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  1. PMDG has not been the leader in this space for a decade, despite what many state on this site. They rarely innovate anymore and seem to rehash essentially the same product since FSX…and charge a premium too. I thought MD80 and Majestic Dash 8 were far more immersive products. The latter was criminally underrated. Regardless, FENIX seems to have hit a home run here and may deserve the admiration we throw at PMDG for past innovation...
  2. That’s just it, Bob…all Accuseason does is change your trees. IMO, It looks ridiculous to have fall/spring trees with summer textures. REX has supposedly been working on textures/tones since December; however, they have a pretty long history of not completing their projects. Heck, I’m still waiting on my Airport improvements for REX worldwide airports. I simply don’t understand how making two clicks is inconvenient to the end users.
  3. That's fair; I abandoned AccuSeason because it did not change the tone; so, you have fall trees with summer grass. It just looks odd to my eyes.
  4. I actually have no idea what you’re talking about. Simmarket app notifies me there’s an update, I click one button to download a single zip file and two more clicks (Right Click > Extract to…)to unzip to my addon linker folder. If executing 3 clicks is problematic, than stay with REX. For anyone else, don’t be fooled by a prettier interface. Overall, REX is an inferior product for the reasons listed in this thread.
  5. It’s difficult to download and unzip a folder? That’s literally all you have to do.
  6. It’s difficult to download and unzip a folder? That’s literally all you have to do.
  7. If you use adding linker, the interface is irrelevant. Just link to the Bjorn season/folder you want
  8. Not sound too rude but your post lacks perspective. To that point, there are far more simmers who fly externally than from a 3d cockpit. Think about it, there are literally millions of young people who fly GTA using just external models....they're accustomed to this type of flying. In short, there's a market for this type of aircraft; moreover, I'm mystified why so many are offended by Capt Sim's market shift. To another poster's point, said market shift seems to be necessary as Capt Sim is clearly no longer intact.
  9. Why invest in software that’s 17 years old? You’re only going to find aircraft that were ‘great’ a decade ago. In fact, most developers have discontinued there FSX lines because the code is so old. My advice would be to divert your money instead to buying a good video card and MSFS. For the latter, get the free FBW A320, which is quickly moving into the great category. if you insist on FSX, I’d stay away from PMDG (can’t buy digital download anyway) because you’ll suffer OEM crashes and visual anomalies associated with a 32-bit base. I’d get the LDS767, which was absolute joy to fly two decades ago. If you need a 737, consider iFLY, which didn’t suffer as many OEMs.
  10. Had the same feeling, RaptryOne; in fact, if the FBW team implements VNAV, Flex Takeoff and Autoland before Fenix releases thier model, I doubt I'll feel compelled to buy the latter. FBW also is WAY ahead in ancillary features...it has the remote CDU, Simbrief integration, and multiple Virtual Copilot options I find indispensable.
  11. I'm part of the VATSIM crowd and I have NO desire for a third=party live weather engine; unlike the P3D days, I no longer need to write a program to start 8 different applications before my simulator.
  12. LM does not charge a licensing fee. The price disparity is based on an economic concept referred to as "price discrimination." In short, one market (i.e. P3D) is willing to pay more for the same product than another market. This is quite common in business and something you probably do all the time without knowing..
  13. The latter's AP does not work; to compensate, you need to edit the cfg so the plane doesn't plunge to earth when engaging the AP after takeoff. I don't think it's worth the price; you're better off with some freeware models you'll find online.
  14. I'm not and that's my point; specifically, the notion that the SDK was a limiting factor to produce Aircraft for MSFS. Those truly professional developers who are good at thier craft will find apertures around the SDK. With all the professional grade aircraft coming to MSFS, I believe it ends the assertion that MSFS SDK was/is limiting developers.
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