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  1. FrankR409

    I'm a pariah now...

    They got the Venema Enima, purged from the forum.
  2. FrankR409

    Land Class for the rest of North America

    I read something, but it didn't get very specific.
  3. Just curious if anything has been published, or even rumored ( :wink:) for the remainder of North America Land class from ORBX. I'm not impatient mind you, just curious.
  4. Ok, I will explain. Rex Direct (rd) is programmed to call Rex Essentials. (re) I go into rd and select weather, select the airport I will start, and generate/submit. rd calls both re and opens FSX. I begin my desired free flight from the airport I chose in rd and wait for weather to be injected but it never happens. Only if you perform the same selection of airport while in re does any weather injection occur in FSX. I opened a ticket at REX and they said they couldn't reproduce the problem I described. So how is it supposed to work? I don't see any point in calling the weather engine from rd if it isn't one seamless pass through, and the comments from REX do not make me think otherwise.
  5. Very real indeed. Steve has done an incredible service to our community with this product. I was amazed at the visual improvement. Even saw improvement in frame rates with my high end rig which I didn't think would be possible.
  6. I do not have a 4k Monitor yet. You could actually go up to 5K with the Titan X. I'm running it with a 2560 x 1440 and it is sweet!
  7. Time to destroy some stuff!
  8. FrankR409

    Rodney Dangerfield

  9. FrankR409

    Expected RMI Flag

  10. I bought a Titan X. It takes anything you can throw at it.
  11. FrankR409

    Star Wars The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer # 3

    Anyone got tickets for day one?
  12. I am using REX Direct and like it, but sadly not ASN. I am using REX Essential for weather. Go figure, it doesn't play well with Rex direct.
  13. FrankR409

    Fsx Steam Disappears

    I only run in full screen mode. Is there some advantage over running in windowed mode?
  14. FrankR409

    Beijing Airports

    Make it nice and dirty air-wise.