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  1. Thanks Chris. I try to download it.
  2. Hi. Anyone who knows where to get/download A380 as AI model for FS9. I can not find it on avsim. Regards Jafred
  3. Found it,yes perfect site. Have now my DC10-10 working perfect with a new PANEL aswell. THANKS FOR ALL HELP. Jan
  4. Hi. Where can this be downloaded from?
  5. Hello Hans. Thanks for reply, thats what i thought that there is something wrong with the model CFG. I have decided to let it be, Scanair did operate a DC10-30for a short period of time. We had only DC10-10 in our fleet. Thats why I do fly the DC10-10. Again thank`s for the info. Jan
  6. Hi This is the Light section in the aircraft.cfg [LIGHTS] //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing, 6=nose gear light.0=1, -0.90, 0.00, 18.70, DC10BCNU , //upper beacon light.1=1, -30.70, 0.00, -3.00, DC10BCNL , //lower beacon light.2=3, -74.00, -12.00, 34.50, DC10logo , //left logo splash light.3=3, -74.00, 12.00, 34.50, DC10logo , //right logo splash light.4=5, 88.35, -14.50, -4.00, DC10landing , //left landing light splash light.5=5, 88.35, 14.50, -4.00, DC10landing , //right landing light splash light.6=6, 82.00, 0.00, -3.50, DC10wing , //nose gear splash I have tryed to enter this line but it does not work. Can`t see the green light because the red is to strong. light.7=3, -29.50, 81.00, 8, fx_navgre Well seems I have to fly with my DC10 as it is with 2 red nav lights. Anyhow thanks for your reply. Jan
  7. Hi. I`m still flying my FFXSGA DC10-10 in FS9. Have BIG issues with NAV. lights. Both navlights are in red color and it is not possible to fix it in Aircraft.CFG. Anyone who knows how to fix this, I belive there is something wrong with the Model MDL file? My FFXSGA DC10-30Works perfect with all lights but do not have any LIGHTS Section in Aircraft.CFG I do not know how to contact SGA on e-mail so thats why I make this topic. Regards JanB
  8. Hello. Anyone who knows where to download this or have a basemodel of it and can send it to me? Best regards Jan
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