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  1. I was thinking about it now. Gone are the days of secret developments and not informing customers about the progress of projects. Today the market requires information, progress, status, estimated deadlines. That old answer that some developers give "will be released when it's ready" no longer fits in today's market. What LR did with this publication was a positive point. They are to be congratulated. In everyday life, we always learn more, it's a matter of adapting to changes.
  2. People are thirsty for complex addons (study level). The first one that release will have this advantage... In my opinion, PMDG is aware of this and used this strategy to sell more products. Thirsty people want water. You have a full glass that would be the 737-800, but you find a glass on the way around the 737-700 what do you do? Wait another 6 weeks with thirst or drink the first cup you find... PMDG has a strong market team thinking about it as selling more. Regarding the discount, I think it is fair for PMDG to provide the credit to the user's account to let him define the moment to use it. In my case I don't intend to buy the 700 but the 800.
  3. You can set aside about 280 dollars to buy all three. I guess...
  4. We know that 2022 is going to be a watershed year for MSFS. At least 3 great addons will be released, PMDG 737, Fenix 320 and Maddog X MD82. If 3 developers release their addons at the same time and you only had the money to buy one of them, which one would you choose? Honestly it's a difficult choice, but for me love speaks louder... I will go from Maddog without regret. Is that you? What would be the choice?
  5. Interesting this project to unify 3 energy sources in the same place. This concept is cool.
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