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  1. https://www.spitfires.com/post/ale-delivery-spitfires Hey Flyingiron, you might do this in the next Spit' iteration, adding a couple of casks below the wings !
  2. The bomber crews were indeed happy to see the Mustang flying with them all the way to Berlin when the Spit’ couldn’t go beyond the Netherlands shores.
  3. Dominique_K


  4. Overreaching a bit don’t they? Sounds like hubris to me 😁.
  5. My preference would go to the Fleet Shadower, noiseless and carrier-borne. That it is pretty ugly is of no importance as it was designed for night patrol. Imagine the challenge flying at night at 38 knots and not to fall asleep 😴
  6. Interesting story worth a read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supermarine_Nighthawk Applied aerodynamics was in its infancy. They were imaginative enough to try even fancy designs then They abandon it just because they found a more efficient way to destroy the Zeppelin she was meant to shoot down not because she was sluggish to climb.
  7. 24 h is all that I need to fly everywhere in the world with the proper live weather at the time I fly.
  8. This and the impressive growth of the quality freeware catalogue. Cambrian explosion-like. I remember early heated discussions with dire predictions that addons, specially sophisticated addons, would be a long time to come if ever because, you know, WASM is not the way to go and this is just a game for the Xbox and…, you know, Microsoft you can’t trust them 😆 etc. One can grumble now and then (I do and I will) but no doubt this is an impressive sim and a deserved business success.
  9. Henri Farman ! As we celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Entente Cordiale 🇫🇷🇬🇧, it is just proper to mention him. He was born Harry F. in Paris from British parents and lived all his life in France, He actually became a French national when he was 63 ! Racing cyclist, car racer, aviation pioneer and industrialist. What a man.
  10. You have a point here, anything leaving the ground andmoving through the air all by itself reflects the beauty of the human mind. Now about looking gangly, I have a personal fondness for the Lockheed U-2 Dragon Lady
  11. There are aircraft which don’t need to be good looking, They carry such an emotional load, at least for older people, that they transcend beauty.. The Dc3 has been here for so long, she is a link to our past. And she was a humble but decisive bird of freedom, WW2 , Berlin airlift. I boarded a Dc-3 and a C47 in SE Asia 50 years ago,. I felt I was part of history 😁.
  12. We’ve been playing four years without SU15, I reckon we can do without a couple of weeks more #RememberSU5.
  13. If my memory serves me well and it doesn’t always do, it was an early promise for MSFS before the release.
  14. Seats in the back are very comfy . As the Irving Berlin’s song goes « in a morris chair, You’d be surprised. »
  15. a mean, aawe-inspiring A mean-looking, awe-inspiring sister. Doomsday raw power.
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