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  1. Hi Alex, Thanks for the reply! I did not know that. Cheers, Scott
  2. Greetings! I was wondering if at some point 1000, 1500, & 2000NM lines could be added to the Range Rings? Thanks, Scott
  3. Well, things are still not going as they should be. After updating SF3D to v.0228, after I would select an aircraft in P3Dv4.5. after the aircraft loaded, I would get a small blue box in the upper left hand portion of the screen that said: "Your validation process failed. Contact support". All of the SF3D enhancements would then disappear, although SF3D was still present on the Task Bar. This morning I uninstalled SF3D and installed the latest full version of it. I followed the instructions to the letter (disable Anti-virus, turn off UAC, etc...) and I'm still getting that blue box with the same message and the SF3D effects are not present in the sim. Any help for this? (Yes, I submitted a ticket yesterday when the blue box first made its appearance - haven't heard anything back other than the auto response that the ticket was received). Everything was going so well before this update... Regards, Scott
  4. OK, good to know. The problem was, even with clicking on Cancel or OK, SF 3D would shut down and not run. That is why I was ticked.
  5. Got it sorted. No, actually I didn't. I have just installed the latest update to v.0228. Upon loading an aircraft in P3Dv4.5, a blue box appears in the upper left hand corner. The message in the box states: "Your validation process failed. Please contact support". After the ticket I sent in yesterday (#13769), I am getting really frustrated with this whole update process that Rex has. Sent Support another ticket.
  6. Thank you. I will give that a shot later tonight or tomorrow.
  7. I submitted a ticket for a new download of the application. Received the download link of the latest build within minutes. Unless I hear otherwise from the support ticket I submitted, I would imagine that is what I'll have to do tomorrow. Does anyone know of a SkyForce3D ini or cfg file that contains my current settings that I can save before un-installing and re-installing so I don't have to set a bunch of preferences/options again?.
  8. Tried that half a dozen times - it does not.
  9. I submitted a support ticket to Rex regarding this. Hopefully will hear something from them tomorrow. Regards, Scott
  10. Greetings, I'm trying to fly a flight this evening. When I launched Rex SkyForce 3D I get a notice that states I need to update to v5.0.2020.0228 and it asks me to enter a "Beta Release Code". The program will not run without that code. Where do I get it? I'm pretty ticked off at Rex right now - they should have sent an email or provided a link to download the code instead of stopping the program cold. Regards, Scott
  11. I had the same corrupted data message mid-flight last night. First time that it has ever happened. Paused the sim and re-started AS - all went well after that.
  12. I flew the AS Baby Buses for years in FSX and P3D. Once it was announced that they wouldn't be upgraded to the same level as their A330, I purchased the FS Labs versions and haven't looked back - very satisfied with them.
  13. Greetings, I recently purchased the latest version of the FSL A320. I would like to install the FSL Spotlights so I have dome cockpit lighting. I have downloaded the latest version of that. My question is where do I point the installer to? My FSL A320 is located at F:/Addons. Do I point the installer there or just let it install to the default installer locations? Regards, Scott
  14. Hi, Glad to know that I'm not the only one with the issue (though sorry you have it as well!). Yesterday tried different cockpit/aircraft scenarios, cold & dark, ready for taxi, not using the Pilot/Co-pilot assist with checklists, etc...no luck. I'm hoping that when the smaller buses get updated to the same level as the A330 that will solve the issue (fingers crossed). Regards, Scott
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