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  1. This is from the initial SU12 Beta Release Notes ( "Fixed live traffic planes staying stuck at hold short in some airports" Hopefully this "general" fix worked for KATL. I know I would appreciate that.
  2. I use Microsoft Window's built-in Snipping Tool. You can access it with Win Key+Shift+S. The tool allows you to snip whichever monitor you like, or any portion of either monitor. Works like a champ.
  3. Just an FYI... this patch is nearly 100% installation issue fixes. There is also a fix for simconnect and performance issues related to nameplates.
  4. You can also try these two links (Link1, Link2) from Microsoft.
  5. Thrilled to ready your story, Graham. No one in the world can debate you about your personal experience, and I am very encouraged to hear it. Flight simulation is many different things to many different people, but clearly for you, it is exactly what you needed. Who wouldn't celebrate that right along with you. Blue skies, my friend!
  6. Yes, correct. This hasn't yet been implemented. There is a Self-Help / Wishlist subcategory on the MSFS Public Forums where users can make their desires known to MS/Asobo. Haven't looked closely enough yet to see if Avsim has something similar. Since the dev team read these forums, might be a good idea. Have not seen this reported and it works fine in my installation. You can try starting MSFS using "Run as administrator" just on the off-chance there's a directory or permissions issue with your installation. In any event, you can report bugs/issues with MSFS using the Zendesk portal. You will have to log in using your Microsoft account credentials.
  7. As a workaround, you can edit the aircraft.cfg file for each aircraft and embed the aircraft identifier as well as the call sign. This is a permanent change until such time as that aircraft.cfg file gets overwritten in an update. The .cfg files are located in the content directory at <MSFS Directory> / Official / OneStore under each specific aircraft folder.
  8. Ok, my mistake completely. The link is to a post from back in Alpha/Closed Beta testing and since you weren't a tester, you can't go there. DOH! My apologies. I'm afraid I don't have any other suggestions other than a complete uninstall/reinstall. If you go that route, be sure to clear out any leftover folders after the uninstall.
  9. Hey, my friend. The link is still active in my post above.
  10. Hey @Age_27... do you have an account on the official Microsoft Flight Simulator forums here. Here's a post over there where the issue is solved. If you don't, here are the steps. Please backup these folders (below) first and understand that you are doing this at your own risk. 1. Go to the main MSFS content location, Official/OneStore 2. Find "fs-base" folder and delete 3. Find "fs-base-ui-pages" and delete 4. Restart MSFS, allow content to update, check in-sim Toolbar. Some have also fixed this with a complete uninstall/reinstall, but that is the last resort.
  11. Just a possibility here - you can try opening the Gear option on the right end of the Toolbar and hitting the Reset Panels button.
  12. Hey, Dominique. Thanks for the kind words. Was there from the beginning, and along the way was asked if I'd be interested. Decided to give it a try. Has been fascinating, and very enjoyable. Stop by and say hello sometime over there. We have a great team.
  13. Hey Bob - Does this Xbox Support page offer you any help? Also, your Microsoft account is a critical component for using MSFS. If you are having issues with it, I would focus there first. Here’s a link to get started working with your Microsoft account.
  14. A man of impeccable character and patience. He will be missed. Praying for his family during this time of grief.
  15. Hey, @GlideBy... saw the sig on your post... so sorry to hear this. I just prayed for your brother and will continue to do so as the Lord bring him to mind. If you don't mind, please update me via PM.
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