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  1. I understand arguments against mandatory vaccinations, but here's another wrinkle. If you were drafted, part of your job could be to kill enemy soldiers. It seems to me that requiring a vaccination to help not killing your own people would be far less objectionable. I would get one anyway, but that's just me.
  2. The only overt tracking I'm aware of is voluntary. Are you counting stay home orders as government regulations restricting us? I think the economy is tanking not because we reacted to harshly, but because we didn't react soon enough. All the restrictions I've seen are enacted for a finite length of time.
  3. So, we all go about business as usual. We gleefully spread this virus at a rate far worse than now. To me, that's not freedom. That's irresponsibility. As you say, we have a army of specialists working on this problem. Yet we ignore what they tell us to do. That's not liberty. That's telling those professionals that their efforts are wasted, we don't care about them. It seems to me that the only people living in fear and panic are the one's who think this is a government take-over. Surprise, the government is already in control. We voted them in. I was under the impression that the way to change government is at the ballot box. And just how do we "fight" for our liberties?
  4. War with a foreign power is one thing. A war with ourselves seems to be quite another. In such a war, it gives me little comfort to know that others are willing to sacrifice me. I find it hard to equate a safer at home order with anything like bombs dropping on us. My rights (which have never been absolute) are not being taken away. In this war, there is too much we don't know about the enemy yet, to go charging about insisting on our rights.
  5. Ending support for W7 doesn't mean it won't work any more. It just means that there will be no new fixes or updates for it. As you know, the default sims must work before you add anything, and add slowly. If the default sim only runs "generally OK", or not at all, that's a big problem that needs to be fixed first. Moving to W10 is a personal choice. If it means anything, I can tell you that all the horror stories you have heard are over-blown. I remember when W7 came out, it was supposed to have all kinds of major problems. FWIW I run default FS9 and FSX on W10 home 64 bit without issue. Plenty of people run add ons made for W10 (and some not) just fine also.
  6. As a person in the military, you decided that you were willing to sacrifice your life for liberty. That's a choice you made for yourself. I'm not sure you get to decide what sacrifice others make. I'm jot willing to sacrifice you. for example.
  7. Here's the thing. Maybe my mask is only 10% effective. Maybe it is really 57% effective. Maybe it is only 1% effective. Where I live, I will gladly go with that 1%. That's not fear or playing the odds. That's just trying to stay alive. Where I live has the highest infection rate in the county. And that's just known cases.
  8. I don't think "Manage Sound Devices" has ever worked for me either. MS trouble shooters used to be more useful than they are now. My computer has different built in software for audio adjustments. Even my desktop that I put together. That computer has two 3.5mm audio inputs nest to each other. One works better for audio output than the other. Don't know why but I just go with it. When you have Windows search for drivers, it searches an MS repository. It may or may not have the newest drivers. As always, it is best to double check the device manufacturers site.
  9. My question has more to do with asking you what have you done to trouble-shoot this? "Manage Sound Devices" tells me some things about you hardware. W7 tells me things about your hardware. Should everything that worked in W7 also work in W10? That would be nice, but we know that is not always the case. I have to assume that you have the latest W10 drivers, and not the latest that your hardware will allow. I've certainly run into that for things that should not be a problem. After some updates,W10 resets some things to default and I have to go through an change them to my liking. But I can see no way that an OS could stop audio. A weakening or bad connection or developing short, makes more sense to me. W10 powers things differently. Have you tried different speakers? Does the same thing happen with headphones? I've worked around electronics long enough to know that if something works after you plug it back in, that it is some kind of connection or component problem. I'll bet you have,too.
  10. It is entertaining to me to read articles about how the latest update has trashed computers. The headline is always about some major problem that is caused by an update. Usually the article says that users are reporting a problem. It never says how many users. It might say many, but without any explanation in terms of even a guess of how many. I believe a problem happened, but I have to agree with vortex, here. I am reminded of the number of times that a major malware hit, and several big institutions were hit hard. In many cases MS had already issued an effective patch. But because of distrust of updates, they were never applied. It is easy to blame the OS for problems that might be software generated. It is interesting to me that even FS9 runs on everything from XP to W10 right out of the box. While add-ons either don't work or need constant updates. I trust that the OP has followed standard trouble shooting procedures to diagnose the sound problem. It certainly sounds like some kind of hardware conflict or failure to me. Which is it that gets sound back, unplug or tune radio station?
  11. Well now I'm confused. My FSX-MS almost completely default instillation does not look like the OP's free flight window. No jaggies what so ever. Even my 6 year old laptop with word not allowed graphics doesn't look even close. I set AA to max in the game settings. Otherwise GPU settings don't work well.
  12. Laws concerning drones vary from place to place. Shooting at one is a particular problem. In most places, a homeowner's response to a threat must match that threat. Someone coming at you with a gun or knife can be met equally. Someone parked on your front lawn taking photos is not a physical threat. Plus firing at ground level is one thing, but firing into the air is quite another. What if you miss? That bullet of shotgun blast has to land somewhere. Even if you hit it, unless the bullet lodges in the drone, that bullet has to land somewhere. And certainly not all the balls from the shotgun hit the drone. And what if the drone you shot down hits and injures someone. In many places it is illegal to shoot an aircraft.
  13. Some observations. AFAIK. Windows activation is linked to your hardware. Pretty much the CPU, and MB. You can change ram, GPU and hard drive without problem. A new CPU and you have to call MicroSoft. And it's not a problem. Unlike past versions, the account you open is an admin account. But not THE admin account. I suppose you can obsess over privacy. Sure, change what settings you must. But it seems to me that if you want to use the product (especially one you don't own) then you have to play by their rules to some extent. And move on. Don't like Microsoft? There's always Linux. Chrome. Yup. It uses a lot of resources. It does more and has more. You give up privacy no matter what you browser you use. Personally I dislike all the adds that pop up no matter what browser you use. I have never bought anything because I saw an add for it. In fact some sites won't let you use them if you have an add blocker active. But adds pay for browsers to stay free. Want privacy? Don't use the internet at all. Don't use your credit card anywhere. Don't register to vote, get a driver's licence, collect a pay stub, or pay taxes. Or go outside (less of a problem right now). Or do a few common sense things, don't be so angry, and move on.
  14. Heck, I understand you can bring down an airliner with a laser pointer.
  15. If I remember, most AV suggests that you run a scan now and then. Good luck.
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