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  1. A new and very nice version of the beautiful scenery of HTKJ - Kilimanjaro by Emmanuel Mwandosya is available in the library: Dedl
  2. I agree completly with Greg. Thank you Syamsani for this fantastic scenery also for us FS9'ers. I am very delighted and I enjoy your work very much. Dedl
  3. Aerosoft and FS2004 are two different worlds since way back when. No need to put energy in it nowadays. Better to concentrate on what you do brilliantly - FS9 Scenerydesign. Dedl P.S. Congratiulations to ca. 280 downloads both on AVSIM and Flightsim during the first day.
  4. WOW! This one looks real nice and it's a huge improvement of the Mach1-version. I really love the terminal and the ground-textures and the details. Thank you Michael, David, Greg and Edward for such a masterpiece. Your work is one of the reasons that keeps FS2004 alive for a long time from now. You are cleared to land in the FS2004 Freeware Hall Of Fame! Dedl
  5. Completely unnecessary dumb post, Mr. "Flybynumbers". Remember, you are in the FS2004 forum! Dedl
  6. Yes I can... https://www.juergenbaumbusch.de/ https://jcai.dk/ https://flyingcarpet75.com/ https://kyles-ai-works.com/ https://atco-repaints.com/ https://muenierweb.wordpress.com/ https://fsai-repaints.com/ https://oneclickhangar.com/forum/index.php and the most importend of all: https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php Best regards Dedl
  7. It depends on what kind of add ons you have. For me, it works fine. Dedl
  8. You can put the backup scenery.cfg in the place where the broken one is, replace it and everything will be fine as before. Dedl
  9. When your Sim is working well again, it's a perfect moment to make a backup of your scenery.cfg... or better the whole Flight Simulator. Dedl
  10. The new photoreal 2019 version of Daegu Airport (RKTN) in South-Korea looks preety cool. Thanks to David Kolas for very good work. (download AVSIM = daegu_2019_edition.zip) Dedl
  11. Hi Mitch, what a great idea, to get a new shine to this old jewelery from the Mach-1 group. I really do like what I see - thank you so much. There is only one thing I wonder and like to ask why you put two ADE-files in the scenery folder, AF2_KSAT.bgl and AF2_KSATut.bgl? I couln't find any info about that in the README. Many regards Dedl
  12. I love these moments, when I look into the AVSIM-library and I see a new FS9-scenery is beeing released. A scenery from a part of the world that I would never have dreamed about that there ever will be a designed airport for my sim. Emmanuel Mwandosya did me that great favour again the other day by uploading a very nice version of HUEN - Entebbe in Uganda for us. Thank you, Emmanuel. Btw. I like the old terminal - the feeling of Africa. Is it still in use? Dedl
  13. Another chance: https://www.ebay.de/itm/BALEARIC-ISLANDS-X-Pc-Cd-Rom-nac-Add-On-Flight-Simulator-2004-X-FSX-FS2004/173556129666?hash=item2868c05f82:g:~T8AAOSwZ2Bbqnsu Shipping wordwide... Good luck Dedl
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