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  1. There's an Update troubleshooter in Settings/Update and Security/Troubleshoot/Additional troubleshooters, that has worked for me.
  2. There is a registry modification that works to activate FSX. As well as running as admin.
  3. To the two new members that posted their specs. It depends on what you want to get out of the sim. One one hand, there really never has been any such thing as a powerful enough computer. Those of us who have been involved with the sim for any length of time, have succumbed to that endless quest for a computer that will run whatever version of the sim is out there. I run default FSX on a laptop with less oomph than yours. I also run it on a nicer computer. The laptop dose fine with higher than you would think settings. The important thing is to go for it and have fun.
  4. Bummer I thought sure you were going to say that when you came back, the cat was curled up inside the computer. That's what my cat would have done. Yup. As soon as the MB fried, you were in for a long day. Not much way around it.
  5. Another way to look at it is that maybe they're going to make it run better on less resources. That has to be a good thing all around.
  6. I have read a couple articles on the upcoming redesign. One focused on it being aimed more toward low end machines, as well as dual screen improvements. One said that Control Panel and File Explorer might go away. Actually, no one knows. Personally, I have experience with every version of Windows starting with 98. They all worked a little differently. But I never had trouble with any of them. I do music and video production. Some versions look different from what we are used to. So what. Consider that the right-click function has survived almost unchanged. Just a few of my thoughts.
  7. From your description, it sounds like the software is not looking for a zip file. Along the bottom of the window will be a drop down list of the extension it is looking for. If you can't change the file type tp zip, you might need to extract the file first. But I'm not familiar with your program.
  8. It is difficult for me to imagine AI cars being mandatory. While the cost of them will come down over time, It will always be prohibitive for many. Hopefully in this future, mass transit will also be massively improved. Most people I know who don't like the idea of driverless cars are people who enjoy driving. They also don't like being in a car that someone else is driving. In that case, it make sense that they don't like AI cars. Anything man has ever invented has been both used and abused. We can embrace new tech or not.
  9. You might also re-address compatibility mode. W8 might not be far enough back. I'm not totally surprised it didn't run well without the SP's. Acceleration would have installed them, though.
  10. You can totally activate FSX on W10. It needs a registry hack. I've done this without problem. There have been links to the procedure posted in this forum. But here it is: 1. Run Registry Editor (press Windows key + R and type regedit and then Ok). 2. Expand the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4d36e967-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318} The letters in this key could be in capitals and be careful to select the correct Key and Sub Key as any error could render a program or even your OS inoperable. 3. After you find the Key, double-click Upperfilters on the right side. 4. Change the value from any value shown there to PartMgr (note, this is case sensitive - type it as shown here) and delete any other word that may be next to it and click OK. 5. Close Registry Editor and reboot Computer. Then launch FSX & check whether the Activation request comes up. And you might need to run the program as admin.
  11. Well, none of this is easy. But it can be educational and kind of fun. Do you have flight plans for the aircraft in question? Consider AI Flight Planner (AIFP). It is software with a full user interface for modifying, and/or writing flight plans. Available here on Avsim. It is also possible to substitute defaulr planes with your antique planes.
  12. Try right click the desk top icon and run as administrator. This is the only way FSX will start on my computer after doing the PartMgr thing. By the way, if you go back to that registry entry you will see that it is lower case again. Interesting.
  13. I have FSX Gold on two W10 computers without problem. Could be more of a problem with your USB drive not getting enough power.
  14. And consider this. I just got a Surface Go. Defiantly a light weight computer. 10 inch screen. I have been able to get fs9 to work on it at about 20 fps. Does it run and look as good as my desktop? No. But it runs. And I have FS on a system that I can take anywhere. Outdated? Not as good as the newest sim? The endless quest for bigger and better, and more powerful machines? I've never been able to afford the best. I do have a system the runs default FSX well. I find it interesting that the Go works. It has taken some finagling. And I may not be done. The Go was never intended to run this game.
  15. Good point. I don't know what version of Windows the OP came from. In the old days, as we remember, the initial account created on a new computer was a user account. You had to create an admin account to have full access. W10 automatically creates an admin account. Though there is a limited higher account. Perhaps the OP created another admin account out of habit, and this is the problem.
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