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  1. I usually float the 737. Fenix A320 - usually average -80 -> -220 most times.
  2. Yes - 737-7 BBJ has the longest range. Just add the additional ~8 or 9 (can't remember how many exactly) AUX fuel tanks via FMC.
  3. Sure he could. Any company has a defined product roadmap. Yes, it'll flex - but they'll know what their sequencing looks like. How could you run a business by not knowing what you're doing?
  4. Meh - recycled stuff. I’ll pass. The 737-700 is fine, 800/900 don’t add anything except weight and some tweaks. Not worth another 60$. Where’s the EFB and new things that PMDG haven’t done before (i.e. 787?)? I’ll be more excited then. For now, PMDG aren’t innovating. They’re continuing to milk their cash cow same product line that released in 2010, 13 years ago. We’ll see the same with the 747, 777 etc.
  5. Sorry - but this doesn’t make sense. Why buy a complex add-on aircraft and then use a keyboard to control it? While maybe there is some kind of bug present here, like someone also suggested, there’s probably a tiny % of people using a keyboard for this aircraft. The bug or issue will likely be at the bottom of any priority list for the Fenix devs.
  6. Nuts. Very old article from 2014, but, the correct decision in regards to being charged - so dangerous for other folk around the aircraft. I’d expect something like this from good ole Murica! Not Aussie land!
  7. MS/Asobo must be paying Inibuilds a significant sum of cash for this. Amazing, love how the MSFS community is developing.
  8. Initially I was using the IGPU that my 8700K had. Altohugh, since the latest update, I have been using CPU rendering successfully. Also have a 3080, but don’t use it for Fenix display rendering.
  9. Some people are hearing impaired or deaf. I doubt text only is a ‘terrible experience’ for those folks, who perhaps, is their only way to interact on an online network. I’d prefer not to exclude folks, because of a disability. Wouldn’t you?
  10. Text / no voice is perfectly fine. Perhaps start with this until you get the confidence you need to use voice. Remember, hearing impaired or deaf folks may not have any option, other than to use text either 🙂.
  11. I believe they've acknowledged a bug here and are working on it (re remembering default states) - per their discord channels.
  12. Your second screenshot shows your parking brake is on, that's probably not helping :)
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