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  1. Retired military guys are always ready! :). I first read the book when it appeared in Reader's Digest Condensed books, and it's excellent. Things can be learned from it. Best, Jim Harnes
  2. Hi Tony, This is what was sent you in the Flight 1 ticket system: "Hi Tony, Thank you for the detailed explanation. The Flight1 Agent does not use any Javascript. All our pages are completely Javascript free... Something on your PC or ISP connection is inserting Javascript into the Microsoft .NET 3.5 Web Browser Control. It may be some type of extension installed on your PC or again your ISP. This is why I pointed to some of your forum posts as it had odd Javascript inserted after some of your posts. But since you got to step 11, you were able to proceed past the popup errors and download the GTN. There is nothing wrong with the F1GTN_Complete.exe file and the script errors are not connected to that EXE. I suggest you take points 12 through 19 and post it in the support forum. I do not know about the GTN technically. Again, the forum is where all GTN support is, and you are already registered there. Again, see http://www.flight1software.com/gtnhelp/errorcode10.html and then post in the forum at https://www.simforums.com/forums/f1-gtn-gns-g500600-series-support-forum_forum54.htm if the error 10 is still there. My guess is that if you are missing the DLL, then some type of security product is still removing it." Also want to point out the Flight1 uses Microsoft installers. Best, Jim Harnes Flight 1 Support
  3. Good info there, Bob. As usual, CEP of 0. I'd like to provide some perspective here. I manage the iFly support forums for Flight 1 and now am taking on some additional responsibility in SimForums . The GTN is not my responsibility as the developer provides support. The Flight 1-hosted GTN Support forum allows direct communication with the developer, who will also provide support to users by email. All Tony need do is raise his issue in a post at the GTN support forum: https://www.simforums.com/forums/f1-gtn-gns-g500600-series-support-forum_forum54.html Jim Harnes Flight 1 Support
  4. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I'm expecting many cases of "early-adopter remorse" when MS releases the new sim.
  5. Aside from the fact that Steve is Navy (which automatically makes him a good guy ), he is an enormously talented painter. Thanks for what you do for the community, Steve! Best, Jim
  6. Perhaps you should ask the question at the UTL support forum.
  7. "Surge protectors are a waste of time, mainly because after a two year analysis I have rarely exceeded 210 volts in a system designed for 220-240 volts." If memory serves, it takes special equipment to "see" a power surge as they happen quickly. Hence the name transients. You really might want to invest in a properly sized surge protector. Best, Jim
  8. Why not purchase realistic throttle arm replacements? Just takes a bit of the old arm for the realistic arm to slip over.
  9. Have a link to anything new on that? Nothing turns up in a search. Best, Jim Harnes
  10. Sorry, I failed to say "I never see ground/takeoff traffic or landing traffic when running PSXseeconTraffic at the airports I use". So I positioned at EGLL and did see traffic depart and arrive. However, the departing traffic was inserted on the runway and the arriving traffic disappeared after the landing roll out. Otherwise, I did not see any ground movement at EGLL. What, if anything, can I do to determine the source of this what is causing this? Is it my setup or the ADS-B feed? Best, Jim Harnes
  11. Does anyone know which traffic source Inside Systems uses for Real Traffic? I've asked that developer but received no response. to the question. I'm trying to understand why I'm seeing no ground/takeoff traffic or landing traffic at any airport in P3D v4. For example, at KHOU flight aware shows much ADS-B traffic but I never see ground/takeoff traffic or landing traffic when running PSXseeconTraffic. The AI aircraft disappear from the Real Traffic list at about 1 nm from the field. There is the expected amount of AI aircraft in the air enroute to destinations. I've used PSXseeconTraffic from the beginning and have never solved this. All the right options are selected and Real Traffic and PSXseeconTraffic are allowed through the Windows 10 firewall. Best, Jim Harnes
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