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  1. U Starting MSFS I am Told connection is lost. However my internet connection is working correctly. I have seen this in the past and it has always been a MSFS issue. Anyone else seeing this today? Thanks Jim Brady
  2. This afternoon, everytime I start MSFS i am told my bandwith is too low, going to switch to off line mode. My bandwith is not to low it is 1300Mbits. I seems to be seeing this on week end days? Anyone seeing this problem? Thanks Jim Brady
  3. Yes I agree, this looks very interesting. I have been waiting for a ATC program like this. Jim - W6HXW
  4. I have seen this also in PMDG 737-700 Jim-W6HXW
  5. I have the latest driver and see the following: 1) Whitw lines aroung the PFD (sometimes) 2) CTD whenever i select DX12. So I just use DX11 and put up with the sometimes seen white outline. Jim Brady
  6. LEE, Thanks for the information about using the off line selection. I always thought that off line would result in no audio. But I decided to try it. And, I had ATC audio for the entire flight! So right now I am optimistic that this is going to work. Thank you for telling me about this work around. Jim B (W6HXW)
  7. I have had the problem of msfs ATC stoping talking to me sometime during a flight. This issue happens about 1/3 of my flights. I have tried turning AZURE off than back on but no help. It appears to me that I will need to switch to another ATC program. I do not want to use a microphone. Any sugestions for a ATC program? I heard that FSHUD can not work with add on airports so if this is true that would be another problem for me. Thanks Jim B.
  8. I have now almost no more room on my C: drive. When I open the PROFILE selection, then select then CONTENT MANAGER there is a lot to chose from. For example Canada can be selected and installed. But I don't want it to install on my C: drive. I don't see how to direct it to install on my D: drive. Is this possible to do? If so how can I do this? Thanks, Jim Brady
  9. I have many ocurances of only hearing the copilot responding to atc. But today both atc and copilot had no audio. The text still appeared in the atc window. I sure wish these atc problems could be fixed. Jim
  10. I am able to install the injector but not the models. In my case the model download runs to 100% but then the process just does not start the next step to decompress the downloaded data. In fact this locks up my PC so that I can only recover using the PC power button!
  11. I am unable to install flybywire. I am able to download the installer OK. When I start the install process it first trys to download the models. The download runs to 100% complete, but the process hangs at this point and never continues on to complete the installation. I can not stop the flybywire install at this point, I have to press the PC power on off button to be able to restart my PC. Not a good way to have to get out of this installation hang. Yes I started with a totaly clean comunity folder.. Any Ideas what I can try? Is the flybywire installer broken? Thanks, Jim B.
  12. Guys, Thanks for the feed back on the hjet throttle issue. My comment about the DA62 throttle was because someone asked it I had a conflict with the throttle set up. So I took off in the DA62 to see if its throttle work OK and it did. Based on the feed back, I found two things that most likely caused my problem. 1) I had moved the throttle out of cutoff then pressed start button. The feebback told me to press start then move the throttle using the mouse. So this is the first change I made, 2) I was told to check if I had the auto throttle ON. Now, I make sure not to turn on the AT until after takeoff. These two changes solved the problem I first reported. Thanks to all for the help you provided. Jim Brady
  13. I took the da62 for a flight and had no issue with the throttle.
  14. Just purchased honda jet today. I think I have it set up correctly but apparently I dont. The issue is the plane starts OK, both engines are running OK. Then I find I can not advance the throttle. When I advance the joy stick throttle and look down at the jet throttle it is shaking in position and will not advance, The shaking is telling me I must have something set wrong. But I don't know what I have missed. Thanks, Jim Brady
  15. Just tested it, and it opened correctly for me.
  16. Question: does this new ground radar only work if your on SU10 {beta}? I have not yet gone to the new SU10 beta and I do not see the ground radar working. Thanks, Jim
  17. Thanks Jim for providing me with the explanation for the 4X speed. The shift-Z program did provide me with the information I wanted to see.
  18. Thanks to all who gave me information on how to display the speed up factor. I loaded the shift-Z program mentioned above and it did display the information I wanted, The YouTude video I referenced above is located at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWY8nGa6rjE&t=693s. Go to just after the 11 minute point to see 4X speed being displayed in the lower right side of the screen. Thanks again, Jim
  19. I just watched a Youtube video and noticed that in the bottom right of the screen it showed 4X speed. How can I get this to show, is there a utility or something that I can use?
  20. Today every time I try to start MSFS I am told that online services are unreachable, to check my internet connection. However my internet is working OK. Anyone else seeing this? Thanks, Jim
  21. Hello FPPILOT, To stop the repeated messages you refer to, stop the AIG Traffic controller! Then when getting near you finale destination airport restart AIG controller. This way the the airport will load your chosen aircraft. Jim
  22. OK, we have now had 7 software updates (SU7) and I still have many flights where MSFS ATC stops talking to me. I only here the co-pilot responding to ATC. At this point I wonder if my installation of MSFS is bad? It seems to me that hearing ATC is a very important function. I wonder if users of PILOT2ATC or PF3 also have this failure? Thanks, \Jim
  23. I have no commercial traffic at any of the gates at KPIT. This is the only airport in which this happens for me. All other airports that I have tried starting from are full of commercial aircraft. I have many USA carriers but they do not load into any of the gates at KPIT. However if during start up an select a aircraft such as the flybywire A320NX it does show up at the gate. How strange. Could someone please trying starting/loading from KPIT and report if you see any aircraft. Thanks, Jim
  24. Wow, I found the youtube video very interesting. Thanks for including this information in your post. I hope others take the time to watch this. Jim
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