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  1. Its about fixing this terrain problem with Asobos WU Nordic ESSA https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/broken-runnway-essa-26/497222
  2. Hi Joseph, you can try this: http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=pdx_plateau_flatten.zip&CatID=root&Go=Search or if you have FT Seattle you can experiment with moving it to higher or lower priority. Best Regards Uwe
  3. Give this a try: first of all, it helped for me to restart my pc for every start attempt! - backup your fs9.cfg - reboot you PC - delete your fs9.cfg and rename this file ( !one drive link is not possible to post, please PM! ) to fs9.cfg - start FS9 and let in hang up for a couple of minutes - reboot your PC - delete the fs9.cfg - start FS9 and hope it creates its own fs9.cfg with a size of 10kb, if this works you will find yourself in the start menu - now you can replace the created fs9.cfg with your backup and restart FS9 -> this helps for me, give it a try. I also try to fly nearly every day, today EGLC to EGFF, my homebase is EDDP!
  4. Hey rbcoair, i have the same problem like you, there are two/three solution for me: 1. often it helps to use the Flight1 RegFixer 2. sometimes it helps to delete fs9.cfg 3. sometimes (like today!) 1 and 2 dosen't help so i need to start with a fs9.cfg which would be created in case of 2., this cfg-file has a size of 10kb. After these file swapping procedure, i start with a backup fs9.cfg and good old FS9 is like before. I can send you the .cfg file, write me a PM! Please don't give up FS9! I also watched the event-logger a couple weeks before, but i couldn't find any faults. I must carefully read the posts before, so i can help to find the issue, i just want to help you quick! take care Uwe
  5. hi there, i solved this problem, i located the problem step by step and found that the scenery of TNCE by SyncroSoft had a seasons_namw.bgl-file or similar, that get me snow on some areas in north america. I don´t know why they need a season.bgl in a caribbean scenery... :blink: whatever, thank you for your replies. Uwe
  6. I´ve already tried, update is also installed. I think i have to make it manually, but how? Best Regards, Uwe
  7. Hello everyone, i have a small problem with the 747F, if i´m taxiing on the ground i noticed that the contact points(?) of the main gear have a small drift. I must explain it in my words - if you´re making a turn it seems that the turning point of the main gear is much more to the rear and you must make a greater turn radius to get around the corner. The problem is only with the 747F, not with the 747 pax version - here the gear is fine. I tried to compare the aircraft.cfg files of the both version, but i didn´t found the difference. Now my question is, in witch config file can i change the coordinates of the contact points? thank you for reply best regards, Uwe
  8. Thanks for your help, it works fine! Uwe
  9. Thanks for the hint, I tried it, but it didn´t help.
  10. Hi I´m waiting for my RC4-key, too. I wrote the registration-mail on thursday the 28th. thanks from Germany... Uwe
  11. Hello avsim-community and FS2004 lovers like me, i have a problem with the "megascenery pacific northwest", in the near of mountains are squares of snow-texture. the pictures says the rest... I thought there is a problem with the season.bgl or with other addon scenery. But i tested it with a backuped season.bgl and with disabling addon sceneries in the scenery libary, also an reinstall of the megascenery scenery couldn´t solve this problem. does anyone knows the cause for this problem, or had the problem too? thank you for advices I´m using the megascenery pacific northwest with, REX, all Georender Sceneries in PNW area, flight zone 02 portland, flytampa seattle, and a bit in the north glacier bay, tongass and misty fjords. And a lot of other sceneries around the world. thank you Uwe...
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