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  1. Why the paranoia? It's just a normal optional update. Nothing new at all here. Edge has been part of an update now, for quite some time. I've been using it for ages, no issues at all. Anyway, I prefer an up to date operating system, to an older unsupported one.
  2. Did you try to reopen Settings later?
  3. You use both Avast & Windows Defender togther? Why?? Windows 10 only allows for a single anti virus, & CCleaner is just a cleaner, no antivirus features at all.
  4. I've been a long time Avast user, ever since I dumped AVG. Then I found it a bit 'naggy' & switched over to Defender. It just works, a low overhead,& I do a Malwarebytes scan ever so often.
  5. Do NOT EVER paste your email address in public forums.. That's an invitation for spam..
  6. Luckily, what we've got is not real, just a bunch of complex pixels.. Pity there is no definitive definition of what a study level aircraft actually is.
  7. And?? It should be obvious that ACES Gaming Studios was Microsoft's in-house game developing studio, & like any other public company, Microsoft is responsible to their shareholders (not gamers), & if a department is not performing or if it is not in-line with future business projections or plans, it gets closed down. Common practice really. It's not a case of 'letting gamers down!'.
  8. Indeed, Michael.. They dont need a license, They have licensed the product as an entertainment product, for legal reasons. LM did not need to license the product, they used ESP, that was licensed as a 'not for entertainment' product, & Dovetail used FSX, which was, as we know, licensed as a entertainment product. Microsoft hold, & has held the various licensing's for their products.
  9. We going in circles.. Basically, at this stage, MSFS is licensed as an entertainment/game product Yes, the plane model in a pro sim is modelled to the hardware & visa versa. It is not a modified general aircraft sim thats modified to fit. Maybe Microsoft is NOT looking to the commercial market & wants to keep the game in the mass market/Xbox arena. Maybe their contract with Asobo is games only. Far too many ifs, buts & maybe's. Actually, a pointless supposition for a 3 month old game that is basically still in Beta.
  10. Well, let's call these so-called 'study level' aircraft exactly what they are.. Complex aircraft!! MSFS, as a general broadly based game that simulates a simulator would be problematic to be used as a professional commercial simulator, as the simulator software must match the hardware that must match the particular aircraft being simulated, then it can be licensed as a proper pro commercial simulator. MSFS if so far from that. Have a look at www.frasca.com That could be an eye opener for you. At the moment, MSFS is licensed as an entertainment product. So, legally, it cannot be used in a professional commercial training environment. I'm sure that a simple license change is not legally viable.
  11. Have you ever flown in a professional sim? Boeing, Airbus, or any other of the sims that are licensed for training? The professional sims are built for a particular aircraft, by the way. MSFS, cannot ever match a dedicated pro sim, due to it's complexity that a game cannot ever manage to emulate. Of course procedures are amongst the most important for a sim. I worked on a sim, made by Frasca, that was dedicated to an aircraft. Normally, an instructor sets up a flight & the pilot flies, with the instructor injecting issues & failures as need be. Most, if not all pro sims are heavy in IFR training, So scenery is not that important. in fact, we originally had simple scenery graphics. It was not important to have photo real 3D scenery, Weather is also injected into the sim, as required. Yet another story is that we had a young female pilot visit our VA clubhouse, as she had been offered a job with DHL, flying in & out of Luton in the UK. Well, she practice procedures for quite a while,went for her interview & got the job. Using a freeware aircraft & freeware scenery..Weather.. we adapted for her.
  12. Not asking you to stop it. We will, obviously go to where we find the add-ons we want, it's a hobby, not a charity, no need to start getting upset after only 3 months.
  13. You are aware that there are hundreds of on-line stores where people can buy their add-ons? The Marketplace is not the only outlet that developers can use? & obviously many do not.
  14. Erm.. those are 3rd party add-ons. They need confidence in their core product, not add-on sales.
  15. You are obviously not aware of the thousands of add-ons, & the variations of aircraft that have been released over the last 16 (or whatever) years? Taake away the Azure Bing, and you have a handful of GA aircraft, plenty of sim issues, as wll as controller issues.
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