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  1. Update: Terry from Eiresim got back to me recently on Simmarket support portal after a significant delay for which he was apologetic, and per him: indeed all the updates have been included in the simmarket installers, so one needn't look for any updates elsewhere; I feel somewhat foolish asking for the updates here, especially as they were already included in the installers from simmarket. In any case, I'd like to revise my earlier remarks that indeed, Terry does continue to offer support for Eiresim releases, in spite of it appearing otherwise; in case of needed support: best to get in touch with him via simmarket support portal. So, if you fly to locales released by Eiresim for FS2004/FSX, do go ahead and buy'em! they are a treat to fly into! and out of! Cheers!
  2. Update: I have had simmarket contact Terry on my behalf but he has not responded and I have tried to contact him on avsim here, but likewise, to no avail. Accordingly, buyer beware, especially if you are looking for support and updates from Eiresim. Really dislike developers who continue to sell a product without offering support and especially so when they choose not to mention the same as a disclaimer on their product page I am surprised no one in the community here has the updates to said titles or have them but choose not to respond - how unfortunate!
  3. Gavin, in addition to what has already been mentioned, my additional 2 cents: many addon developers install an elevation flatten file in the scenery/world/scenery folder and often also modify files in the scenery/regional sceneries pertaining to the likes of South America, central North America, Eastern North America and etc; and accordingly, when installing and uninstalling sceneries, it is not only imperative to verify the addon scenery folder or wherever you have the scenery installed but also the default scenery folders, where the pertinent scenery installer may have modified the default files and may or may not have made a backup of the equivalent default files. In any case, what I can recommend is to check for duplicate afcads (with likes scanafd) to verify you don't have conflicting afcads from a previous install and also to check for said modified files both in the scenery/world/scenery folder and in the scenery/regional scenery folder - the ADE file in the scenery/world scenery folder is usually found with the icao code of the airport and often a shortened abbreviation of the scenery developer to help easily locate the pertinent file while the modified flattens or even the HL/HP files are more difficult to ascertain; however the latter becomes usually easier if you note the installation time and date as found in the created pertinent addon scenery folder, and you can try to match that with the modified files in the scenery/regional scenery folder and also look for any backups of said files with the likes of ORG/OFF/Default/BAK file extension and often the considerate developer will often include their name to indicate what scenery by which developer caused the default scenery bgl file to be modified and how it can be restored should you need to uninstall the scenery in question. I hope the above helps, and I wish to reiterate, uninstalling and re-installing is not the issue here, instead you'd really have to know when installing a scenery, in your flight simulation install, precisely what files are installed where, what default files are being modified/replaced, and whether or not any relevant backups were made during installation of the pertinent addon scenery. best!
  4. Anyone here have the updates to Eiresim's Shannon & Cork Ultimate for both FS2004 and FSX, as was previously found on eiresim's now defunct site (https://web.archive.org/web/20170605083502/http://www.eiresim.com/asjfsjh_updates/snsln_updates.html). I have already tried to contact Terry at the support email address as listed by simmarket, but to no avail as I get a mail delivery error. Many thanks for any and all assistance in the matter!
  5. Try web archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20210511030632/http://qlrp4ut.com/Download and Install Cheers!
  6. Indeed, Ray Lunning's Ultimate Terrain enhancements are a must have! do check out his other airport enhancement efforts: search for Ray Lunning in flightsim and avsim flight libraries - especially worth noting are his efforts for Mach-1 Design Group sceneries and sceneries by Brandon de Palo and John B. Loney; in addition to other vfr enhancements like stadiums for ultimate terrain and bridges for ultimate terrain... cheers!
  7. there is also Ray Lunning's enhancement with Ultimate Terrain of Lauren Robison's Montana Airports (montn4ut.zip here in the avsim library); I believe Ray made an enhancement for Part 1 only...in any case, worth looking into as Ray's enhancements make compatible the airports with the surroundings with revised afcad and ground/aiport polys, especially when using accurate vector scenery like ultimate terrain! cheers!
