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  1. flightskyc

    New Third Runway at Heathrow?

    Good news, although I wouldn’t trust anything the mirror or equivalent type of paper spews. I’m sure there is a few hurdles to go yet, but ultimately good news to expand an airport actually near somewhere. Gatwick and Stansted are in the middle of nowhere.
  2. flightskyc

    Simtweaks Down

    Working fine here
  3. flightskyc

    Tokyo Finally!

    Meh, 47 EUR here. Way overpriced and quality doesn't look great from that screenshot. You can get flightbeam sceneries for nearly half the price....
  4. Misleading/clickbait title much... - All public details are in the PMDG forums regarding any future plans from them.
  5. flightskyc

    Better pushback XPlane11

    No problems here either, what browser? What file exactly are you downloading?
  6. flightskyc

    ORBX Merrill C. Meigs Field .

    Because this is not real life....... Who cares. Screenshots look great.
  7. Well, it's built! I Wasn't able to spend as long on Sunday building it, so this turned into an hour or so after work for the past couple of nights. So far I have installed X-Plane and I'm very happy with the results! The fact I can fly around NY with objects set to maximum and with a payware aircraft like FF A320U and still achieve 30+fps is fantastic. This evening, I think I'll install P3DV4. I'll also post some pics of the build. At some point, when I get a good chunk of time, I will see if I can push this chip to 5.0ghz. Although, 4.7ghz by default is great tbh. Not sure yet, 24" or 27" I think.
  8. Well, my wife surprisingly allowed me to update my computer! Christmas has indeed come early this year. My trusty i5-3570k has been going well for the past 5-6 years, but it's time to say goodbye! Here's the parts I just ordered, arriving tomorrow. A nice Sunday afternoon activity of building the new machine awaits! CPU: i7-8700K (aiming for ~5ghz OC) Cooler: Corsair Hydro H115i Motherboard: ASUS ROG Z370-F RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000mhz (Cl15) GFX: EVGA SC 980 Ti (not new, from my current system) Storage: 2x PCI-E Samsung 960 EVO SSD's [+ existing my existing SSD's.] Power: Corsair RM750X Case: Fractal Design Define R5 (Window) Monitor: Awaiting black Friday sales, looking to move from 1080p -> 1440p + G-Sync Will post some pics when It's built. Will post the results with P3D + XP11 once I'm happy with the OC.
  9. flightskyc

    Windows 10 is losing installations...

    Yah but this doesn’t necessarily indicate a drop in windows 10 users. They added a new region in the survey, which had loads of Win 7 users. That doesn’t mean that Win 10 users are going back to windows 7 at a fast rate, just means they’re now counting more users who happen to be win 7 heavy (i.e. China). Stats are fun to interpret! For the record, I’m not a win 10 fanboi, actually a Mac user most of the time.
  10. flightskyc

    Windows 10 is losing installations...

    The survey is not of the entire user base as far as I’m aware, so take it with a pinch of salt. Example, I wasn’t surveyed (at least I don’t remember being surveyed). It would be interesting to know how many users were part of the survey. ’Participation in the survey is optional, and anonymous’. I kind of find the survey useless, because they don’t tell you how many users participated in it. Example, if they say the survey was of 20million users and there is a 20%+ rise in Win7, then that’s relatively meaningful (to an extent). For all we know, the survey could be 10k users, and well, a 20% rise in Win 7 over just 10k users is not meaningful at all. Statistics can show whatever you want them to show ;)
  11. 100% Xplane. Wow, OrbX caught red handed plagiarising another developers work. Ouch, will be very interested to see what they have to say for themselves. Ive bought a lot of products from OrbX and If this is true that they are plagiarising work, I’ll think twice about future purchases. How on earth do they think they can get away with just using other people’s work and passing it off as their own?
  12. flightskyc


    Lol, every single peice of software you own or use will be sending tracking and analytics data. Indeed you’re naive.
  13. flightskyc

    4.1 release notes

    Hopefully, this means FSL 320 will soon follow... Great changelog! The important thing is, LM are continually improving/updating P3D. Keep that in perspective :)
  14. Interesting! i5-3570k here also at 4.5ghz. I’ve had this chip since 2013, it’s doing very well 4 years down the line! Probably will look to upgrade if I see any good sales in the future, probably i7-7700k when the prices get pushed down by newer things.
  15. Pretty sure that's a nice feature from wilco to you, designed to keep you on your toes! 😄 🤣 In all seriousness, I can't even remember the last time I used the wilco 320 (if that's what you're using) (probably going on close to a decade ago now). I would highly recommend you look at something that actually works half of the time: Flghtsim Labs for the study sim, or perhaps Aerosoft for something less involved. if you're using something other than the A320, then it's wilco fun and games for you, unfortunately :).