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  1. Key Requests

    I'm really getting into ATC procedures properly now, I've just uploaded the RCv4 pdf manual to a print shop to print a hard copy, all 290pp, I don't like reading pdf's on a screen. One question (and I know we're going a bit off topic now, but) ...a taxi to holding point question. At, for example, LMML (Malta - Luqa) if departing to the south, one has to enter the main N/S runway at a mid point and taxi on the active to a turn pad at the north end, ready to commence your take off run... does RC know this and give you permission to do so, because I'm guessing that if you just did this without authority there would be trouble?
  2. Key Requests

    Sounds scary....I'll have to make sure I don't bust my altitude too many times (if at all!). On British railways we have safety administrators (called DSM's - Driver Standards Manager) and they sneak out with speed guns and try to catch us (for example) running through 50mph points at 70..tut.tut.(then you get a 'please explain')
  3. Key Requests

    Ok, I think the originals are good, but people keep mentioning this replacement voice pack, it was just a thought. Who's Bill Stevens?? Mysterious......
  4. Key Requests

    Good afternoon, Ray, Just come in from a pleasant day's train driving, fired up the computer, entered Doug's key into RC4 and low and behold it works. Did a quick flight from LEBL to LEPA, given perfect vectors for intercepting ILS and the critique said that it was a good job and that I'd put FISDO out of business (I presume this means FSDO). What I was seeking an opinion on was the Meatwater (Nick Schreger) voice pack to replace the existing (Stevie) Winwood file in RC4. A lot of correspondents seem to rate this??? Any thoughts......over......huh.....Oveur.....what... Cheers Rab
  5. Key Requests

    Hi Ray, Well the good news is I've heard from Doug with a long series of characters. I'll try it tomorrow, it's nearly 2300hrs zulu & I'm off to bed now, early start tomorrow morning. So, hopefully on Sunday, I'll be flying with RC4 assistance...........(What's our vector, Victor?) Thanks for all your help, I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Regards Rab
  6. Key Requests

    Hi Ron, I sent it exactly as formatted by the program via my e-mail client Thunderbird. I also sent it to to no avail.... Formatted as follows 1575091824 ! rab ! thorn. Also sent from Chrome's built in e-mail. I know that's plain text. Support seems rather poor from the owners. If I don't get a key within a couple of days, I think the only answer is to obtain a refund from Digital River (37 quid + VAT) by informing them that the request is due to zero support from the sellers. Which would be a shame as I've tried the program on friend's set ups, and it's outstanding, but I'm really getting fed up with whole registration fiasco. Regards Rab
  7. Key Requests

    Hi Ray, I was just would be more than useful if the owners of RC4 would provide someone like your goodself with the algorithm necessary to produce a key (I'm guessing from name, e-mail and the number generated by the individual machine) as you respond so promptly. It was just a thought (anyway, I'm glad you got the 'Airplane' reference!....) Regards Rab
  8. Key Requests

    Thanks Ray, I've e-mailed Doug, so lets see what happens, If I might hazard a comment, it seems to me that it's the best add-on for flight simulator but the worst registration process. Surely there must be a better way of doing it without compromising security (and don't call me Shirley!)........ Regards Rab.
  9. Key Requests

    I'm getting increasingly cheesed off with the registration process.....I purchased and downloaded RCv4 from Digital River a few days ago. I sent a correctly formatted e-mail to the automated e-mail to It's now been a few days now and no answer. Are they still in business or should I request a refund from Digital River?