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  1. Sorted, Just updated without updated.. Did that later once all worked.
  2. I did an update on my existing Windows 11 on Thursday morning, and now have the following issues..No Taskbar, or Start button. Just an empty white strip, with that little up arrow that indicates startup stuff.Default desktop picture, with only a few icons.Windows key + I (to get to Settings) not working. Settings flashes on for a few seconds, then banishes.My hard drive shows the correct free space, but my music, pics & video folders are empty.Edge reverting to initial Edge setup on reboot.So, I rolled back a few days, and Uninstalled the latest update, as well as checking file integrity etc.. Nothing..I even tried the Windows Media tool.. It flashes, then also dissappears.I tried to reinstall the media update from a USB, it finally worked, it did its thing, went through the installation process, then said 'Undoing changes to your PC', rebooted, and now I'm back to no Taskbar etc..Any ideas? Maybe use the ISO?
  3. Not forgetting that it is still VERY well supported by some amazing freeware developers..
  4. A very interesting chat.. It's a matter of Realism vs Immersion, in my humble opinion. In our simulator that we've built, we see real pilots brace themselves in their seats when anticipating touchdown, such is the immersion of the sim, be it any of the flight models that we have loaded, especially watching a genuine Boeing pilot practicing a landing at Luton in the UK & anticipating a landing. BTW, this is using FS2004 on a Celeron, with freeware scenery & aircraft - such is the immersion factor. Just saying!
  5. True.. Not everyone wants 'high quality' add-ons... Thats actually a perception by the buyer/user/gamer, Also, instead of complaining, why not learn to create better aircraft? Which brings up the point that.... MSFS is still just a game that simulates a simulator.. (I'm sure that puts the cat amongst the pigeons! & NO, not a debate as to what defines a sim or a game) So, do your homework, & also support the freeware developers as well, they are actually the backbone of our hobby! - Many have become pay-ware developers, thanks to support that they have been given
  6. Great, Thanks so much for taking the time to explain to me. I've been a Misty fan since FS2004, & have Misty & most, if not all the bits, in a separate FS Alaska install.. Now to get P3Dv4.5 going with RTMM
  7. Ahhh! I just got a bit confused for a moment. So I have TFX, & RTMM Master for P3Dv4 (I dont have v5) & I'll be installing them 'old school' manually, not via .XML I'm happier with that. So I dont need those 40 Textures then? Oops, I think I'm confusing myself.. So I had downloaded the RTMM Master Scenery Pack, only now am I downloading the RTMM Add-on for P3Dv4.. I'll be good to go then? Nothing else needed?
  8. Phew, thanks so much.. that was quick.. If it's the missing texture file is TFX Simobjects AI update for P3Dv4V1.1 8-7-17.zip, I get a File Not Found error.. I'm sure I'm trying to find it correctly..
  9. Wow, Just what I've been looking for. I've downloaded the Master scenery pack, for conventional instals, the 1st download option, & the TongassX install pack as well. I'm getting all the files ready to install, however, I cannot find the 40 TEXTURE files that you speak about. I have looked through the forum, but I seem to have missed it.
  10. Wobbie

    Microsoft 365

    Thanks for all the suggestions. All I did was to log in to MS365 again. It automatically picked up my credentials, and all is good. No key entry at all. Many thanks again.. Regards, Robin
  11. Wobbie

    Microsoft 365

    I'm using Microsoft 365 with a license that is expiring next month. Another friend has shared (legally) one of his spare licenses with me, so can I just install the new download over the old install, or must I delete the current 365 install then install the new one? Thanks, in anticipation.
  12. Why the paranoia? It's just a normal optional update. Nothing new at all here. Edge has been part of an update now, for quite some time. I've been using it for ages, no issues at all. Anyway, I prefer an up to date operating system, to an older unsupported one.
  13. Did you try to reopen Settings later?
  14. You use both Avast & Windows Defender togther? Why?? Windows 10 only allows for a single anti virus, & CCleaner is just a cleaner, no antivirus features at all.
  15. I've been a long time Avast user, ever since I dumped AVG. Then I found it a bit 'naggy' & switched over to Defender. It just works, a low overhead,& I do a Malwarebytes scan ever so often.
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