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  1. Erich, the file on Simviation is not Nico's, but Simon Smeiman's. I far prefer supporting freeware developers. Nico? Well, another story for another time.
  2. Just on Simviation.. Cape Town International Airport (FACT) FOR FSX_SP2. If it will work with P3D, I do not know but you are free to try. This scenery of FACT contains many of the buildings/hangers located at the airport. These buildings are my own custom models. The other buildings/objects are stock FSX. Simon Smieiman Simon does great work.
  3. Charlie, I'm grey all over & your flatulence is well known, here in Cape Town, South Africa! Methinks a support group for us is well overdue!
  4. Still waiting for the Old Farts Flying Club to get off the ground.....
  5. Wobbie

    What does a modern day Flight Sim NEED?

    Probably the most modern sim currently available is FlightGear.. Maybe because it's free, it does not have the support of the mainstream sims. In any case, the question asked has been answered many times in the past... with FSX:SE, FSW, P3D & probably all other sims that have ever been released. People obviously have different perceptions of what they think other people want, & get disappointed when their search for the holy grail of sims (for them) has not been finalised.
  6. Wobbie

    What does a modern day Flight Sim NEED?

    Neal, you posted 2 minutes before me... LOL. A modern day flight sim needs sales!! Look what happened to FSW!
  7. Again, it's the CPU manufactures that will ensure that Windows 10 will work on THEIR latest CPU's. Anyway, semantics, if you will, so, those simmers that are, or will be upgrading hardware must just do a due diligence check, if they insist on still using older operating systems.
  8. The CPU manufacturers will ensure that their new chips will only run with Windows 10.... NOT Microsoft! Opposite to how you explain. Don't always knock Microsoft.
  9. Its just that the chip manufacturers are developing CPU's that are optimised for modern software & hardware.
  10. Why not copy your whole FS2004 folder onto a portable hard drive? There's your backup, apart from payware stuff that might have to be re-installed.
  11. No discount. It's a different version. Just as you pay full price when upgrading from, for example Office 2013 to Office 2016.
  12. Especially the 500 with the wooden dash.
  13. Wobbie


    FlightGear is actually very good, & it's free, with a great selection of planes. Very worthy of trying out.
  14. I agree. Have you had a look at Sim-Outhouse recently? There just (today) has bee releases of a new Sunderland & a fire fighting Catalina! I've ended up now with all Shessi's Catalina's & Sunderlands. It is really amazing how much support our 15 year old sim (next month) is still getting. I prefer the older 'lows 'n slows', as I got bored with the usual point to point flying, & my simming got renewed when I discovered the late Garry Smith's (& Ed's) Ford Tri-Motor Project, & I somehow ended up as a beta tester for his unrelease Death Star project. & I ended up with a separate install just with all the scenery, planes & paints. Where else can you find circular & oval runways & also ramps? I also have a separate install of Golden Wings, as well as yet another install that we use at our virtual club, so that we all have the same scenery & planes. I'm using Howard's The Natural World as well. I'm a great supported of freeware developers, Milton, etc - far to many to mention, as they are the backbone of our beloved sim. (I also have CFS2 on my laptop 🙂 &have started to play with FlightGear, but that's a story for another time.) We have also built 2x simulators, an Avro Shackleton & an AeroMacci MB326, known as an Impala here in South Africa, & was used as a trainer. Using FS2004, as the FS2004 models are unique & also we are using the freeware Aeroworx scenery & mesh for South Africa. Everything just works, & when we get real pilots flying the sims, we see them 'bumping' in their seats anticipating touchdown. So, FS2004 rocks! & we do not need 'fancy' PC's nor tweaks to run smoothly. Cheers, Robin Cape Town, South Africa