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  1. kingm56

    Best Flight Planner

    Do you use EFB2? If you do, you can configure that to inject the flight plan into your flight sim, which AS can read. Just saves another step.
  2. kingm56

    Best Flight Planner

    You don't need to do that; simply select the option and AS will directly important the Flight Sim flight plan into AS.
  3. kingm56

    Best Flight Planner

    Yes - you can either type the SID/STAR into the route section or navigate to SID/STAR section directly below the route section. There's a pretty big button that says SIDS/STARS; you can't miss it...
  4. kingm56

    PFPX V2

    I use both; PFPX for domestic and SIMBRIEF for international. I find the latter to be far superior with NAT planning. To that point, SIMBRIEF is capable of planning an accurate flight plan using current NATs, SIDS, STARS and ETOPS. It does so with a click of a single button. Plus, it really excels at selecting the correct runways in use. It doesn’t require a subscription to pull the current NATs; it does all this for free. I find it ironic that PFPX V2 is adding features already available via SIMBRIEF. To answer your question, SIMBRIEF can use HiFi wx file to extract data. I find it as accurate as PFPX; after all, Accounting for winds aloft is not a difficult arithmetic problem, once you have the data.
  5. kingm56

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    Is anyone else have issues with the auto throttle/altitude? The latter has been really problematic! I would appreciate any insight...
  6. kingm56

    PMDG 777 goes off-route

    Sir, Please don’t take this as an insult, but i would highly encourage you to use and follow the tutorial flights. Again, I don’t mean to be insulting but some of your questions/answers indicates you have some gaps in your aviation knowledge (WE ALL DID AT ONE TIME). If you don’t understand the fundamentals, flying PMDG birds can be frustrating; they were for me when I first stated. The tutorial flights are wonderful resources and extremely well put together. Fly s couple of them and you’ll have this bird down cold...
  7. kingm56

    Aerosoft CRJ

    I suffered from numerous crashes and LNAV issues; consequently, I have shelved this bird. It looks and flys great; yet, it lacks a polish feel. I’ll tell you, I can’t stand some of the high-end developers; they have raised the bar so high that I find it difficult to enjoy aircraft that fail to meet this bar. Still, having said that, I’d still recommend this aircraft. The crashes seem to effect a small percentage of users; so, it’s likely you won’t encounter this issue. You can’t beat the price either; I’d go for it...
  8. kingm56

    How to completely remove Aerosoft A320 radar?

    Completely agree, Anders. I know longer discuss the subject on their forums.
  9. kingm56

    How to completely remove Aerosoft A320 radar?

    Derogatory? What part of his post did you find derogatory? Stating he has an issue is far from being derogatory. BTW, when did it become frowned upon to ask fellow Avsim visitors for assistance? To your mind, what subjects should be discussed on a website dedicated to flight simulators? Surely there’s room to seek technical advice from the myriad of gifted posters who occupy this space.
  10. kingm56

    How to completely remove Aerosoft A320 radar?

    Was the first part of your post necessary? Mr Young has been part of Avsim for 15+ years and was part of the RealAir team; a commercial entity that produced amazing, some say the best, GA aircraft you could buy. I believe he’s renowned for developing flight models. To that point, he’s somewhat of a promenade ‘commercial member.’ In the feature, you may want to consider not asking such rhetorical questions; otherwise, you may come off as word not allowed... Mr Young, I believe the wx radar is intigraded into the ‘main’ gauge; thus, I don’t believe it can be independently removed. I find Aersoft wx radar to be highly inaccurate, especially when compared to PMDGs modeling.
  11. kingm56

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    There wasn't; we saw these exact claims when 4.3 was released, which is what I assume the Deja Vu comments were referring to. The faster loading times probably have more to do with updating the client (and subsequent .cfgs) than 4.4 itself. Although, I hope I'm mistaken...
  12. kingm56

    Moving to P3D soon .......

