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  1. anyone used these for the honeycomb yoke and throttle? If so, is there a "dummies" guide on how to do this in MSFS?
  2. Finally. Can we please get chaseplane to expedite this through?
  3. I check back on this every 6 months or so and there doesnt seem to be any improvement each time. Has there been a simple way to map the honeycomb products to fully function with MSFS, including the PMDG 737? Preferably a method that does not require a computer science degree?
  4. I asked this question over a year ago but I thought I'd ask it again. Is it possible to do multiple windows in MSFS? In P3D, I would have the cockpit view taking up about 2/3 of the screen and 1/3 with an external view - as separate windows. I have a 49" monitor so plenty of real estate to do this. Is this possible in MSFS?
  5. I am flying MSFS more and more..... even thought I've owned it since day 1, I still have not been able to let go of P3D. I now have all the REX products for MSFS and am doing some winter flying. What I found is that, unless the weather is actually snowing, the ground textures are still summer green. December 29th and clear skies? Green grass is what I get. Accuseason has taken care of the trees..... but what about the ground textures? Am I missing something here?
  6. I was just looking at some things.... was on approach into KORD recently and the textures had not fully rendered even on short final. Had me question what was going on. I looked through the nvidia overlay and CPU usage was about 20% whereas GPU was 80%-90%. What should this be normally? i9-12900k / RTX 3080ti
  7. I have a 12900K with an ASUS 3080ti and usually see frame rates in the 50-90 range when in flight and as low as 25-30 sometimes when starting a flight at a high end 3rd party airport in the PMDG 737. If I am flying around weather, I sometimes see FPS drop into the single digits for several minutes... perhaps 5 - 10 minutes. Usually on approach (coming back down into the weather). My internet connection is hard wired and have gigabit that runs as advertised from my provider.... not sure if this matters but I know this can impact things sometimes. Does anyone else experience this? Quite annoying as I had an approach recently with lower vis and clouds/fog almost to the ground. touched down and rolled out with it sitting around 5 FPS.... was a rough landing due to this lol.
  8. Is this still recommended these days? If so, what FPS is recommended?
  9. Separate question.... but is there a way to open a new window and undock it for 2 views in MSFS? This was the norm in P3D for me to have cockpit and external view going at the same time.
  10. Is there any decent 3rd party camera program out yet? Still find the native camera support to be entirely lacking from an ease-of-use perspective.
  11. I was a beta tested and bought MSFS the day it came out. Besides some fun VFR flying, I quickly dropped MSFS and went back to P3D as only really fly airliners. PMDG, QW787, et etc. With the release of the PMDG, I reinstalled MSFS and am now trying to learn (relearn) the sim. One of the mind boggling issues when I initially used MSFS was the lack of camera controls -- OR, the complete difficulty of doing so. Chaseplane in P3D is so good and easy to use. Are there any 3rd party programs for MSFS now? I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get wing views set up with shortcut keys. I have watched videos on youtube and you have to edit some of the files??? Is this still the case? Luckily the PMDG already has bindings for cockpit shortcut views. Also, is there a way to change the spot view (P3D terminology?) to move around the aircraft using the top hat switch? really annoying that you can only get a fixed view while holding down the top hat switch.
  12. I have the alpha and bravo. I cannot get any of the switches to work. Has anyone had any luck? Exterior lights on the alpha, for example, on the dedicated switches. Landing gear was loaded in the default but it acts weird. have to put it down twice for the gear to actually go down..... assume this has something to do with the in-flight position of the lever handle in the cockpit.... even thought the lever goes all the way to the down or up position with the movement of the gear handle on the Bravo.
  13. I have the honeycomb alpha and bravo..... my next post was going to be that the switches dont work lol. they are mapped appropriately. I will remove them. Would like to use the switches though! Just a note.... even when I activated the switches in the cockpit, the lights still didnt work. also just checked at night and nothing. will remove the bindings and go from there.
  14. I've only done 1 flight which was in the daytime. I could not see any of the lights to be working... beacon, nav, strobes, etc. Anyone else have this issue?
  15. keep trying..... took me about 45 minutes of trying and trying again but I just got it downloaded
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