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  1. Sourdough here, not fancy stuff. And remember, to get a good dough, you gotta have surface tension. Thats what MS is doing, isn't it. To plagiarize a famous book title, Bread Making and the Art of Game Marketing.
  2. Twas tongue-in-cheek. I'd also be happy to bother the devs to death with my pet peeves but in the meantime so much to do. Just off trimming a hedge under the Med sun. It is fun too.
  3. Am I alone not to care much whether I am in the alpha or not ? Good if am in, good if I ain't. Any case, the sun shines, the flowers bloom, the wild grass grows, the bread dough is rising and the cat is hungry. Plenty to do. Including waiting for the next IFR EP 😉.
  4. If you like this kind of parody may I suggest you the acapellascience You Tube channel. Specially two clips are wonderful :
  5. The litmus test is, was there any school bus in Darrington 😉 ?
  6. 4 Mbps in good days that is to say downloading at a whopping .500-odd MB a sec. (Yes there is a dot before the 5).
  7. This is is certainly the most interesting question today around FS20, how much deep learning AI does the team use. I wish we could have an EP on Blackshark.ai !
  8. What a strange thread… Kinda stale. We have debated this a hundred times since June. Even if, like me, you very much look forward to the new sim it is rather obvious that the addon industry is here to stay with some inevitable changes in the lines of produits offered. Including scenery developers. And that is good. By the way, why targeting Orbx. Bizarre OP if you ask me. His first post. An irate customer hiding his identity under a new account ?
  9. Hello Richard! Hope all is well on your side. Let's not be too harsh with LM. After all, they invented a great trick to boost the poor simmer's confidence. You pay three times the price and Shazam! you are a pro.
  10. What I found strange in the Sedona clip is the forward/backward moves akin to accelerations/decelerations. It seems that we see a blend of two kinds of moves : the aircraft bobbing in the air and the simulation of the pilot head in the cockpit. The first one is very good compared to what we see in real life flight clips, the second one might be a tad exaggerated.
  11. Come on, tactile screens will soon be as passé as the CD is today. Transition technology. Voice tech is the way to go. Hey Siri put my blinker to the left. What ? it is not functioning ? So open the darn window that I put my arm outside to signal my turn.
  12. It seems to be a great addon indeed but I don’t think it works with my older version of P3D.
  13. Theses days, the common wisdom in the sim community seems to be : Lockheed-Martin is only really interested by the pro market, the simmers are just beta-testers for them. Microsoft is only really interested by the Xbox gamer market where the big numbers are, not the PC simmer market. Austin Meyer is only really interested in developing an aircraft design tool for the aircraft industry not a full fledge simulator with sceneries, weather and ATC for simmers. Do I see a pattern here 😇 ?
  14. This is one of the litmus tests for me of the new weather and air dynamics systems. For instance, the Orbx PNG sceneries are a jewel of an addon but we don’t get a proper simulation of the turbulences caused by the terrain and the afternoon tropical air.
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