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  1. Thank you for the quick and informative responses. That is info I needed. Ron from Starved Rock ,I’ll. 90 miles SW of Chicago
  2. I have flight sim Ed since it first came out but due to moving to a rural area with extremely limited internet I have not moved up to FS2020. I now have internet at 25mps. Is this adequate to run FS2020 with a new computer?Thank you,Ron
  3. In2tech,Thank you for your insight and you are correct about my ongoing interest and passion for FSing.Just got my FSX up and running properly again and am bored already🤔.Going to FS2020 new computer and internet after holidays.Maybe.My wife has decided we need to give oure 7 and 4 yr old grandkids a super slotcar race track for Christmas and set it up in our house.If I had suggested that you can imagine her response..🤣😃😅.So maybe have new hobby.Life goes on.Ron
  4. Steve Dar I sorry but not understanding your post.I was looking at p3d last winter and thought it was going to be a whole new learning process which at my age I have reservations about getting into.That why I happy to see new FS finally..I figured it would be basically similar to previous FS` and therefore fun to and challenging but familiar.I am assuming your are promoting the positive aspects of P3D.Thank you,Ron
  5. Thanks for the encouraging info.I only been away since last March when weather finally broke in Ill.Like I have said was getting bored then got real excited when new FS was announced.I knew would have to get new computer No problem.Only downside is I have get internet to run it.I live 2 locations and only 4 months in winter one where I use FS.We use our phone and tablets for limited amt of internet we use so now I need $50/ month internet.Then I think I 74 what $50 If I enjoy it.Just spending my kids money
  6. Thanks for the replies.Yes I am coming back to FS.Always have enjoyed it and the comradship from the forums.I am 74 and been doing this forever.Just started getting bored with FSX.Got in to photo scenery recently and that helped spice it up.Ron
  7. I sure this silly but I assume FS 2020 is far superior to FSX even with my huge scenery library?
  8. Amazing.I somehow blew the breaker for computer outlet etc.Reset it and rebooted.Gues what!All 3 quads now working.Go figure.Still going to go with new computer and FS 2020 after 1st of year.That when things really get boring in corn and bean field area of Illinois.🤣Ron
  9. Update.I just plunges throttle in to my office computer Win10 and it recognizes it.I even found the power management option under devices etc and it cod on.I cannot find this option on my FS computer Win7.Looked under my CH yoke and not there either.
  10. Sorry I mea nd sub port on computer.I st clicked on my ch yoke and pedals properties and have no option for turning off power saving.I just tied unplugging all three quads and rebooting computer thinking that might clear out quads.Then I rebooted but still did not get bong sound when plugging quads back in and they still not recognized.I have had computer shut down for long periods previously and not had this problem
  11. Can you please give me an idea what wording I need to search for what you referring to.I searched for to pilot and came up with a number of posts but did not see one regarding this issue.Will try again.Thank you
  12. Thank you.Unfortunately I am running Win 7 that for some reason would never update to 10.No idea why but it is what it is I guess.Thought I bought it legitamently.Computer was shut down but still had power going to it.Ron
  13. I have enjoyed FS since I bought my Tandy 1000 (not sure but from Radio Shack)and mr threw in FS PRogram.Long way back.Got really bored with FSX even with all add-ons .I have most of them.Now if I want FS 2020 need new computer and A high speed internet which I do not have now because I will only need it for Fs.Use phone and tablet for basic internet which all I need.Benefit of getting old.But I enjoy it so much going to spend my wife`s money on it.She spends mine on golf clubs.🤣😂Thanks for your support.Love this stuff.Ron
  14. Got it Thank you.My business same waiting on stuff all the time.Buy sweet corn.Dual use!🤣😃
  15. Hey thanks.Time flies the older I get.So I gett a new compter.Thank you
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