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  1. Hi Jarnie, Here's how I installed MSFS on my second drive: "Sometime during installation it will ask you where you want to install the 'packages' (=community and official folders). Point it to your D:drive (I parked it in a MSFS folder on my 😧 drive) and all will be well." I created a folder on my D drive before I started the install. I've had no problems since the initial install. I think you may be at a decision point. It may be time to rebuild one of your computers from scratch. It's a lot of work but you can control the entire process and usually requires almost a case of beer 🐵, Since you mentioned that you have two machines, I'd start with the least important one and see what happens. If any of my files are encrypted, I don't know it because I have complete access to everything so I'm still thinking about your permissions. Have you talked to the folks that built your machine. They may have some insight. In any event, hope you get a handle on your problem. Jim
  2. In your case, DESKTOP-ACPMPL6 is probably the name of your computer/ Owner is the user name. Since a PC shop setup your machine, they probably gave you a login of "Owner" and some random password. My machine has the following "InfoEdTech-1" which is the computer name and "jmdri" is my account on the machine which I assigned when I got the machine from Dell. You might talk to the shop that built your machine. Maybe they have some tricks to solve the problem. Installing Win 11 is a good idea as long as your machine can support it. BWT, I don't get any notice that any of my files are encrypted when I copy them and I can copy one of the standard Asobo aircraft without problems. So I think the bottom line is your permissions are lacking some setting that should allow you to take full control. Check the following: For Windows 10 & Windows 11: Open Settings: Click on the Start button > Settings (gear icon). Navigate to Accounts: Click on "Accounts" > "Family & other users". Make sure you have admin privileges Hope this helps, Jim Driskell
  3. Hi Jarnie, I had not trouble copying a Cameras.cfg from one of the Asobo aircraft. However, did I read your correctly in that you are running MSFS on an xBox? If so, I have no experience with that platform. If you are, I'd start asking questions on the MSFS forum that covers xBox. If you are running MSFS on a windows computer, MSFS installs lots of files on your c drive, even if you direct the main portion of MSFS to another drive. I run MSFS on a dedicated 2TB SSD while my system runs on a 1 TB SSD c drive. Let me know if you are running a windows computer and maybe I can help. Jim Driskell
  4. Hi Jarnie, I'm not sure but I still think your problem is a permission problem. I have the store system and I have no problem copying various files from MSFS folders but I don't want to try to copy something into one of these folders in case I screw something up. Your problem sounds like it's time to wipe the system and all it's pieces and do a fresh install. Make sure that you are THE admin for your system and let the system handle installing everything. I wish I could be of more help but not knowing how your system is setup, I'm limited to the above. I would also think about changing antivirus systems. The builtin windows system does work but as I mentioned above, I've been very happy with ESET and have used this system since the early 2000s without issue. Best of luck, Jim Driskell
  5. Sounds like you might have a permission problem. Check your permissions for those folders that you can't manage. Jim Driskell PS - I have been using ESET as m antivirus for years. It does cost something but I've never had a problem with it and it is very easy on resources.
  6. I run ESET and have never had a problem. Its system load is very light. Jim Driskell
  7. I've found that if you plug in geographic waypoints that approximate a great circle route in the flight plan rather than relying on a great circle, the route seems to work. I don't think I've overflown a pole this way but will try it soon. Jim Driskell
  8. I notice that weather isn't available on the chart within the simulation but works fine in the stand alone chart mode. Maybe I'll missing something. Jim Driskell
  9. I have read lots of comments about the GPS in the DC-6 not tracking but that's not my experience. I have found that careful flight planning, excluding most SIDS and STARS usually guarantees a good track. I've just completed a multiple leg track down the west coast of the Americas without issue. Prior the that, I completed a round the world flight with the same results. Maybe I'm lucky but there are a couple of pre-flight steps that I find necessary before I actually lift off. I start the sim from scratch, I load the flight plan built with Navigraph Charts and ensure that MSFS doesn't screw around with it. I once found that my flight plan from KMWH to KSEA had been modified by MSFS to include a STAR that didn't apply. I ensure that NAV 1 is set to a random frequency and i formally code the first few waypoints of any SID into the flight plan. I'm also wary of using STARS and usually code the STARs waypoints into the flight plan. I have seem some issues with the ALT Hold switch lately. Sometimes when I turn it off, I can't start to descend unless I cycle the switch. Then it works. On a recent final, the needles started to deviate from center, so I cycled the ALT HOLD switch and the plane centered itself again. I don't know why but since the DC-6 technology is some 70 years old, maybe PMDG built in some gremlins into the system :o)! Jim Driskell Chief Pilot Nocturnal Aviation
  10. This whippersnapper contest reminds me of 2 2nd Lieutenants arguing about seniority. I don't use the MSFS facilities for flight planning or bother with the builtin ATC. I do notice that after crafting a flight plan using Navigraph Charts, MSFS has on occasion modified my flight plan when I load it. I think that several aspects of MSFS seem to have been designed by non-pilots for the general gaming crowd but I guess that's where the money is. Jim Driskell
  11. Time is time. The @#$# sim shouldn't be changing it. I noticed it changed time several months ago when I traveled across a time zone so I ignore its time. I use engine hours to time my flights. At least some nitwit programmer hasn't gotten to that yet!
  12. Hi Ray, Did you do a clean install when you went to Win 11 Pro or did you upgrade from Win 10? I've hear of past problems with the upgrade leaving bits and pieces which clutter up operations. Jim Driskell
  13. Thanks for the very detailed explanation of how the system works and for sending ME to school. I've been generally satisfied with WT's GPS430 representation in the PMDG DC-6 and find it works as advertised in most occasions. I'm looking forward to the implementation of SU15 when hopefully the satellite dropping problem will be gone. Back in the early days when Icelandic Air was flying DC-6s on the same route as I was simulating yesterday, they didn't have to worry about GPS satellites dropping. They used tried and true navigation skills to get from point a to b. I like to keep these skills alive as I was taught when I got my license in the early 1970s. Again, thanks for the clear explanation. Jim Driskell
  14. Looking forward to the fix. Sounds like the folks at WT need to go back to school so that they can provide a proper working addon.
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