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  1. Many thanks to all who gave their observations, I was most interested. What a very helpful Forum this is 😉 Stay safe everyone! Regards, Blue
  2. Thanks Robin - I did find Mark's interface. Blue
  3. Hi All, I've not noticed this before so I think it is a new thing on my FS9, if anyone have observations I'd be grateful to see them? Since changing to Windows 10, I've only recently been able to work out (from reading this Forum:-) how to operate the top FS Menu in 'Full Screen' mode. My previous Operating System was not a problem. However, now delighted I could use my Sim of choice (FS9) in 'Full Screen', my Frame Rate seems to be limited to 60fps. Is this as it should be, or have I made a mistake in setting options or something? In 'Windowed' mode the fps are in the hundreds (as they were when I was using Windows 7) The performance seems fine so I shouldn't be quibbling one might venture - especially as I can recall the time when 60 fps would have been unbelievable 😉 That said, I am curious if nothing else. Observations welcomed. Kind Regards, Blue
  4. Hi again Robin & All, That link wouldn't work for me but I did find Mark Daniels offering on the Flight Sim site. Interesting interface:-) FS9 certainly is a good bit of kit! Regards, Blue
  5. Hi, I'm probably not telling you anything others haven't but for what it is worth: I too NOW have multiple installs of FS9, thanks to help from Robin (Wobie) some time back. Basically I've had Flight Sims forever and have done my share of real world flying too:-) and late last year I updated my Flight Sim Computer; an ideal time to deal, with not just all the stuff one accumulates but rationalize the different Sims. too. When I got down to it, I almost exclusively use FS9 - It does what I want! :-) So that is what I'm talking of here. So, having read (on here ) of multiple installs I sought advice and Robin obliged. I have the OS on one SSD and my Sims on another. I also have 'Another' HDD with all the other accumulated files on (Aircraft Zips, scenery zips, Sim utilities, information, Downloads etc.etc.) Once I'd installed FS9 (plus the update and No Disc mod) on the new SSD, I stopped everything and just 'Copied' that whole install Folder and saved it to my 'Another' HDD - marked it 'FS9 Clean Copy' and left it for posterity (the day everything goes haywire :-) ) Thereafter I copied another install of FS9 to my Sim. SSD and named it 'TestBed' (leaving the other FS9 pristine copy of the Sim. well alone for the moment) I then began adding favourite Aircraft and sceneries, meshes, landclass etc. to the 'TestBed' install - flying in between to test each piece BEFORE adding it to my main 'FS9' install. I'm sure you get the gist! Using this 'Testbed' I'd quickly proven a variety of Aircraft, Sceneries etc. and then loaded them into my 'Main' FS9. Having assembled my selected aircraft and the Sceneries, airports etc. I then copied the 'Main' FS9 Folder and saved that on my 'Another' disc and named it, 'Full Copy of Current FS9' As and when I add new stuff to my 'Main' FS9 Sim, I then copy that in it's entirety to the 'Another' HDD - thereby ensuring the 'Backup' Copy of the Sim on the 'Another' HDD remains a 'Full current Copy of FS9' I too now have various install with various names (I intend them to have different 'Splash' screens but that hasn't happened yet) To be fair many of the Aircraft or sceneries don't need much testing as I've used them in previous computers but of course Windows 10 is new to me and I have had conflicts over time and this method ensures (as best as possible) that I don't have to go back to square one if a major problem occurs, I merely delete my 'Main' FS9 - copy the current 'Full Copy of Current FS9' from my 'Another' HDD to my SSD, rename it to be the 'Main' Sim and start again:-) This works for me and as one inevitably accumulates aircraft, sceneries etc. one can maintain a 'Backup' copy of all your current stuff, ready at the press of a button to be copies back to use whenever disaster strikes. It's also a lot simpler in practice than it is in trying to explain it here:-) Good Luck! Blue.