    That is not fair! Your post are extremely difficult to read; thus, I'm left to decipher what you're trying to say. Yes, I know SF comes with textures, WHICH WAS MY POINT. I didn't infer ANYTHING, you explicitly stated the following: "use REX skyforce with REX textures" The key word is 'with;' thus, implying one should use SF WITH REX textures; To be clear, REX Textures is an ACUTAL SEPERATE PRODUCT LINE (e.g. Rex Texture Direct, Soft Clouds, etc...), which is why I was confused and asking a legit question. Instead of calling me out, why don't you take 5 extra seconds to articulate a clear/legible post? Using punctuations and capitalization helps the reader determine where one idea ends and another begins. Or, you can call me a troll for not being able to read your mind.... I'm not trying to be a jerk; however, IMO, you leave yourself open to scrutiny when you call someone a troll without merit. I'd like to have a legit discussion regarding the merits of AS4/ASCA and SF. If I understand you correctly, you're recommending SF because it comes with better textures? I may be mistaken, but I think flight simmers are more concerned with weather simulations capable of mimicking accurate current and historical data that fluctuates organically. In it's current state, SF is not capable of meeting that core function. If I'm mistaken, please explain why, vice trying to take the moral high-ground and/or calling me names...
  13. kingm56

    Moving to P3D soon .......

    Your post is confusing (and difficult to read). Do you understand the difference between weather engines and weather textures? I asked because this statement/question is confusing: "Skyforce includes textures,why would he want to buy any other weather program" Using your logic, there's no need to buy SF; after all, FSX/P3D includes textures, so why do I need to buy REX? Moreover, why do you need REX Skyforce with REX textures? The former contains Gbs upon Gbs of textures; if you have the former, you don't need the latter. I'll also add that AS4 and ASCA (textures) cost is on par with SF. Factoring the massive difference between wx engines, the former is probably the smarter buy. Although, ideally you would use HiFi wx engine and SF for textures... BTW, the upcoming 'patch' was suppose to be a completely separate product/purchase; however, for obvious reasons, REX decided to include it as part of SF. We'll have to wait and see if it's an actual improvement. If we know anything about REX is they tend to overhype their software. Plus, it takes them forever to deliver on free upgrades. I'm still waiting on my WW Airport updates (it's been 3/4 years?). Again, to the OP, if you currently have AS4, I think you will be disappointed reverting to SF wx engine; there are copious YouTube videos that explain said wx engines deficiencies...
  14. kingm56

    Moving to P3D soon .......

    In terms of wx engines, yes they are. The 8 years wasn't pulled from the ether; it was roughly the time when HiFi announced they were able to work outside ESP's limited SDK (i.e. AS2012). Thus, they solved the sudden weather shifts, abrupt winds aloft changes and cloud popping long ago. SF wx engine still relies on ESPs SDK; thus, those issues still occurs. In short, SF wx engine is on par with ASX, which was released 8 years ago (circa 2010). The comment wasn't "over the top"; instead, it was based on logic predicated on facts. Please show me where I err.... Your comment concerning ASP4 plateauing is perplexing; you assert that because SF is newer, it's better? Skysims MD-11 is 8 years newer than PMDGs version. Is the former better than the latter? Moreover, why do imply that HiFi has ceased development (plateau)? Unlike REX, HiFi doesn't make hyperbole claims regarding future products; conversely, they release no details regarding future products until just before release. We would be crazy to assume HiFi isn't working on an update, especially when you consider their release history; they release a new product every 2.5 years. REX makes incredible textures! However, in terms of weather engines, they're nowhere close to HiFi. If they were, do you think SF would allow you to use 3rd party weather engines? That alone is acknowledgment that their weather engine is not up to par with competing products. If it was, there would be no need for this option.
  15. kingm56

    Moving to P3D soon .......

    Could not disagree more; SF wx engine is no where close to HIFI's model. In fact, it's almost 8 years behind AS2016; as a result of REX still relying on ESPs old SDK, their wx engine still suffers from 'popping' and abrupt wx changes. These problems were resolved by HiFi with the release of AS2012; their subsequent products (ASN and AS2016) have only gotten better. They are not even remotely on par with each other... BTW, the OP does not need to pay an upgrade price REX Sky Force; the license is good for both products...