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  1. The Flyingiron Spitfire is pretty good and the dev has been steadily improving her since release like adding a tablet. They care about the product.
  2. I hate to get back to old loves but I might have a look here The H748 was Rick Piper’s if I am not mistaken. But I flew David Maltby BAC 1-11 a lot in the days.
  3. the Canadair CL415 of the French Civil Security which are dropping water on a forest fire on a ridge slope at a mere 1 km from my home . Four of them relentlessly circling the fire and fetching water out of a nearby lake. Firemen on the ground (a hundred of them) and in the air, thanks !
  4. As a reference, I routinely get 30 fps on my oldish computer at 2560x1440 without any « tip» with all settings on high and a few on ultra, LOD at 150. Check that your case is properly ventilated and your MB/video card clean of dust. Also check what other processes are running in the background.
  5. "The surest way to work up a crusade in favor of some good cause is to promise people that they will have a chance of maltreating someone. To be able to destroy with good conscience – this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats." –Aldous Huxley
  6. Lets face it, the problem there is with MSFS is that due to an incomplete and undocumented SDK, no complex « study level » aircraft will be possible before a long time. 🤭
  7. Now that was the easy part, wasn’t it ? I did a little homework. The runway should be OK to land, 1500 m vs 1300 needed, but definitely too short to take off, 1900 m needed 😄.
  8. Love Randazzo's marketing banter 😃 ! Smart fellow. I am not a big fan of airliners but I may have a look at the 600 as it can operate from smaller runways than the larger 737 I suppose, thus opening regional airports here and there ?
  9. It is, my installation has just gone without a hitch, thank you for the responsiveness 😉. And have a good Sunday !
  10. Between the few minutes between my purchase of the 310 and the time I had to insert the key during the install, the Milviz site went down. Call that bad luck 😅. A great idea buying stuff on a Sunday morning in France when the seller is still sleeping.
  11. Thank you all. I will go for it then, the « owned » feature. looks like a great idea reminiscing of an A2A aircraft. I watched the whole promo video which is pretty informative btw. @Bert Pieke I’ll keep in mind the 750. It was a great addon in P3D. Loved the services page computing ToD, fuel etc.
  12. Getting back to flying, I am tempted by the 310. Would my old jalopy, a 4770+1080 combo, give a smooth ride ? Thanks
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