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  1. how comes, are you running all settings on low/medium? just wondering since I am tweaking my old system, too, but usually get around 20 fps (in the FBW neo at least).
  2. Close to that point myself. Though not willing to pay twice. Latest email to MS support for refund from Friday is still unanswered. Just afraid of the usual logic/law that once I bought it again from AS then Asobo will fix it within 2 hours.
  3. Yeah. And that makes me a little frustrated. As mentioned, Asobo already acknowledged to AS that it’s an encryption error on MS side. They (Asobo) just need to fix it. And yes it may take some time. But almost 4 weeks by now? We are not a huuuge group of affected users like the PMDG MP issue but I wish Asobo just looked one working day on the CRJ installation issue and not 4 weeks by now. I mean, ultimately it’s MS‘s reputation of their marketplace. I seriously consider not to buy through them going forward and wish I had bought the CRJ directly from AS for exactly the reason you mention: it just installs fine
  4. great news for the DC6 owners, wish Asobo would be so quick for the CRJ owners, too.... https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/as-crj-bought-via-msfs-marketplace-causes-instant-ctds/411642
  5. since there is no noticeable progress from MS/Asobo, feel free to upvote here for those seeing their marketplace CRJ grounded for weeks by now: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/as-crj-bought-via-msfs-marketplace-causes-instant-ctds/411642
  6. ... and needs to go together with https://flightsim.to/file/9900/no-handle-bar
  7. The most amazing Shift-Z mod, available at flightsim.to and a real gem
  8. Sure. And thinking back I am pretty confident the fbw also loads MSFS flight plans
  9. For sure rwy08 or did you choose 26? The latter would be tricky with mountains ahead with the low takeoff angle?
  10. At gate it automatically starts cold and dark like any plane in MSFS but ctrl-e helps 😉 not sure about MSFS routes since I only import SimBrief routes I use the dev, it’s updated daily, often twice. Sometimes that may introduce minor glitches but those are usually they are taken care of with the next update. Just run the auto-installer regularly before launching MSFS
  11. Check / calibrate throttles in EFB, does REV only apply to one axis = engine also, AP still connected upon touchdown? The FBW neo then keeps the aircraft aligned w/ rwy, no idea though which neo Version you refer to.
  12. that's what I do, too, always worked so far, incl latest WU5 update For those chosing to re-install, I hope you did or consider now to install MSFS "data" files to some dedicated folder like d:\MSFS so when you "delete" MSFS that folder remains and once you reinstall MSFS and point the installer to that folder it recognizes the already available files, downloading only whats missing?
  13. In your MSFS /officials folder. Usually it only contains (sub)folders but temp zipped installer files are saved there until they are unzipped
  14. Pause download exit msfs goto your MSFS Installation Folder and delete any temp update Filets manually Restart MSFS Continue download
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