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  1. Hi All, I know this is really OLD but, I've been using FS9 as my regular Flight Sim (although I do have all the others including MS2020) - and until very recently I've not flirted with any add-on Nav Map so, although I'd seen the odd one advertised/recommended over the years, I've had no experience of them. Recently, re- reading some old 'Tips & Tricks' (remember those?) that I'd collected years back, I saw information regarding FS Navigator. I came across this thread and indeed downloaded the ' fsnav470.zip' mentioned here. Posting now to save anyone else the disapointment. Whereas this handy little Program is still avaiable to Download it is NOT viable. I repeat NOT VIABLE now in light of the fact it cannot be registered nor purchased and does indeed end after a short trail period. For information of all. Regards, Blue
  2. Hello again Chris_eve, Many thanks for your reply. Yesterday I got a 'Nothing here!' or similar flag from my Firefox browser and therefore assumed the site was defunct. Thanks to you, I tried again this morning and went straight to Christoph's site! I've left him a message of thanks. Your reply is much appreciated. Kind Regards, Blue
  3. Hi Chris_eve, Well spotted, I guess I just didn't scroll down far enough but unfortunately the Web site no longer functions and likewise I summize the email address that it's linked to. My thanks just the same to you and to Christoph. Kind Regards, Blue
  4. Well, that went well - I'm afraid I failed to find any contact details in the 'Autower240' program, license or Readme files. Therefore, Christopher LANGGUTH, my thanks for this super little program that I'd used for sometime and immediately missed it when it failed to show up;-0 Great program and excellent description in the Readme that even I could understand (some) of. Again, sincere Thanks! Regards, Blue
  5. Hi Trioer, How very kind of you to respond to my plea - Thank you. Moreover, this is exactly the little program I had lost! Thank you so much for your effort. I shall now make a special effort to keep it safe AND send a note of appreciation to the auther whose name I had forgotten. What a great Forum we have here. Kind Regards, Blue
  6. Hi All, I've been doing some clearing out from my many FS9 versions and seem to have 'lost' the little utility?? or program I had embedded in one of my FS9 Versions, This little 'program' followed your current aircraft around. Basically it flashed up the nearest tower area you were in and 'Tower view' was always the one nearest to your current position enroute. I'm not even sure now where I got it from but, try as I might, I just cannot locate it among my many downloaded FS9 items. Nor unfortunately can I remember what it was called. I have tried searching our Library but so far without success and hence my plea here. Any help or observations gratefully received. Regards, Blue
  7. Thank You John & C2615 for taking the trouble to respond. I use FSReal WX pro with FS9 (my Flight Sim of choice for many years.) I have recently, following help from another helpful Member on the MSFS Forum, gotten the 'New' 2020 Sim. Very nice it is too - but I'm not for giving up my FS9 anytime soon for a host of reasons. I have been sold on MSFS of late, as I said, however, over 30+ years of Simming I've also had vitually all the other offerings. So far FS9 has stood the test of time - I usually 'revert' to it after trying the latest 'New' incarnation for a few months - as it just does what it says on the box & I can simulate all the flying I want to do with it:-) The new one is very nice and that was the inspiration for my original question re the Weather Data. If I were smart enough I might delve into whatever it is that generates weather for FS9 using the Data now provided by MSFS....... I mourne the passing of the 'Real Weather' setting that I used in FS9 for so many years 😉 Thanks again folks. Kind Regards, Blue
  8. Hi All, Just a thought having just now read yet another Post on FS9 Real Weather. I'm a Computer Numpty and so this may well be a nonesense BUT - MSFS have a very nice Real World Weather set-up, it downloads as I understand it (much as FS9 Real Weather once did if memory serves) - could 'our' FS9 not be tweaked to 'Download' the MSFS Real Weather Data for use in FS9 ? I do appreciate that the 2 Flight Sims are generations apart technically but, 'Weather Data' is much the same isn't it? As I say, just a thought that I'm hoping one of you Computer geniuses may be able straighten me out on. 🙂 Thanks for your forebearance and as always, observations appreciated. Regards, Blue
