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  1. Thanks for the follow-up post. This could be helpful for others in the future! Regards, Sylvain
  2. Thanks for trying Jose! it definately didn’t make to my spam folder. Don’t know what happened there... Got in touch with the forum admin in the meantime and managed to get a new password. Had to wait a bit but all is good in the end now! Cheers
  3. Hi Guys! Is there anyone else having trouble to create an account on the Condorsoaring forum? I’m not getting any email with the activation link and nobody from support replied to the mails I wrote them about this 10days ago. Bit disappointing after having paid almost 60€ for their sim... :( Regards, Sylle
  4. Stunning belgian classics you have flying there mate! Alles goed met jou? :) Cheers, Sylvain
  5. Hi guys, I thought this might interest those of you that come and take a look in this section of the forum... Ilan Papini, the maker of Hangsim, Virtual Sailor and Vehicle Simulator has now released a themed spinoff, based around water bombers, called 'Fire Flight'. The underlying sim engine has evolved quite a lot apparently which is making it run a lot smoother on today's hardware compared to VSF. Less stutters and loading times... Textures and sound did not evolve so much unfortunately... but the sim still allows for very easy addition of content so maybe some good chaps will be inspired and release some stuff for it? :) Regards, Sylvain
  6. Ilan Papini is working on the next iteration of this nice piece of software although at a slow pace. It has been published on Steam a few months ago but strangely enough, even with the inclusion of the necessary tools, it failed to gain a lot of traction with the modding community... http://store.steampowered.com/app/416190/ Hope to see it pick up in the future... The developer certainly deserves it!! He's always quick to reply when you contact him for support or tips. Cheers, Sylvain
  7. Thanks a lot for the feedback Etienne!The JAH (and JAX) has the same customer options as the JAD so you could simply replicate the settings the config file I included for your repaint...These three aircraft are also all fitted with the Boeing Sky Interior by the way.I'm planning to gradually roll out the whole JAF fleet over time. I'm taking some pics when I can to replicate the location of the various placards found in the flightdeck.Regards,Sylvain
  8. Hi guys,Now SP1 has been released you can download both the OO-JAD 'Magnificent' and OO-JBG 'Gerard Brackx' textures for the NGX HERE.The reason I decided to paint an already available registration is because I had access to the real OO-JAD very recently. This allowed me to integrate a lot of the smaller details like the cockpit placards and give you a much better 'as real as it gets' feeling.Just like with my iFly repaints, these 2 aircraft come with the correct customer options (as far as PMDG allows it). Don't be mistaken... you WILL discover differences between these two registrations. The OO-JAD is for example equipped with a fail-operational autopilot and carbon brakes.On the menu:- Detailed and more markings on the fuselage (and no white borders around the cockpit windows as you could see on the first bunch of NGX liveries being released)- Photoreal worn engine spinners- Modified pilot textures- Different rim textures for the aircrafts with carbon brakes- Company placards scattered around in the flightdeck at their real location- JAF checklist on both yokes- Cabin panelling in different color depending on registration corresponding with real life- Correct customer options for both registrations- ...Don't forget to turn on service based failures... http://library.avsim...=root&Go=Search!! You need to have the NGX SP1 installed correctly before installing these liveries !!Cheers,Sylvain Coolsaet
  9. >Thanx Clutch,>>I checked and saw that the textures were in the Vehicles>directory, but for some reason they did't show up. I converted>them to DXT3, restarted and tada ..... there were the busses.>>Great.>Idem here, textures were present in my FS directories in DXT1 (no alpha) format but not showing up in FS.I opened them with DXTbmp and resaved them as DXT1 (with alpha): problem solved!!Thanks for the help!Sylvain
  10. Hi Hans,I'm having exactly the same problem as Jeroen...Where can we find these RW12 textures? Are they included in the 9Dragons zip file or do we have to download them somewhere else??Thanks for your help,Sylvain
  11. Hi Clutch,I hope you guys will be able to find what is causing this util.dll crash!Great job so far, Thanks!Sylvain
  12. Hello Hugo!I'm sorry to hear you are fighting OOM errors on your PC.It could be interesting maybe to post your complete setup.With a 32bits OS like WinXP, adding more than 3Gb or Ram is useless and can even give some trouble if you are coupling all this with some high end vidcards with a lot of memory like the Geforce 8800.Some people will recommend you to modify some files of winXP and FS9 to allow FS9 to exceed the default 2Gb memory allocation but the downside of this method is that it can start to strangle your operating system with this...More explanation here:http://www.dansdata.com/askdan00015.htmI would first try to discover the source of the error. This could take some time but I think it will be worth it.- Does the OOM error happens on all long-haul flights you try to make? (try a complete other route at the other side of the world)- Does it still happen when you disable some of the add-on sceneries you are overflying? (could be a memory leak in one of your scenery add-ons)- Does it happen with other add-on planes as well?- It's possible you're page file (virtual memory) is fragmented which does not leave enough contiguous memory blocks for FS9. Try to keep an eye on the page file useage and defragment your page file.More info here: http://www.theeldergeek.com/page_files_and_fragmentation.htmI wish you luck Hugo!!Cheers,Sylvain
  13. Kudos to the team for all the hard work Clutch!!Looking forward to release :-)Regards,Sylvain
  14. Thanks Bob!Much appreciated!Merry christmas,Sylvain
  15. I can only agree with the other posters... Great Job!!Sylle
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