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  1. I have had my CH yoke forever and it is not responding well.I have CH pedals and Saitek throttle quadrants.Is there a more preferred yoke available now or just go with another but new CH?Thank you for advice in advance.Ron
  2. I am just getting into photo scenery and have made some observations therefore questions.I am flying low and slow in Cessna.I have disabled UTX because I noticed bridges etc.I have Megascenery priority above all my add on airports etc.Do I need to disable landclass or anything else?Thank you,Ron
  3. Thank you for responses.It seemed like a good idea to me but wanted other opinions.Been fsing for a very long time and just gettiing into Megascenery.Once I get above 2k ft I like it.Thanks,Ron
  4. I just bought several Megascenery states during Easter Sale.Is it ok to install all Megascenery scenery on external hd or will this slow down performance? Thanks Ron
  5. rpowers

    VC frwd view off center to right

    What specifically in view points?I have TrackIR and when I move to left and hit "center" It properly aligns me.Thanks
  6. rpowers

    VC frwd view off center to right

    Thank you.I am running 1920x1200x32 res.Pixel size is default 512,512.Do you mean change it to 1920,1920?Thanks,Ron
  7. Have new 40" monitor and everything is fine except for default DHC Beaver where VC view is off center to right so I am looking up left side of plane.All other planes are fine.Any thoughts? Thanks,Ron
  8. Problem resolved.Ron
  9. Just installed another throttle quad and reassigned everything. Working well except now AP and APR keep activating for no known reason.Rebooted etc but when start up AP and APR switches are on.Shut them down and come back on.Kind of like conversation at home,Any advice here? About AP not my domestic life,HaHa.Thanks from an old guy,Ron
  10. Thank you.I did that and desktop good.Then changed res in FS and now it looks good.Great picture compared to old Visio and ACER 28" monitor.Ron
  11. Just popped for Samsung 40" 4K TV for monitor.Running 3400(?) resolution.Set res in FSX for same and picture is great.My desktop icons and FS menu bar is very very small.If I change res pictures is distorted.How do I enlarge icons so my wife will not notice new TV?Old one was an old 32" Visio so not much different in size.Do not think she will notice if icons are same as before.HaHa.Thanks,Ron
  12. rpowers

    Slight pausing flying in Europe.

    I have eliminated anything I can find dif from North America and does not resolve problem.Turned off atc etc.Strange,North America good.Even tried Scotland tonight away from mainland Europe.Same problem.Ron
  13. I am recently experiencing slight pausing in Europe.Ok in North America etc.Have same scenery programs installed.UTX,GEX etc.Tried different planes still happens.Anyone have any thoughts?Thanks,Ron
  14. rpowers

    How to slew?

    I also tried pulling up Help menu but said not available,that is why I am asking.Thanks
  15. rpowers

    How to slew?

    Trying to slew floatplane backwards from dock.Push y and it says slew but I cannot make it move?Thanks,Ron