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  1. To Sluihn...I'm strarting the plane ready to fly and the chocks are not an issue... To PWJTD, where is the EFB and what is it?.... Thanks, John Helms
  2. This occurs on both sets of planes....can't get my power levers to move to full on...Gust Lock set to off....Parking Brake set to off....Ramp Idle set to off...the Engine Condition Levers will move and are set to full on...nevertheless, the Power Levers light up buy refuse to move...what am I doing wrong? any help appreciated... John Helms
  3. Thanks a bunch, RocketRod...John Helms
  4. RocketRod...excuse the delay in gettng back...i have had a stroke... I launced the Windows App, found MSFS, found it recognized i owned it, asked if i wanted to reinstall it somewhere and i said yes, and nothing happened...its like it couldn't find MSFS...in my journey to two large SSD drives i have one with my MSFS and all it's data on it…set up and ready to go ....my computer doesn't rocognize it because the people who installed W-10 didn't use "John" in my "User" account, buy used "Admin"...one word off in in the path to MSFS....I can either find out how to delete MFSF and follow your instructions; or, repair the path to MSFS....how to remedy?... John Helms
  5. I really think your reply does not address my question... I am well aware of Add-on Linker and have used for ages and highly recommend it...none of your posts answer my questions about the best way to reinstall MS 2020... John Helms
  6. I just installed a new SSD drive and have need to re-install MS 2020...any way to do that w/o paying again and retain all my settings, etc.?.. Any help appreciated... John Helms
  7. I downloaded the latest update from Blackbird Simulations for the Pilates 6 aircraft.... None respond to Airelon input from either a Xbox controller or a ThrustMaster 1600 joystick....I've posted a the BlackBird site to no avail....help please... John Helms
  8. I bought a store bought plane from Microsoft and it has a minor defect....if I go to where it is located and delete it, will M let me download again?... John Helms
  9. Thanks to everyone who responded...the correct answer is the prop conditioner was not set properly....needed to be full ahead...it was not so set...now to figure out to set it for fully operational upon takeoff... John Helms
  10. Well I bought the Asobo ATR a couple of days ago It loaded up rather nicely but when i spun up the engines and released the barking brake nothing happened...the plane failed to take-off...or move down the runway...confession: i have the freeware ATR in my hanger, but that shouldn't matter, or should it? Any help appreciated... John Helms
  11. And the winner is.....DOMINIQUE !!...I proclaim her to be Queen of MSFS !!... Thanks to all who had their say.... My special thanks to Dominique for saving my my bacon...you're the best ! John Helms
  12. Mace....I am a fairly powerful gaming comptuer ....though not as powerful as yours...,, Dominique...OK, this time tried renaming the whole Community folder from within MSFS let MSFS make a new (blank) one...no luck John H.
  13. I can't use MSFS...the sim will load and the Content Manager is active...but that's about it...whenever I load up a plane to go somewhere, the sim freezes...my Addon Linker is totally devoid of addons...I've disconnected everything...still the problem persists... Thanks, John Helms
  14. I am recovering from a stroke and slowly returning to the game...playing left-handed, as right is impared for now...i have noticed that all the homemade bush trips and landing challenges are missing...they are still in my community folder (i use Add On Linker), but don't show up in the normal place in the game... Help please... John Helms
  15. Hi Jim...thanks for the prompt reply...and I do use and rely on Addon-Linker. (AOL)... a must-have app...I need to think a bit about how to use your information...first, I could just delete tthe Add-ON Bush trip that causes the error message...second, if just had to use that Bust Trip, etc. I could use AOL and disable all my Community folder and run it...Third, I guess I could trouble-shoot what is causing the Bush Trip to get the error message and just disable ithat add-on... do you see any other alternative avenues of approach?... Thanks for all your help...John H....
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