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  1. me neither, address lines says www.flightsimulator.com/?autherror=xbla_invalid
  2. well, while I understand that that hangar picture is a screenshot I am still expecting somehow that is a static view when selecting an aircraft, like any of those screenshots of other games which are not actually taken from the game itself but which are rather splash screens. Unless you can actually walk around that aircraft in the hangar, then I stand corrected.
  3. Now you know how I feel having started with FS4 on a monochrome screen 😉
  4. tried the beta but using the PMDG I was not able to use the VC, click spots were mostly not reacting, only sporadically, causing a fatal crash at LOWI, desinstalled the beta now and so far all seems good. wondering whether collecting user experience data caused the laggy click spot reaction? anyway, will report back after landing UPDATE: smoooth landing without technical issues, VC operated properly. Except that real world weather download did not work without the beta. MS, just in case you follow 🙂
  5. anybody who can tell me where to find that shader10 folder? searching but no results here for me....
  6. Third party devs have their own group obviously https://forums.flightsimulator.com/g/GRP_KH_ALPHA_DEV_19
  7. Wow, indeed 200 posts within 40 mins ...
  8. Well there must be something live for those in the know. If you click on the menu you can eg see all users names, also amount of badges given, and a dedicated „developers of content“ group you can apply access for... Edit: at the end of this link you will see quite an amount of statistics already, e.g. 6.8k posts https://forums.flightsimulator.com/about
  9. Thx, will try that too as I also saw missing textures after the beta installed Danke Phil
  10. good to know. then I would be willing to join the beta if that helps the development of MSFS20 Edit: that beta now downloads 1.9 gb.... curiuos how it'll behave
  11. Folks, wanted to make a quick flight since months in my FSX Steam and saw below message (which I cannot add as pic) but it reads as follow: "New beta branch available on Steam! We've released a new beta branch for FSX that will help us gain valuable new telemetry data that will help us in the development of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. If you are interested..." (underlined by me) FSX on Steam is Dovetail, any idea whether they really refer to MSFS20 here? Or could it be that MS really wants to gain data through FSX Steam? Or does DT also develop something new? Wouldn't believe that. Phil
  12. Again, while I can understand if some are deterred by those anticipated prices, nobody is forced to by the NGX. I will for sure. And like some mentioned, 140 bucks are relative in the end. I pay at least twice a month that amount for dinner with my family (lasting approx 2 hours) and heck I will pay probably 2000% of that amount for a new PC to make MSFS run at all. My current workstation is 10 yrs old and is just fine for word, outlook and FSX....
  13. valid point, so let's say that is my personal conclusion since I once bought XP but seldem used it (primarily due to the lack of a decent PMDG iron), call me a PMDG word not allowed but I am more than happy if they really jumped on MSFS20. As mentioned elsewhere here by me, MSFS20 + PMDG = count me in. Only caveat: I may change my mind if MS came up with a subscription model, I fly too irregularly due to business/family/time constraints that I would hate to spend a monthly fee e.g. without having actually flown
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