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  1. Billkhaled, If this is a 64 bit system, I would suggest 4 more GB of ram. That way FSX can use the full 4gb it is capable of. As well as your computer running better, anyway. I have run default FSX on a laptop with a slower i3 and much less graphics capability with most settings high (you just have to find the right ones) without stuttering.
  2. bobbyjack

    fsx gold edition/ keep on getting error

    Have you tried making sure you have the latest drivers for your yoke? Short of that, I think I might delete the .dll rather than try to fix it. If the yoke doesn't fix it, then reinstall the yoke. Then scan your system with everything you have.
  3. bobbyjack

    Appreciating Windows 10, a year into ownership

    I'm not in IT, but I know folks who are. I've only been a user since W 98. I've never had a real problem with any version of Windows. I've used 'em all. Where some better than others? Sure. Does Microsoft change things that might not seem to make any sense? Sure. So what. I don't mind learning something new. Besides, I don't try to force what I think I know about an older version of windows on to a newer version. I think that's the problem. Sometimes what worked in an older version is now different. OK, I can adjust. How about "right-click". That hasn't hardly changed at all. Lots of things are the same. And speaking of FSX. We all started using it on XP. Ran like crap. No one had a powerful enough box. So it was decided that it was poorly written. Maybe it was. And yet, how many pieces of software does anyone own that has run just fine, given the right hardware, on every version of Windows from XP through 10?
  4. bobbyjack

    Current FSX state of the art, performance-wise?

    My suggestions would be these: Start over. Totally default FSX. It will set things based on your specs that are always well below what your rig is capable of. Leave them there for now. No cfg. tweaks. Remember Nick's settings are for much weaker computers than yours. Set fps at unlimited. Do a test flight. Note frames. Max out scenery settings. Maybe not water, and no shadows for now. Test fly. Raise AI. test fly. Note that this is probably the best fps you will ever get. A few cfg. tweaks might help a little. Sometimes limiting fps helps, sometimes not. It just depends on what looks good to you. Remember that any add on from now on will only drag down performance. It just depends on what you want to put up with. I have been surprised at the low specs of some so called "gaming computers". Don't be fooled.
  5. bobbyjack

    AI Traffic Livery replacement

    Don't need it. Most airline names are already in FSX. Just make sure the proper name is in the aircraft cfg file. Some repaints come with good instructions, some don't
  6. bobbyjack

    Blue Screen has me puzzled

    Ccleaner isn't intended to do anything with BSOD. I suggest you really need to go into event viewer and find the real fault. MB might be it, or something that interfered with it. Which means that there is still a problem. As for MS updates, I've never had a real problem. As you know most of them are security updates. extremely important in this day and age. Most of the last big virus attacks, MS had already issued patches for but some IT folks didn't deploy them in a timely fashion, and paid the price.
  7. bobbyjack

    AI Traffic Livery replacement

    And, as you know, if done correctly, ATC will call the proper name of the airline. Then there's a way to get airlines of a feather to park together. Then make your own airports. But those are jobs for another day.
  8. bobbyjack

    Blue Screen has me puzzled

    Ah, Malwarebytes. I wouldn't be without it. I also wouldn't pay for the full version. As Vortex says, everyone has different experiences with it. I've worked with systems where I had to turn off so many functions that the free version worked better. But now when you download the free version, you get the full version for two weeks in an effort to get you to buy the full one. Can't blame 'em.
  9. bobbyjack

    Fsx .cfg tweaks

    While it's worth it to experiment, modern PC's need fewer tweaks than you might think, if any. Especially if your rig had an SSD. I'm sure you'll have a blast with it as it is. Above all, have fun.
  10. bobbyjack

    AI Traffic Livery replacement

    FSX uses default aircraft as AI. When you change a default 737 to American, you will also see American as AI at airports. Sure, you can use a third party add on to change AI, or you can do it yourself and learn a lot about how FSX works. I have done it on a number of installations. There are a lot of steps but it's not really difficult, and kind of fun if you're in to that kind of thing.
  11. Everyone will have their own ideas on this. If it were me, I'd replace the 2 gb stick with an 8. 12 gb will be the best you can do with your configuration. You could do 16 if the mounted ram were an 8. Personally, I'd chuck the HHD ( they are slow anyway) and replace it with a 1TB SSD, copy the 250 SSD over to it, and use the 250 for extra backup(or save it as is for yet another way to restore Windows). Less moving parts and more speed. When I think about it, there are several combinations. The gpu is the hold-up.
  12. bobbyjack

    Blue Screen has me puzzled

    Sounds like you found the problem. About your printer driver. If you installed the printer and driver from a disc that came with it, that doesn't mean you have the latest driver. Depending on how long the printer was on the shelf there could be newer drivers from the manufacturer.
  13. bobbyjack

    Resetting Windows10

    I know my experience might not count because I run an almost default FSX, but I also haven't had any real trouble with updates. I noticed with this last update that Windows removed a program that it said was not compatible. It was an out of date maintenance program. a reinstall of the proper version worked fine. Also, there was a driver issue, but dealing with it helped clean up things in general.
  14. bobbyjack

    New W 10 update coming

    For those that don't already know, there is another one of big Windows updates coming next week. I already have it. You have to do some baby-sitting. It didn't hurt my FSX, but then mine is pretty stock. It deleted an old copy of ccleaner on one computer, but not a newer version on another computer. The update said the old version did not work with the update. But no real problems for me. Just a heads up for those who hate updates.
  15. bobbyjack

    Win 10 Home or Pro

    Oh, I'm not in favor of turning off updates. I only mentioned it because there were rumblings that they couldn't be turned off in Home.