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  1. Its been years since Ive been in here, and good to be back and see familiar names. I gave up aircraft and working "Island Hoppers" the Great lakes Island Airports . Here is South Fox Island, odd place with its Dune cliffs and Beach runway.[/img]
  2. Casualcas

    Its been a long flight, and come a long way

    You are going back in time. And I thought the mountain peaks in fs95 were bad
  3. Casualcas

    Its been a long flight, and come a long way

    2 fps. Lol ahhhh the good Ole days of 8088's, dos, and green screens
  4. Casualcas

    Factory Fresh

    Then it's 1994!
  5. We sure have come a long way, I for one cant wait until tomorrow
  6. Casualcas

    Los Angeles to Hong Kong

    I miss Hong Kong now. The best vacation I ever had
  7. Casualcas

    Blurry Ground Textures

    Or turn off scenery that is competing. Like mesh on top of mesh, or UTX on top of some other sceneries vector scenery.
  8. Casualcas

    Viva Las Vegas

    What happens with viagra, stays in viagra. No viagra falls here!
  9. Casualcas

    ScreenShooter and Win10

    Lol. I'm a goof, I know
  10. Casualcas

    ScreenShooter and Win10

    They would rather have multiple apps open, then complain about frame rates.
  11. Casualcas

    Are you a master at the keyboard?

    Too late.... I'm already old. Ctrl-alt-del
  12. Casualcas


    I don't understand either. I have half the system you guys have. And I have no issues with fsx steam
  13. Casualcas

    Lurching when braking

    I know. There is more head toss, than a jeep on the Rubicon trail!
  14. Casualcas

    Looking for some scenery addons

    Check the Google map for what the freeware pack covers.
  15. Casualcas

    Getting back to FSX - What Are Must-Haves

    MISHA!! WELCOME BACK. it's been along time