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  1. Wobbie

    Windows 10 privacy and step to care

    As long as you do not switch off security updates!
  2. Wobbie

    Appreciating Windows 10, a year into ownership

    Correct. A possible BUSINESS solution only. It will include software and hardware. So let's not be getting our nickers in a not!
  3. Wobbie

    Will they all work?

    Everything will probably work, providing you install the sim into C:\ instead of the default Program File directory, & you just may have to run as Administrator.
  4. Wobbie

    Appreciating Windows 10, a year into ownership

    Hi John, I'm also very happy with Windows 10. Also, we have been told that Windows 10 is the final version that will be constantly updated with added features, so, no Windows 11. 🙂
  5. Wobbie

    Looking For The Best Visual Add-ons

    Thanks so much for the descriptions of what is what. Most helpful indeed.
  6. Wobbie

    Are these aircraft close to the real thing?

    Just goes to show that you do not need the latest sim or fancy hardware to get a total immersion result. In actual fact, we are using 5 year old PC's, on board graphics, Celeron, (I think) & getting 50+ fps! 4x screens for the MB326, (2x back seater, scenery & panel, a large 42' on the nose for scenery, & a smaller screen for the panel in front.) 1x Projector for the Shack (scenery) & a LCD used as a panel)
  7. Wobbie

    Are these aircraft close to the real thing?

    I forgot to add that we had no moving platforms at all, such was the immersion factor. A decent flight model and scenery, we use freeware Aeroworx scenery, is all it takes.
  8. Wobbie

    Are these aircraft close to the real thing?

    We have built 2x simulators, an Avro Shackleton & an AerMacci MB326, a twin seater trainer, used here in South Africa, known as an Impala, using original seats and controls. When we get 'real' pilots flying them, and coming to land, they actually 'bump' themselves in the seats, anticipating a touchdown, such is the immersion. And we are using FS2004 on 4-5 year old PC's. 2x screens with the Impala, and a screen and a projector with the Shack. Ok, so it's a game that simulates a simulator, simulating flight & flying... Nothing wrong with that at all.
  9. Wobbie

    Are these aircraft close to the real thing?

    Just remember, it's still an entertainment/gaming platform, that simulates a simulator, as 'authentic' as it can be, on a monitor or 2, maybe 3, & controls that are obviously limited as far as travel, etc. Not all that authentic also if not on a motion platform, but it can be very immersive. As Jon says, it most certainly also applies with the wonderful GA & older planes we 'fly'. Regards, Robin
  10. To be honest, I'm using the Sim-Outhouse & Flightsim forums far more often than Avsim. (no disrespect to Avsim) Also, a LOT more FS2004 releases that do not appear here appear there. Also, there are far fewer new releases here that interest me. I enjoy the oldies & low & slows. Here, the new releases are all (mostly) tube liners. However, Avsim is always part of my daily 'look at & check the forums' routine.
  11. Wobbie

    FS9 Scenery Files

    Just to sum up the above... (with no uninstalling, reformatting, etc). 1.Copy the complete Flight Simulator 9 folder from C:\Program Files (X86)\Microsoft Games\ 2. Paste the complete Flight Simulator 9 folder into C:\ (You will then have C:\Flight Simulator 9) 3. Rename the original Flight Simulator 9 folder in C:\Program Files (X86)\Microsoft Games\ to Flight Simulator 91 4. Open the original Flight Simulator 9 folder, & rename FS9.exe to FS91.exe 5. Go to https://www.flight1.com/view.asp?page=library 6. Download & run the Registry Repair Tool (halfway down the page), & point it to the FS9.exe in C:\Flight Simulator 9 7. Right-click the FS9.exe & create Desktop shortcut. 8. Run it! You should have re-created your FS9 install & it should run perfectly, as will any Scenery add-ons. 9. If you have an error & the sim crashes, right-click the desktop shortcut or the FS9.exe, click Properties, click Compatibility, click Compatibility mode & select Windows XP, click 'Run this program as Administrator' (this takes longer to explain than it takes to do!) You might have to re-install payware stuff. If everything works, you can delete the complete Flight Simulator 9 folder from C:\Program Files (X86)\Microsoft Games\ I have done this many times, & even have a backup of the complete folder on a portable drive, & have installed that on other computers. P.S. If you have not done so already, the 'unmentionable' FS9 patch should be done. Best of luck.. Robin
  12. So, is there more activity on Avsim regarding X-Plane than other sites?
  13. Huh? People change their interests. Just look at the daily downloads, by far the majority is tube liners. Other sites are not as focused, & offer a broader selection, driven by what people re interested in.
  14. It's all about finances!. The add-on developers will obviously go where the money is, the more popular sims.
  15. Wobbie

    how long is too long ???

    I've been simming for 20-odd years now, & always have gone back to a 15 year old sim. I have tried them all, & strangely enough, I found FlightGear to be VERY good, so I'm playing with that. In all those years, the Holy Grail of sims has not been discovered as yet!