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  1. Try it again. There has been lots of content problems with many of the major sites but most of these problems were resolved earlier today. Also ping around to make sure that you are getting past your providers router. Jim Driskell
  2. The only way to fly. Break out the E6-B and plot your course.
  3. Many years ago while I was stationed in Japan, a number of us were invited to judge an English language contest at a nearby Japanese Self Defense Air Force base. The aviation cadets were required to learn English as part of their training because English is the international aviation language. They all did well.
  4. Someone has been smoking rope!
  5. Put a rubber backed small bathroom rug under your pedals.
  6. The only this what will fix Windoz is a switch to a linux based operating system.
  7. I have previously found Drzweicki Seattle was a hog for resources and dumped it. Maybe that's the problem.
  8. I've been watching and reading various horror stories about MSFS since it was released and have yet to see any reason to shift away from one of the older complex working simulators. Apparently, if one likes to drill holes in the sky while enjoying the scenery without worrying about detailed routes, transitions and approaches, MSFS is OK (if the latest update doesn't kill it). I might as well go out to my local airport and rent a 172 and do the same. But I would rather immerse myself in the details of route planning, payloads and the other technical aspects of real flight and duplicate them as close as possible while flying a simulated complex aircraft over long distances. Maybe I'm wrong but until I see forum comments praising the technical details of MSFS2020, I'll use something else. Jim Driskell
  9. I've done this a number of times. I backup the important stuff from the c drive to a external storage drive, then do a clean install and restore your info. You might think about using a cloud based backup service such as "Backblaze" before you make the move. Then you have two choices for the re-install. Jim Driskell
  10. Time to dump Windows Defender? You get what you pay for.
  11. Yes, you were before my time at 29 Palms. However, time didn't seem to matter there. I arrived at night. When I went outside that first morning, I wasn't sure I could breath for I thought I might be on the other side of the moon. I also thought that 29 Palms might be a suitable place to insert the tube if one need to give the world an enema, but it didn't take long for the high desert to grow on me. The whole desert bloomed in the spring of 1961 as a result of a heavy snow fall the previous winter. The scent of the wide flowers covered the whole area. I had two tours there and one at Barstow so I spent lots of time in the desert. If I remember correctly, Robert Duvall played Santini. I need to watch the movie again because I also spent time at Parris Island in Beaufort, SC. The movie had lots of scenes of the old part of Beaufort which is still very memorable to me and my wife as we enjoyed our time there. Jim
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