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  1. Yes, but the combination of your tools can not prevent the clock from accumulating a small error (seconds, maybe some minutes) during longer flights, right?
  2. It's a good tool. For this price, money well spent. 🤗
  3. Great! Happy to help one of my all time favorite painters. Is this the MD-82 model or the newly released MD-83 / MD-88? Do the models even differ?
  4. Thanks. And you can move the rudder without turning the nose wheel?
  5. Thanks Dave, good to know. What profile are you using?
  6. Oh no! 😭 Actually I don't want to go back to addons that don't offer realistic flight control setups. So you can save panel states via P3D menu but not in the FMC? That's okay, as I would do it only once anyway. Thanks David!
  7. Hi @Steve Dra, did you know, that changing the texture resolution within P3D (Options>Graphics>Display>Texture Resolution) reloads all the textures of the addon aircraft? This is true for all "normal" textures I came across. I know nothing about pbr but in the end they are still textures, no? Maybe it helps you save some time and nerves.
  8. Seeing they keep on improving an already very good looking product I am tempted to give myself a nice little Xmas present. As they have no place for me to ask on their own forums prior to purchase (which is sad), I want to try good old avsim to get the answers to my questions. Thanks in advance. # Is it possible to use separate axis for tiller and rudder like in other study level addons (FSL A320 or Majestic Q400 are the only ones I know who did it right)? # Does loading / importing PFPX flightplans into the FMC work? # What is your experience with the default modules for the MD-82 of PFPX and TOPCAT? Are they good enough? Are there better ones available? # Is it possible to create customized panel states which are automatically loaded with the aircraft (like it is nicely done with PMDG aircraft)? I have seen in reviews there are three default states but that's not what I mean. # How is performance compared to PMDG NGX and FSL A320? Lastly, what is (in your opinion) the main point of critique about this addon? I ask this because I want to avoid buying an addon which in the end I will not use. At the moment, I exclusively fly the FSL A320/A319, because for me personally, this is the pinnacle of desktop flightsimming. I feel the Leonardo Maddog is close or equal in most regards and even above in others (visuals). Thanks again and merry christmas to all of you.
  9. I know this is the FSX forum, but has anyone succeeded to install this scenery in P3D? Thanks.
  10. Has this question been answered anywhere in the forums? This thread was the only one I found. A search for RF is not possible, so tried it with radius...
  11. I had to import my NVIDIA inspector settings (thank god I made a backup) and install the saitek drivers again. The rest worked from the beginning. Hope you get your problems fixed.
  12. Thats true! Very impressive list of scenery. But will they work in P3D without modifications? In my experience, there is often work required to get FSX scenery working in P3D, if at all. Most of the time there are missing buildings, which I think are referencing to FSX models which are simply not there in P3D. I don't know, but it's often a pain. If only there would be confirmation that these sceneries are P3D compatible. Try and error takes so much time and is often frustrating. Edit: I just tried to install this nice looking LTAI 2014 scenery found on this link and most of the buildings are missing. So these are not necessarily compatible with P3D.
  13. I disabled anti virus and firewall completely but it did not improve anything. My feeling is, the issue comes from video driver settings. Although they are exactly the same as before on win7. Maybe nvidia inspector works different on windows 10. I don`t know. I think about degrading back to win7.
  14. Hi Albert, I see exactly the same stuttering now with windows 10. No problem keeping the locked 30fps but ~ every two seconds there is this small but noticeable lag - even with default aircraft in remote scenery. I must admit, I did no fresh install of windows 10 but rather chose to upgrade from windows 7 to try and find out with minimal effort. I did not have the time to investigate much. I still use FSX as the problem is not a complete show stopper for me. But before on windows 7 everything was nice and smooth. I used Word Not Allowed's FSX tweaking guide to setup FSX and windows 7 (and now windows 10) including all of your mentioned points from the quote above. Would be nice to find out what the cause for this is...
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