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  1. The first thing I did when I purchased my Alpha was to replace that telephone cable.
  2. Great news, I've been waiting almost two years for A2A Comanche 👍
  3. I have set it to 50 with the Seafront mod, but I am thinking of lowering it to 30 as there are too many of them.
  4. I am 65 and simming since FS 2002
  5. Are you using third-party virus software? did you allow the program to run in the background, i remember i got that question by win-defender the first time I started it up.
  6. I have noted the same problems with google maps in Scandinavia, but the new Bing maps works fine and is a significant upgrade from the old ones.
  7. I set up my 8 way hat button like cockpit look up, look up left, look left, look down left and so on, you can do the same for external view.
  8. I wonder what causes this weird bug? I'm personally not affected, but I have read that many are, even those with similar systems as myself.
  9. This is the first time I do not care to update immediately.
  10. Is it the new Bing maps or the old ones Asobo use?
  11. Bings new maps have a more realistic color tint than google in Scandinavia where I fly, and they are much better than the old ones Asobo use, why doesn't Asobo use the new maps?
  12. My problem seems to have to do with bad maps, when I look at those that are loaded in they have different color tints, and some are half winter and half summer, apparently they are very old and bad maps in the areas where I have seen problems, my memory usage seems normal, the area i have seen problems are norwegian and swedish mountain areas.
  13. I use 200 too, but there is an option within the app to use High Lod, I think it load 4 images and then merge them down to one 512*512 image instead of a standard 256*256.
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