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  1. If I install ASP3D can I use it with both V4.5 and 5?
  2. What are you basing that information on? It's been stated multiple times by several developers that people want commercial aircraft they see at the their local airports; in fact, its the very reason we don't have an MD-11/DC-10.
  3. No worries! As I stated, I think the board directors are actually been doing a GREAT job! There seems to be a little more freedom to express opinions, which I appreciate. I also realize there's fine line between expressing an opinion and blatantly attacking someone...it's a difficult job for sure.... Thanks for giving me a chance to explain myself.
  4. Spot on, sir; I have to believe these opinions are based on their earlier releases. Today, my CS 757 performs as well as any of my PMDG aircraft. Yet, if we're being fair, it probably accurate to state the aircraft is drastically overpriced. I'd wait for their next sale; I managed to 'steal' it during their holiday sale for $25. At that price, it's probably the best value you can secure for a P3D V4 aircraft....
  5. In this context, board members referrers to individuals who have registered to become a member of this community; it was not meant to include those in a leadership capacity. Concerning the latter, i believe the team has been pleasantly neutral on the subject. Moreover, I don't think it's necessary "to name names" as it could be seen as a form of chastizaiton, which was not my aim...
  6. Impossible, David. I'm told by several AVSIM board members that this sim is more of a game than simulator, it will take a 'super computer' to run, it won't work without high-speed internet, add-on aicraft won't be ready for months/years, and my personal favorite, Microsoft will abandoned it like they did Flight; forget about the prior three decades of service they provided to the community. IMO, the opposition to a cutting edge simulator is perplexing; although, I suspect it has to do with the thousands of dollars we have invested in our current simulators (e.g. P3D/Xplane). If this as good as advertised, you can imagine a massive market shift, which will render the current platforms/ecosystem obsolete; after all, we all know the developers follow the market. It appears some people want to perpetuate the current system of buying a bland base sim and filling with outdated software. The current paradigm is just ridiculous; in order to get your P3D V5 simulators to acceptable appearance levels, you have to load FTX Global, plus hundreds/thousands of dollars of other add-ons. Concerning the former, said software is almost a decade old; so, you're buying a new sim to fill with an application(s) compiled a decade ago!? Yet, a significant amount of board members seem to want more of the same; I guess some people just hate change and MSFS represents a significant change...
  7. We'll be able to better judge once we're able to test with AS4 and/or complex aircraft (e.g. FSLabs or PMDG); I think some people forget that wx is huge burden on FPS. Still, I have no doubts it preforms better; I just don't think it's as significant as some are portraying...
  8. There are other copilot programs that don't charge for every update, plane or version. I'd recommend checking one of the out.
  9. Vector DOES contain bridges, along with tunnels, railroads, swamps, streams, parks, power lines, golf courses, and beaches. If you fly VFR, it's a critical tool; the picture you posted is just horrendous and is no where close to "excellent quality"; in fact, it's just the opposite. Again, major roads without bridges, houses in waters, lakes that look like blocks... I suspect ORBX doesn't want to invest the resources to update a product that was heavily criticized and misunderstood; so, they offered an explanation to appease the masses. After flying in stock V5, I realize just how badly we need vector; I could barely recognize my HOME town. Why do your rivers/lakes look like tar?
  10. You have roads without bridges, missing secondary roads, houses almost in the water, and several other anomalies; if you're trying to prove V5 doesn't need vector data, you missed the mark. Why does your water look like tar? This looks terrible!
  11. It depends on the intensity/duration of the demand; clearly, LM Management feels said demand is temporary and doesn't warrant additional resource expenditure and/or reallocation. Also, when referring to launch days, are you conflating entertainment software (e.g. COD, GTA, etch) with training/professional applications? Surely, the latter doesn't fit in to the same category and shouldn't warrant the same resources? Regardless, I enjoyed the discussion, Luke; and, thank you for everything you do for DVA!!!!!
  12. Exactly Luke! However, it's finite; so, if you have higher grossing applications/services,you're not going to allocate from it to give to a less profitable platform. Also, to my knowledge, LM has their own cloud service solution; so, it's not about buying temporary services. I can't speak to whether P3D resides on it, but they do have their own service, which makes sense given the sensitivity of their primary business...
  13. There's a clear lack of understanding how digital content is delivered to the end user; today, computer resources can be dynamically allocated. In short, LM probably chose not to allocate additional bandwidth/edge computing to their cloud service platforms; from a finical perspective, it makes sense not to allocate additional resources to deal with a temporary demand, especially when said resources are need for other applications. Thus, even a moderate increase in demand will be noticeable to the end-user. Obviously, there's going to be a larger demand during the first few hours of release; especially when large swaths of the world are sitting at home simultaneously, which is very atypical. You'll know if the release is widely popular if you experience the same difficulties in 72+ hrs, then your smugness may be justified...
  14. Per V5 changlong: Updated global terrain, elevation, water/shoreline data, and traffic routes. What about Golf Courses, Swamps, Powerlines, secondary roads, railroad tracks and all the other data FTX Vector provides? Those elements are vital when flying VFR. Can someone confirm V5 has this data?
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