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  1. Same here. Horrible stutters on final and when I went poking around I noticed that the rolling cache was turned on. Somehow it turned itself on. I turned it off and no more stutters.
  2. I saw that at FlyTampa EKCH Copenhagen and there is no Asobo airport there as far as I know? To make matters worse, one windosock points in the opposite direction to the other!
  3. I was surprised how easy it was to fly the Airbus when I first moved my T16000M to the left side. I built me a somewhat modular rig for all my peripherals and I can mount the T1600M on the left side. Alpha yoke replaces it when flying "yoked" (is that even a word??) aircraft and is mounted centrally with the Bravo permanently on the right side. What took some time to adapt to was a Warthog mounted on a long(ish) extension, sitting centrally between my legs. I thought it'd be super precise - which it is - but my right hand and brain weren't. πŸ™‚ Go figure.... I am mostly right handed, but kick my football with the left foot and my left hand goes forward on all tools with long handles. And brooms. πŸ˜„
  4. Three most beautiful from my perspective in no particular order: - Douglas DC-3 - Messerschmitt Me-262 - Supermarine Spitfire
  5. I am using FSHud with both, FSLTL and AIG, depending on when and where I fly. I've been noticing pretty empty skies mid flight, up at cruise altitudes. Just the other day I was flying from Manila to Singapore Changi. On descent, I was close to 10000 feet already, I only had 5 AI around me and I was using FSLTL for that flight. I thought it was a bit strange and restarted FSLTL. Lo and behold, all of a sudden, I had over 60 AI aircraft around me! And more on the ground, at the airport. Cannot do that if using FSHud + AIG, obviously. I also had an occasion when a major airport only had a few AI active while another major airport (think KORD, KJFK) had around 100. Before FSHud I had quite a few occasions when AIG traffic manager would shut down mid flight. Never happened with FSLTL, though. So obviously something happens that affects AI injection and is probably not "controllable" by FSHud? As it is, FSHud is still my ATC of choice right now and am quite happy with it.
  6. I am also flying in New Zealand these days, trying to complete the "Middle Earth" tour for the VA I am a member of. It's a beautiful country and there are many interesting and challenging places to visit. As Bobsk8 wrote, NZQN is not only beautiful, flying there can be a challenge. I flew the approach in the Fenix and it was a great experience! I got me the ATR just for this tour and combined with the Fenix for longer flights it's one of the best experiences I've had in MSFS2020. And something quite different after all the helicopter, DC3 and smaller aircraft flights I've done earlier. MSFS never ceases to amaze me... πŸ™‚
  7. So I am the only one. Might be a new bug, yes, I've never experienced this up until now. Thanks for all replies! πŸ™‚
  8. Hi, my ATR72-600 flight was scheduled at 00:00UT, NZNV - NZAA. I set up the sim time to 23:30UT, took off and after almost two hours into the flight already on final approach the screen suddenly went all dark. After the initial shock of thinking that the sim froze, I realized that sim time changed on it's own and I was in the middle of the night. I believe time was set to 14:10 UT and that was near to what the local time was supposed to be. But I changed the time back so quickly that I cannot be sure - I was flying for Star Alliance VA and I did not want to lose the flight! πŸ™‚ Has anyone experienced something like that? For the record, I had Volanta, LittleNavMap, VA ACARS, FSHud, Spad.next and FSLTL running but I really cannot see how any of these could have changed the sim time? Thanks!
  9. I am using FSHud at the moment but am also keeping an eye on BATC. And VoxATC, but as mmcmah wrote, they are very quiet. FSHud controlls AI - I am switching between FSLTL and AIG and in general it does a good job, I had zero problems so far. But I do miss Radar Contact every now and then...
  10. Same here.... enabled in EFB and turned on the PA knob. Just to be clear: PA knob is ON when it it is lit right? I tried both states, turned vol all the way up and nothing happens except for a short buzz prior to take off. What gives? Thanks! EDIT: it's working: PA knob on the Pedestal, not on the Overhead! I can be quite dense sometimes! πŸ™„
  11. I just had a CTD, flying Asobo B747-8i from KIAD to EDDF. Around EHAM or there abouts. I can't even remember when I had the last CTD and now this. And with a default aircraft! No beta, not many add-ons, flying with FSHud.
