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  1. Jure

    Moving on

    Thank you all for your input! Much appreciated! :) I will stay with FS9, I do have a lot of work to get everything working again but at least I know that it will work. I am getting too old for constant tweaking and setting up instead of flying. I might try something else one day but as you all say, FS9 should stay - and it will. I know ours is a niche hobby, but still, I am left with a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth that after the few years while I was away from simming more progress had not been made. In this turbo world of instant gratification it is to be expected, I guess. On the other hand I have nothing but the utmost respect for all developers in our hobby! And FS9.... my, it was made so long ago and look at it today!? Some features have still not been bettered. Thanks again! :) Jure
  2. Jure

    Moving on

    Hi to everybody, I am resurrecting this thread because there's no need to start another, I guess. I've started "flying" on the Amiga, then Flight Unlimited came along, and Fly! and FS2002 and... you know the story. I've been away from my FS9 for the past 4 years due to RL stuff but by now, the itch is getting unbearable! So, I said, OK, years have passed, surely there's a better sim out there! Is there? I am simply asking for an advice although after reading this and many other threads, watching many videos showing off P3D, Xplane11, I am not so sure anymore. My reasons are thus: In my FS9.5 as we called it, I flew airliners for 95% of time. I had AES, FlighKeeper, FSNAV, Track-IR, some HW modules, add-on ATC and tons of airports, aircraft and so on. And zero problems. I still have the old rig, it was -is- a dedicated flight sim computer. All I have to do is install FSFK, AES, FSUIPC and a few other things on my other PC and I'm all set. If I can find the license keys for everything, that is. So, am I crazy wanting something else? Among other things I want to fly the old Ralph Tofflemire's B747-200 into Kai-Tak, listen to ATC chatter, see other AC in the air, have a jetway connect to my aircraft at the gate (you DO wave to the AES guy after pushback, don't you? :)). What I don't want is no AES, crappy ATC, no AI, no seasons by default and an investment into a new rig to drive some beast of a sim (P3D?) I answered my own dilemma, I guess... still, I'd love to hear your opinion. Inspite of flying the big tubes I am a sucker for visuals, but the things I mentioned are more important to me than 2.000 autogen buildings and trees per square meter and giant 4K textures where you can see a snail crossing the highway. Immersion like I am used to in the FS9. Can it be had in another sim (X-plane 11 or P3D v4.) or I better stick with the old gal? Or I am hopelessly behind the times? I'm not of FB, you know... ;) Thanks for your thoughts! Jure
  3. Jure

    FlyTampa Sydney FS9

    Ed, thanks for the heads-up. Coal added... :smile: Jure
  4. ... and the Ready For Pushback B747-200. Coupled with Civa INS there's a lot to do at all times, since it's a three crew aircraft. INS waypoints, fuel management and so on. It was used by real world crews for training in the past. A bit dated, but still one of the best simulated commercial aircraft. Coupled with either Posky or CLS 3D models it isn't half bad. :smile: Regards, Jure
  5. Sorry, should've been more precise... yes, the latest RFP version by Chris Kogler with updated panels and all the goodies. It has an activation code generated (and valid) for my HW only. I really hate to think what will happen, once my FS 'puter goes to electronic heaven. :unsure: When taking off, the RFP B742 really gives you the feel of pulling an enormous weight off the ground. Not to mention landing at Kai Tak. I have over 100 landings there and it is still as exciting as it was the first time. Regards, Jure
  6. For me, it's the RFP B747-200 with CIVA INS, merged with Posky B747. I was lucky enough to get the latest version way back when the days were longer and girls were prettier. :smile: I adapted the panels to 16:9, added a few other minor things and never looked back. Why? Terrific flight model/flight dynamics, systems modelling, sound... all that more than compensates for poor/non-existing VC. Largest immersion factor by far for me. Second would be iFly B737 which I fly a lot lately (not enough time for longer flights), with the Maddog and PMDG MD-11 there as well. Regards, Jure
  7. There is... create a fake FS9 folder on the same level where you have your real installation. If your real installation is in, for example, C:\Program files\Microsoft games\Flight Simulator 9, then create C:\Program files\Microsoft games\Flight Simulator 9 fake. In this new folder create the whole fs9 folder structure (folders Aircraft, Scenery, etc...) Maybe copy the file fs9.exe here as well - some installation programs look for it. Once that is done, rename your real installation folder to something like C:\Program files\Microsoft games\Flight Simulator 9 real and then remove the "fake" word from your new folder structure. Now you have an empty FS9 folder structure with the registry pointing at it and whatever you install will be put here and going through folders, you will see exactly which files were installed by the installation procedure. Usually I copy the newly installed files manually to the real FS9 installation and then perform an uninstall to remove the files from the fake FS9 and the registry entry. Valid for add-ons that don't check the registry every time you fire up FS9, of course. Just be sure not to forget renaming both main FS9 folders back to what they were once you're done! :smile: Regards, Jure
  8. Jure