  8. From what I have read elsewhere, given that the FS2004 version has been discontinued on simmarket, you'd have to purchase the FSX/P3D version of Porto LPPR from simmarket and then email tropicalsim with your order id and serial of your purchase and they will send you the FS2004 version along with the pertinent registration key; they are very prompt in their responses and I recommend you confirm the aforesaid instructions with tropicalsim prior to purchase!
  9. What about maximum autogen limit per tile in FS2004: 300 autogen buildings and 600 autogen trees is the max I think per tile; check to see if you are under the limit and/or are you crossing the limit with the additional annotations in (presumably) an already annotated scenery tile....?
  10. Presuming you are using the following autogen addons along with your UK VFR Photographic scenery: https://web.archive.org/web/20130530014037/http://www.shepsshed.com/autogentrees.htm and UK VFR Library by Neil Birch, available at flightsim library (works fine in FS2004 so long as instructions followed) https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?do=search&fsec=0&fname=ukvfr.zip Note the following from what you mention above: 1) Your autogen is not showing for certain tiles because they may not have been annotated and not necessarily because of an errant exclude; check by opening the texture folder of the region you are flying in which you have the photo texture tiles and autogen, and upon arranging by name, you will find texture tiles and autogen sequentially arranged one after the other; in some or for many cases, you will find only a texture file but no autogen annotation beside it (with identical numbering as the tile), which means for the pertinent photo tile(s), no autogen will appear in the sim on said tile(s). 2) If you have GMAX objects in the area, then you will find that there may be an apparent exclude like anomaly in your sim, as standard GMAX objects tend to exclude surrounding autogen, and if prerequisite optimizations have already been made by the scenery designer of said GMAX objects, then it just may well be that your CPU is not powerful enough to render the autogen and the scenery objects, in which case it will throttle the visual rendering to maintain frame rates; setting your frame rates to unlimited is your best bet, but may or may not be helpful. 3) Check your default.xml folder in the autogen folder; if you are using the UKVFR Library custom autogen, try restoring your default autogen file and autogen building texture files, and verify that with standard default.xml and standard autogen building textures, you find all annotated photoscenery tiles with autogen showing in the sim. I cannot think of anything else why you would be experiencing your anomalous absence of autogen; perhaps others can pitch in...
  11. If you have Ultimate Terrain USA for FS2004, a small freeware scenery recommendation to add to the San Diego Area: San Diego VFR v2 by Tim Merrell sdvfr2.zip @ flightsim library; several small adjustments with LatinVFR's San Diego scenery may be necessary to remove duplicate scenery features, but overall a very lively San Diego to explore VFR...
  12. Perhaps consider Flight1's Ultimate Terrain Europe for FS2004 (https://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=uteurope), a worthwhile investment and especially so on modern hardware...just a thought!
  13. https://www.pcaviator.com/store/product.php?productid=19899&cat=0&page=1
  14. Sorry, but I don't have this issue; for me it's all snow in February in Bolzano and other seasons display as they ought to. It appears you have a faulting/conflicting file(s), for which you'd have to check your install. I apologize, I cannot be of further help.
  15. Solved the issue at hand: used Arno's ModelConverterX to check each scenery bgl in Fabio Ferrari's refresh of Milano for the texture files, and indeed there were two missing files, responsible for my crash-to-desktop experience: blda2.bmp and blda2_LM.bmp; blda2.bmp not necessarily because it is already in the root texture folder, but because no file by the name of blda2_LM.bmp existed in my FS install; both texture files are required by several scenery-object bgls in the Milano/LIML2013 scenery folder. In any case my solution was to copy from my root FS2004/Texture folder: blda2.bmp and blda2LM.bmp into the LIML2013 texture folder and rename blda2LM.bmp as blda2_LM.bmp, and all is well, no more CTDs! Many thanks to all concerned and very much appreciative of the assistance rendered. Both Milano and Bolzano work like a charm and indeed Claudio Carra's Bolzano LIPB scenery works just as well if not in tandem with Mandelli's BolzanoVFR. I also highly recommend Mandelli's VeronaVFR and TortoliVFR; the latter being available at flightsim and Verona available here at avsim, for the previews don't do the sceneries justice as much as if you try it yourselves in the sim.
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