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  1. Seems to have solved my problems as well... Cheers, Scott
  2. OK, thanks for the reply! Cheers, Scott
  3. Greetings all, I'm a long time FSX-SE user, but I bought X-Plane 11 a week or so ago and am really liking it. However I'm still quite a bit of a noob in XP ;-) Since Carenado has a 10 day sale that started today, I was wondering if anyone knows if their Navajo (not the Chieftain) works well in X-Plane 11? The product description list notes it is for X-Plane 10.40+. Cheers, Scott
  4. Hi Alex, No, I have the simulator running - not paused, either, when I attempt to make the connection. I found those files you mentioned. I'm sending them to the email address provided in the Little Xpconnect readme file. Thanks, Scott
  5. Hi Alex, I'm home and simming now in XP 11. I'm not getting any errors, but there are not any aircraft showing on the map. With the "Simulator Aircraft" tab selected, there is a message at the top that says "Connected. Waiting for update". I dug around in that Abarth file that installs in my user, etc...folders. What is it I'm looking for? Thanks, Scott
  6. Hi Alex, I will do that this evening. Thanks, Scott
  7. Great - thanks for the heads up! Love the B757! Just bought their v2 a few days ago, but haven't had time to fly it yet. Cheers, Scott
  8. Thanks for the heads up! Love the classic airliners and just moved over to X-Plane 11 from FSX-SE. May have to pick that one up... Cheers, Scott
  9. Hi Alex, Thanks for the reply. I'm at work right now so I can't check my computer at home, but I'm pretty sure that I put the Xpconnect plugin into X-Plane. I will check when I get home this evening. When I closed out of X-plane last night the Xpconnect dialogue box looked like it had connected with the remote computer, as there was a scrolling message about the connection being lost. However, during my simming session, the aircraft I was using did not show up on the remote computer's map. Scott
  10. Hi, I am the process of moving from FSX-SE to XP 11. I've got Little Navmap installed on the main simming computer and also on 2 remote computers. However, when I launch Little Navmap Connect on the sim computer, the numbers in the "Port" window are in red and the remote computers will not connect. Is there a fix for this? Little Navmap was working perfectly for me in FSX-SE. I have updated to the latest version of Little Navmap, v1.8.3 I'm switching from FSX-SE due to the latest Windows 10 update, the "Fall Creator's" Edition making FSX and Prepar3d unusable for some people - of which I unfortunately are one. I hope that update didn't mess up the workings of Little Navmap also. Thanks, Scott
  11. Hi Bjoern, Thanks for the info about the insider's build changelog - that does not bode well. I do hope they get it fixed soon, as I (like most everyone else) have a substantial investment in add-ons for FSX-SE. Having said that, and been "grounded" since around Nov 11th, I've decided to move on to X-Plane 11. Will probably install it tomorrow after work. Scott
  12. I'm running FSX-SE and have running it as administrator in compatibility modes Windows 8.1 & 7.0. Neither attempts were successful. Still getting the "Cannot create child window" error message when attempting to access the in-game menu or bring up a 2D subpanel via keyboard shortcuts. Scott
  13. FSX-SE

    Hi, no I don't have FS Labs products. I do have the Aerosoft Airbus series and the error occurs with that aircraft and every other one that I have tried since the Windows Upgrade. Scott
  14. FSX-SE

    I'm running FSX-SE (I do not have any PMDG aircraft installed, in reference to Vortex681) and applied the "fix" this morning before work. No luck - still getting the error message and cannot run the sim. I had a chat session with a MS tech. He had me run 2 diagnostic test routines and then he fixed something (said the patch hadn't installed correctly) and that I was good to go. Rebooted and fired up FSX-SE: you guessed it, the problem was still there. Then I a had a chat session with a different tech after that. She was going to have me do some things but I didn't have time as I needed to get ready for work. I explained to her how this was affecting the flight simming community and that I hoped she would get the word to the powers that be, that this needs to be fixed. She said she would and that she would email some steps to take to fix the problem. Those steps, you may ask? They were laughable. Step 1 was to create a new user profile and install the patch when logged in under that name (if I were the only one having the issue, I could see that possibly that as an option to try. But with so many people having the problem, I'm not buying it). Step 2, roll back to a previous build (not going to go there, that could cause other issues). So, she was pretty much just following the script in her manual. Scott
  15. Installed the update a few moments ago, rebooted the computer. No joy - still the same issue. I'm running FSX-SE. Scott