    Sweet FX

    Hi Harald, as Geoff wrote there was a mention of SweetFX earlier in november. Take a peek here: http://forum.avsim.n...s-with-d3d9dll/ - specifically, post #6 about a beta Radeon driver with the ability to integrate SweetFX. Maybe it will help with the flickering? Note: I have to install the .dll into the main FS9 folder or else it does not work Note2: SweetFX seems to be very particular about the settings file. I set up mine as FS9.txt and it resides in the main FS9 folder, which is pointed at in the SweetFX_preset.txt file. - FS9 will not start if SweetFX doesn't find the file mentioned in SweetFX_preset.txt or finds something in the text it doesn't like in the settings file. - FS9 will crash if SweetFX finds something that it doesn't like in the settings after you've edited it with FS9 running. Also, FS9 will not start anymore. I had to overwrite my settings file FS9.txt with default values from SweetFX_settings.txt on a couple of occasions just to get FS9 running again. Still not decided if it is better than ENB, though. More testing needed.... :smile: Regards, Jure
  9. Jure

    A Huge FPS Increase

    Yep, I think so... the one in DISPLAY section should be TextureMaxLoad, without the underline characters. Here's a quote from another forum, by Jim Karn: "Those are two different settings. The TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=1024 is in another section and should not be changed. The TextureMaxLoad=10 goes in the [Display] section and is adjustable. Each system will most likely respond differently. Just use caution when editing the cfg file, and at the very least, back it up before making any changes." And here's another, explaining the TextureMaxLoad: "NOTE: THIS TWEAK IS NOT ONE FOUND ON FLIGHT SIM SITES. IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THE FS9.CFG FILE IS OR WHAT THE CONTENTS MEAN, DON’T MESS WITH THIS! NOTE: IF YOUR NOT RUNNING A DECENT VIDEO CARD AND CPU/MOTHERBOARD.... FORGET THIS TWEAK, IT WILL GET YOU NO-WHERE Ok gather around … I have a little treat for you tweakers. Before I get into this I want you to understand that if you believe 40+ frames are necessary for smooth flight and great scenery – or- you believe running ‘unlimited’ on the frame lock and nothing else… this tweak is not for you and there is probably nothing I can do to convince you that your 7900GTX does not need to be locked @ or above 38-45FPS. (Note: the unlimited frame trick does work but NOT for most systems) Understand that blurry textures and stutters come from both the same source -and-difference sources all at once. Assuming you have a good CLEAN system which you have tweaked and optimized so your not running all sorts of programs in startup and you have a good base to work from… try this: The TEXTURE BANDWIDTH MULTIPLER is just that. It multiplies, just like it says. The mystery is, what does it multiply? Well, it multiples loading a specified number of 256x256 ground textures (in file kb size depending on what ground textures you use) AND it calculates a load for the rendering engine to analyse based on the frame lock. So the question is… where is that specified number? Here it is: TextureMaxLoad=X Never seen that one? If you haven’t don’t be surprised because it is an Microsoft developers edit which is undocumented. The DEFAULT value when the line is not present in the FS9.cfg file, ... is “3”. And the formula the system produces is: TextureMaxLoad -MULTIPLED BY - TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT – DIVIDED BY – FRAME LOCK = X Now that you know this, how does that help? Immensely! Knowing that, I will go on to say the TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT does NOT require a set number or to be a factor of anything. Although it is best this number remain a divisible by 20 the number used for the TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT is not set in stone and it is completely based on the system being tweaked. Assuming you have a x800 (or fairly close) or greater performance type card, -and- a DECENT supporting motherboard/memory/CPU... AND your Flight Sim works good but it is not as smooth or does not display the scenery as well as you would like… or you just want to play and have some fun, try the following. First, save a copy of your FS9.cfg file for safe keeping. Next, open your FS9.cfg and edit the following TextureMaxLoad =X ……directly under the TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT= entry in you cfg file. I will make this easy and without going into allot of chatter… about testing and tweaking because I cannot possibly tweak these numbers without sitting in front of the system. Start with these values: TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=100 TextureMaxLoad =10 YOUR FRAME LOCK MUST BE REDUCED OR THIS WON’T WORK. For x800 – x1600 and comparable Nvidia cards, lock your frame @ 22 You read right… 22 (you might be able to nudge it up to 24 after its tweaked) For x850xt and comparable Nvidia, lock it @ 25 For x1800 and comparable Nvidia cards, lock it @ 28 For x1900 and 7900GT – GTX, lock it @ 30 Set your PAN_RATE= to either 600 or 700 for any card (your choice) For x800 – x850 x1600 and comparable Nvidia cards, disable SHADOWS in the sim. Others can test it to see how it does. The cards I mentioned can also test it but if you are not using a GOOD set of properly designed DX3 clouds such as found in FLIGHT Environment, I would leave shadows disabled. Test using "Building Storms" so you can judge the full load properly. THIS TWEAK assumes you know how to correctly set up your video drivers and have all the FS9 SCENERY sliders maxed and all boxes checked (except shadows for those I mentioned above) and correctly set up your cloud sliders (60 -40 – 100 with Detailed Clouds and 100% maximum density) AA disabled in the sim and the rest of the display settings correct. When you first boot … DON’T judge the tweak until you fly around for a bit. It will most likely need to be adjusted. If you have blurry scenery most likely the frame lock is too high. ONLY drop it by 1 to test. Also, I would NOT exceed 10 as the value for TextureMaxLoad =X Good values are (3 default) 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10… but it WILL go higher. If you experience stutters, DROP the TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT= from 100 to 80. Assuming the TextureMaxLoad = 5 or GREATER, I would not go any higher than 120 on the TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT no matter WHAT you have learned in the past about that setting… most of which was the max value being 400. You guys with the right video cards but slower systems may want to work with LOWER TextureMaxLoad values and HIGHER TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT values. The idea is to find the spot where your ground textures load in a flash with no stutters when changing views over an area your flying in for the first time during a flight. With the extra time after that flash load the sim can start using the correct calculations to start sharpening and displaying them further away. You will need to work with this setting.. It’s REALLY a gem once you learn how to CORRECTLY set up the FS9.cfg by understanding how the sim works. This setting was brought to you by Steve Lacey, software developer and co-founder of SwitchGear Software who posted it almost a year ago but no one seemed to catch on over this past year. With the introduction of FSX, hidden settings will start to surface and be explained." Taken from the VOZ forum... Hope that helps..." I don't know the author of the latter one, but here's a thank you once more. 'tis a good tweak. :smile: Jure
  10. Jure

