolled after touchdown.
  2. Working better here and smoother. My neighbour was Airbus instructor at Gul Air for 10 barely years . He retired last May and has come back to Spain. He explained exactly the same answer from Aamir It´s not very trusty, In any case , he´s in love with the A330 (the best Airbus ever built), says. Best.
  3. Anyone could post the changes, please?. I don´t like Discord and I am out. Thanks.
  4. New Driver today 516.93. Still remains as an open issue. No luck. Best. Miquel.
  5. You are lucky, Bluestar. Not me. Fortunately NVIDIA has noted the problem as an open Issue. [Prepar3D] Light sources display flashing black boxes. Best. Miquel.
  6. Jonas, the way to push and pull in this ac is a bit different from P3D. No right button for pulling. Just a suggestion. It took to me for a while to get to used to it. Best. Miquel.
  7. Not surpried. I have been waitng for a B747 update in final beta testing for more than a year. Best. Miquel.
  8. I totally agree with tweekz. Nevertheless, the plane is fantastic. One of the best planes I have ever bought in my almost 30 years of simmin I´d like to add that never sawn such kind of criticism with a brand new two weeks old product. Strange. I love it. Best. Miquel.
  9. I don´t like this way. Could be better something like Aerosoft. The simulation is absolutely amazing, the aircraft, graphics, fliight model, performance, but the flight preparation is a bit tricky. Best. Miquel.
  10. Working nice on fps here, but autopilot works like the default simulator, which is a mess. I´ll let it rest for a while. Back to P3D. Miquel.
  11. Yes, same here. CTD with P3D v5.1 P3D v 4.5 is OK. Regards. Miquel.
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