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  1. thanks again, that did the trick. never had to touch this setting before but well, it helped
  2. affirmative. to make it clear, I see ATC stutters in terms of ATC outages and not FPS reductions. FPS are just fine. When I just started a flight LOWI-EBBR in the updated PMDG737 ATC only spoke the callsigns and then stopped, only could see the transcript in the ATC window. Now enroute it got better, actually no outages anymore, ATC behaves as normal as usual
  3. Glad i am not alone, realized this recently too, annoying. But i just hope it will disappear as sudden as it did appear
  4. Nice to finally see the CRJ update. What a surprise. Anybody has a change log? Unable to check in MSFS as of now and also no change log yet over at the AS forum
  5. So great! Thanks a lot, that's what I call support. Just 1 tiny thing and not necessarily related to the 146, but whenever I start a flight with the 146, also with v1.6. and before, this below is what I see first. Have to cycle through some views to get the actual "pilot looks outside" view. anybody any hint how to adjust and save my preferred view?
  6. well, I also find weather quite impressing tbh. could it be better? probably. but the immersion already now is high (enough) for me
  7. now take that key message and elaborate it on 3 pages of text to generate another wall of words 🙂
  8. disable online functionality in your sim settings until MS restarted their servers...
  9. you may still try to disable online services EDIT now acknowledged as "partly" outage https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/online-services-monitoring/486800
  10. MS is aware of this, no idea how to understand this post at their forum, is the server now really down on their side or just the popup erratically popping up for some (ie vast majority)? The team is still investigating on why the pop-up shows up for some community members - the bug with the world disappearing as soon as the pop-up is displayed is known and will be fixed for a future update.Temporary workaround: Re-enabling data streaming in the option settings “solves” the issue. Edit: Sorry, seems to be an old status, per MS all services are green
  11. yep, getting it too and also easyjetsimpilot on his current live flight at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXJ3MUQGdvA. That popup is annoying, I seem to be able to click it away but indeed it keeps popping up, a dismiss button would help. currently enroute ENHF to ENAL in the PRMG 737 and all fine except that popup right in front of me
  12. anyway, at least an update. compared to those for the CRJ or Twotter they are fast 😉
  13. just doing this in the Fenix, thanks a lot for this suggestion, first flight after being absent from MSFS due to vacation and travel
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