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  1. I did a flight yesterday evening (v1.06), KDCA - KMIA. The only issue I had was the leveling off while in vertical speed mode after passing a waypoint. I was expecting that, thanks to people reporting it on this forum, so it was not a big deal. The aircraft followed NAV and PROFILE perfectly. I had to add a little speed brake from time to time in the descent. I really do like this aircraft! Regards, Scott
  2. Hi, Thanks for the link, I finally got around to checking it out. I don't believe that discussion pertains to my hardware. Regards, Scott
  3. Hi Luis, I was having the same blank screen issues with the A310. The workaround until MSFS pushes a fix from IniBuilds is to load the sim and set the sim date before 12/24/2023. I set the date to 12/22 load the A310 at the departure airport and then change the date back to whatever the current date is. The A310 will now load its systems normally. Regards, Scott
  4. I removed the A310 via the Content Manager, exited the sim and rebooted the computer. Started MSFS and reinstalled the A310 via the Content Manager and loaded the aircraft at an airport. Unfortunately, no difference. The aircraft is still dead.
  5. I just tried loading different panel states, didn't make any difference. My A310 appears to be dead 😦 I'm glad to hear that IniBuilds is looking into it.
  6. Yes, that is what I am planning to do tomorrow morning.
  7. Thanks for the reply, I did load the aircraft 3 or 4 times. I could not load a flight since there was not any power on the aircraft.
  8. Greetings! Last night I was simming with the A310 when there was a power outage at my house (nasty ice storm up here in SE North Dakota). Late this afternoon, I loaded up MSFS to start the flight over. Upon loading the A310 in a cold and dark state, I went to the overhead panel to turn on the batteries and engage the external power. The aircraft made none of its usual noises when clicking those buttons, and the displays on the main panel did not power on. I checked other aircraft and they are working fine. Currently in a flight with the B789 and there are not any issues. Anyone have any ideas on how this might be fixed (yes, I know - I need an automatic power backup battery for my gaming computer). Regards, Scott
  9. It looks good in the video, I must say! I wonder if any of these improvements will find their way into the A310 at some point?
  10. Greetings all! I'm finally getting around to learning the ATR42/72. My joystick is a Thrustmaster T.16000M, and I have the throttle slider on the joystick calibrated for Ground Idle, Notch, and Ramp settings on the aircraft throttle quadrant. However, I cannot get the throttle slider on the joystick to move past GI into the reverse area on the quadrant. I've searched YouTube but haven't been able to find anything specific my joystick. Regards, Scott
  11. If you would have taken the time to read and understand my post, you would have seen that I did go to Discord support and they were not helpful in the slightest. This is not "moaning", just a statement of fact.
  12. I'm unable to access the hotfix. I've had a major issue with Discord in that it always wants to send an email to verify my account, but I never receive the email. I contacted Discord support regarding this, and the bottom line is they said it's issue with my email provider (which it is not) and there is nothing they can to about it. If this is how Fenix is going to support their clients, then I'll seriously be re-thinking about having anything to do with them in the future. Plenty of other aircraft out there to fly.
  13. Greetings All! Just wanted to add, that I was looking forward to this update...and I certainly was not disappointed! I just finished a short flight, KMIA - TJSJ. I was fairly lightly loaded, SimBrief ZFW was 298713lbs, fuel was 35147lbs. The time from take-off to FL410 was approximately 28 minutes. She was a little slippery on descent for the BEANO3 Arrival for ILS 08, but I'm guessing that is normal. A big thank you to the team for this wonderful airliner! Regards, Scott
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