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  1. If you surf the comments my friend you will find it i not automatic for all....
  2. Thanks but here is the thing about this... (1) under this Tab MSFS is not listed for me. (2) I hit the "Get updates" button, and it says all is up to date.
  3. The only option I have from the Library is to Launch. Which I do, but it doesn't update.
  4. Hello: I can't seem to find and install the hotfix I went to the MS Store, clicked on "Get Updates", says everything is up to date, start MSFS but it stays at I have the digital download from MS, NOT Steam. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  5. I fly the FFW A320, the stock Longitude, and most of the stock GA with NO issues
  6. It is a known problem and there are several posts on the Aerosoft Forums. I have NEVER had it work and I have tried probably 40 approaches. Aerosoft seems to indicate it is an Asobo issue....not sure why that would be the case as it doesnt seem to affect other A/C.
  7. Have you tried rebooting at least the sim if not your PC? This has happened to me several times before but after I reboot all is fine.
  8. Thanks, but I don't use "Manual Cache" so it sounds like the update should be automatic, but it is not. I am stuck at 01.12.13
  9. Ok; well then I am still confused.... So there is a mandatory update? because I am not getting that. Why would that be?
  10. My misunderstanding; I thought this was a "Simulator Update" in addition to a "World Update"; I guess not....
  11. No; never did before. Will try now, thanks.
  12. Why when I start the Sim am I not prompted for the update? I always have previously. Thanks, Dave
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