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  1. I saw it live from my hotel room, I thought RFF weren’t too bad responding, the right wing had a decent fire going, the aircraft hit a small outbuilding and what looked like glide slope tower, the trucks were able to put it out pretty quickly, what blew my mind was that pax still opened the right over wing exit into a raging fire.
  2. Possibly an EGT (Exhaust Temperature Gauge)
  3. Temuera Morrison is a brilliant actor, it would be the production team that maybe limiting his range. watch him in the movie- Once Were Warriors, there's Charisma aplenty in that film. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0110729/
  4. No refuelling when thunderstorms are in the vicinity due lightning strike risk ,the other one is - no pax onboard during refuelling operations. especially true for aircraft using AVGAS for piston operations.
  5. Also a little bit of light reading if anyone is interested. https://www.tbm.aero/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/PIM-930__AN__E0.pdf
  6. That's how it really is in a turbine, unless it has FADEC, most turbo-props don't, but that's another story for another time. So, long story short, Yes, you can over torque or or over temp a turbine prop engine and destroy it very quickly. Quite often one will either hit max torque first or max temp first depending on the ambient conditions eg, hot day or high alt' runway. that's why real world pilots don't get to fly them generally until they have quite a few flying hours and more experience under their belt. The point is with turbine engines is that they develop a tremendous amount of power for their size and weight and are great for "above the weather" operations, high speed/high performance (climb/terrain etc) and for the most part, much more reliable then piston engines. The down side is, they're expensive to maintain, they run very hot, particularly in the (hot ) section of the turbine engine with the metal turbines in the power section of the engine running very close to their melting point, hence the red line limits which must be strictly adhered to or you would end up with a very short career in aviation. Therefore, basically, Stay under the red line of either limit or you'll cook it. Also, torque will decrease with altitude, so you can increase torque in the climb, BUT! only until you reach either limit!!
  7. @ryanbatcund, Just looking at Jeppesen KVNY 10-9 Chart mentions "Taxilane A2/A3 have unidirectional centreline lights". I also had a quick look on google maps and could see clearly the individual centreline light installations. So they did get it right. Hope that Sheds some light on your question, pardon the pun.
  8. https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/mv-22b-osprey-release-2-0.441890/ Kalong did an amazing job in P3Dv4 with this one and is now developing a version for MSFS.
  9. Thanks for the reply, Slayer. Certainly will be interesting to see how well the P3D community takes to the Piaggio I feel it should do well as it’s quite a unique airframe and is quite a head turner in real world aviation circles at least. Interesting take as well on the MU-2 being fitted with the PL-21 suite as I would’ve thought it would be released with steam driven gauges more inline with Milviz B-55 and C-310 products as from what I’ve seen in various forums there still seems to be a very high demand for classic panel fit outs that certainly defines the pocket rockets such the MU-2 , even more so regarding the new Microsoft platform should Milviz offer to sell it there as well. Then one could head in the PL-21 direction based on sales of the rice rocket in a steam gauge configuration. easier said than done I’m sure. but just a though. cheers.
  10. Thanks for the heads up, Looking forward to the HABU I think it will be ideal in the new sim platform as development progresses. Quick question though, what ever happened to the MU-2 Solitaire that was in development, haven’t heard anything for ages, was really looking forward to that hot rod and hopefully decently modelled Garret engines to boot.
  11. I think the cowling and instruments gave it away.. that and I'm avid DCS fan. next ones: #13 Messerschmitt BF-109 #14 Yak 18 ??? #15 BAC-111 #16 Sopwith Triplane #17Sukhoi SU-26 I'd post some pics, but I'm not really sure how you do it these days on here. 🙂
  12. Yes I'm a bit of an old school Avgeek lol
  13. #2 Polikarpov I-16 #5 Mig-19 Farmer #7 Yak-52 #12 North American F-86 Sabre
  14. That's really saying something then coming from you, I always think your Q400 is next level, It's my only real go to turboprop, I'm forever pulling the Crash 8's power levers in and out of the beta detent during taxi saying to myself, "yeah man, that's how it is!" even your prop pitch visuals from full fine to full coarse are second to none. I do like some of the engine modelling capabilities that X-plane offers. Does this TBM in X-plane react similarly?
  15. Asobo have also Misnamed the Reverse propellor assignment for some reason. They should've named that toggle assignment as "Feather Propellor" instead, because that's what the assignment actually does. They've made it very confusing between the two assignments for beginners. So when you shut down the "PT-6" style turbine engine you can then bring the propellor into the feather detent as you would in real life.
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