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  1. For Windows 10, [Win] + [Print (Screen)] keys should also work. The path is the same as stated above. I have not tried it yet in MSFS but I used it a lot in P3D.
  2. In one of his mod descriptions @kaosfere explained that it's possible to replace only parts of files in the VFS, so it might not be THAT easy. But it sounds possible.
  3. Well, it's tough. That's why an automated solution would help immensely. If I'm not mistaken, the layout.json holds all the info, which files are added to the virtual file system. It should be possible to look for duplicates in all the layout files activated by your tool. Of course, if you have a high number of packages installed, it requires a bit of processing. Maybe it's possible, not sure.
  4. I think this is a wonderful app. It does most of what I need very good. Thanks to the author! Now, if it could detect possible conflicts of add-ons, that would be something. I guess that would require lots of work.
  5. Yes, it's there and all the other theme parks. It even has its own poi if I remember correctly. Start your search from Kissimmee and head north west. It's not far.
  6. I wish they would, but they don't on my system. They seem to revert to the settings pre patch 2. I then made the changes in the userconfig file and they stick. I can confirm this.
  7. Is this a typo? I've always seen -1 suggested. What's that number actually doing? Thanks
  8. I like the positive vibe of this thread. Not that it matters much but I also like the sim already in its current state. It has amazing elements.
  9. Each to his own, it's a valid request. Documentation is about the last thing I've been missing, personally. I also haven't seen too many threads in the MSFS forums about missing documentation but maybe I didn't search hard enough.
  10. Strange indeed. Going to look for threads to upvote in the MSFS forum... I hope with the next update all of these weather issues will be worked on again.
  11. Not exactly sure about all the content but the sharpening was still disabled after the update. I didn't change write protection, though.
  12. It's possible. I'm doing it like this. There is a dedicated forum for LNM where you can read how it's done.
  13. Call me naive but I hope that's just another thing that gets addressed by Asobo / Navblue.
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