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  1. does it mean that I need to buy the steam version of FSX to participate from any future addons? will my previous non-Steam addons still work with the Steam version?
  2. good choice. I am waiting now also for the T7 version
  3. yup. works like that since the latest update. indeed VERY convenient.. only thing on my wishlist now (though in the direction of PFPX): if I could define my preferred export settings I would use FSX, PMDG and PFPX altogether. So far I do each one in a row, a 1-click export would be cool.
  4. If you are using PFPX you are lucky. The latest version 1.9 (I guess) does support wx export. Just select PMDG weather export and you are good to go. Tested yesterday with the T7 and it worked liked a charme. No need to hassle with copying txt or wx files...
  5. also, if I remember correctly there is even an option in the app settings that covers this?
  6. I like your disclaimer for soon* :lol:
  7. could be that you have a lbs/kg disagreement? so maybe you want to enter amount in lbs but units are set to kg? you can also verify this quickly by pressing the LSK next to GW twice as that will fill the actual GW date based on the PMDG settings
  8. great news, cannot wait to use the CDU with the T7...
  9. +1, fully second this. I don't even know how to see the virtual cabin...
  10. is this somehow connected to GTA 5? - sorry, just kidding
  11. great to see it back and also see that a sensible solution was found.. as others I just hope now that the 777 will be supported soon..
  12. I would also appreciate a MCP click spot for the CDU/FMC. Or did I miss that one. When I look straight out at 0.8 zoom I always hit shift-whatever or pan down do 'open' the FMC...
  13. Thanks. Will give it a try, too
  14. You may check with the RAAS Support in their avsim forum, see Did you run the makerunway.exe? Maybe that would read and update the runways
  15. From what i understand wolke85 just wonders whether "your" RAAS and "Pmdg's" RAAS somehow interfere. But since they are both ultimately your RAAS i would expect no issues. Except that the pmdg installer may overwrite the full function professional RAAS and render it into the locked version?