    A Huge FPS Increase

    Surely, you mean TEXTUREMAXLOAD? TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD needs to be set to 1024 to properly show largest textures correctly... I keep TEXTUREMAXLOAD between 8 and 10, depends... Regards, Jure
  11. Jure

    A Huge FPS Increase

    Late to the show, been on holidays... which is not a bad thing :smile: I've just one thing to add: During my long love affair with FS9 I have discovered that DXTBMP gives noticeably better results quality wise than Imagetool when converting a texture from 32-bit to DXTx, at least on my machine(s). While I've done many a batch job with Imagetool (always in some test folder away from FS installation) I've dropped it altogether in favor of DXTBMP. Now I have work to do. While I will leave my AI collection mip-less and DXT1 for now, I know I have tons of alpha-less DXT3 textures floating around. Thanks Ian for starting this great thread and thanks to everyone else for a lot of useful info and useful tools (especially Neumanix)! Can't wait to finally land at EDDF without that HUGE pause close to the rwy treshold! :smile: Regards, Jure
  12. Jure

    The Ultimate PSS 777 FDE Tweak

    Clutch,as promised, here's my VC section:[Vcockpit01]Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,1024visible=0pixel_size=1024,1024texture=$vc_01gauge00=Boeing777-300!Beacon_Nav_Light_Switch, 861,466,163,102gauge01=Boeing777-300!Master_Caution, 883,909,117,112gauge02=Boeing777-300!Autostart, 862,376,80,91gauge03=Magnetic_Compass!Magnetic-Compass, 869,756,148,150gauge04=PSS-B777!ND_Floater, 464,28,369,387gauge05=PSS-B777!MFD_Floater, 465,519,372,381gauge06=PSS-B777!EICAS_Floater, 31,519,375,383gauge07=PSS-B777!PFD_Floater, 36,37,367,377gauge08=PSS-B777!TrimInd_VC, 899,14,81,352//--------------------------------------------------------[Vcockpit02]file=$vc_02.bmp Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,1024visible=0pixel_size=1024,1024texture=$vc_02gauge00=Boeing777-300!Backup_Attitude, 441,848,174,174gauge01=Boeing777-300!Clock, 619,854,170,168gauge02=Boeing777-300!Autopilot, 332,528,689,78gauge03=Boeing777-300!Rudder_Trim_Ind, 845,611,179,75gauge04=fs9gps!gps_500, 386,-1,637,527gauge05=Boeing777-300!Comm 1, 2,494,202,84gauge06=Boeing777-300!Comm 2, 2,583,200,83gauge07=Boeing777-300!Transponder, 1,841,200,76gauge08=Boeing777-300!Nav 1, 3,670,200,82gauge09=PSS-B777!AP_ALT_vc, 753,542,87,20gauge10=PSS-B777!AP_HDG_vc, 542,544,64,19gauge11=PSS-B777!AP_SPD_vc, 669,543,63,18gauge12=PSS-B777!AP_VS_vc, 858,545,68,14gauge13=PSS-B777!RadioAct_VC, 25,512,68,19gauge14=PSS-B777!RadioAct_VC, 23, 602 ,68,19gauge15=PSS-B777!RadioStby_VC, 113,513,66,18gauge16=PSS-B777!RadioStby_VC, 110,602,66,18gauge17=PSS-B777!XPDR_VC, 62,849,77,25//--------------------------------------------------------[Vcockpit03]file=$vc_03.bmp Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,1024visible=0pixel_size=512,512 // <-- use 1024,1024 for more detailed dirt but need more