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  1. Is it possible to personally contact someone who has posted an FSX mission?...just want to ask him a question about his work... Thanks, John H.
  2. jmhelms

    Missons From FSX to Prepar3D

    Hi Caleb...I'm for simple solutions... just copy an FSX mission or two over to your P3D4 "Scenarios" folder and into the "Emergency" subfolder....then see if they come up in the Scenarios list and, if so, try to run them...I have found many work great... you may have to change the aircraft you use, as P3D4 may not recognize the FSX specified aircraft...
  3. Thanks Glen for your be sure we're on the same page..I'm using the current version of XP 11... I have placed my "add-on" planes in the "Aircraft" that the correct folder to use?...I have an add-on plane called the Stinson L-5g shows two liveries in the Liveries folder ....for fun I deleted/transferred those liveries to another folder outside of XP...the plane still shows up with three instances under Flight that what's supposed to happen?... And, I tried your "Regenerate Icons" did not help, probably becasue many of my add-on planes with multiple liveries show up under the Flight Configuration with a "?"......can that be cured? Sorry for all the questions...I'm new to XP.....steep learning curve... Your thoughts appreciated... John H.
  4. Thanks Martin...pretty simple it there a way to "comment" a livery out so that it remains in the Livery folder but aren't read by the program?....for example if the Livery is called "Black and Gold," just rename it "XXBlack and Gold"? Another question if I might....I have installed several airplanes in the "Aircraft" folder....they show in the Flight Configuration Window but not all the liveries....what has happened?.. Thanks for your help....John H
  5. Newbie to XP...old hand at P3D... Many XP planes come with several paint schemes... Many times all I want is 1-2 variants showing in the Flight Configuration to disable a plane variant without deleting the base plane and have the variant ready to reactivate if I want? I've looked on the web but just can't find an intelligent explanation... Any help appreciated.. John H.
  6. Thanks Guys.....really appreciate the help... You all are my heroes...and what make this hobby so enjoyable... John H.
  7. Thanks Mike...didn't think of that .... Another, perhaps simpler question to all who may see this...... How do you (if you can) comment out an aircraft which has a folder under "SimObjects?" I tried using "XX" before the aircraft folder name (i,e., "XXBeech Duchess"), but that does not seem to work...the aircraft still shows in the list of planes...thought of "//" but you can't rename a folder using "//"... Why do I want to do this?...I have a lot of aircraft....takes a long time to load....sometimes I'd like to "temporarily disable" an aircraft but leave itsre folder in SimObjects to use at a future time... Anyone have any thoughts?... Thanks, John H.
  8. Hi there Simon and Marteen...thanks for your replies and concerns....I am an organizational freak with many aircraft...the only way I can keep them all in mind and organized is to put them in separate folders under SimObjects.... Marteen...your instructions are spot on and work beautifully ....P3D4 (as well as the earlier version s of P3D) are robust and can be modified/customized when approached carefully... Cheers, John H.
  9. I'd like to change the name of sub-folder "Rotorcraft" under the "SimObjects" folder to "Rotorcraft and Sailplanes".......tried a simple Microsoft explorer rename, but P3D4 would no longer see the folder and the objects within it when P3D4 ran..... Any help appreciated... Thanks, John H
  10. jmhelms

    Quick ILS and P3D4

    Thanks Richard for the prompt reply.... I hope you can come up with something... I'm happy to "beta test" your ideas if you like... I too have installed the latest "hot fix" to P3D4 I appreciate your help on this issue....QILS is a very helpful program... If you'd like to communicate with me direct, my email is: John H.
  11. jmhelms

    Quick ILS and P3D4

    Thank you for your reply...just saw it... I am running both P3D3 and P3D4 (hereafter D3 and D4).... Both D3 and D4 installed in my "E" drive... QILS runs under D3 but not D4.... FSIUPC installed and recognized in both D3 and D4....when attempting to run under D4, get error message: "FSUIPC Initialization Error 9...Subscript out of range" Where do you have QILS installed? the P3D main folder or outside P3D?....if in a P3D main folder, D3 or D4?...I know how to use "Preferences" to locate "Make Runways" and can easily find the file in D4 main program folder... I appreciate any help or observations you may have... Thanks, John H.
  12. jmhelms

    Quick ILS and P3D4

    Has anyone tried to get "Quick ILS" to work in PRD4...if successful, how did you do it? Any help or thoughts appreciated.. John H.
  13. Hi Dave...I have used Quick ILS with great success in P3D3...I am wondering if you will release it for P3D4.....or, is there a way to make it work in P3D4? Any help appreciated... Love Quick ILS....John Helms
  14. jmhelms

    200 AI Ships and P3D4

    Has anyone been able to make the library file "200 AI Ships" and its associated, earlier file work in P3D4?...I have successfully installed it in P3D3, but can't seem to make it work in P3D4?...the author say it is compatible... Love the program and all the ships... Any help appreciated... Thanks, John Helms
  15. jmhelms


    Worth installing?...John H.