  6. Update: Wobbie. Robin, I tried the copying trick but failed miserably I'm afraid. The 'Copying' happened but the program once copied to my HDD performed as it did from the DVD. Dave Morgan: Failed there too I'm afraid - only (so far) as I couldn't get my old Win7 machine to fire up 😞 I'm still hopeful of a result later though 🙂 Thanks for your help Gents - Stay Safe! Blue
  7. Hi, For me Real Air Simulations Spitfire (probably some of their other offerings). The MAAM Sim offerings, DC3 Aircraft along with their excellent B25 Mitchell. Good Luck! Stay Safe. Blue.
  8. Hi All, I agree with so much written on this Thread - particularly by Dillon and Wobie (Robin). I have a purpose built Wired 2 Fire setup these days - that wasn't always the case. I also have FSX & P3D plus others but almost exclusively, use FS9 as it does what I want it to do and does it well - Simulate flight. FS9 has always given good service and performs very well even now. It is true that Win10 brings with it some challenges - running in full screen being one, however, all in all I can fire it up and complete the particular simulated flight I have in mind on the day. Currently I'm exploring some of the trips I took in real life in earlier flying. I'm also getting some idea how my father and crew got on during their WWII 'Ops' in Europe and the Middle East. Even some of their training flights are a real eye opener - and that is just on a Simulated trip with a ' Pause' button and a cup of tea at regular intervals 😉 What a Super hobby, Super Sim FS9, Super Forum at Avsim and Super Posters sharing their experiences - Thanks to you all. Blue
  9. Hi Wobie & Dave Morgan, My sincere thanks for your tips and advice. I shall try out your ideas and let you know how I get on. Now, where is that old Win 7 set up ;-) Kind Regards, Keep Safe. Blue
  10. Hi All, I know FS9 is old but I like it. About 6 months ago I bought a 'Wired 2 Fire', purpose built Computer with Win10 Home, 64 bit OS. (It's great:-) ) However, Win 10 won't let me load Just Flight, Roads & Rivers of Europe. A very nice Chap (Simon) at 'Just Flight', informs me this is something to do with the new Win10 OS, not allowing Protected discs to be installed. He kindly sent me a little piece of software called 'W10 Safe Disc Fix'. I have followed the instructions accompanying this software but am still unable to get 'Roads & Rivers of Europe' to install to my FS9 installation. Does anyone have any advice regarding the problem of getting 'Protected' disc to install on a Win10 OS please? - with or without the use of this little piece of software? All observations welcomed. Thanks and Stay Safe! Blue
  11. HI again Robin, Many thanks again for your help. Also, apologies to BeeFix, although Robin's answers do relate to your original query. I too am using Win 10 - his advice re copying/loading FS9 to that system has worked for me. Kind Regards, Blue
  12. Hi Robin, I have tried your method for loading multiple copies of FS9 and the first additional version is up and running - Again, many thanks for your help. If I may, I will impose upon your expertise with a couple of related question: I have 'FSrealWX Pro' (a weather program used since the demise of the in program 'Real Weather' prog.) this little addon requires Pete Dowsons FSUIPC module to run. Having gotten my 'New' version of the Sim. to now run on Win10, I'm loathe to crash it by just loading anything else in. Are you able to tell me if it's OK to use this module and an add-on weather program or similar please? Also, I thought I might log the trips on this new version of the Sim. Do I need to alter anything else to facilitate use of the log book? (Use of this is not important - it was just an idea to log the separate flights.) Many thanks again for your help - any observations in the use or running of additional versions gratefully received. Kind Regards, Blue
  13. Hi Robin, Many thanks for your response - my apologies for not thanking you earlier. I will certainly try your method. Kind Regards, Blue
  14. Hi Robin, I'm sorry if this is hi-jacking the post BUT - Can you please direct me to any info on running more than 1 version of FS9 (FS2004) in Win 10 please. I am having difficulties...... My apologies again and thanks. Regards, Blue
  15. Hi Djbully, Thanks for taking the trouble to respond, I'm most grateful. Strangely the radio is selectable tonight with the mouse but I'd tried several times previously without success. I have still to find the GPS - if indeed it has one. I shall persevere :-) Kind Regards, Blue
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