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  1. Think I’ll pass here. I really don’t want to go back to the days of a myriad of external programs running. The UI of this active sky looks exactly the same as it did many many years ago.
  2. Lame. Why haven’t you created a post called big knobs?
  3. Yup lol. People in this community are funny! “I’m gonna sign up to the beta! Dam you Microsoft, I’m annoyed at the bugs, in the beta” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  4. You’d have to be insane to buy this, unless you’re planing to do loop de loop in it. The flight model is going to be complete garbage.
  5. Wow, totally amazing that this is freeware.
  6. This scenery - no doubt. Bunch of images on this post: https://fselite.net/content/61tree-releases-livingstone-international-airport/
  7. Months and months away from a T7 release for sure. If we have it by July I’ll be happy.
  8. Different segments of the market won’t consider the store items rubbish. Users on this site might, but the average user probably won’t. Hence why there’s so many items in the store now. if no one purchased anything, they wouldn’t be there!
  9. Possibly one of the silliest comments ever. Numbers of users returning is a very important metric. Why keep developing something if no-one returns? Numbers of users returning, means less drop off at the top of the funnel and likely leads to more expenditure on the store also.
  10. Default windows one is just fine. 3rd party ones are just mass gathering your data to build profiles and sell on for other revenue streams.
  11. It’ll be fine. Any system will likely have drops if there’s significant quantities of things being rendered in via an online network. I.e. you won’t be able to avoid that with even the top performing systems. There will be an fps impact, regardless.
  12. 1. Yes 2. There’s a whole world outside the US - you’ll be fine.
  13. Make sure you're balancing probable future needs vs the past/now - or you'll end up doubling up in costs long-term
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