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  1. Hello, I normally work in China, but I have been stuck here in Europe for almost 3 years, waiting to get back to China. My issue is that when I get back to China I will want to purchase MFS2020 but I am not sure if I can download it in China. Here is my question: Can I purchase it here on my laptop and store the installation files on a hard drive and transfer it to my main flightsim PC in China when I get back to China? Three years away from my PC and I feel like a beginner all over again! Thank you in advance for any help Paul
  2. Thank you again for all your replies. I resolved it! I had a corrupt Prepar3d.cfg. I deleted it and it is now fine again. Thank you Paul
  3. Thank you all for your replies. I am able to use the keyboard for everything except the mapped key commands in Prepar3d. I have tried different ports but to no avail. I have also tried restarting a zillion times. It is sending me nuts (was probably there already). Paul
  4. Thanks I tried that, didn't work. Thank you for your reply. Paul
  5. Hello, Thank you for your reply. I'm using prepar3d 4.5 Windows 10 64bit. When I load the sim I am unable to use any keyboard input. For example I am usually able to press the key P for park Ctrl shift to navigate between full screen mode and standard mode and use other predefined keyboard keys for a host of functions. F1 F2 etc but now , suddenly I can't use any of them, nothing happens when I press the keys on my keyboard (within Prepar3d). I mucked about with DPI settings in the Nvidia control panel and I think this has messed things up! Now I am stuffed because being the jerk I am I can't recall what I did exactly . I did try reinstalling the driver but looks like looney here has really fooked it up this time. Paul
  6. Hello , I'm suddenly unable to use any of my keyboard commands , pause, view in and out, any of the commands set up up B = brakes etc. It just happened and for the life of me I can't get them to work. Any help greatly appreciated please. Paul
  7. Thank you for your reply, I suspect this might be the case to but how can I fix it? it seems to occur when I have both PXSeecon and Vpilot on although it is often random in its occurrence and not necessarily with both on. Intel (R) Core (TM) I7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz Ram 16GB RTX 2060 video card Paul
  8. Thank you for all your replies. I have been trying to figure this out and I am certainly not trying to attribute the error to any particular program. That said, I have done some extensive investigating and the only conclusion I can draw is that when I run PXSeecon Traffic it crashes my sim. Why? I have no idea, but I can't rule it out altogether as a possible candidate. I have done several long haul flights with all add-ons and had no problems. Yesterday I flew OEJN - FACT real time (8hrs) with PSX running, no problem, same with OEJN -OKBK (short haul) but, when I go somewhere where there is a lot of (European) traffic? PSX crashes my sim. For example LFPG or ESSA. If I do the same airport without PXS Traffic it seems to be OK? Any thoughts and help appreciated Paul
  9. Thank you guys for your responses. I can confirm that PSX Traffic is definitely causing the CTDs (I did an 8hr flight without all addons running , no problems except PSX traffic running) but only since I installed AI Reborn have I started to experience this issue. Please help it is driving me nuts. I think it might have something to do with aircraft models that are incorrectly configured, at least this is what AI Reborn scans say. But, how do I go about fixing this? Paul
  10. I'm getting CTDs running PXSeecon Traffic. I suspect it is something to do with model aircraft and appears to have started since installing AI lights reborn. I have ben in contact with them and they suggest it isn't to do with there program. Any help appreciated paul
  11. I am still getting 'unsupported'aircraft models when I scan Ai reborn. how do I remove or fix this because i think it is causing ntdll.dll CTDS Paul
  12. On installation I am getting a message saying there is a potential conflict with addon Flai which is preventing the FSReborn effects being displayed properly. It is recommending disabling the effect declaration in the ad-on xml file for the file causing the conflict. Where is this XML and how do I edit it (what should I do)? Thanks Paul
  13. I'm going out of my mind trying to get Tomatoshade to work. I forgot to back up original shaders and have paid the price! Tried everything: reinstalled Client Reinstalled Content all to no effect. please help The error I get are below Shader integrity invalid for PostProcess\HDR.hlsl Shader integrity invalid for GPUTerrain.fx Shader integrity invalid for General.fx
  14. Hello, Vpilot was working fine until I recently updated Windows 10. I have done exactly the same configuration as before; firewalls set, tried a reinstall, cleaned all folders etc and yet I am getting connection to host failed error. Any help appreciated Thank you Paul
  15. Thank you for your advice. I will give it a try. Paul
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