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  1. Thanks Jim for providing me with the explanation for the 4X speed. The shift-Z program did provide me with the information I wanted to see.
  2. Thanks to all who gave me information on how to display the speed up factor. I loaded the shift-Z program mentioned above and it did display the information I wanted, The YouTude video I referenced above is located at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWY8nGa6rjE&t=693s. Go to just after the 11 minute point to see 4X speed being displayed in the lower right side of the screen. Thanks again, Jim
  3. I just watched a Youtube video and noticed that in the bottom right of the screen it showed 4X speed. How can I get this to show, is there a utility or something that I can use?
  4. Today every time I try to start MSFS I am told that online services are unreachable, to check my internet connection. However my internet is working OK. Anyone else seeing this? Thanks, Jim
  5. Hello FPPILOT, To stop the repeated messages you refer to, stop the AIG Traffic controller! Then when getting near you finale destination airport restart AIG controller. This way the the airport will load your chosen aircraft. Jim
  6. OK, we have now had 7 software updates (SU7) and I still have many flights where MSFS ATC stops talking to me. I only here the co-pilot responding to ATC. At this point I wonder if my installation of MSFS is bad? It seems to me that hearing ATC is a very important function. I wonder if users of PILOT2ATC or PF3 also have this failure? Thanks, \Jim
  7. I have no commercial traffic at any of the gates at KPIT. This is the only airport in which this happens for me. All other airports that I have tried starting from are full of commercial aircraft. I have many USA carriers but they do not load into any of the gates at KPIT. However if during start up an select a aircraft such as the flybywire A320NX it does show up at the gate. How strange. Could someone please trying starting/loading from KPIT and report if you see any aircraft. Thanks, Jim
  8. Wow, I found the youtube video very interesting. Thanks for including this information in your post. I hope others take the time to watch this. Jim
  9. I did some more testing. When flying the Longitude or the TBM930 then ATC does give me altitude step climbs all the way up to the planed altitude. So for now only the FlyByWire A320NX fails to receive climb instructions. I have tried both the stable and development versions.
  10. I use simbrief to create a flight plan. For example KSJC to KLAS. The cruse altitude is set at FL390. After takeoff I am given a couple step climbs to something like FL170. But then I never receive any more step climb instructions. What am I not setting up correctly so as to be told to climb to FL390? Thanks,Jim
  11. Thanks, I now see I am not alone in seeing this issue. I also noticed that atc did not request me to go to higher altitudes. I had to request for an increase Thanks for the feedback. Jim
  12. I use the development version of the A320nx. I plan a flight using SimBrief and it gets loaded into the FMS computer. For example Reno KRNO to Salt Lake City KSLC. Shortly after takeoff the AiCopilot request a change in the destination to KSLC! But that was the original destination? Has anyone seen this ? Jim
  13. Search for this you tube video: MSFS - Are you really using ULTRA MODE? I have confirmed what is shown In this video. Just carefully follow the directions and should also see this problem. Is microsoft aware of this problem? Jim
  14. Yesterday, after updates and reboot, I had the new start up screen. Today I restarted my computer, and the new startup screen no longer appears. I have rebooted, updated windows, but no help. Any ideas what could cause this?
  15. Same for me, can not complete msfs start
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