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  1. This trailer definitely looks much better than my PC can render in full Ultra, and for a fraction of the price, well done Asobo.
  2. You dump it in the community folder, or use add-on linker.
  3. That depends of the size of the monitor, big tv screen big resolution i think.
  4. Yawn...I will keep my trusted 457.30, why change something that work flawlessly.
  5. A shopping cart at the grocery store, (Kundvagn in Sweden) 😄
  6. I think it's stored in the cloud, I haven't found it, but if someone did, I would be grateful to find out where I can find it, because the cloud has corrupted some controller settings for me several times when the download have end up in an endless loop that I had to cancel to move on.
  7. I have subfolders for Aircraft, Avionics, Scenery and Utilities, it's very easy to manage.
  8. I did one flight with Carenado Piper after I bought it, I have not touched it since, I think it is inferior to JF Arrow in every way, except in textures, I had hopes it would be in class with their Mooney in flight dynamics, but unfortunately it is not in my opinion.
  9. I do the same, it took some suicide missions to figure that out.
  10. I was not the only one then 👍
  11. The sensitivity settings are personal, set them as you prefer, you have all the options in the game to accomplish what's best suited for you if you don't like standard settings, I use different settings for all aircraft except the JF Arrow, that is the only aircraft that got it right with linear sensitivity settings.
  12. How do I know the correct mixture for certain altitudes and power settings, what to look for?
  13. AI Offline is a fps hog, I lost 10 fps no matter which settings I use, but with Live Traffic it is fine.
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