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  1. Thank you again for all your replies. I resolved it! I had a corrupt Prepar3d.cfg. I deleted it and it is now fine again. Thank you Paul
  2. Thank you all for your replies. I am able to use the keyboard for everything except the mapped key commands in Prepar3d. I have tried different ports but to no avail. I have also tried restarting a zillion times. It is sending me nuts (was probably there already). Paul
  3. Thanks I tried that, didn't work. Thank you for your reply. Paul
  4. Hello, Thank you for your reply. I'm using prepar3d 4.5 Windows 10 64bit. When I load the sim I am unable to use any keyboard input. For example I am usually able to press the key P for park Ctrl shift to navigate between full screen mode and standard mode and use other predefined keyboard keys for a host of functions. F1 F2 etc but now , suddenly I can't use any of them, nothing happens when I press the keys on my keyboard (within Prepar3d). I mucked about with DPI settings in the Nvidia control panel and I think this has messed things up! Now I am stuffed because being the jerk I am I can't recall what I did exactly . I did try reinstalling the driver but looks like looney here has really fooked it up this time. Paul
  5. Hello , I'm suddenly unable to use any of my keyboard commands , pause, view in and out, any of the commands set up up B = brakes etc. It just happened and for the life of me I can't get them to work. Any help greatly appreciated please. Paul
  6. Thank you for your reply, I suspect this might be the case to but how can I fix it? it seems to occur when I have both PXSeecon and Vpilot on although it is often random in its occurrence and not necessarily with both on. Intel (R) Core (TM) I7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz Ram 16GB RTX 2060 video card Paul
  7. Thank you for all your replies. I have been trying to figure this out and I am certainly not trying to attribute the error to any particular program. That said, I have done some extensive investigating and the only conclusion I can draw is that when I run PXSeecon Traffic it crashes my sim. Why? I have no idea, but I can't rule it out altogether as a possible candidate. I have done several long haul flights with all add-ons and had no problems. Yesterday I flew OEJN - FACT real time (8hrs) with PSX running, no problem, same with OEJN -OKBK (short haul) but, when I go somewhere where there is a lot of (European) traffic? PSX crashes my sim. For example LFPG or ESSA. If I do the same airport without PXS Traffic it seems to be OK? Any thoughts and help appreciated Paul
  8. Thank you guys for your responses. I can confirm that PSX Traffic is definitely causing the CTDs (I did an 8hr flight without all addons running , no problems except PSX traffic running) but only since I installed AI Reborn have I started to experience this issue. Please help it is driving me nuts. I think it might have something to do with aircraft models that are incorrectly configured, at least this is what AI Reborn scans say. But, how do I go about fixing this? Paul
  9. I'm getting CTDs running PXSeecon Traffic. I suspect it is something to do with model aircraft and appears to have started since installing AI lights reborn. I have ben in contact with them and they suggest it isn't to do with there program. Any help appreciated paul
  10. I am still getting 'unsupported'aircraft models when I scan Ai reborn. how do I remove or fix this because i think it is causing ntdll.dll CTDS Paul
  11. On installation I am getting a message saying there is a potential conflict with addon Flai which is preventing the FSReborn effects being displayed properly. It is recommending disabling the effect declaration in the ad-on xml file for the file causing the conflict. Where is this XML and how do I edit it (what should I do)? Thanks Paul
  12. I'm going out of my mind trying to get Tomatoshade to work. I forgot to back up original shaders and have paid the price! Tried everything: reinstalled Client Reinstalled Content all to no effect. please help The error I get are below Shader integrity invalid for PostProcess\HDR.hlsl Shader integrity invalid for GPUTerrain.fx Shader integrity invalid for General.fx
  13. Hello, Vpilot was working fine until I recently updated Windows 10. I have done exactly the same configuration as before; firewalls set, tried a reinstall, cleaned all folders etc and yet I am getting connection to host failed error. Any help appreciated Thank you Paul
  14. Thank you for your advice. I will give it a try. Paul
  15. Hello, I like to use my headphones but I have a stuttering problem when engines start if I use my headphones for all sounds. I will try to explain: If I select the display sounds for my monitor (set in General Tab of Prepar3d to the screen monitor) and then set the sound to my headphones in the FMS (PMDG options menu) then I have no stuttering on engine start. However, if I try to set the headphones instead of the monitor, so I can hear all sounds and not have to take my headphones off to hear the engines in outside view (sound coming from my display monitor) then I get stutters on engine startup. This has been driving me nuts as it ruins the immersion of it all. Any help would be really appreciated. I have set the option s in the PMDG sound to "all" Thank you for your help in advance Paul
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