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  1. jmdriskell

    Do you use a Download Accelerator?

    W2DR, Duh! When in doubt, RTFM. Thanks, 73 Jim Driskell W7OWI
  2. jmdriskell

    Navigraph Installation glitch?

    I use the auto update from Navgraph and have never had problems with it until recently. For some reason, it now takes an inordinate amount of time to upgrade to the current release of the data base. However, the data base updates wind up in the correct location. I'm running Win 10 on an i7 system. Does anyone else have this problem? Jim Driskell
  3. jmdriskell

    FTG Closes Doors

    Might be interesting if the site wasn't password protected.
  4. jmdriskell

    Do you use a Download Accelerator?

    Must be nice to have such a big pipe.
  5. jmdriskell

    Do you use a Download Accelerator?

    I use Internet Download Manager (IDM) and find it very useful for speeding up most downloads because it opens several download streams. Its only downside is that it intercepts and downloads pdfs also. I'm too lazy to figure out a workaround for this slight annoyance because the rest of the package is worth it to me. One upside of the downloaded pdfs is that you can then reproduce them when necessary. Jim Driskell
  6. jmdriskell

    dll.xml is corrupt and cannot be opened.

    Try Notepad ++. It should open the file.
  7. jmdriskell

    Droning on...

    Similar problem to the idiots that flash aircraft on approach at night with lasers. However, drones are probably subject to RF interception which could stop them for a while. Seems to me that anyone caught should probably spend 5-10 years making gravel out of reject reinforced reject concert pilings using iron handled mauls. That might probably discourage others. That very sentence reduced the minor offense rate to near zero at office hours while I was on Okinawa many years ago. And no repeat offenders!
  8. jmdriskell

    Pete Dowson announces he will retire on reaching age 75

    Pete's been a stalwart in this community. He'll be missed but I'm glad FSUIPC will continue. Couldn't operate without it. Bon Voyage Pete. Jim Driskell
  9. jmdriskell

    DC-6 & GTN 650

  10. jmdriskell

    DC-6 & GTN 650

    I guess I'm missing something when trying to operate the GTN 650 within the DC-6. The GTN trainer allows switching between Comm and NAV frequencies by tapping the right hand knob. This functionality doesn't seem to exist when accessing the GTN 650 installed in the DC-6. Even in the default navigation screen, switching frequency bands is inop. Any ideas? Jim Driskell
  11. jmdriskell

    Our Site is not Safe - Now you tell me!

    Bottom line, make sure you have a good security system and a hot delete key. The first protects you and the second dumps idiots. Jim Driskell
  12. jmdriskell

    USMC VC-118 Livery Uploaded to AVSIM

    Thanks Dave, Nice paint. Jim Driskell
  13. jmdriskell

    Are the Flight 1 GTN's a performance hog

    BTW, has anyone come with a method to update the Garmin data bases to current data rather than waiting for Garmin. The current version that I have is from 2016. Jim Driskell
  14. jmdriskell

    Although the airwar helped win WWII

    Thanks for the citation. It's a moving story. James M Driskell