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  1. I took the summer off from FS and realized my mistake after posting.Thinking pitch and mixture were all the way in at startup so should throttle.Duh.Ron
  2. My throttle in Carendo Cessna 182 is closed when pulled out and full open when pushed in.Is this correct?I assign and calibrate with FSUIPC.Thank you.Ron
  3. I have Blue Sky photoscenery installed in FTX areas.If I run it below FTX which one will I be seeing?Should I disable FTX if I want the photoscenery showing?Thank you,Ron
  4. I have my Megascenery above mesh,utx,and add on scenery.Not sure that totally right but it works.Someone else may have another suggestion.I have been using it for about a year and it has gotten me reinterested in FSX which I have been doing for like 30 yrs.Ron
  5. I think I used their scenery in FS9.???
  6. I did some research and found this is Blueskyscenery and very nice.
  7. Thank you.There used to be an option in FTX Central to enable/disable areas of scenery.I cannot find that now so I have disabled via Scenery Configurator.Is this correct way to disable/enable the scenery?Thank you,Ron
  8. I have installed West coast supposedly photoreal scenery by Project Open Scenery.Looks good to me.Have not seen it mentioned here.Anyone familiar with it?Thank you,Ron
  9. Thank you.That answers my questions.Yes I am using FSX with Scenery Configurator. however I have UTX installed per however it was supposed to be installed but that was a long time ago.It works fine but it is listed in my Scenery Configurator.Just above default scenery.I think I have it set up per Nick Needham's recommendations and "Bible", but there again that was a long time ago.Thank you for your help and info.Ron
  10. Jim,Referring to your response about FTX if. I have FTX higher priority than Megascenery same area it overrides Megascenery?That is my main question.I am thinking I prefer Megascenery over FTX.It seems to me that if Megascenery higher priority than other scenery it would take precedence,right?Thank you for your help.Ron
  11. Ok thank you.I used to be able to activate thru FTX Central.Ron
  12. I do not see that photoreal Washington scenery in Avsim library.At least not under FSX.
  13. Oh thank you for that.I saw a reference to them in Avsim screenshot forum.
  14. I disabled all my FTX ORBX scenery awhile back and do not remember how to enable it.I used to go FTX Central but option not there.Do I just do it with my Scenery Configurator?Thank you,Ron
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