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  1. https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/mv-22b-osprey-release-2-0.441890/ Kalong did an amazing job in P3Dv4 with this one and is now developing a version for MSFS.
  2. Thanks for the reply, Slayer. Certainly will be interesting to see how well the P3D community takes to the Piaggio I feel it should do well as it’s quite a unique airframe and is quite a head turner in real world aviation circles at least. Interesting take as well on the MU-2 being fitted with the PL-21 suite as I would’ve thought it would be released with steam driven gauges more inline with Milviz B-55 and C-310 products as from what I’ve seen in various forums there still seems to be a very high demand for classic panel fit outs that certainly defines the pocket rockets such the MU-2 , even more so regarding the new Microsoft platform should Milviz offer to sell it there as well. Then one could head in the PL-21 direction based on sales of the rice rocket in a steam gauge configuration. easier said than done I’m sure. but just a though. cheers.
  3. Thanks for the heads up, Looking forward to the HABU I think it will be ideal in the new sim platform as development progresses. Quick question though, what ever happened to the MU-2 Solitaire that was in development, haven’t heard anything for ages, was really looking forward to that hot rod and hopefully decently modelled Garret engines to boot.
  4. I think the cowling and instruments gave it away.. that and I'm avid DCS fan. next ones: #13 Messerschmitt BF-109 #14 Yak 18 ??? #15 BAC-111 #16 Sopwith Triplane #17Sukhoi SU-26 I'd post some pics, but I'm not really sure how you do it these days on here. 🙂
  5. Yes I'm a bit of an old school Avgeek lol
  6. #2 Polikarpov I-16 #5 Mig-19 Farmer #7 Yak-52 #12 North American F-86 Sabre
  7. That's really saying something then coming from you, I always think your Q400 is next level, It's my only real go to turboprop, I'm forever pulling the Crash 8's power levers in and out of the beta detent during taxi saying to myself, "yeah man, that's how it is!" even your prop pitch visuals from full fine to full coarse are second to none. I do like some of the engine modelling capabilities that X-plane offers. Does this TBM in X-plane react similarly?
  8. Asobo have also Misnamed the Reverse propellor assignment for some reason. They should've named that toggle assignment as "Feather Propellor" instead, because that's what the assignment actually does. They've made it very confusing between the two assignments for beginners. So when you shut down the "PT-6" style turbine engine you can then bring the propellor into the feather detent as you would in real life.
  9. Bird Strikes and subsequent consequences? it's a pretty common occurrence.
  10. No problem Shaun, was just curious, I might have a tinker at some stage and see if I can't scratch something up myself then. I do like your sceneries and the fact you do a lot of regional airports that others developers probably wouldn't attempt, I find them quite immersive and interesting. In keeping with your West Texas theme, It would be great to see you do El Paso someday as Nasa operates their Super Guppy and T-38's out of there Cheers
  11. Just carrying over from your excellent Norfolk update including the nearby LCAC base. Have you ever considered Including the nearby Pantex sight as a photo scenery or with its buildings just up the road Amarillo airport. It seems like it would be a significant VFR navigational landmark and would make your scenery just that bit more immersive especially as the countryside seems so flat in that area... or is that place just "Verboten" altogether, would be kinda cool though.
  12. I've had a similar problem as well, Try this: Go into where your P3D root folder is installed then find the below folder (The Drive you installed P3D into):\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAA_ORBXLIBS\Scenery Folder look for a File called: OF_Config.XML and delete that file only!, or remove it from the folder at least from the folder, (Don't worry, Orbx Central will rebuild you a new one) as suggested by pete_auau above, Open Orbx Central (OC),then click Settings options Icon on top right of Orbx Central screen. Then on the Settings list on left side of OC window, Fifth item down the list is Help , click that. The Top item on that page in blue will say Sync Simulator, Left Click on that, then let OC do its thing, then close Orbx Central. Run P3D and all should be fixed, See how you go. Cheers T.
  13. That looks amazing!, thanks for updating the LCAC base, such a huge improvement and much more immersive, will update my copy next chance I get.
  14. Thanks Mate, Have all your Sceneries, Love your work
  15. Not Entirely true bonchie, I saw 5 Waterspouts all in one area back in my bush flying days IRL, I was flying a Cessna 210 at the time, it was during a monsoonal trough and I had just popped out of an area of IMC (low cloud and precipitation), whilst transiting an area of open water.. it was definitely a case of see and avoid.
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