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  1. I believe that different people put different things in the word EFB. It is a bag after all 😉. From simple options to set up the aircraft to chart display and Vspeed calculator. The DC-6 has a nice tablet, don't know whether, strictly speaking, it is an EFB or not : ramp manager, fuel/load manager, virtual flight engineer, maintenance manager, engine stress visualizer. I can't say that I don't like it, I do. No charts, which is no big deal for me as I don't use Navigraph, no calculator though. I suppose that PMDG works on something more sophisticated for their jetliners.
  2. It happened to me a couple of times but long ago and if my memory serves me well, along with a sim upstate, also knowing that I have a not very reliable 4G connexion. Network synchronization can be dicey then… What is weird though is that only the accessibility menus seem to be lost, not the controllers bindings.
  3. If there is anything toxic here, its dissing the community and calling for locking the thread,. If you have such a low opinion of us, why in Heavens do you keep posting here ? You should follow your own advice, I quote «Get outside. Do something else. »
  4. It sounds like some case of desynchronization from the cloud. Do you leave the sim to desktop with the normal procedure (the bottom left « button ») or with Windows fast exit ALT F4 ?
  5. The real question might be "what have you done to this sim " ?
  6. We, simmers, are a motley crew, aren't we ? And thats good, it makes interesting conversations ! Modern airliners à la 320 or 737 do cover 99% of commercial aviation but the 1% left aren't bad either 😉. Utility aircraft à la Pilatus Porter, helicopters, DC6 etc. What I'd miss in a modern airliner is the simulated interaction between man and machine, beyond monitoring the latter, the active balancing act to stay in a given 3D trajectory at certain speed while managing an engine with its own personality. Prejudice ? Maybe ...
  7. I was teasing a little bit our friend Jose, of course, after he forced me to search what he meant by the exotic acronym c*u 😉. The first thing I do when I get a new simcraft is to scour the internet for the original handbook so I am with you here. But I'd rather pretend to be in charge, joystick in hand, than just monitoring an automaton.
  8. This is where I see that I am not a real, seriously committed simmer after about 40-odd years in this hobby. Just a pitiful gamer after all. Watching the intricacies of how an automaton trades speed and pitch, well, not for me 😄 . Back to my Merlin...
  9. PMDG is not a holy cow. The buyers who are not happy with such or such feature of a specific product they have purchased are entitled to display their displeasure. This is not what I read here in some posts. Anyway, about the EFB, how can we say much as we don't know its features (if I am not mistaken) ? The DC-6 already has a not too shabby tablet. I suppose they want to improve on it.
  10. The stale if not rancid argument about the laziness of porting over never ceases to amaze me. PMDG has developed over the years the code of excellent simulations in MSFS predecessors. Why, in Heavens’ (😉), start from scratch again ? To adapt their code to MSFS new functionalities was the sensible way to go. Is there anything in Asobo’s new architecture that they didn’t use, that is missing ?
  11. It is and it is high time they do something about it. Neumann’s babbling about not understanding why it is so important was borderline ludicrous.
  12. I have been flying in the US since ...ever. One can find stunning landscapes but also, well... this was the only choice for so long when you wanted a decent regional scenery below your wings 😄. Hat off to Orbx. In MSFS, the world scenery offers such a diversity that I fly there less often. Call it a case of satiation. PNW, Alaska, Idaho, California, I have had too much of them I suppose. When I do, I like to fly a region which is too often overlooked, the Ridge-and-Valley Appalachians. Impressive relief, a good diversity of airports and an incentive to tune to some great Country & Blue Grass music.
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