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  1. Yesterday, after updates and reboot, I had the new start up screen. Today I restarted my computer, and the new startup screen no longer appears. I have rebooted, updated windows, but no help. Any ideas what could cause this?
  2. Same for me, can not complete msfs start
  3. When I Look at the approach charts I see information about altitudes you should at. I understand this information. What I am not sure about is the speeds that are shown at various waypoints. Do these speeds indicate the maximum speed you should be at the marked way points? Thanks, Jim
  4. OK I now see the other aircraft on the MFD. I found the switches near the transponder and set them up. In addition I found the MFD range switch has to be set at 20 or less miles. That makes sense to me. Thanks, Jim
  5. Today I took the FBW A320NX to KDEN (Denver CO). There were many other airplanes in the skys near the airport. I opened the VFR map and could see the other aircraft symbols on the VFR map. But they do not show up on the A320NX MFD. Is there a option I need to select to see this, or perhaps this function is not yet available? I was in the Development version of the A320NX Thanks, Jim B.
  6. Saw 3 spikes just flying from San Jose KSJC to Sacramento CA. These were never here before the update. Jim
  7. Ray, Thanks for the information. I reinstalled the FBY using the Development version. Now the 747 FMS screens work correctly. I would never have solved this one on my own. I did not think the stable version of the A320 could cause the 747FMS screens to not display anything. THANKS for your help. jb
  8. Today for the first time I decided to try the 747. I have not selected this aircraft before today. I downloaded a flight plan using simbrief, and selected the runway 28R at San Francisco. First thing I noticed was all the screens were working except for the FMS. Those screens are blank. Nothings is showing. No flight plan is seen, no prompts asking for inputs, just blank screens. Am I missing a setup step? I do not have any issues like this when I select the airbus or the 787. Thanks, Jim B
  9. First I would like to thank all who responded to my request for help. As suggested, I selected the VS function while still on the runway. This I had not done before. Now the Longitude correctly levels off at the assigned step assigned altitude's ! An easy fix, but I never thought that you had to use the VS function like this. In any case all is working A-OK. Jim B.
  10. Obtaining instructions for a departure , ATC may say something like to climb to 15,000. So I set up the altitude for 15,000, set the speed for 250, and select the NAV function. After takeoff I turn on the auto pilot and auto thrust. The the plane does not level of at 15,000 but continues to pass right thru 15,000. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Jim b
  11. THANKS to all for your information. I did not know about the content manager inside the sim. Thanks for telling me about that. I was able to download and install all the missing aircraft. This is what makes a forum like this so good, the ability to help others. Thanks again, Jim
  12. Hi Maxis, Yes I have rebooted, no help. I am new to this game. How do I get to the content manager? I don't see any thing like that when the game starts. Another strange thing I see is when I select the windows control panel and select UNINSTALL the flight simulator is NOT shown in the list of programs, even though I can run the program. Strange?
  13. I had to reinstall windows 10, start over. Went to the microsoft store and download and installed the premium deluxe version. After starting it up only 2 aircraft appear, they are TBM930 and Cessna 153. This cant be right, but what could cause only two aircraft to install. I was sure to select the premium deluxe version. How can I solve this issue? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  14. Carenado reports they are unable to recreate my reported problem with the APPR button. They will issue me a refund. Jim
  15. I still cant get the APPR to engage on the Carenado Falcon 50. I have had it work a couple of times, but seem unable to repeat it on other flights, most likely because I most likely cant remember the exact setup I used when it worked. I can fly the PMDG 777, the Majestic Q400. and the Carenado Phenom 100, without any problems when doing a ILS approach. In answer to one of the questions, I have had LOC selected, the VOR set to the ILS freq. and I am very close to the airport (5 to 10 miles) This Carenado is the most difficult of all my planes to fly. Perhaps it is buggy. or I continue to make cockpit errors. Thanks, JIm
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