memorytexture=$vc_03gauge00=Pky_glassdirt!Pky_glassdirt, 0,0,1024,1024//--------------------------------------------------------[VCockpit04]size_mm=512,512pixel_size=512,512texture=$Posky_ACUbackground_color=0,0,0gauge00=Posky777!Pky_AdvInit, 140,80,140,80gauge01=Posky777!PkyNosegearheight, 140,80,140,80gauge02=Posky777!PkyLeftgearheight, 140,80,140,80gauge03=Posky777!PkyLeftgearboggie, 140,80,140,80gauge04=Posky777!PkyRightgearheight, 140,80,140,80gauge05=Posky777!PkyRightgearboggie, 140,80,140,80gauge06=Posky777!PkyCALC, 140,80,140,80gauge07=Posky777!PkyWINGROOTFLEX, 140,80,140,80gauge08=Posky777!PkyRWINGMIDFLEX, 140,80,140,80gauge09=Posky777!PkyLWINGMIDFLEX, 140,80,140,80gauge10=Posky777!PkyRWINGTIPFLEX, 140,80,140,80gauge11=Posky777!PkyLWINGTIPFLEX, 140,80,140,80gauge12=Posky777!PkyNosegearsteerling, 140,80,140,80gauge13=Posky777!PkyRudder, 140,80,140,80gauge14=Posky777!Pky2Rudder, 140,80,140,80gauge15=Posky777!PkyflaperonL, 140,80,140,80gauge16=Posky777!PkyflaperonR, 140,80,140,80gauge17=Posky777!PkyLSAileronL, 140,80,140,80gauge18=Posky777!PkyLSAileronR, 140,80,140,80gauge19=Posky777!PkySpoiler, 140,80,140,80gauge20=Posky777!PkyElev, 140,80,140,80gauge21=Posky777!PkyAPUDoor, 140,80,140,80gauge22=Posky777!PkyEngRev, 140,80,140,80Works for me and I have nicely lit VC at night.Ha, now I remembered something.... for lights to be shown correctly, you have to press MASTER BATTERY SWITCH in my case CTRL+ S.H.I.F.T + M. Try that... :smile:Regards,Jure
  13. Jure

    The Ultimate PSS 777 FDE Tweak

    Nandan, thanks! Will do.... :smile:Regards,Jure
  14. Jure

    The Ultimate PSS 777 FDE Tweak

    Thanks, Tri! I did two more flights with the -200ER and this time fuel consumption was OK. As much as I could compare it to different sources - I am no expert! :smile:I will play with the -200LR and see what happens. It looks like I get too low consumption on that model alone.. Roger on that, Tri. We have a CAT-III ILS equipped rwy here at my home airport of LJLJ (and loads of dense fog in winter), but I try and land manually nonetheless. You know, the challenge... and since it is a simulator... :(@Clutch:Clutch, I'll post my VC section once I get back from work, you must be missing something in yours. Everything lights up nicely in my VC at night. Regards,Jure
  15. Jure

    The Ultimate PSS 777 FDE Tweak

    Hi, I noticed the same. Been fiddling & flying with the T7 for the whole week. I made a long flight yesterday, WSSS-KORD, distance 8,541nm, B777-200LR. Fuel consumption was 293,000lbs, which seems low for almost an 18 hour trip. For a 15 hour trip some 305,000lbs of fuel is usually burned (RL data) aboard a -200LR. I did use accelerated time, up to 16x! Maybe that's the reason? On a side note, I reduced the elevator trim effectiveness from 3 to 2 without ill effects (I don't do autoland - what's the point, LOL) and I can trim the T7 nicely now...One way or another I like these tweaks a lot, so thanks again, Tri! :smile:Regards,Jure