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  1. By allowing people the choice to stay on older versions, it creates a real pain from a development standpoint (both 3rd party and for Asobo). Asobo are right to force latest versions and not give users the choice. This community here/flightsimmers aren’t used to it, because people here often like to stay on outdated releases (yes, there may be more stability and less bleeding edge), but ultimately, it becomes a nightmare from a support and development standpoint.
  2. Why would it be frustrating?
  3. Probably some issue, I’m sure it’ll be fixed (considering it’s still for sale on Sim Market etc). If it had vanished from sim market and the site was offline, that would probably mean something else etc.
  4. Why does it need to be? It’s not real. Everyone can enjoy games/sims however they want.
  5. Only 35 mins in the UK till the 2nd! 😬
  6. The name of the ship is Ever Given - not Evergreen. evergreen is the name of the operator. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ever_Given
  7. Behaviour like this is to be expected on the dev branch for sure.
  8. Ah, the mirror - a very trusted, respectable newspaper! 🤪 meh - I’ve seen a few big paw prints like that from Burmese mountain dogs / Newfoundland’s
  9. Honestly, a bit weird to start chasing down someone in their personal life. If they left their role at LM, they may want nothing to do with what was left behind, and I doubt she’d want random blokes from the internet trying to find her either.
  10. Why wouldn’t it be safe to allow changes? it’s a product that’s published by Microsoft, not some 3rd party scenery/aircraft developer that is from the back and beyond that includes malware. Considering it has a updater built into the product, I’m guessing it needs permissions for for that, but could be wrong.
  11. Prioritize your family and being able to afford to take care of them? Or be selfish and go on a plane? Hmmmmm. Hard one that...
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