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  1. Alienware Cryo-tech ™ Edition CPU Liquid Cooling With a 1350 watt psu .
  2. I gave my comparable earlier in the thread as we essentially have the same system, except in one regard, I do not have anything in the community folder. Have you tried running your scenario with an empty community folder.
  3. I added some additional data points to MSI to track cpu temps and then ran my New York test run again. Frames in the 90-100 range, gpu temps around 55c. Cpu temps were around 65c with an occasional 70ish. Cpu usage was around 15%. I see in articles that the 13900 runs hot, and 100c is actually in operating limits, but I think I would be worried to see it even constantly in the 80’s. Hope the OP gets it all sorted.
  4. What the heck! I just bought the scenery pack around Newark a moment ago, same process, and no issues. Maybe your credit card provider will give you relief if you challenge it as a double charge.
  5. Zero issues here with the Steam account. There is an authorize button on the Steam transaction page that you have to hit, and it ought to work after that.
  6. As I pointed out in my earlier post with virtually the same equipment as OP, he should be generating very high frames. I wondered at first if his render scaling was set all the way up, but it appears he is actually under 100% there. I’m also wanting to assume that this is a newly purchased PC in which case a call to the manufacturer may be in order. Maybe the OP did the upgrade, and as you said something isn’t properly installed.
  7. I have virtually the same machine specs, all ultra (or highest setting) and terrain LOD at 400 and am still getting over 90 fps over New York for example in full 4k, so it isn’t that. Hope he finds what it is.
  8. My new system is up and running, the result were better than anticipated, not just in terms of frame rate, but in terms of fluidity as others have remarked. I went from an 10900/rtx3090 system to my new 13900/rtx4090. My settings are all ultra (or highest allowed) with DLSS quality and Directx 12beta. The previous benchmark test for me was simple. Leave my home airport of KEKM in the Steam gauge 172 and fly west over KSBN around 2500 feet. I would use a preset weather of clear at 2:00 pm. My frame rates would generally be around 53 frames per second. Not bad really, and it certainly would go lower with clouds and weather in non benchmarked flights. Today I simply used live weather and local time around 9:00 am. I knew I was in for an unbelievable treat when I was laying at 160 frames on the runway, and absolutely no regression from that in the air either using the same flight plan as before, in fact I managed anywhere from 160 to 165 frames in flight with very little deviation. The panning was completely fluid as well as every other aspect of the flight. With the new hardware setup and frame rates now tripled from before, I am completely amazed. If anyone is on the fence over migrating to the newer 40xx series cards, my advice would be to just do it if you can. The 13900 has a role in this as well as the newer ddr5 memory, so I think this isn’t just the card, but still incredible nevertheless.
  9. Like others, I have have never seen the benefits of it and leave it off, from the beginning. I do understand why those with slower internet connections might get a benefit though. I have never had stuttering on any hardware that I have run this simulator on either, but can’t really credit the cache being off to being a factor in the equation as I have no comparable to measure against. I’m not surprised to hear that having it off gives a better result though having said all of that.
  10. Can’t wait my 13900/rtx4090 is arriving this afternoon. Should be functional not later than Saturday. (so excited that I somehow double posted!)
  11. Can’t wait my 13900/rtx4090 is arriving this afternoon. Should be functional not later than Saturday.
  12. I am expecting a new system soon with a 4090. My 4e inch 4K monitor runs at 60 hz and is not gsync. If I am understanding this, I would cap the simulator at a fixed frame of 60? above that there would be screen tearing? I ask as with my 3090, at higher altitudes I have frame rates much higher than 60, and do not notice tearing. appreciate your replies.
  13. I was so lucky recently to be carted around in a Citation XL and get a chance to have an inflight review of systems and then have have lunch with our pilots to talk more about systems. The developer did a fine job of modeling HJet.
  14. My system based on the 13900 and 4090 is due mid-December. Can’t wait to get things going around my holiday time. Thanks for the encouraging results Ian!
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