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  1. If you have an iPad already, check out Touch Portal. It's a one time purchase and it will do much more that Stream Deck mobile will. There are even user created MSFS profiles you can use that can control a lot of things like AP, radio comm/nav etc. I would have never bought a Stream Deck if I knew about Touch Portal first. https://www.touch-portal.com/ Here is a post for a user created Fenix A320 page for Touch Portal. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/touch-portal-fenix-a320-essential/554820 Flightsim to has so many Touch Portal panels for you to try. https://flightsim.to/discover/touch portal
  2. I recently switched to Windows 11 and the only thing I noticed was that HDR works much better in Windows 11 than it did in Windows 10. I actually couldn't use it with the sim in Windows 10 for some reason. I was hoping for a performance boost with the switch as well but didn't notice one.
  3. Hello, I see you can select between multiple output speakers but I would love it if we could do the same for mics. I have three different mics on my PC and sometimes the default mic setup in windows is not the one I would want to use with FS2Crew. For example. I have an XLR mic setup as my default mic that I use for recordings. But I really would like to use my headset mic as for FS2Crew when I'm not recording videos since the XLR mic is a big. I'd rather set the mic with your the FS2Crew program instead of having to change the settings globally. Thank you for your consideration.
  4. HI Manuel, The public beta update has fixed my issue. Thank you so much for the "above and beyond" support you've provided. I can't wait to see what other things you have in store of this software in the future!
  5. Manuel, Thanks for looking into this! I'm excited you were able to reproduce and solve my issue. I look forward to test out the public beta when it's released. You can also disregard my "not having an Options options". That was a user error on my part. I have that option. 🙂
  6. Hi, It’s KBNA, Nashville International Airport. I’ll grab a screenshot of my main menu when I get home and add it to this post. Thanks for help!
  7. Hello all, I ran into a similar issue from another person's post below but I don't have the "options" option in my UGCX menu. I'm loaded up at payware KBNA in P3Dv5. When I try to start the push back it tells me it can't find an airport. I've sure it's something I've not setup correctly as this is my second time trying to use the program. Please see UGCX log in the spoiler since I can't seem to find away to attached the log file to the post. Thanks in advanced for the help!
  8. Sorry, stupid question but where is the zip file to put in the community folder? I see you mentioning it in other posts below but I don't see a link to download a zip package.
  9. I'm getting it this weekend. I stopped using P3D shortly after it went to 64-bit and moved over to X-Plane. I moved over for a few reasons but the biggest one was the airport database being so out of date. I didn't want to keep buying airports to get correct runways, taxi ways, etc. At that time, X-Plane offered what I was looking for but I also lost some really nice stuff like weather, seasons, PMDG, etc. Last week I had ZERO plans on moving back to P3D and was waiting for MSFS. However, after they announced v5 with updated airports and DX12 I'm going to give it a go because they have fixed some of the main things that caused me to move over to XP. I've really missed PMDG planes and FS2Crew so I'm looking forward to using them again. I'm not getting rid of X-Plane anytime soon but I'll be back to flying 2 sims again.
  10. I know it's been several months since my last post but I felt I still needed to post an update. After my last post I continued to have issues and gave up on P3D for a bit and flew only X-Plane 11 for a while. Completely stable and zero issues for me which I was a welcome change and I could finally enjoy flight sim again. However, missing my PMDG aircraft I decided to try to fix my P3D issues one last time. Last week I completely removed P3D and reinstalled the latest stable version and took the advise from this post. I'm happy to report that I think I may finally have a stable P3D (fingers crossed). I have been able to complete a 10 hour flight which I have NEVER been able to do. This had nothing to do with VAS issues but more of an unstable sim the crashed all the time with plenty of VAS remaining. Now I'm trying to get a good baseline on my sim at KLAX with the PMDG 747 before I start adding back my addons. Currently I'm getting between 20 - 25 frames on the ground in the flight deck. Sometimes it drops down to the the mid teens which makes it very jittery. I think I will open a different post for help / suggestions from you guys on that issue. So thank you for the assistance on this issue.
  11. Thank you Robert for the news on P3D and FSW. I, however, would like to see a post about your official stance on X-Plane 10 and 11 going forward. Even it if is not in favor of it at least to me the wondering will be over. :-)
  12. Thanks Jim for the suggestions. Sorry for the delayed response as I didn't do much simming during with holidays. I updated every addon that would update and so far I've completed two flights with the NGX with no issues. One flight was even over 4 hours which is something I've not been about to do with P3D yet. Granted, I only used locally installed addons. Testing the networked addons are next on my list. My next test is to use my EFB on my secondary computer and my tablet FMC addon to see if I can complete a whole flight. Several freezes I believe to have been happening when using networked addons so I hope with will be fixed as well as I love the tablet FMS for the NGX. I'll report back after I'm able to do the additional testing. Again, thanks for the help.
  13. I do believe so. Here are the versions I have installed. 10.0.60905.0 10.0.61242.0 10.0.61259.0 10.0.62615.0
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