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  1. And wasn’t there also the GPL licensing topic or did that vanish in the meantime?
  2. agree. just did a first quick flight and I guess it worked. "guess" only since there are some clicks required, RTE, payload and fuel I found, not sure about PERF INIT but maybe that populated itself? need to check better next time, so far so good and I loaded safely at ENML
  3. What program is that screengrab from? Looks sleek.
  4. Fearing to derail this thread and yes I have a slight idea as I did this some years ago with Win10 😉 but how do you re-install win11? Put some installer files on an USB, boot from there, select C drive and then choose to do a fresh/clean install formatting the C drive before installing from scratch? When I installed win11 some 2 years ago I fear I upgraded from Win10 which is far from a clean install and an eben bigger mess than just re-installing win11 twice a year…
  5. I know what you mean. I usually look for an airport where the weather is bad enough though as I like low visibility when greasing the A320 on the rwy. And flightplan via simbrief offers more options incl. selecting anything from rwy, Star etc. whereas the hit and miss button in Newsky does all the work for you. Short version, I will probably also continue to plan my flight outside Newsky but just wanted to try the in-app solution because Bob mentioned he ran into issues
  6. Good to hear Bob. Did you also try the simbrief generation again? Yesterday it once did not work for me but that was at the time simbrief had some issues, throwing out some fancy parsing errors. besides that what you say is exactly what I like about Newsky, being able to get a solid rating without being penalized excessively and even generate some income though I have no idea what to do with that. A career mode would be nice but on the other hand I like that I can fly what I want without earning money on a Cessna first before I can afford a TBM and then a Citation and then … Don’t know virtual cargo but did you try the charter flight option in Newsky?
  7. same. shipping being twice the amount of the product is usually economical nonsense.but aren't we all funny anyway?
  8. that is spart of the MSFS control assignments, see Options --> Control Controls. There you have mouse, keyboard and possibly some joystick profiles where you can assign keys to. but only if there is a key assignable. for your APU there is eg no fire test available
  9. you can pick anything you want, airframe, route, pax or cargo in the free flight mode. you are just stuck in the default "Newsky VA" or whatever it is called. if that is what bothers you then I agree and see your point. but even under that VA I can still fly my liveries and individual routes. better than joining one specific/dedicated VA and being stuck there. YMMV
  10. Now trying the Fenix. Did use the Simbrief planning feature again and have to say it works nice here...
  11. Since some including me started to hijack the APL2 and Fenix thread I thought it may make sense to start an own topic on Newsky. I am no VA pilot (yet) but only learned about and tried Newsky just for assigning/booking flights and then track them to get my rating. nothing special but gives me a bit more "meaning" when zipping around, primarily in one of the many A320. Tried Volanta before which kept track of my flights but gave no rating, at least not in the free version. APL2 seems "too much" for me and my needs, tracking flights, not allowing too many errors. Newsky better fits my casual needs, not tracking if and when I started the APU, served meals or turned the seatbelt sign on. Just basic flying and rating. Again, considering Newsky comes for free I like what it offers. @Bobsk8 (sorry for pulling you here), I even created a Simbrief OFP and that one worked actually great. Clicked the icon, made the plan, imported into my FBW320 and off I went. No issues here. Wonder what created the problems on your side Your thoughts?
  12. Good to hear Bob. I really like it after 5 flights. Not „overdone“, focusing on some major data for rating, not whether the drinks were served too late but still complaining when too late in landing conditions. And so far it even allowed a rating of ten with just the equivalent simbrief flightplan loaded into the FBW320, meaning that flight time matches. But out of curiosity where do you import such flightplan in Newsky? Just checked and cannot find it on my end? Neither online nor in the app? Would love to give it a try and see whether I run into the same issues you had EDIT do you mean this button once you scheduled a flight and can then click that little clipboard icon? EDIT 2 since we are hijacking the APL2 topic here I started this:
  13. To each his own. Good enough for me considering it comes free. Will need to check the simbrief import tomorrow though. Happy flying!
  14. Strange. Where did you import the flightplan? Straight into Newssky? Did not know it works. I only import into my plane and all fine
  15. But it’s like coming to a golf forum and claiming that yet another iron 7 is boring because there are already two on the market.
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