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  1. Yeap, it works! Btw Bryan work on a new version adapted for the FBW.
  2. Indeed, this is what i see on the chart. But what're the category of airplanes? A and B for GA? and C/D/E for commercial aircraft? So as the visibility was very bad, i should have done a go around, conversely, if i'll have good visibility i could have?
  3. How to follow a visual approach by following a chart? Yesterday, i flew from Whitehorse to Juneau. So far no problem. I follow my descent until the approach given by ATC...i have just arrived from the CHILL waypoint then GUMLE for altitude at 7500 feet as indicated on the chart, i'm continuing the approach path towards OGEME for 2000 feet, i take the direction of MENAE heading 70° always at 2000 feet and MOLRE. But here's what becomes more complicated, the visibility is zero. I don't know which angle of descent i should take. The atc asks me to take a heading of 50°, which i do but as i said i don't see anything in front of me, then how to proceed correctly? Btw what MDA i must insert in the MCDU page Approach? I fly on A320.
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