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  1. I have similar setup. Maximus hero X, 8700k, 16GB corsair dominator 3200Mhz. Overclocked at 4.8Ghz with 1.230 vcore. Temps are 73 C max during simming. Very happy with this cpu.
  2. I have replaced mine with Vardar ones (140 evo). Not completely silent, but much better then original corsair fans.
  3. IDK if it's bug or what. Try this : Go to task manager, details, find p3d, right click on it then click on affinity and Ok button. On my previous build (4790k) I've had same thing. 100% load on first core. When I did trick above, load has spreaded on all cores.
  4. Untick "pause on task switch" in options.
  5. Try increase CPU voltage a bit. Mine is set to 1.225v at 4.5Ghz (YMMV). I have same cpu and 32gb 2400 ddr3.
  6. Hi. Try download Vfx central, log in to your account and install direct from app.
  7. Working for me. Open SODE menu by pressing Shift+D. The stands options should be there.
  8. Check encoding in addon.xml with Notepad++. Mine was set as UTF-8.
  9. Hi Rob. Mine looks like this : http://imgur.com/0vtwCZr And after unpack with winrar : http://imgur.com/539UWRe
  10. I've received e-mail from SimTweaks. Server is up and running. You must download the latest version of PTA via the "My Account" section of the website - the version number is now 2.52.
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