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  1. I tend to agree with Simmerhead as I bought into Flight including all of the DLC available at that time in order to support that platform (and see it once to include something like PMDG'ish heavy iron). Didn't work quite out as we all know by now. Still have Flight on my HDD, though, but rarely use it, not only because I am (was) in one of my flightsim recessions with limited time and interest to fly but also because of the annoying workaround to use Flight without the servers which MS killed (thankful though for the workaround by the former Aces guy anyway). With the new sim I am getting hooked already and believe that I am ready to get out of my recession period by next year if MS gets it right this time to allow 3rd party devs to contribute while still letting them room (and money) to breath (in case MS should decide upon a marketplace approach). Edit: just realized that I am in a rather long flightsim recession this time, my last activity here at Avsim dates back to September 2013, gosh!
  2. Wow. Just conincidently stumbled across this news and immediately headed over to for more Information. Glad to See that my Login credentials still work. Will jump straight into the new Forum now. best phil
  3. also, if I remember correctly there is even an option in the app settings that covers this?
  4. great news, cannot wait to use the CDU with the T7...
  5. great to see it back and also see that a sensible solution was found.. as others I just hope now that the 777 will be supported soon..
  6. DAD

    Kai Tak IGS 13 approach?

    Thanks. Will give it a try, too
  7. DAD

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    now from SFO to PAKT, great flight so far
  8. DAD

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    EDDH-KSFO, descending right now. using the auto time compression. which I really love!
  9. DAD

    PMDG 777 RAAS crashing FSX on startup

    checked it and it is OK, no CL RF errors or such, also moved RAAS to the top and still crashes. did also exempt RAAS dll and folder from Antivir scanning. No help. Bryan, is there a chance you can point me to a download for an older RAAS version as I mentioned to remember that it once DID work before one of the recent updates? Just to rule out that something changed which causes this behaviour...
  10. DAD

    PMDG 777 RAAS crashing FSX on startup

    Well, count me in :-( Got the T7 today and RAAS crashes FSX. No, FSX was not Running when I installed RAAS. Yes, I did do the makerwy.exe Trick. Yes, I deinstalled, rebooted and reinstalled RAAS three times using the locked Version from your Homepage without success. What is more interesting: same error used to come with the AXE when I still used it (parked in my hangar right now). When I quit using AXE I did not bother too much with RAAS crashing. But now with the T7.. Only hint I can give even though it may be pure coincidence: RAAS did actually workin the beginning after I installed AXE but stopped and started to show errors after a new RAAS release. Means that after an update these RAAS crashes started. Will gladly try to use the MSE fix mentioned here but I am convinced that my FSX folder Is actually already excluded from scanning..
  11. hope so very much. you may want to ask the developer. they more demand the more likely it may be offered - once they figured EULA/SDK things out
  12. As someone who bought the Virtual CDU app from iTunes and following the development re SDK / EULA of PMDG I just checked the website of the developer and am pleased to see this posted: Hello, we are restructuring our download and distribution system, the app Virtual CDU is temporarily unavailable for purchase. If you wish to be notified when available please send an e-mail to with the subject "Want to buy Virtual CDU" and you will receive an e-mail automatically when the app is back to stores. Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you ! Looks like they are sorting out issues. Very good news! Phil
  13. Tabs mentioned earlier above that it may make it in SP2 of the NGX.