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  1. LOL, time to crank down those sliders that are obviously to high for your hardware if you're only getting 15fps. 980ti here, 60+FPS.
  2. Just about to complete a 8hr flight with the 748F. Max VRAM has been about 3.9 for me (980 ti (6GB VRAM) (flightbeam + PMDG + Activesky + Orbx Mesh & Global & LC in use). All fine here, high FPS & stable. Then again, I'm not trying to max everything out, so probably why I'm not experiencing any performance issues or any CTD's etc. I've seen tonnes of people wondering why they're getting CTD's and they're trying to max as many sliders as possible .
  3. No, they're two separate things.
  4. You need to download the new installers from your account on the PMDG site. Update by OC is not possible for this update, I believe
  5. It does, and has for a few weeks. Details here: https://orbxdirect.com/prepar3d-v5
  6. That's not how X-Plane looks. The video has some hideous Re-shade preset enabled.
  7. Your site is insecure, yet you ask for login details and personal information for registration......
  8. No one will know until the pricing is announced. The question to ask yourself: Am I ok with paying full price for V2 now, and ok paying full price for V3 if there is no upgrade pricing? If yes, then purchase now. If not, then wait.
  9. You need central to be installed.
  10. Useful, thanks! Was this done using the hotfix or the initial release (out of curiosity?)?
  11. Yeah, I usually get that if I change my AA type or apply any shader tweaks.
  12. Your activity seems pretty odd tbh. I’d be suspicious of your intentions. Why would you purchase something multiple times to get around ‘registration issues’? —— I have bad OCD and often reinstall windows because it becomes too cluttered for me. Sometimes reinstalling windows multiple times a month! My single purchases from simmarket have all been fine with constant re-downloads and registrations.
  13. For a start, you’re maxing your settings, probably beyond what your system can handle. Your VRAM is probably being munched.
  14. Ban everything, total dictator rule must prevail. Seriously, who cares. Worry about something else.
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