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  1. At least they state the facts this time. Their JFK and LAX sceneries are unusable with PG disabled (for me, at least).
  2. I see it quite regularly. ☹️ I then use the known work around to go up in drone mode. Or I just try to ignore it. I would love it to get fixed.
  3. The scenery comes with nool (that's the developer) Visual Docking Guiding Systems (in short VDGS) preconfigured at many of the gates. That's an add-on within the add-on, if you will. This add-on is known to cause performance trouble for some users, I guess because of the number of objects, but don't know the details. It's just something you read here and there if you are regularly on the forums. Now, if you for example use GSX, or can sacrifice the VDGS in general, there is a way to get rid of the nool VGDS (even if just for testing). I personally use GSX instead of nool VGDS and have no performance problems with the scenery. But to be honest, I haven't even tried with nool. I disabled it right away, as I do with every scenery that comes with it. Hope that helps.
  4. If you don't rely on nool VGDS you can delete/uninstall this. It is known to cause performance issues (for some).
  5. I bought KOAK by bmw/AmSim to cover the bay and I quite like it. But I look forward to KSFO, of course.
  6. Inibuilds is involved, what do you expect? Just being a little sarcastic...
  7. Oh no, please no bumps! These terra forming bumps are becoming a real nightmare for me. I have them all over inibuilds LAX and JFK. I'm not sure, but I guess, the problem is I don't use photo grammetry.
  8. Highest respect for the FBW team! It's already a big accomplishment how far they have come with this huge project. Very much looking forward to this release.
  9. Bahamas do indeed look very nice now. They did good work here.
  10. I'm not sure if you're open for this but my advice is get yourself a tool that handles your controls and peripherals and not only that, but it does this on a profile basis. Meaning not needing to go into menus when flying something different. I guess you heard of AAO, FSUIPC and Spad Next?
  11. Yes, this can all be done with FSUIPC, and much more. I can long press, double press, rotate and so on. BUT, there are no solutions out of the box for that. You need to dive into lua programming. I think this is the way to go for people who don't need FSUIPC for other things.
  12. The update we are about to receive next should address most, if not all of these issues, though.
  13. I think you are mixing up World Updates (we just had WU16) and Sim Updates (we will get SU15 next). Yes, it's confusing.
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