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  1. 6 hrs to go... meanwhile, I just wanted to say a big well done to PMDG for keeping this a secret, and literally nobody got a clue. I mean countries and nations cannot keep a secret for that long 😀, well done again.
  2. I am pretty sure its a 1995 Toyota corolla 🙂
  3. I do love PMDG birds and I flew them for years, until a decent A320 was out (FSLABS). and now as I moved to XP11, I am flying the FFA320. A decent heavy airbus by PMDG will definitely take me to P3D.
  4. Well, the QW787 looks great, and I am one inch away to go for it. but still Pmdg quality is something else. PMDG made great boeings, and I flew them all (including the MD11), FSLABS made a great A320 as well. But we need a heavy airbus, e.g. an A330 would be amazing (PMDG class).
  5. So excited about this announcement. I will not go into the guessing game, but I hope it will be something that takes me back to P3d, after my migration to XP11 from FSX. PS: currently an Airbus-only simmer 😀
  6. Just posting to move this topic to my watch list :smile: .
  7. Thank you Doug for your advice, well noted. Thank you Paul, can you please share me the type/size of the monitors you are using, and how far i can go in term of monitor size?
  8. Hello, I have a plan to setup multiscreens / multi monitors for my fsx. In order to prepare a budget, I appreciate if you can advise me regarding the following: 1. Ideal Monitor sizes (planning to get the 40'') 2. preferred monitor type 3. best number of screens (3 or 4) for an approximately 180 degrees view 4. is there any required software to install those are the preliminary questions , thanking you in advance for your cooperation. With my best regards,
  9. Hello Stefan, I have the BBS330/340 in my hangar, they look good, the systems are fairly good, however the FDE needs a lot of work, it just doesn't feel right when you hand-fly it, noting that this product is still under development. With best regards, Steve
  10. Thank you Erich for the advice, started doing some researches here and there, will study its feasibility and decide upon it. The only risk is to find a job as pilot at this age. Very sad to hear that. Think of getting a ppl beside your job if possible, so you can fly during weekends/holidays.
  11. I am a chief financial officer, thinking to change my career at the age of 35 to do what am passionate about.....be a pilot..... need some advice here !!!
  12. Finally a rational theory. Thank you for the link Jake.
  13. (Where facts are few, experts are many...Donald Gannon) Let us all pray to find an end for this mystery (miraculously a happy one). Briefly, On the media side, let us all agree that 99% of these journalists only know about politics and have nothing to do with science or even logic. Journalists are investigators to be, driven by propaganda and stereotyping, and can make an ocean out of a pond....unfortunately.
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