  12. That's exactly what I am doing. Really neat to have all available airports/heliports/water landings shown on a zoomable world map! I usually add the source of the addon in description.
  13. This is a tough one... I started my virtual flying on a C64, the program was called "Solo flight". After many simulators and "simulators" that followed in the following years, first on my beloved and still not forgotten Amiga 1200, FS2004 came around and that has been the ultimate sim for me for many years. I never wanted FSX or Flight, been looking at P3D and X-plane, but eventually I stopped simming for almost a decade. My FS2004 computer was geting old, Windows moved on and some of the essential FS apps did not work anymore. It's now a year since I have finally built a decent computer and after I was eyeing MSFS with a lot of suspicion for quite a while, I decided to, well, take a look. And I never looked back. While I have nothing but the fondest memories for FS2004, MSFS 2020 takes the crown. Maybe I am getting too visual, but flying in MSFS is just spectacular. I have never flown so many different types of aicraft - and enjoyed them all! I even got me a proper collective to fly the choppers! And as others have pointed out, never before did we have such in-depth aircraft with the default simulator. So, in the end, yes, MSFS is the sim and right now, this is the golden age for me.
  14. I read somewhere to keep the Precision mode OFF for a while once you start MSFS. F7 is the default keyboard shortcut. I have similar problems with TrackIR and this has helped. I start TrackIR, make sure Precision mode is off, then start MSFS and only after a couple of minutes I will go into Precision mode. Still, sometimes TrackIR will just stop working. Sometimes lights will go out completely or only the right green light remains on.
  15. Now that you mention it... happened to me too. Yesterday at LJLJ, aircraft LVFR A321NEO with HorizonSim mod on top. It was -12 C and I got ice on the windshield alright, but that was it. No ice on leading edges.
  16. 1. Taog's Lama (especially in the Himalayas) 2. PMDG 737 3. A2A Comanche
  17. Welcome to Avsim! πŸ™‚ I also had a pause in simming, much longer than yours when my old sim computer couldn't cope anymore. FS 2004 was my last sim with a ludicrous amount of addons. We called it MSFS9.5 in those days. So when I finally built me a new PC a year or so ago, I bought the MSFS2020 Premium version on Steam. I mostly flew airliners back in the day, but when I finally got into the new and shiny MSFS2020, I was totally blown away by the virutal world I found myself in. To my great surprise I found out that I didn't need any add-ons at all at that point. I enjoyed discovering my country in a small GA aircraft, flying low and slow. Fast forward one year... I do have the Hjet, the PMDG 737, the Justflight Bae146, HorizonSim B787, a Navigraph subscription and I do fly the bigger stuff once more. But I also have what is probably the best add-on aircraft, the A2A Comanche and a few others like the C310, the Chancellor and lately, I've been completely charmed by helicopters. Not to mention the Duckworks enhanced default DC-3 which I also fly regularly. I only bought a few big add-on airports, filled my little country with freeware GA airfields and even built me a few heliports. The sim is just so... rich for lack of another word, that I fly all sorts of things. Invariably I am returning to low and slow flying in my country and am awed over and over again without exception when I fly above the familiar landscape. I must have buzzed my house fifty times by now! 😁 Essential add-ons? For me, that would be the freeware MSFS Addons Linker to manage your growing list of add-ons, the brilliant freeware LittleNavMap and Spad.next to manage my controlers assignments. As for the PC, go with Mace's advice and get an AMD 7800X3D. I bought an (overpriced) RTX 4070 which I soon sold to a friend, bought an RTX 4090 and never looked back. I have FPS locked at 60 and with Frame Generation I get between 45-55 FPS at busiest airports in the PMDG 737 with over 200 AIG or FSLTL AI aircraft around me. Do get a big SSD M.2 disk or two, MSFS2020 size is measured in Tb now! Memory? I am happy with 32 gigabytes. Enjoy!
