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  1. Thanks for the info. I got mine on Christmas and have already set it up to my liking with FSUIPC. 46€ is a steal. The only thing I don't like is the really thick and stiff usb cable, which is always in the way, somehow.
  2. Not by much, unfortunately. I honestly didn't feel much difference and the fps counter confirmed it, too.
  3. I bought it relatively cheap in one of their sales periods. It's also my worst performing airport add-on of them all (it's my only iniscene airport, though). Even with the newly released optimization, I still only get around 20 to 25 fps. I get around double of that in most of my other sceneries including mega hubs made by flightbeam, flytampa and fsdreamteam. I blame my 6gb GPU, but an airport that size should run better. And the competition proves it is possible.
  4. Well, that was easier than I thought. Thanks for taking the initiative! There are currently 21 sounds required for a complete soundset. Takeoff: FLEX SET / TOGA SET, 100 KNOTS, VEE ONE, ROTATE, POSITIVE CLIMB, CLIMB SET Landing: SPOILERS, REVERSE GREEN, DECEL, 70 KNOTS Gear confirmation: GEAR UP, GEAR DOWN Flaps confirmation: FLAPS UP, FLAPS 1, FLAPS 2, FLAPS 3, FLAPS FULL Special: STOP (rejected takeoff), STAND UP, GO (touch-and-go) As far as I know, the samples must be in wav format for FSUIPC to play them. But I could convert them later, if mp3 is easier for you. More important for me would be an consistent loudness across all recordings and of course the general sound quality. Also very important is emphasis and not cutting to tight at the beginning/end. I would recommend downloading PMCO and listening to the included sounds in that soundset. They are a very good reference, as I think Nick Kidd did an excellent job on them. There are also links to youtube videos of PMCO in the file description. @G550flyer and @rjack1282, thanks for considering contributing to PMCO. 🚀
  5. I would be happy to add another voice set, preferably a US one. Unfortunately, nobody has offered me to record one so far. I could record one myself with German accent, but I think my voice just doesn't sound convincing. And then there is this German accent... 😖 If you manage to get it installed properly, I think it's very robust. Most of the problems people have are purely FSUIPC related. Yet, I try to help everyone that has issues. I agree. It has an indirect cost, if you are not already using the paid FSUIPC for other reasons. That's the target group, if you will. I'm not charging anything myself, though. I do it all for free. It's my contribution to the community, because I benefit a lot from the community myself.
  6. One of the very big surprises after switching sim. I was always limited to daytime flying in P3D. 🤣
  7. Thanks, I didn't know. That fact makes it a little inconvenient, though. The best solution would be to have a parameter in the GSX config for all the aircraft.
  8. Pretty sure you're not correct. You can customize all kinds of things but you can not exclude any pushback trucks. It's something that has often been asked in the fsdt forums. Happy to be proven wrong.
  9. With the IAE engine also comes the advanced engine model. (Hopefully) meaning closer to real engine performance and fuel burn. It is my vote.
  10. I don't agree. I waited specifically for sales to buy the add-on scenery I wanted. Saving 30 to 40% is substantial. And I'm happy to see even the big ones participated like flightbeam, flytampa and fsdt. I'm very happy with this year's black week. I was hoping for KLAS from flytampa. That was not on sale, unfortunately.
  11. I liked that feature in the Fslabs (P3D). Would be fantastic to have this in MSFS, even if it's just a purely visual thing.
  12. Seems my concern was not unfounded. They now advise to uninstall Navigraph data for the base sim "until the issue is addressed".
  13. I'm a little worried it has no navigraph support. Simbrief is using navigraph AIRAC, isn't it? Isn't that about to create problems with mismatching navigation data, if you import Simbrief flightplans into the aircraft? And it's already showing. There are many posts on their discord with CTD or hanging systems when trying to import a flightplan. Is there a safe way to avoid these conflicts?
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