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  1. bobbyjack

    Resetting Windows10

    I know my experience might not count because I run an almost default FSX, but I also haven't had any real trouble with updates. I noticed with this last update that Windows removed a program that it said was not compatible. It was an out of date maintenance program. a reinstall of the proper version worked fine. Also, there was a driver issue, but dealing with it helped clean up things in general.
  2. bobbyjack

    New W 10 update coming

    For those that don't already know, there is another one of big Windows updates coming next week. I already have it. You have to do some baby-sitting. It didn't hurt my FSX, but then mine is pretty stock. It deleted an old copy of ccleaner on one computer, but not a newer version on another computer. The update said the old version did not work with the update. But no real problems for me. Just a heads up for those who hate updates.
  3. bobbyjack

    Win 10 Home or Pro

    Oh, I'm not in favor of turning off updates. I only mentioned it because there were rumblings that they couldn't be turned off in Home.
  4. bobbyjack

    Win 10 Home or Pro

    WU can be disables in Services. There seems to be some disagreement on how long it is before it turns itself back on. As an experiment, I've turned off WU and set it for ten days.
  5. bobbyjack

    Win 10 Home or Pro

    The pro version has higher security and connectivity capabilities of the type that are of more interest to business. There are ways to turn off updates in the home version, some more effective than others.
  6. bobbyjack

    Can Anyone Explain This 'Fix' ?

    If your computer won't start properly, This is one of the ways to get to a place where you can try to fix it. CHKDSK repairs disc errors, and sfc /scannow searches for for damages operating system files and replaces them with good copies. Usually one or both of those take care of the problem. If The system file checker can't fix the problem that might mean you have a bad drive. That's what happened to me once. The computer mostly worked except for little annoying things. Running chkdsk and sfc, and even reinstalling windows didn't help. Replacing the HDD did the trick.
  7. bobbyjack

    Slowing of initial p3d loading

    An over aggressive AV might contribute to this. Windows Defender is on by default. If you installed another AV without turning off Defender..... I have FS on a SSD. Makes a big difference. In general, W10 is much leaner than previous versions. But it does take a bit of getting used to. You might check with p3dv4.2 for any ideas. Good luck.
  8. bobbyjack

    Moving FSX-SE from HHD to SDD

    The easiest would be to clone the entire HDD to the SSD. I don't think you can just copy files over because of registry issues. In some ways it's almost worth a complete reinstall because of how much better the SSD is. There may be some combination of the two that is possible.
  9. bobbyjack

    Question about Flight Simulation.....

    Did you all never program a game in Basic? Or play Mario Bros? Pretty sure the plane is "stationary". The rest is dressing.
  10. bobbyjack

    Can't edit aircraft config files inside P3D folder

    So, I forget what they call it, but W10 has a higher Admin account than the one we all use. It's part of the security system. I think there was a thread here earlier about it. In the meantime. You can Google it. if you are the only one who uses your computer, you might consider turning off UAC. It doesn't really do what you think it does, and often gets in the way.
  11. Yup. hard wired is always better than wireless. Do you really need a land line? I've got one of those setups that use your electrical wiring to send internet. It actually works, in my case. If you must use extenders, a router in the basement won't work well. You really want the router centrally placed so that each extender gets the same power signal. Every time a wireless signal goes through anything i.e. a wall, a window, a floor (worse than a wall), a bookcase, or (even worse) a metal filing cabinet, it gets degraded. Then that signal is picked up by and extender which by their nature don't pass along the full signal, anyway. Then, after passing through more stuff, that signal is picked up by your second extender upstairs. Which has to send any signal that might be left through more walls. But maybe you'll get lucky.
  12. bobbyjack

    P3D V4.2 and Cortana errors Win10 x64

    Try turning Cortana off. If that takes care of the problem, Then you need to decide how much you need her.
  13. bobbyjack

    Modern Times...

    This is a funny story, Noel. And who knows where we are headed. But, as you know, even our Google overlords don't have access to hardly any of the information you listed. That said, I do know where you're coming from. Because I'm in favor of an assault weapon ban, I visited the NRA website. Now that is a scary place. I filled out no form. I just clicked around to see what they are all about. Afterwards I got adds from them on my Facebook page. They tracked me down just by visiting them. I have an add blocker on my browser. When a page asks me to turn it off, I close the page and go elsewhere. I realize these sites depend on advertising, but I have never bought, nor will I ever buy anything from an add.
  14. I think if it were me. I'd throw out the HDD and get a 1TB SSD and be done with it. I have a 250 GB SSD and a HDD and the SSD just isn't big enough. I also do video work on my rig and the SSD fills up fast, so I keep having to clean it out. Next build will have SSD only.
  15. bobbyjack

    Strange Display Problem after Win10 Update

    I don't have any idea what's going on. But think about it. Clearly the update has pointed out some kind of difference between FSX and FSX-SE. Not any other software or driver. And LUA is the catalyst. What does LUA do for the game?