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  1. Glad to hear they are finally getting some service at the airport. Thanks!
  2. I recently created scenery for the quickly growing area of Hawassa, Ethiopia, including an upgrade to the old airport and the creation of the new airport. The problem is, I have not been able to locate any information on navaids, comms, waypoints, approaches, etc., despite the new airport's opening (apparently) in April! If anyone has access to this information, I would be most grateful! Thanks, Carlyle New airport Old airport and Hawassa
  3. I believe someone earlier on the forum confirmed it was compatible with P3Dv3. It was created with FSX/Acceleration, and so far I've found that tends to be compatible with all the variations of FSX/P3D from Acceleration forward. Best, Carlyle
  4. I've posted an update which updates the localizer from the previous 15-degree offset to the present 5-degree offset, removes the glideslope from the ILS, and updates the naming of the approach plates. These should now better match the real-world updates made to FHSH. Best, Carlyle David, You can find it here: http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=fsx_st_helena_ascension_tristan-da-cunha.zip&CatID=root&Go=Search and the custom terminal is here: http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=fsx_st_helena_custom_terminal.zip&CatID=root&Go=Search and the ILS update should post within hours! It is compatible with FSX/Acceleration through P3D. Best, Carlyle
  5. That would be pretty amazing! :smile: I'm glad the FS9 version worked out. SBuilderX is actually much more user-friendly on the FSX side, so it took me a few tries to figure out the FS9 version and make everything work. One thing I'd forgotten was that FS9 really doesn't like placing autogen on slopes, so the area around Jamestown doesn't look nearly as "dense" as it does in the FSX version. Ironically, adding the roads actually helped more of autogen pop up, because they attached themselves to the flattened-out areas. FS9 also has an issue interpolating detailed shorelines...for some reason the beach shoreline "texture" just disappears on the northern side of the island even though the waves/surf remain...go figure! It had been awhile since I'd been in my FS9...dang, it loads fast! How quickly we forget. :wink: Best, Carlyle
  6. Keep an eye out for "FS9_St_Helena_Island.zip". I just submitted it to AVSIM, so give them a few hours to process it. And for the FSX guys, Frits Beyer just sent me a custom terminal and tower for FHSH that is just beautiful. Can't wait to get the update out! Best, Carlyle
  7. Awesome shots! The textures for the TFS A300-200 are in AVSIM (my link from the readme.html), but the required model is over at FlightSim. The AI Traffic BGLs will only work "out of the box" if the corresponding aircraft titles match the ones referenced by the BGL, i.e.: AC#1,477,"FAIB Boeing 737-800w British Airways opb Comair LTD" AC#2,477,"FAIB Boeing 737-800w TUIfly NC revised" AC#3,335,"Bombardier CRJ 700 Paint4" (This one will work automatically, because it is a default aircraft.) AC#4,340,"Ai Hercules C130K 178" AC#5,340,"Ai Hercules C130K 179" If you don't want to deal with the compile, just go into the aircraft.cfg for each of these planes and make sure the titles match those above. FHSH is only populated with AI regularly on Saturday between 11:30 and 12:30. The C-130 arrives daily late in the day. Best, Carlyle ja99, If you need an FS2004 version, I have one in the works! It's a port from FSX, so not as many bells and whistles, and it's just for St. Helena, but the island is redrawn, landlcass is corrected, and there is a separate mesh package that makes everything "pop". Best, Carlyle
  8. Thanks, Martin. "AI Flight Planner" is best for the "TTools" formatted plans. You can also use "AIFPC v2010" (works pretty much like TTools did), but "AI Flight Planner" allows you to view the Time Tables, which is very useful! I discovered the issue with TFS as I was creating the installation guide. Because I have Ultimate Traffic 2, and they use these models, I used one from there. Either the FS9 or FSX version will work, but as this was someone else's work (and I didn't know how to get in contact with any of the TFS folks), I didn't feel comfortable uploading it. I have since found the "FS2004 Airbus A330-200 Base Package" over at FlightSim. The only thing I added to Brize Norton was a custom airport background (essentially, the grass). It is drawn to the specifications of the larger field so that autogen doesn't pop through the aprons. The default Brize Norton had no gates at all. Best, Carlyle
  9. I just posted a version which includes a custom Ascension with accurate coastlines, lakes, road data, and SRTMGL1 (30m) mesh, as well as corrected landclass provided based on the latest available satellite imagery. http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=fsx_st_helena_ascension_tristan-da-cunha.zip&CatID=root&Go=Search Best, Carlyle
  10. Not that I know of. What is represented should be relatively close to what is there now. Before they first started the dock/wharf expansion, it only looked like this: It eventually became this: https://www.google.com/search?q=Basil+Read+St+Helena&espv=2&rlz=1C1CHFX_enUS607US607&biw=1440&bih=787&tbm=isch&imgil=LSEvNX6cjxvykM%253A%253Bfx6zhT6aMrPBsM%253Bhttp%25253A%25252F%25252Fwww.airport-technology.com%25252Ffeatures%25252Ffeatureatlantic-saint-helena-airport-uk-basil-read%25252F&source=iu&pf=m&fir=LSEvNX6cjxvykM%253A%252Cfx6zhT6aMrPBsM%252C_&usg=__c9onmzFvOCOLnnG6iDBpU6WnFm4%3D&ved=0ahUKEwiQgbaOrrnMAhVCOiYKHbP7B3IQyjcIPw&ei=VTcmV9CCA8L0mAGz95-QBw#tbm=isch&q=St+Helena+temporary+wharf&imgrc=fVPxe24UC7vohM%3A Thanks! Carlyle
  11. Thanks, Mark! The large container ship is supposed to represent the vessel Basil Read used to build the airport. That crazy flotilla comes right off the satellite image. (All of those boats are hand-placed to the image.) I had to switch to summer for my screenshots, because I forgot they were going into winter down in Tristan da Cunha. Edinburgh of the Seven Seas should "green up" nicely for you in summer. For those craters (and some other water features on hills), I did not "flatten" the water, so if you do not have the "Modified Terrain Textures Config File for FSX" which keeps water textures from turning into rock on the slopes, you will see rock borders from time to time. If you do decide to apply it, you just want to make sure to back up your "terrain.cfg" first. Sometimes other addons do not like it... AVSIM has the file up now! http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=fsx_st_helena_ascension_tristan-da-cunha.zip&CatID=root&Go=Search Best, Carlyle
  12. It still has not posted on AVSIM, even though I submitted it at the same time I submitted it to the other sites. My link to it was removed (didn't realize that wasn't allowed). If you go to the simviation site, you will find it, but it is an FSX scenery. I doubt it will work in FS9. When AVSIM posts it, I will put the link here!
  13. That sounds about right... The ILS is at a 15 degree offset due to signal limitations by the surrounding terrain (the Barn).
  14. Randy, Don't you just hate when that happens! (I started mine on February 22nd after seeing this article http://www.cnn.com/2015/08/24/travel/remote-atlantic-airline-saint-helena-napoleon/index.html.) I can't tell you the number of times I've scrapped an FS project because another one made it obsolete before I could even get out of the gate. I did, in fact, find and incorporate all (hopefully correctly) of the new information that was shared in this thread. But as with all new airports, there may still be some bugs to work out... Thanks for the words of support! Carlyle
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