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  1. Hi Charlie, My thanks for your prompt response to my query, it is most appreciated. Kind Regards, Blue
  2. Hello Hans, Many thanks for taking the trouble to respond to my query, in particular to explain you too have noticed this strange occurence. At least now I can take comfort it is not something I've disturbed in my program/system! Also that deleting them is not a wholly prohibited exercise:-) Thanks again - Stay Safe. Kind Regards, Blue
  3. Hi All, I've search around here and elsewhere and can find plenty of Posts re. 'Duplication' of AFCADs and Textures/Files BUT I 've been unable to locate any info. on Duplicate Gauge (.gau) files appearing in the Gauges folder of FS9. I almost invariably use FS9 and have done for years - very good it it too:-) Lately (for a computer Numpty,) I've been getting rather daring; dipping into various files to see how it all goes together. Now, I noticed that there were a lot of Duplicate .gau files in my Gauges folder and began wondering if that might cause the odd 'glitch' I've had. The long story short, I backed up and experimented (very daring!) by just deleting them. All seemed to work as normal and so I kept the Gauges Folder without the Duplicates. However, I later looked back into the Gauges Folder again and found that the Duplicate Gauge files I'd deleted, were now back in the Gauges folder. Very strange!! Can anyone shed any light on this at all please? It may be it is supposed to be this way but it seems strange. My FS9 seems to work OK and I'm not sure deleting the Duplicates helped with the odd glitch but it hasn't happened of late??? If all this is actually a problem, (as opposed to normal action of the Sim.) does anyone know how/why it happens and what would you recommend I should do about it? I couldn't 'Copy' any of the files here as an example (maybe someone could tell me how to do that?) but I will try to write below what the duplications look like: Beau_Airspeed.gau BEAU_AIRSPEED_0001.GAU (Duplicates appear in upper case like this) Beau_Altimeter.gau BEAU_ALTIMETER_0001.GAU Beau_Attitude.gau BEAU_ATTITUDE_0001.GAU ................. these continue and are all different gauge files throughout the Gauges Folder, seemingly at randon. Often there is more than one duplicate and subsequent duplicates seem to be numbered ......0001 and the next 0002..... etc.etc. Any help or observations gratefully received. Kind Regards, Blue.
  4. Hi Trioer, thanks for your response, it's always helpful to have personal recommendations on these things - especially for us Computer Numpties 🙂 Kind Regards, Blue
  5. Hi Steve & BobbyJack, Thanks for your response it is certainly interesting to know how these things work. I have tried the solution CamsDad suggested (Thanks again CamsDad) and it does work but I will probably now look to learn a little more about the subject and summons the courage to dabble deeper in these dark arts! Many thanks again all of you - Much appreciate your taking the trouble to help me. Kind Regards, Blue
  6. Hi Camsdad, Many thanks for your advice - I shall look to it straight away. Just a follow up question if I may please? Will this also disable all other Default Traffic flying about in the Sim? Thanks again for your help. Regards, Blue
  7. Hi All, I'm trying to 'turn off' the default Traffic AI at a specific field as I want to substitute some antique aircraft in their place. Specifically, I am trying to turn off the AI default aircraft at Biggin Hill - EGKB. in the UK. I've looked in the ' Scenery - World - Scenery' folder, where I'm instructed to copy the Traffic file that I'm looking to substitute but without success (or without being able to identify the default file??) I'm something of a computer Numpty it is true but I thought this was something within my meagre capabilities 😞 I would be grateful of any help or advice forthcoming. Kind Regards, Blue
  8. Hi All, I have Golden Wings - very good it is too 🙂 Would someone be kind enough to tell me (probably remind me as I tend to forget a lot 😉 ) where the 'Landclass' files are kept in FS9 please? I know where LC that I've loaded with add-ons etc. are as they are marked with LC in the individual title; however, I cannot locate the LC files in Golden Wings. Kind Regards, Blue
  9. Hi. I can't help with the other two but for a B25 you cannot beat the MAAM Sim Museum project B25 'Briefing Time'. I have had this model for several years now and still fly it a lot. I know they are still available as I recently bought their 'Avenger' torpedo bomber - I had thought it was no longer being released but thankfully that was not the case. B25 - Excellent! http://www.maam.org/php/xcart/home.php?cat=256 I'm not good at this sort of thing but hope this will link you to their site! Good Luck Blue
  10. Hi Robin, Thanks for the links re the Ford project. There is certainly plenty to look at there. I seem to remember looking briefly at this sometime back (possibly as a result of talking to you) but I was engaged on setting up new systems at that time, along with getting to grips with a new Win10 machine! I shall look again soon. Thanks again for your observations - I note the PM reference and will see if I remember how ;-) Kind Regards, Blue
  11. Thanks for your observations as always Robin. Following your help (previously) I too now have several separate installs - hence my most recent enquiry really; I just fancied having a look at some of these other 'Environments' before committing. I recently loaded Envtex (it looks promising) but it wants to 'only' load the 'FS9' install - whereas I've tried (& failed) to point it at my 'Envtex Sim' install.?!? In any event I shall have a look at this Ford Tri-Motor project - I still think the default, Ford Tri-motor is a very nice little aircraft. If I have any trouble finding it I shall no doubt give you a call! In the meantime - Stay Safe. Regards, Blue
  12. Hi again Robin, Many thanks for taking the time to respond. In fact I do have the excellent TNW by Howard, indeed have been using it for over a year I think. I picked up a couple of these other programs via download since setting up my FS9 'Howard' version and thought I'd seek some information before venturing further as explained in my post. Being a committed FS9 user (almost exclusively as we've discussed before) I'm always interested to see other stuff coming along. I'm interested to hear how others view the opposition so to speak;-) I trust you are keeping safe down there in the Southern Hemispere? Regards, Blue
  13. Hi Again All, As I've had a lot of help here previously, I hope this Post isn't over-staying my Welcome 🙂 Basically I've read of late about Environmental 'Upgrade' programs one can use in FS9 to improve the 'look' of the the Sim. Now, I've Downloaded the following and aside from any installation problems I may have (I'm no great Whiz with Computers) and BEFORE I instal anything; I really would appreciate any Observations fellow FS9 users might have regarding the efficacy/appearance/performance/preferences of these THREE programs and in particular any recommendations they may have: 1. Envtex 2. Real Environment Professional 3. Full Environment 9 As always, I'm most grateful for any observations or advice proffered. Kind Regards, Blue.
  14. Many thanks to all who gave their observations, I was most interested. What a very helpful Forum this is 😉 Stay safe everyone! Regards, Blue
  15. Thanks Robin - I did find Mark's interface. Blue
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