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  1. No need to spend money on the connection utility... FS2FF does the same but for free 🙂 Although developed initially for Foreflight it also works with Skydemon. https://github.com/astenlund/fs2ff Regards, Sylvain
  2. In a similar fashion like Switzerland there is now a highly detailed open source dataset available for all the buildings in The Netherlands. It is the result of a project of TU Delft, a big (aviation) technology university in the Netherlands. https://3dbag.nl/en/viewer LOD 2.2 as they call it even contains the info on sloped roofs for example. Probably too late for this data to be included in the upcoming World Update but maybe at a later stage... Regards, Sylvain
  3. *sigh* Last connection outage was just over 2 weeks ago 😞 It is indeed concerning you can’t even access the sim (simply without the online features) when Microsoft is having server issues. I know about the Xbox offline gaming setting but that only works for a single device. I sometimes use MSFS on my desktop and sometimes on my laptop so that’s not an absolute solution for me. Made a topic about this on the official forum that could use more votes... 😉 Please have a look if you are interested in better drm. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/suggestion-for-better-drm-digital-ownership/379255
  4. They really need to review their DRM system like Eagle Dynamics did for DCS World... Please have a look here and vote for a better DRM: Suggestion for better DRM - Digital Ownership - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums Regards, Sylvain
  5. Same issue here 😞 Microsoft/Asobo should really find a way to allow us to use the sim in case of server outages like this! Why are they not for example authenticating your profile for the next 3 days every time you launch the sim with an internet connection??
  6. Not about being thankful or not Manny but rather about setting expectations right... 😉 S.
  7. I'm a little amazed when I notice that the PMDG marketing talk manages to convince customers that incorrect system behavior is supposedly a consequence of the 'high degree of fidelity' of their simulated systems... PMDG is just really, really good at selling stories on top of their detailed, beautifully modelled, expensive and (mostly) accurate aircraft. Stories = emotions = sales Hot outside temperatures and open doors alone should not cause the air in the supply ducts to exceed 90°C. In fact, it's often the opposite - where cold weather require lots of warm air to heat up the cabin the first few moments you turn on the packs. If the temp selectors are set too high, the air temp in the supply ducts will surge and exceed the 90° threshold triggering the ZONE TEMP light. My post is absolutely not targeted at you personally as I know you were simply looking for an example to illustrate your point but simply wanted to mention that even PMDG is not always right, even when their big boss himself told you so. I do agree with your opinion that a detailed system simulation should get influenced by elements outside the purely scripted programming. Regards, Sylvain
  8. On top of that you can connect SkyDemon to MSFS during your flight by using FS2FF.exe I use it for every virtual VFR flight I make!
  9. 😂 I’ll add you later on when I launch FS. Need some more friends too! LOL Sylvain
  10. The version by Sven Schill is even better in my opinion: https://flightsim.to/file/6153/fliegerclub-st-johann-tirol-loij Great to have so many good choices! Regards, Sylvain
  11. Update has been RELEASED! Downloading now...
  12. Agreed! But it would not exactly be the next NEW thing. The idea is actually pretty old already. Many moons ago the indie sim ‘Vehicle Simulator’ by Ilan Papini already allowed you to do exactly that. Planes, boats and cars all in the same sandbox environment 🙂 Unfortunately the sim never gained much traction and Ilan was unable to sustain further development of the engine. Still hoping for an up-to-date platform to pickup the idea. Would be great indeed... Cheers, Sylvain
  13. Thanks for the follow-up post. This could be helpful for others in the future! Regards, Sylvain
  14. Thanks for trying Jose! it definately didn’t make to my spam folder. Don’t know what happened there... Got in touch with the forum admin in the meantime and managed to get a new password. Had to wait a bit but all is good in the end now! Cheers
  15. Hi Guys! Is there anyone else having trouble to create an account on the Condorsoaring forum? I’m not getting any email with the activation link and nobody from support replied to the mails I wrote them about this 10days ago. Bit disappointing after having paid almost 60€ for their sim... :( Regards, Sylle
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