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  1. "Or the 757's big sister. 😉: That's actually what I had in mind! Not enough caffeine or "brain-finger dissociative disorder" Best. Jim
  2. Don't play with the big boys unless you want to be burned.
  3. One of my favorite Steve Dra liveries, along with the 757 repaint he did. Best, Jim
  4. Good to see you back, Steve! Having had COVID late last year, I know how you feel. Take it easy! Best, Jim
  5. Off topic, but that would be up to the cdu maker. The SDK will be freely available. Best, Jim
  6. Yeah, I'm holding my breath until Steve uploads a SWA 700 paint! 😀
  7. Roger, that! I'm from the T-34B era (sigh. . .) Best, Jim
  8. Not to argue, Bob, but thought the T-34C was replaced by the T-6? Best, Jim
  9. FYI, Southwest uses tail stands with their 737s. Noticed most recently at KBWI. Best, Jim
  10. Just went through the same scenario. Tried everything I could find with a search and nothing worked. Went away for several hours, tried again and the update was at the store. There must be a better way to do this. Best, Jim
  11. Hi Fredrik, I use SISMO boards. While they are easiest to use with SISMO components, each board has a diagram, available at the SISMO site, which shows how to connect inputs/outputs, etc. Best, Jim
  12. I use the iFly Cockpit Builders Edition (CBE). With the free iFly2Fsuipc the iFly software responds to hardware recognized by FSUIPC. Best, Jim
  13. Hmmm...that material is from about 2 years in the past. So who is saying the aircraft is not fixed despite the new certification?
  14. UTL 2 is beta software. I think you would be better served asking your question in the dedicated support forum: http://ultimatetraffic.flight1.net/forums/forum_topics.asp?FID=16&SID=6100-9883b6c66d7c9a91c31z6039930556&title=product-support-for-utlive-version-2-licensed-users.
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