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  1. Milton Shupe and Team - Web Site

    Hi there, I was also very sad to learn that Garry had passed away. I have a separate install of FS9 just for the Ford Tri-Motor Project scenery, with all the planes, as well as Milton's older stuff & Mike Stomes as well. I was a beta tester for an unreleased project of his, a death star, with a secret hanger inside, & we chatted very often. I would love a list of Mike's repaints. I also found a file with most of Mike's aircraft as well. I'm also very happy with FS9, having 3 installs, a 'normal' install, a Golden Wings install & my Ford Project install. Also, I really enjoy Garry's ramps & sloping runways, as well as a circular runway.
  2. scenery.cfg and fs9.cfg wanted

    The sim will automattically write an fs9.cfg when it is run the first time. Hans correctly states: ' When you install FS9 into it's default position it will be installed into an area protected and used by your Windows7/8/10 itself. This means that Windows will not accept certain edits/changes/activities, which are very common and normal when using FS9. The results can be unpredictable. ' This has been stated many times on various forums. interestingly, on my defunct laptop's hardrive, I had a sim install in its default folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games etc as well as an install in C:\ Flight Sim There were issues in trying to edit aircraft cfg files in the default sim, but no issues in the C:\Flight Sim folder As I mentioned before, I pulled out the hard drive, & copied the sims over to my new laptop. I found that the copied version from the default folder had a few errors, such as missing aircraft.cfg's in many folders, whereas the other was perfect. Defragging will not make any difference, as, when the sims are installed, they actually write to the registry, or, with multiple sims, you can set the registry manually with the Flight1 Registry Repair Tool. Newer operating systems actally do their own automatic defrags behind the scenes. I normally edit the fs9.cfg folder to add in [Old Modules] and the appropiate .dll's to prevent any error messages. Regards, Robin
  3. Windows 10 --Ugggg

    Fs9 works, CFS2 works. There is no problem to get the sims working. Just install them into C:\ & not the default directory in Program Files, run in Compatibility Mode & as Administrator. It is quicker to do than to explain :-)
  4. Windows 10 --Ugggg

    Well, My FS9 laptop (6 years old, Windows 10) died, & I pulled out the hard drive & stuck it into a carry case. I recently got myself an Acer i5 Windows 10 laptop (4GB Ram) & copied my 3x versions of FS9 fron the now portable hard drive, being my 'normal' FS9, my 'Golden Wings' version & a version only with Ford Tri-Motor scenery & planes. The normal version ran perfectly, the other 2 I run in compatibility mode, as administrator. All 3 are in C:\ Never a problem, & everything runs very smoothly, more so than on my previous laptop when it was still Windows 7 then Windows 8.1, prior to my Windows 10 update on it. Regards, Robin Cape Town, South Africa
  5. Yes, mostly every second Saturday.. Just confirm with me first Also, Shackleton ground run, actually engine startup on the last Saturday of each month, weather & logistics permitting.
  6. Anyhow, any others getting the sand bar effect? I've added the carrier in Table Bay harbour to our 'standard' scenery install that I give to our new members at our VA club. Yip, we do have a Shack sim as well as an Impala (MB326) sim, & we are starting on a Harvard sim, in a chassis that we 'inherited'. It's a 25 year old sim from Frasca in the USA that we are re-computering.
  7. Me too, somehow, in FS9, I've ended up with 'sand banks' around the Milnerton area & also in the harbour. I'm using Howards 'The Natural World' for my ground textures. Looks far better. http://biggles11.wixsite.com/the-natural-world/about & have dropped an aircraft carrier into Tablebay harbour to practice carrier landings with an Impala. (with our Impala simulator)
  8. Love the get ' The Old Farts Flying Club" going again. Cheers, Robin Cape Town, South Africa
  9. Aeroworx's freeware South African scenery for FSX & FS9 look FAR better. Railway lines, pylons & wind farms as as mesh work very well. Cape Town looks great.
  10. downloading with W10 edge browser

    Edge works fine for me. Quicker & smoother than Firefox & Chrome... BUT that is my experience, on a brand new Acer laptop, i5, 7200U cpu, 4gb RAM. Others will have a different experience.
  11. Pro Flight Simulator

    The free FlightGear is actually pretty good!
  12. scenery.cfg and fs9.cfg wanted

    To quickly find a file, download Everything from www.voidtools.com The fastest desktop search engine ever.
  13. Opinions on The Natural World by Howard?

    Again, one is payware, the other freeware.
  14. Unfortunate plane registration..

    Maybe back to topic?????