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  1. That sounds like a sweet symphony in my ears... Dedl
  2. Hi Mitch, it is said, that in most cases for such kind of blurries the reason can be mixed mip- and non-mipped textures in the visuable scenery.at the same time. I recommand the "Mipmap Manager" from Don Grovestine that you can find here (click) to set mips into the textures. Hope it solves your problem Good luck Dedl
  3. Dear Simpilot, my warmest congratiolations to you for more than 200 downloads for your great FS2004 scenery in just two days... (Flightsim- and AVSIM.com together) Go, tell it on the mountains - that FS2004 is dead.. Dedl (FS2004-Team) P.S. It is a pitty that most of the "Commercial Community Guys" can't read the writings on the wall.
  4. Hi Simpilot, I am very glad over your decision to release your work. It will be trial and error. If you get hundreds of mails from idiots that tells you si and so, it will probably be the one and only stuff you release. But FS9 people nowadays are mostly very nice people, I believe the response will be lots of big "Thank you's" and compliments and I will belong to the later ones. Good luck for the release and thank you for this great piece of FS9 addon Dedl (FS2004-Team)
  5. Yeah Liet, FS2004 is a perfect and timeless solution for all flightsim people that don't want to spend a lot of money on hard- and software on and on, buying the same stuff every second year. No matter where in the world you live... Dedl
  6. Hi Liet, Sorry, I missed your post completely. Did you find a solution or you you still need these files? Dedl
  7. Hi Mitch, have you tried to go more further to the left by using negativ numbers? Perhaps "-10" will make it? Good luck Dedl
  8. You can look for the "U.S.Airports 1" from Aerosoft on the second hand market (click) San Diego is included in that package. Good luck Dedl
  9. I can second that, Dave wrote. I also had Ricardo on the line some times ago, He is very nice and coopetrative. Dedl
  10. Better get it, while it's hot: https://www.uk2000scenery.net/Parts1-8/Parts1-8.html Thank you Gary Summons for all the years serving FS2004 with your fantastic sceneries. It is a pitty that you miss all your FS9 customers in the future. But it is your choice. Dedl
  11. Which part of the world are you from? Isn't there a second hand market for the boxed versions in your aerea or online? But be carefull with the ones that needs the terrible AS-Launscher - like Barcelona... I bought a used boxed version of Bacelona and when I got problems installing the AS-lauscher, the laws in Germany allowed me, to send it back to the second hand shop - and I got my money back. Dedl
  12. A very good idea! But a FS2004 as it was in 2003 is not the same as the same simulator 18 years later. I think, you will be amazed to see, what a huge development and progress this platform has performed since than. Talking about the fantastic sceneries and AI and all that stuff that runs solid as a rock and fast as a rabbit. Have fun and welcome to the club! Dedl
  13. Tack så mycket, Peter - Kiitos palion! Dedl
  14. Did OLBA get the Convid vaccin? 😉 Anyway, this is very good news. Let's hope for the Canadian sceneries too... Dedl
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