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  1. Did OLBA get the Convid vaccin? 😉 Anyway, this is very good news. Let's hope for the Canadian sceneries too... Dedl
  2. A very nice and beautiful scenery has been upploaded to the library by Eduardo Mello: SBCY - Marechal Rondon International Airport - Cuiaba, Brazil May I quote from the "readme" of the scenery: [...] This scenario was originally developed for FSX. But due to the large number of FS2004 users, I decided to test if it was possible to convert it to this version. [...] And it was possible!!! Fantastic! Obrigado Eduardo, you did read the sign of the times... Dedl
  3. Have you seen this post over at flightsim.com? https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?327535-Flight2Gate-TLPC-Grass-Issue Dedl
  4. Hi Starfan it would be great, if you could set some punctuation marks and write some whole sentences, so that even non native english speakers could be able to understand, what you are trying to tell the world. If I got you right, you like cooking... Dedl
  5. I am glad to tell you that I have this scenery in my archive. Send me a PN with your email adress and I will hand Bolzano over to you. Dedl
  6. As you've been told before, please read the previous pages from 1 to 6 and you will get enough answers to your question, Jørn. Dedl
  7. I agree totally with Robin. Remember jlund, this is the FS2004 forum. We don't need no missionaries here! (Jørn, dit spørsmål er bare for dumt her.) And the question was: "How many is still using FS2004, and why?" and not not: Why do you regret, not using FS2004 any more. (btw. Ciastra, this mistake is reversible...) Dedl
  8. Hi Zevious, you still can find it in the AVSIM library. The name ist "cywg_v101.zip". Dedl
  9. Here you go... https://secure.simmarket.com/mfsg.mhtml Dedl
  10. Don't tread a dead horse... Dedl P.S. Winnipeg is the best FS9 scenery forever - also without AES - thanks a lot, Greg... and David and Ed.
  11. 😄 To ask AS about FS2004 is like asking the devil about God. Dedl
  12. Let me translate this into a more polite language that we both probably would answer to: Dear Mi...h (PebbleBeach), thank you for your kind answer and the tip with that interessting file. Unfortunally I couln't find it with the help of the search engine on both flightsim sites nor with uncle Google. Please, can you tell me, where can I find the "bml2356_a_01fix.zip"? For a helping wink, I would be very thankful... IS + AA Dedl 😉
  13. A nice little scenery from Cuba from a very talented newcomer - Ricardo Garcia Marrero - is available on Avsim rus.com: Alberto Delgado Airport - MUTD - Trinidad. 68499-MUTD.zip Gracias, Ricardo. Dedl
  14. ... the problemfree installation of FS2004 without tweaking and the tons and tons of fantastic addons - both free- and payware - that will gladly give me at least another 15 years time to explore and enjoy. Dedl
  15. Some textures have aereas that are opaque while the are in DXT1(no alphas) format. After compiling into DXT3 it happens that these aereas will get black if there are no alphas.You will have to create an alpha channel. When this is done, the result will look like this and the black aereas in the whit box upp left will display transparent. This is the reason why I am doing this step by step and I hope I was able to explane this with my funny (almost 50 years old) schoolenglish. Dedl
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