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  1. Interesting thread! My virtual flying came to a halt some seven years ago due to various reasons, mostly if not all of them job related. I started simming on a C64 and FS2004 many many years later became THE sim. I was flying the heavy iron almost exclusively and I remember what fun it was to fly the Ralph Tofflemire's baby "Ready for Pushback" 747-200 for Globe Cargo Virtual! The FS2004 was stable and boy, we pushed it to the limit! Landing at Heathrow with more than 100 AI aircraft in the virtual neighborhood for example. With a myriad of add-ons the sim felt so much alive... I never cared for MSFX or P3D or Xplane in those days. Fast forward to today... Xplane is still here and so is P3D. I was almost ready to bite into P3D a year or so ago but didn't in the end. Now I am keeping an eye on the still new MSFS and boy, does it look gorgeous! But I want more than gorgeous! I want a functional sim, capable of bringing me back the magic of FS2004. I will retire in less than three years and the flying bug is still very much alive. So, I reckoned, in three years MSFS will be a mature and stable sim. However. This... "This does not mean that I can't enjoy MSFS for what it does well. What it offers right now, it does it better than any other sim." ... is the sentence that made me write this post. And it makes me wonder... why wait for another three years? My computer is capable of running MSFS and just recently I got a broadband internet access, so I guess there's nothing holding me back. Right? 🙂
  2. Thank you all for your input! Much appreciated! :) I will stay with FS9, I do have a lot of work to get everything working again but at least I know that it will work. I am getting too old for constant tweaking and setting up instead of flying. I might try something else one day but as you all say, FS9 should stay - and it will. I know ours is a niche hobby, but still, I am left with a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth that after the few years while I was away from simming more progress had not been made. In this turbo world of instant gratification it is to be expected, I guess. On the other hand I have nothing but the utmost respect for all developers in our hobby! And FS9.... my, it was made so long ago and look at it today!? Some features have still not been bettered. Thanks again! :) Jure
  3. Hi to everybody, I am resurrecting this thread because there's no need to start another, I guess. I've started "flying" on the Amiga, then Flight Unlimited came along, and Fly! and FS2002 and... you know the story. I've been away from my FS9 for the past 4 years due to RL stuff but by now, the itch is getting unbearable! So, I said, OK, years have passed, surely there's a better sim out there! Is there? I am simply asking for an advice although after reading this and many other threads, watching many videos showing off P3D, Xplane11, I am not so sure anymore. My reasons are thus: In my FS9.5 as we called it, I flew airliners for 95% of time. I had AES, FlighKeeper, FSNAV, Track-IR, some HW modules, add-on ATC and tons of airports, aircraft and so on. And zero problems. I still have the old rig, it was -is- a dedicated flight sim computer. All I have to do is install FSFK, AES, FSUIPC and a few other things on my other PC and I'm all set. If I can find the license keys for everything, that is. So, am I crazy wanting something else? Among other things I want to fly the old Ralph Tofflemire's B747-200 into Kai-Tak, listen to ATC chatter, see other AC in the air, have a jetway connect to my aircraft at the gate (you DO wave to the AES guy after pushback, don't you? :)). What I don't want is no AES, crappy ATC, no AI, no seasons by default and an investment into a new rig to drive some beast of a sim (P3D?) I answered my own dilemma, I guess... still, I'd love to hear your opinion. Inspite of flying the big tubes I am a sucker for visuals, but the things I mentioned are more important to me than 2.000 autogen buildings and trees per square meter and giant 4K textures where you can see a snail crossing the highway. Immersion like I am used to in the FS9. Can it be had in another sim (X-plane 11 or P3D v4.) or I better stick with the old gal? Or I am hopelessly behind the times? I'm not of FB, you know... ;) Thanks for your thoughts! Jure
  4. Hi Harald, as Geoff wrote there was a mention of SweetFX earlier in november. Take a peek here: http://forum.avsim.n...s-with-d3d9dll/ - specifically, post #6 about a beta Radeon driver with the ability to integrate SweetFX. Maybe it will help with the flickering? Note: I have to install the .dll into the main FS9 folder or else it does not work Note2: SweetFX seems to be very particular about the settings file. I set up mine as FS9.txt and it resides in the main FS9 folder, which is pointed at in the SweetFX_preset.txt file. - FS9 will not start if SweetFX doesn't find the file mentioned in SweetFX_preset.txt or finds something in the text it doesn't like in the settings file. - FS9 will crash if SweetFX finds something that it doesn't like in the settings after you've edited it with FS9 running. Also, FS9 will not start anymore. I had to overwrite my settings file FS9.txt with default values from SweetFX_settings.txt on a couple of occasions just to get FS9 running again. Still not decided if it is better than ENB, though. More testing needed.... :smile: Regards, Jure
