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  1. I'm sure Microsoft has some ideas about that, probably why they are released the sim for Xbox.
  2. You are aware that it will be released for Xbox? hardly an exclusive sophisticated niche' They dont have to do any more than what they are doing. They do not have to release cheap hardware panels, that's the job for the add-on hardware & software developers, as has been done with prior sims. The SDK will be, or has ben released to developers. Anyhow..
  3. Maybe you did not know your product (well, nobody knows it 100%, as it is unfinished, in alpha state), maybe they DID think that you were boring, maybe you are not meant to be in sales? Theoretically, if you have shown the game to anyone, you are breaking the NDA. I'm sure that there are many here, that have been shown the movie clips & will probably wait to see the end result, pricing & reviews. Just saying..
  4. There is actually a whole new world out there, outside of Avsim, so ANY posts on this site is but a small drop of the ocean, and cannot be considered a benchmark.
  5. Me too, also Defender & Malwarebytes. No issues at all. (I moved from Avast to Defender)
  6. So, if 1% of the monthly Xbox members buy it, that's about 700,000! So, at the $60 that's been thumb-sucked, we got $42million.. vs the $3m that mp15 suggests. And that's over a year!
  7. This forum, reddit & Facebook most certainly do not consist of the whole simming world. There will be others that will be buying MSFS, apart from Avsimmers, Reddit & Facebook members. I'm sure you are aware that Avsim is not the only flight sim site out there & that there are many other sim forums, apart from Avsim, Also, I'm sure you are aware that the sim awareness has become quite global, even on non gaming sites. So, I'm going more along the lines of Murmur's estimate. but 50k for the 1st year? I can give you links of some of the many other sim sites, if you are not aware of others.
  8. mp15.. You in marketing & sales, & have experience in game marketing? Or any idea of real cost of server usage? 50k players in the 1st year? Mmmm, Xbox has in excess of 65 million monthly users? so, your annual 50k sales equates to 4200 sales of MSFS per month? Back to the drawing board, or calculator, I suggest.
  9. Doubtful, the ESP base is a professional product, MSFS is for entertainment.. Never the twain shall meet.. Having said that.. Our Virtual club managed to get a professional sim from FRASCA. It is a 25 year old sim, & was one of three that was purchased & used by our local Air Force. It was also a procedural sim, with graphics driven by a 2nd PC. We've replaced the built-in PC with more modern hardware. Anyway, I'm sure that LM's client base are still happy with the functionality of pro products that they are using, & probably will not change to entertainment licenced games.
  10. Quoting from the original post-- " From Wikipedia: Where implemented, a franchisor licenses its know-how, procedures, intellectual property, use of its business model, brand, and rights to sell its branded products and services to a franchisee. In this instance, I am assuming ASOBO became the franchisee. A fresh approach was necessary and their submitted proof of concept demonstrated what was possible using currently available modern cutting edge technologies. " That assumption is incorrect, as ASOBO is a developer for MSFS, not a franchisee. Also, as ASOBO is a multi platform & multi game developer, I'm sure that all their costs are amortized amongst all their products. Is it important to us? Not at all. We, the gamers/consumers have choices to suit or needs.. do we buy in to Xbox consoles, stick & upgrade or PC's (how I dislike the word 'rig', not sure why) or use both. I most certainly hope that5 3rd party developers are not limited to the Xbox store..
  11. Exactly why.. Just having fun, guys, even more so, when you cannot see it.. So, gotcha..
  12. But it's nothing new that Asobo has many 3rd party developers working with them. That's common knowledge, should be, as it has been mentioned so many times , also on www.flightsimulator.com. But, if you were not aware of that, maybe it is big news for you. Well done for sharing with us.
  13. Because it's so funny & irrelevant for a game, & how this community actually cares about this kinda stuff. Microsoft/Asobo leasing an external model from a trust? Guys.. really.. It's actually not a big deal, & we are concerned on how much PMDG is involved? Why? If they are involved, so be it, How much, who cares.
  14. Toothbrush & toothpaste to remove the plaque? David, boredom strikes here! This is what happens when gamers have nothing better to do than to believe 'at least 2' comfirmations! BUT, wait.... Did you read what the plaque said?? "THIS AIRFRAME IS SUBJECT TO AFLIGHT EQUIPMENT PLEDGE:"LEASED FROM PRECISION MANUALSDEVELOPMENT GROUP., ASOWNER TRUSTEE, LESSOR." So, that 'airframe' belongs to a TRUST & is leased out??? ---- to a game sim? I love it, clickbait. 2 pages of posts, debating the issue & wondering how much MS paid PMDG? Maybe they are leasing or renting the airframe from a newly trust? Sounds like a pile of ?? I gotta admit that, because of lock-down, I'm pretty bored, & seeing that the guys are leaving the door open for answers, I HAVE to reply... (I'm still chuckling... at least 2 confirms on reddit ---- the oracle has spoken!)
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