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  1. I called 1:24 so people dont miss it cause it's so fast. Sorry, it's all the pot I'm smoking. Another Jack word not allowed. Jezus
  2. Ya guys dont remember Donegol at 1:42? Its quick but watch the water
  3. Easiest way to learn is find real ones. Go to flightaware.com and pick an airport or flight. Click on the details of that flight and it will show the route. Ie: fdx1618 to Indianapolis from kmsp ZMBRO7 ODI BRBIE JAKKS2 the first is (most of the time) the SID the last is the STAR AND waypoints in between you can use those in your CDU on board the 737 as for runway, always check atis and it will tell you what runway is in use, or... the wind direction , then find the runway into the wind.
  4. So many people here still ask, and I understand it can be daunting. So many options to choose, how's my system, how does my system rate? What do I buy if I need to? I have your solution, go to User Benchmark build page, https://www.userbenchmark.com/PCBuilder Where on the left you select your CPU and on the right select MS's suggested CPU. and compare figures side by side to see how your system fares. The same can be done with the GPU. Happy Analytics!
  5. I wish! I've only got 2 developers between 10 applications lol
  6. True. I haven't the need for 4k as well. Call it age, or eyesight, a bit of both, or too laid back. I've had no issue running xplane with high settings with ortho and hd mesh on screen or VR with my measly fx8350 even before Vulkan. So that's my benchmark. I dont know what happens tomorrow, or the next day. The plan is get it, install it and go from there. I dont jump when people say jump. I'll decide what I need and when.
  7. Or do what I do and give it up. Dont expect anything and you'll be happier.
  8. And when you are done taking me to school, look up figuratively
  9. With controller use. And an Avitab type EFB for geotiff import for charts. I'd wait too
  10. I think we've all been locked up too long with some of these responses. Lmao
  11. I should have said, sending out invites to all, but only a quarter get in. Lol
  12. They are having an office pizza party and they are sending out invites
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