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  1. I don't think you can with the standard camera, but it should work with the drone camera, but it will probably be inconvenient to use in flight.
  2. I wonder why I personally never had any problem with PG on? I have never seen any melted buildings ever, I have 250mbps connection via LAN to my computer, so nothing special with that, and I'm hooked up to the Western Europe server, could that be a reason? I don't know, but London, NY and all other PG cities looks gorgeous for me and have always done so..
  3. Does DLSS in combination with DLAA gives blurry MCP/Display units as well?
  4. Which video? Are you sure you haven't plugged your monitor into the motherboard instead of your GPU?
  5. I plan to have both installed until 2024 is stable enough and all the important addons I have are compatible.
  6. I always run ModelLibsChanger and MaterialLibsChanger in the Tools tab when I add new add-ons to see if they are compatible with other add-ons, that have save me from trouble many times.
  7. RTX 4090, DX-12, TAA, FG. I have a 144hz G-Sync monitor which I use at 100hz to redistribute performance optimally on my GPU My NVCP SETTINGS. I use G-Sync setting with both fullscreen and Window. V-Sync ON, which will cap my fps three fps lower than my monitors refresh rate, (97 in my case instead of 141). Low Latenzy set to Ultra. These settings work flawlessly with a steady 97 fps everywhere except at the busiest airports with tons of AI.
  8. Set TJMax at 85C and it won't run higher, I use -30 curve optimizer + TJMax at 85C with my 7800X3dD and it works very well.
  9. Because he uses a 60 hz monitor, but I would personally cap at 57 as it is recommended to have a small buffer of 3 fps to prevent short peaks that exceed the monitor's refresh rate.
  10. Yes it sounds great, but I will wait for the European version as I rarely fly in the US.
  11. If you are planning to upgrade your computer, now is a good time to do it because you will have to do a fresh install of Windows if you change the motherboard. But even if you don't plan to change the motherboard I recommend you do a full format and start over from the beginning as that is the only thing that helps when you have tried everything else, I know, it's hard work, but it's also rewarded in the end as your computer will not only work better in MSFS but overall as well.
  12. I don't use this mod, but native 30 fps is not enough with Nvidia FG, you need at least 40+ for it to work good, maybe it is the same with this mod.
  13. Looks fine, but be sure your memory sticks are "EXPO" standard and supported by the motherboard, personally I would skip the water cooler and the RGB stuff and put my money on a 850 W (Gold) power supply instead.
  14. I would like to see the AC11 COMMANDER 114.
  15. If so I see no reson to try it, night lightning is important for me, I'm happy with TAA anyway.
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