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  1. Ok, I installed. But I need to register to get it to run. I go to REX Axis and it asked me info one item being "Product Key". I purchased through ORBX and as best I can tell, you don't get one with that type of purchase / install. Am I wrong?
  2. I "reinstalled" one yesterday; guessing that's what caused it.
  3. This little exercise just showed me why I have had CTD' on my last 2 flights when I haven't had one in a year.... Something switched me to DX12 instead of 11...UGH!!
  4. Hello: For some reason, all of a sudden, all sorts of "Flight Assistance" items appeared. I was able to turn off most of them, but still have on the bottom right and left of my cockpit view assistance on airspeed, Engine 1, Engine 2, Fuel, AOA, Flaps , trim , altitude. Anyone know where I would shut that off? Thanks, Dave
  5. Circling back on this. Any idea why this would occur? I do not have this issue anywhere else.
  6. Sorry if this has been discussed already, but with the search function down I cant check.... I flew into KDFW probably for the first time in awhile and the textures were all blurry and I actually crashed b/c the elevations were off. I tried restarting the sim but same result. I have no KDFW add-ons. Haven't seen this anywhere else. is this a known issue?
  7. Ok, what am I doing wrong here? All of a sudden I get NO search results with the search function here. I can type the word "flight" and I will get zero results.
  8. Thanks Kevin. I was pouring through the manual trying to figure this our; your analysis seems reasonable, so I will go with it 🙂
  9. So I have been flying this for a couple of months and am a First Officer with a 95% Rating with 2,000 XP. but apparently there is a "Pilot Rank". What is that? According to the manual, it is a 1-5 system but does not show up on my dashboard and so I don't know where I stand. My rating is pretty good, but I am not getting selected by the better airlines so I figure I must be missing something. I sent a request for info to the developer weeks ago with no response and struggling to find information in the manual or elsewhere. Thanks, Dave
  10. Hello: I removed FLOW and trying to restore the default toolbar, how do I do that? Thank you, Dave
  11. Just a silly post... If I am in the house, paying bills, watching TV, listening to music, I just have to get a plane in the air while I am doing these tasks. Am I alone? if so, I will seek a therapist. 🙂
  12. Hello: I currently use Webroot for Virus protection. Seems most "in the know" don't seem to care for it, so I am looking to change but want to make sure it doesn't cause any issues with MSFS. Suggestions? Thanks, Dave
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