  5. Hi Boby,Ok, let's see how I did a custom cfg file for my PSS/Posky B777 merge. You can use this example for every single aircraft in your fleet if you wish.1. find your fs9.cfg in C:\Documents and Settings\USER NAME\Application Data\Microsoft\FS92. Copy it to your main fs folder.3. rename it to FS9_po777.cfg (or whatever you wish)4. I suggest you create a folder on your desktop where you will keep your shortcuts for all custom configurations. Mine is named simply FS5. In this new folder create a new shortcut and name it so that you will know for which aircraft it is intended. In this case, mine is called PSS_Posky_B7776. Fill in "Target" and "Start in" fields as you see on the picture belowWhat is important is the second part in the field "target": the part /CFG:"FS9_po777" tells fs.exe which config file to use. It MUST match the name of the file you just created in your FS9 main folderThe following steps are only valid if you use FSUIPC - registered!7. in Wordpad, open FS9_po777.cfg which you have created in your main FS folder.8. Right on the top, put these two lines (The parenthesis around the word FSUIPC are of course... huh, what's the right word? Well, like all other parenthesis in fs9.cfg, LOL. I cannot use them here. These two lines will tell which FSUIPC.ini to use with your custom settings for this aircraft.{FSUIPC}ControlName=FSUIPC_po7779. Go to your main FS folder/Modules and find FSUIPC.ini and FSUIPC.key10. Make copies of these two files and rename them exactly as you wrote under 8. So, in my example, you have FSUIPC_po777.ini and FSUIPC_po777.key.11. You're done! Double click on your newly created shortcut and if everything is done correctly, just select your chosen aircraft, modify all controls and they will never be changed again. Probably. If FS changes assignements in FS9.cfg or FS9_po777.cfg, you can put a line LOCKED=1 under each JOYSTICK_MAIN.... and JOYSTICK_SLEW.... lines after you have set it up. This will prevent FS from messing with your controller's settings.However, I advise you to assign everything, including the axes through FSUIPC and disable joysticks in FS altogether. Let me know if you have problems, I hope I haven't let anything out. I am using a slightly modified method for my different aircraft where I also copy necessary .dll file(s) from a backup location into the /Modules folder, which is thus kept very clean. Only the necessary .dll gets copied when I start FS9 with a specific .cfg. But that's step two. :(EDIT: as for your question... I am not sure if there is such software. You can use the attribute "This aircraft only" in FSUIPC, but I found out that the FSUIPC.ini quickly becomes totally illegible with multiple aircraft configs, especially if you use some advanced buttons/axes/keypresses programming. I much prefer separate FSUIPC.ini files.Regards,Jure
  6. Hi,yes, I use multiple fs9.cfg and fsuipc.ini files. For each aircraft or aircraft group I have a separate icon. Each of them has custom controls and keys assigned. I am at work right now, but when I am home, I can post a detailed description. Either here or you can send me a mail or a PM. :)Regards,Jure
  7. Bill, Maybe the problem lies with the old FSSound module... Try this:1. Open your fs9.cfg2. Add these two entries (if they are not there yet):(OldModules)FSSound.dll=1The brackets around "Oldmodules" are square. regards,Jure
  8. Confirmed, they do. :)More, I have RC4 running on one machine via WideFS and ASv6.5 on another, again via WideFS. Regards,Jure
  9. Brian,now I feel stupid! Found the culprit...I haven't made a flight yet and somehow, I forgot to plug in my Saitek yoke and pull out the darn Logitech wheel! I have joystick(s) deactivated within FS, because I do all calibrating and assignments within FSUIPC, so I didn't really pay attention.Sorry for cluttering the forum with my stupidity. Bah... :(Thanks for trying to help! All is well now, even with PMDG and the said file active, I can exit FS just fine. Regards,Jure
  10. Brian,just noticed your post when I finally managed to post mine (lost internet connection while I was typing).I tried disabling the file, but fs9.exe still won't exit.Regards,Jure