  9. Hello 'Wingnut', I'm sure many of those trying to assist your query have far more experience than myself; however, for what it is worth, I bought recently from MS Store having moved on from my old reliable FS9 (FS2004) after many years. (tried lots in between but always went back to FS9). I too read lots of Forum posts (here and elsewhere - many were very scary regarding MSFS errors and problems.) Certainly one Poster was much more realistic and encouraging and luckily I took his advice. Perhaps I've just been lucky but frankly I've had none of the problems experienced by many and I am a Computer Numpty. I found the purchase fron MS Store relatively straightforward (for a Numpty) and updates have also gone as I would expect with my limited Computer knowledge. Yes, there's a lot to learn but frankly it is not rocket science and if I can work my way through it, I think most could also. The Software is really super in so many ways and Yes, I know there are many detractors BUT - this is my experience. It really has been an excellent experience and well worth the effort - I love it! (BTW I've been Flight Simming since the Sub-logic days - circa 1984 and flying real world since I was 18, many decades ago 😉 and long since retired! ) Good Luck! Regards, Blue
  10. Hello again, I cracked the problem with the Joystick Set-up. I was able to glean sufficient evidence to suggest it was likely to be something simple and did a little reading and mostly head scratching! It was indeed a simple fix - I really am a Computer Numpty as I didn't understand the new Sims way of doing things. Once I cottoned on it was ME that was not switched 'On' - as opposed to the Sim. I sorted it. 😉 Now enjoying the Sim and feeling very grateful for the help and advice available here . Thanks everyone! Kind Regards, Blue
  11. Hello again All, Just to Update this Post once more, this time with Good News! I cracked the problem with the Joystick Set-up. I was able to glean sufficient evidence to suggest it was likely to be something simple and did a little reading and mostly head scratching! It was indeed a simple fix - I really am a Computer Numpty as I didn't understand the new Sims way of doing things. Once I cottoned on it was ME that was not switched 'On' - as opposed to the Sim. I sorted it. I have to report that I've just completed a circuit of my local field in the Cub! A super experience as many of you suggested. Thanks again for your help and enthusiasm. I shall now need to do lots of fine tuning and a lot more familiarization with the new Sim! It certainly does look super and I'm already planning on doing a lot of things I didn't think would be possible from my Desktop 😉 Thanks again All. Regards, Blue
  12. Hello Michael, thanks for taking the trouble to respond to my plight. As it is I have just this evening fixed the issue with my Joystick set-up. I'm very pleased I persisted as I've had that joystick a very long time and am rather fond of it. It has served me well over so many Flight Sims. I've long been an advocate of NOT replacing things just because there is something NEW out there. I like things to work and if they do I tend to stay with them 🙂 Thanks again. Blue
  13. Following lots of help and advice from Forum Members over the last few days (on another Post here) I've now bought MSFS. I have a Saitek Cyborg 3D USB joystick that works very well in a host of other Sims (inc: DCS - Il2 Cliffs of Dover, - Wings over Flanders + also 3rd Reich. - X-Plane - FSX - P3D & trusty old FS9) It also works as expected in the Windows 10 Calibration graphics, and also the set-up Graphics in the MSFS program. Unfortunately when I go into the Sim, it is so erratic when operated (seemingly uncontrolled movements - in the correct sense for the aircraft control but erratically) that it makes control of the aircraft impossible I am aware of the 'tuning' possible within the Sim. (altering the curves etc.) Is there something I'm missing please or is it just a case of me not yet getting the adjustments correct? Your observations would be much appreciated. Regards, Blue
  14. Hi All, An Update to Thank you for your help and encouragement (or not 🙂 ) thus far: The Download went less painfully than I anticipated, as did the install to my SSD. I have made rudimentary settings in an attempt to get a flight under my belt. Unfortunately, although I can get an aircraft on the Thresh hold of my local field and have set up my joystick, it is just too erratic to allow control so I'm now trawling this sight and others for information. (End of Update) As you might imagine I have a host of questions that I'm trying to find answers to, one at a time. To this end - and so as not to confuse everyone (including myself !) I shall pose my queries, if I may, by separate Posts to this Forum - hoping you may share your expertise with this Computer Numpty 🙂 Many Thanks again, Blue.
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