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  1. Hello Bulva...bottom line, took a little "tinkering" but your solution worked!...thank you so much for the tip... I'm using XP 11.41 and the boxes are more in of the middle of the Settings/Graphics page and there are several "Reset Visuals Offsets"...but the very bottom one did the trick... Your help much appreciated!!...safe skies...John H.
  2. Upon starting XP today, I noticed that the screen was tilted left to right...the left side was higher than the right... in other words, the horizon was tilted to the right...I tried updating XP and disabling a few plugins but nothing helped... Any hep appreciated....thanks, John H.
  3. Hi Gridley...thanks for the reply...I looked at LNMap and it does not appear to support the "FLT" files, only the "PLN" files (and others)... I have looked on the web for a converter...if you can find one, you are a better man than I... Cheers, John H.
  4. I have looked around on-line and the answer seems to be "no" or "not without a lot of work".... Does anyone know of a quick and efficient way (or program) to convert old FSX flight plans to P3D?...my current version of Plan 3G does not recognize the old ".FLT" files... Any help appreciated... Thanks, John H.
  5. Hello there...I am running XP 11.41 under Windows 10 (updated) on a powerful gaming computer with hefty Nvidia graphics card...my Global Objects are set to very high... I have lately lost all ground vehicle and rail traffic... Any help appreciated... Thanks, John H.
  6. Sorry for this rather simple questiuon...have looked around for answer with no success...probably because it's so basic... I use two controllers with XP and frequently change between the two...XP has no trouble seeing which controller is in current use...I want, of course, the plane I fly to respond to the controller that I set as the "active profile" for the current session...for that to be the case, should I go into "Manage Profiles" and set each listed airplane to "User Profile?" ...as opposed to the name of one of my two controllers?... Thanks for any help... Cheers, John H.
  7. Hi Olderndirt....saw a post about your X52....

    I recently dusted off mine and connected it

    up to my sims...with P3D, it works perfectly...

    With XP, I have it hooked up and configured...

    with GA Planes, they all pull to the left hard

    on takeoff and then lean left in flight....all my helicopters

    spin (usually left) and I can get only one to fly



    I am flying XP 11.41 on a Windows 10 gaming computer

    with plenty of power....XP recognizes the X52 and it can

    be setup and calibrated...I've tried a "plugin" for XP, but

    not sure it does much...at first installed a program/driver

    from Logitech/Saitek... it may have gotten the X52 recognized

    by XP, but not sure what else it's good for...

    If you ar no longer using your X52, what are you using and do 

    you recommend it?...

    Any help or thoughts appreciated...

    Thanks, John H.

    1. jmhelms


      Hi Older...let's hold off on a reply...I 

      installed a "spacer" under the main 

      joystick and reinstalled the Saitek 

      driver program and all seems much better, 

      if not pretty darn good...

      Thanks for your willingness to help...

      Cheers, John H


    2. olderndirt


      John - there's a mod out in Google land for doubling the capcacity of your magnets in the joystick base - fairly simple.  I too have a 'spacer' under the joystick spring - compresses it enough to make it feel more real.



  8. Hi Oliver....thanks for the prompt and thoughtful response...so, if my instincts are correct, there is nothing magical about XML files other than as a vehicle to get P3D to recognize add-on files located outside of the P3D install folder..... Thanks, John H.
  9. Hi Oliver,...thanks for all your help... I am running P3D4.12 on a Windows 10 gaming computer...I am using P4AO for P3D5....all are working well.. I am thinking of migrating my addon scnery to an XML package or group...I now keep my add on scenery on my "C" drive, but in a folder separate from the folder that contains my P3D installation... Given the above configuration, what advantages are there to putting my add-on scenery in one of more new folders with XML properties?...as I see it now, the P3D Library serves that function, but without the XML files....in addition, I can go into the Library and quickly disable any scenery and later reactivate it...with the XML setup I cannot (w/o error messages) delete/deactivate an addon scenery in an XML folder w/o deleting the whole folder of sceneries...the only advantage I see (and I may not be seeing something) is the XML format.....the addon sceneries are now out of my P3D main folder anyway...what am I missing...any comments appreciated... hope this is an intelligible question... Thanks, John H.
  10. Thanks guys...had figured it out myself but all comments helpful and appreciated... Code this issue solved... Thanks, John H.
  11. Hi Jim...thanks for the prompt reply... I have a slightly older version of the P4AO, 1.46...is their any correct way to update? Thanks, John H.
  12. Is a P4A0 coming for P3D V5?...any time frame? Thanks, John Helms
  13. Though I have read the manual, I'm still a bit confused as to the differences in and uses of Groups and Packages in P3AO....any explanation appreciated... Thanks, John Helms
  14. Hi Oliver...thanks for the prompt and detailed reply.... Sounds like I've got some work to do....had a little trouble with the suggested Lorby install location, but once I changed the installation location, it went through...I now will read the manual so I'll hopefully know what to do next... Your response much appreciated... John Helms
  15. I am using P3D 4.5 on a gaming computer... I have all my addon scenery in one main folder on my "C" drive ("Folder") that is separate from the folder on my "C drive where P3D resides....the add-on sceneries are, for the main, in subfolders (in the Folder) that may have additional subfolders, such as "scenery" and textures"...In the Scenery Library portion of P3D, I have designated the Folder as an addon scenery item and have activated the Folder into the scenery library ..is this sufficient, or much I separately add each of the subfolders in the Folder as addon sceneries? Thanks for any help... John H.
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