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  1. I appreciate your contributions Bill and far from me was the idea to ask you anything that would break a NDA ! It was a general interrogation. Common wisdom says something which is unproven by facts as far as I know. A professional life of political and financial analysis makes me cautious on unsubstantiated affirmations specially when they are used to support a debatable argument.
  2. The Kai Tak approach over Kow Loon was impressive but never did it in a 747.
  3. Heaven forbid , I was not discussing the EULA and the certainly interesting licensing contract LM signed with MS😅 but how the revenue splits between its different markets. I have personally not read the contract nor had a look on the LM accounting books. So far, I do not know of anybody who has. I still need to be convinced that whatever you call it, the consumer market is non significant in term of money for LM.
  4. First time of many that I flew one,was in ‘74 on a flight to Bangkok. It was a relatively new aircraft then. Still a curiosity. In these days, there was no direct flight from Paris, we had stopovers in Tel Aviv and Karachi. When you land in Tel Aviv, you usually land straight from the sea. Did that many times. Not on this flight, the 741 flew towards the Judea hills and made a very sharp and low turn over the dry hills towards the sea. I was very impressed to be in that monster of a plane turning so tight, so low and so slow. Can’t recall my last one, I did a lot of 320, 330 and 777 in the last decade.I suppose that the phasing out was a progressive process.
  5. 🤣 Allow me Larry to bring a little levity to an austere thread. Any French should burst in laughter at your post. It reminds us of a cult line in a movie of the 30s which is often quoted even today when somebdy would say something like 'bizarre, truly bizarre' : For those with little knowledge of French or the movie : The clergyman suspects that the old man killed his wife. - Bizarre, bizarre... -What is the problem with your knife ? - What ? - You look at your knife and say "bizarre, bizarre", then I thought... - Me ? I said bizarre, bizarre ? How strange ! Why would have said "bizarre, bizarre" ? - I assure you, dear cousin, that you said "bizarre, bizarre" - Me, I said bizarre ? how bizarre !
  6. You say two different things. P3D is most certainly a minute revenue for LM. But the common wisdom that LM does us a favor is yet to be proved. How do you know that the consumers market is so unimportant compared to institutional sales ? To the best of my knowledge, LM does not publish the financial data to assess their relative parts. With no data to check, I see that as a marketing argument to deflect user criticisms. On a related topic do you think that the institutional buyers were happier than the simming community by the release of v5 ? Do you think they relish in tweaking FFTF, frame limiters, AM, do they use 30 Gz monitors and so on and so forth ? What will we happen when MS has stabilized FS20 and starts selling on the institutional markets ? As a simmer who has used P3D for seven years and be happy with it, I wish that they did a better job that marginally improve the core leaving some FSX not so good legacies, graft not even ready modules and release a version with glaring flaws. There is a need for a true overhaul and enhancement. Lets hope for v6 as v5 looks so far like a miss. indeed but you spoke of a journey for the whole shelf life of v4, until 4.5+++. The new kid should move in way before v6. If the FS20 release is bumpy and 5.1 reasonably playable, P3D may have a chance... if FS20 fulfills its promises that is going to be harder. As always the truth should be half between.
  7. Excellent video, thanks Matt. The physical sensation won't be here until they graft chips in our brain.You cannot feel anything but you can see your aircraft, if it comes from people like A2A or the like, sidesliping and you'd better be careful with a hard turn close to the ground. Besides some mountainous strips, a good example which comes to my mind is the turn to take the runway in Skagway AK. The drag from an uncoordinated hard turn at low speed is not something you want even in the sim. I cannot say that they reproduce faithfully the actual flying of the aircraft though. My experience that it is also different from aircraft to aircraft. The Comanche for instance does not act like the T-6, the C182 or the L-39, to refer to some of my favorite aircraft in the sim.
  8. The only thing, Bert, guess what 😉... there is a new kid in the block who was not here when you "traveled happily" in the V4 journey. Will "the many of us " still be a large enough, sustainable market during the v5 journey ?
  9. True, partially. But incriminating reckless techno-junkie or word not allowed users with a « they should know better » and/or the hardware overlooks the core, P3D. Again, the genuine question of the OP shouldn’t be dismissed by those who hope for a good competitive market between FS20 and a strong P3D. And any case, the days after the release of the new sim will be a gigantic circus even before people start any tweaking . Where is my house ? I don’t see my house !🤣 EDiT the « word not allowed » is the adjective of the verb ignore, not a profanity by any means...
  10. Goodness, my point was not to rekindle the embers of the autogen thread 🤣 ! Whatever the solution, from dumbing down your visuals to tweaking a mask or the FTFF to avoid this dumbing down, my point was that good standing simmers were a deep technical discussions to improve something as basic as having a decent autogen.This is considered as normal here. I'd say that scares off any reasonable wanabee simmer who want...to sim. Will FS20 have sliders ? That can be expected. Will we have to tweak its innards instead of simming. Hopefully not. The OP question was, do I go v5 or wait for FS20 ? There is a beginning of an answer here. Does it come with the territory of the PC open ecosystem ? I've played over the recent months with FO4, DA Inquisition, The Long Dark, Space Engineers and doing now a rerun with good ole Oblivion (under W10 !). I don't see that these games need the technical contorsions shown in the P3D forums. In my uninformed opinion, it has less to do with the PC as such than with an older software architecture patched, repatched, patched again with now additional modules grafted on top (WW, TS).
  11. You are not aware of the last rumors, I see ! The PR team is lobbying Phil Spencer hard for the sim to carry watermarks saying : Amazing! Awesome! Exciting! scrolling on the screen
  12. That seems indeed a more realistic explanation 😈
  13. I'd say that they dont want to simulate a lightning as such but the way the lightning is perceived by the eye. The lagging is the short persistence of vision of the retina. Its like the flare effect, an artifact.
  14. Yes, this is Bangkok all over again. They should be more careful with highly known landmarks. Now, circumbulating my virtual stupa singing "it only an alpha, its only an alpha, its only an alpha" to regain positive energy. Done. The models of the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia are nice. BTW the shot was taken overflying the Great Bazar, I think. I wonder how it looks.
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