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    FAA ATP, CASA ATPL (A) A320.B747,B737, B1900D/C KA350, PA31-350, B58, C310, PN68, PA44,BE76,C210,C206

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  • About Me
    FAA ATP, CASA ATPL (A) A320.B747,B737, B1900D/C KA350, PA31-350, B58, C310, PN68, PA44,BE76,C210,C206

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  1. Count me in too, It happened to me as well recently, Might it be a new bug since last update perhaps.
  2. Been keeping an eye on this over on FSdeveloper, very much looking forward to it.
  3. Goose Bay, Never seen a decent rendition and an essential fuel stop for GA ferrying across the pond via Greenland.
  4. I Use real time weather every flight! As an airline pilot, one develops an intuition if you will, based on weather patterns, time of day, time of year and local conditions, particularly time of day. So if you're flying out of sync with the Time/WX, then the environment you're flying in makes absolutely no sense, so if you take your sim experience seriously, want to challenge yourself or want to practice competencies as a budding pilot or private pilot or any crewmember for that matter, your TAFS, METARS go out the window. planning an alternate, what approach to expect based on weather trends, if the time is out of sync with actual conditions, or will change to, based on time of day. Even competent bush pilots don't just tear off into the wild blue yonder without some forethought into the weather ahead and time of day, to do otherwise, is both careless and dangerous. My best personal example of weather/ time related phenomenon would be a thunderstorm that, during the summer months in northern Australia (Bathurst Island Northern Territory) that is very time related, in fact you can just about set your watch by it and Forms into it's mature stage at about 3PM local time everyday for about 6 months solid, it's so predictable that meteorologists and scientists come from all over the world to study it, look it up, it even has a name - "Hector". That's just one example, There are many many more that are known time related weather phenomena. Having said all this, I did use historical weather quite a bit for planning purpose with worked quite well in P3D, if there was a particular area of the world I would like to fly in, Remember when it's daylight in Europe and the US, it's night time here in Australia and most of Asia, So we like to explore the world too 🙂
  5. Without much fanfare, not even on their forum which seems a little odd. Anyway, my home city's airport, ORBX, have released Melbourne Tullamarine for purchase. This was my home base for 11 years with my former airline and now again with my new employer, needless to say, I know this airport very well. Already purchased and ready to check it all out, will report further 🙂 https://orbxdirect.com/product/ymml-msfs
  6. A fantastic book if you can get it. I flew with and knew Chris Jaensch, he had a lot of experience on the Caribou and flew the HARS "Bou" after leaving the RAAF. He was a very professional operator and all-round great guy. He was an Avid Sim pilot too when he could find the time. Sadly, He passed away far too young in November 2021. I attended his funeral and HARS Flew their Caribou down from Shellharbour (Wollongong) to Victoria for a fly past during his Service, Which was very Fitting. Blues Skies old friend.
  7. Operationally you would put the threshold of the landing runway into the CDU or GPS as a guide, in your case you could probably just the airport identifier in and will work just as well to give you a ball park figure for distance on downwind, base and final. A rough gauge 1.5nm from the field on downwind, at 3.5 turn base and start descent gear down aim for a 3nm final 1000' fully configured. not sure if the longitude is Cat B or Cat C, performance category, however, either way it's a ball park figure and works for most jets
  8. Basic! Aerodynamics, as in improved lows speed handling characteristics, there's just way too much elevator authority at low speeds. just way too pitchy in the flare on landing and on rotation during take off for that matter. it just results in over/under controlling and unrealistic porpoising tendencies and just creates bad flying habits Yaw during turbulence, it's just way over cooked, roll is fine, thermals and mechanical induced turbulence climb and descent is fine, probable even pitch is ok, YAW, No! for crying out loud No!
  9. What were the weather prevailing conditions, was it wet, icy, frost conditions, at any rate It's inadvisable to be making tight turns above 10kts as the nose wheel will potentially skid sideways, I only know this as I've had it happen in the real world on an A320 and B747
  10. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has written a script/profile for the DC Designs Concord MCP Selectors, namely The HDG/TRK Selector, Speed Selector and Altitude Selector. I have tried to get them to work via RPN scripting, mainly I'm having trouble identifying which ones they're tied to, however, no success so far. I have managed to implement some of the other switches from a streamdeck profile available on the .to site. but having a little trouble with the above. failing that anyone willing to share a profile for the above selectors perhaps. kind regards, T
  11. I really love this set Ryan, very lifelike. I Have a question for you. How or what mod are you using to get the prop disks so clear. It looks awesome and pretty realistic. I've tried a couple of different mods to get the same effect, but mine still look a little too opaque.
  12. Look Down on the A310 Pedestal Press the Comm 1 VHF button You Should then see Green light Adjacent to the button, Mouse Click to turn the volume up, you should then be able to hear ATC replies just as you would in real life, that should fix your issue, it's quite clever 🙂
  13. Awesome, good to see you got it sorted bill. now you can finally go enjoy the Black Square Kingair mod, it truly is a well done mod.
  14. Apologies, I should've explained further. It's in combination with using the PMS GTN750 also, of which, the PMS website has an updated fix for Comms and GTN issue
  15. Hi Bill, Do you have the Heavy Division B78XH mod in your MSFS community folder, if so, it conflicts with the Black Square Mod, try removing the B78XH.and your comms and GPS should come back to life. see how you go. Cheers T
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