  18. I only have the Flyinside version, bought because I read good things from "rotor heads". πŸ™‚I love it, among other things it has a properly working throttle with idle release button which you can have on automatic or manual if you wish. I am no heli pilot, but everything about it, the way it flies and behaves in general, makes it one of the best - if not the best - helis in MSFS for me. This is all very subjective, of course. πŸ™‚
  19. Something similar happened to me yesterday. Not a lock-up but a CTD. I was sitting in a Flyinside B206 when everything froze for some 10 seconds, then CTD. First time something like that happened. Except for the A310 which I cannot load at all, instant CTD.
  20. Can't get enough of the DC-3. VOR to VOR it is (with an occasional NDB) and it's great fun flying around. Winter with it's bad weather makes flying over the Alps quite challenging. Approach to rwy 26 in Innsbruck comes to mind...
  21. Hi, I seem to have lost the B747-8i checklist. I *think* it was there when I first flew the Queen, but now it's gone, I get an empty checklist. I vaguely remember seeing the file somewhere where it was not supposed to be, but my memory isn't what it used to be. πŸ™„ So, if I am right and there is an actual checklist, could a kind soul send me the .xml file? Thanks in advance! Jure
  22. Regarding purchasing add-ons in general: I try to get whatever I wish to buy from the site that will let you install where you want - or drop the add-on directly to Community folder. Why? Because of the Addon Linker. Of course, that's not possible with every add-on and soon you'll have many installers, managers and whatnot. Like the Simmarket app, Orbx Central, PMDG Operations Center and so on. Having written that, in general, it is not problematic if you move a folder with, let's say, an aircraft installed by an installer in Community folder to a folder of your choice and manage it through Addon Linker, just be sure it's active when there's an update. Like you, I have also come back to simming after quite a few years. My last sim was FS2004 and I had every imaginable add-on. With MS2020 I quickly found out that I do not need them. I started low and slow, enjoying the scenery which is fantastic most everywhere you go. I got me a few GA aircraft (Cessna 310 and Cessna 414AW and of course Piper Comanche), eventually I got into helicopters and started discovering my country from up close. In the meantime I also installed Neofly which gives you, well, purpose if you will in the form of many different missions, like cargo hauling, SAR, fire fighting, pax transport, dropping stuff in secluded places and such. Then came the big iron. Like others have said, the B787-1 and the free Horizon simulations B787-9 are great and helped me to re-learn operating the big birds. I also have the PMDG B737-800 now, which is a real joy to fly. Add-on airports? Well, I usually check the MS/Asobo bespoke airports and almost every time I find two suitable places to fly between, so I only have a few airports that I have bought. Besides the free airfields of Slovenia where I reside and a few heliports that I made myself. Even making stuff yourself is relatively easy in MSFS 2020! Bottom line? I am still awed by the world around me without exception, whenever I fly, no matter what I fly. Before, in FS2004 I flew the big iron exclusively (anybody still remembers Ralph Tofflemire's B747-200?) but in MSFS 2020 I fly all sorts, from gliders, helicopters, GA aircraft to bigger birds like the DC-3, the Caribou and finally the Boeings and Airbuses. Essential addons? I try to keep my add-ons to a minimum because like I said, the MSFS 2020 is fantastic as it is, but still there are a few addons I would not be without. In no particular order: - Addon Linker: helps you keeping your Community folder manageable and it's easy to troubleshoot with it. Free - REX Accuseason: brings seasons to MSFS, payware - Little Navmap: brilliant for flight planning, no matter what you fly. Free - Navigraph with Simbrief: probably essential for flying the PMDG line (and other liners) Payware, subscription based - FSLTL AI aircraft: brings the MSFS world to life. Free - Spad.next (or Axis and Ohs): for managing your controllers, I could not live without it. Payware Most of all: enjoy! πŸ™‚ Jure
  23. Same here,UTC 05:42. Flying over Australia, everything seems in order.
  24. Same here, far from being heavy, light on fuel. The plane lifted close to 190 kts and I actually had a tail strike. Something is not right. Trim was set up correctly, by the way.
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