  11. Hi,first of all, a big THANK YOU for the wonderful Kai Tak scenery!! :)It is working, but I am getting util.dll crashes as well on exit. That is with the PMDG aircraft, with the rest, FS9.exe remains active once I get to desktop and I have to kill the process. The only thing that I did differently is that I didn't install 9D to Addon Scenery, but to a folder where I usually keep my scenery. But that should not affect anything. What I did:1. Uninstalled Kai Tak 98 completely (and VHHH even before that). No traces remain2. Checked and re-checked and then checked again for correct installation. All files are where they are supposed to be, No. of files correct. Renamed everything according to instructions.3. I have no other modified files in Scenery/Asia/Scenery4. I have a few additional files in Scenery/Generic/Scenery. Removed them, FS still crashing.5. Deleted everything in scenery.cfg except 9D and AES.6. Tried with no traffic, also deleted my traffic.bgl (which is by now quite big, 93Mb.)7. No duplicate AFCADS.8. Removed ALL Afcad files from Addon scenery/Scenery9. My /Modules folder is clean, I copy required .dll's there only when required -- I have a few .bat files to do that and then start FS.After all this, FS9 still won't exit properly. Now I am at a loss what else to do... Maybe there is another modified file somewhere in Scenery/World/xxxxx folders that is making problems, I do not know. I do have quite a few add-on sceneries but my FS installation is fairly clean, I know where everything is. Or at least I hope so, LOL.If you guys have any ideas what could be causing this, I would be grateful. It's not a biggie, actually, but kind of annoying. Yesterday, I had four instances of FS9.exe in memory and only noticed that when I tried to install an updated recorder.dll to the /Modules folder and it wouldn't let me, of course. Regards,Jure
  12. It is great, isn't it? If the finished product is anything like seen on the video, I wouldn't mind at all if it is payware. With (hopefully) AES support I will be in FS heaven. But then again, being spoilt by the said AES, the old Kai Tak is about the only airport that I fly to regularly and is not AES-ed.Now I really can't wait, LOL! But take your time, guys, take your time. :)Regards,Jure
  13. This is an interesting thread! :)I had a bunch of problems with my old box, including a RAID 0 failure. I have no desire to reinstall everything anytime soon. FS is running beautifully on a dedicated drive on a computer that does nothing else but FS. I am planning to buy an external drive and make regular backups. The idea of "snapshots" appeals to me a lot. I will certainly take a look at Acronis True Image Home.Thanks guys! :)Regards,Jure
  14. I agree. I only installed Saitek drivers (without SST) for the yoke and all is well.How does it compare to CH? Well, I must say I like it a lot. I have a Pro Flight Yoke and an additional TQ. The Saitek seems much more precise than the CH Yoke ever was. Axes are very smooth. There is a center "zone", like a detent of sorts, but that doesn't interfere with smooth movement of the yoke. It is very well made (at least on the outside, LOL) and double TQs with their six BIG levers look impressive. A lot of buttons to play with, too.Setup:FS can be a pain when it comes to joysticks. Assigning axes and buttons by itself and such, so I disabled joystick(s) in FS completely. All axes were assigned in FSUIPC. Buttons are assigned in FSUIPC as well (a few compound buttons, too - works very well).Calibration:All calibration is done through FSUIPC. The yoke itself doesn't have calibration as we're used to, it calibrates itself. I found out that four levers on the two TQs weren't precisely synchronized, so I had to play a bit with the ranges in Win XP Control panel. Worked like a charm.Well, I have a few fs9.cfg and fsuipc.ini files for different kinds of flying and I couldn't be happier. A typical two engine airliner setuplooks like this:- Yoke axes : ailerons, elevators buttons: TO/GA, elevator trim, landing gear, AP toggle, AT disconnect and such- 2 TQs: 1st lever : Spoilers (including arming detent) 2-3 levers: Throttles 4-5 levers: Reverse thrust 6th lever : Flaps buttons: parking brake, Inc/Dec speed, heading, altitude, VS, Autobrake, doors, etc....- CH Rudder pedals: rudder- Saitek X-45 joystick for the Airbus, choppers, Saab Safir and the likeEverything works great, I don't suffer from random button presses, except on a very few occasions. It sometimes happen on approach, parking brakes get set for some reason, but nothing serious. Just leave the Mode switch unassigned and that's it. Regards,Jure
  15. Kreg,similar thing happened to me a long time ago. I couldn't get it to work properly and rather looked elsewhere for a decent logbook. Found FS Flight Keeper and never looked back. It is one of those "cannot live without it" add-ons. Not to sound like a commercial, but you get many useful things with that program. It is very interesting when you look at the reports and see which aircraft you fly the most, where you fly the most and such. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but as I said, I couldn't get FS logbook to work properly - and I'm glad. :DRegards,Jure
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