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  1. Restarted my computer and it seemed to fix the issue but then I noticed that hi res ground textures wuoldn't load. not sure what is going on.
  2. I haven't had a single CTD with V5 until today. Now, I can't even get beyond pushback without a CTD. Got a message that graphics memory is out... running a 2080ti.... tried multiple aircraft. Just updated to Beta 4 of ASP3D.... thought that was it so shut it down. Still, same issue. I have made no other changes. Very strange.
  3. My i9-9900k runs at about 55 max in P3D. V4 and V5. I have most settings to ultra.
  4. I've seen these on lots of videos. What program it this? https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqAVIzvkKWxIj8Mk09ZVjyqkD7iuWg?e=iNiwf6
  5. I have a 49" CRG9. I usually do 2/3 of the screen as cockpit and the other 1/3 of the screen for external, wings views, etc. For some reason in V5, chaseplane does not work in the undocked window. Anyone else experience this issue?
  6. Over the years, I have owned several different weather and texture add ons. Now that I am moving to V5, I want to refresh my brain on what the best options are. Currently ASP3D installed along with ENVSHADE and ENVTEX. Used to use REX products, but I don't think those are available with V5 yet. What are the best weather/texture/shader combos for V5 at this point?
  7. I am ready to fully uninstall V4 and all add ons now that I have V5 up and running. What is the best way in order to ensure all add ons, etc?
  8. I don't use ATC as I plan my flights out after checking current active runways, etc online. Is there any way to activate progressive taxi to a specific runway another way? Does GSX have any of this functionality?
  9. I've got everything sorted. Really loving the monitor. It's just amazing. Here is my current setup but the full screen cockpit is also fantastic, pulling lots of scenery out the side windows. https://photos.app.goo.gl/bwUh1Zp356DPhXQa8
  10. Got everything sorted. for some reason "undock" wasn't working before but it seems to ok now. Here's a shot of my current setup. I also really enjoy the full screen cockpit as the viewing perspective brings in lots of surrounding scenery as well. https://photos.app.goo.gl/J1DhsQkAwTLpJbzT7
  11. I lived in Europe for a few years so tended to do most of my sim flying over there since I was getting familiar with new airports. Now that I am back in the US, I am looking to add more here to make for new flying. What are the best airports to have in the US? Here's what I currently have: FSDT IAH, ORD V2, DFW, LAS. FlyTampa BOS. Flightbeam SFO-HD, DEN, IAD. ORBX PSP, AVX, JAC, MRY, SAN, STS, SBA, TVL. I don't have anything for the NY area -- I had drzewiecki but I haven't installed it since doing my new build - any other recommendations there? Any other major airports that are really good?
  12. Oh, sorry, thought you were disagreeing by saying, "Really?" And after going from 21:9 34" ultra wide to 16:9 32" 4k to 32:9 49" super ultra wide in a matter of months, I agree with him. It's the best aspect ratio I've ever seen. But it would be way to small in a 34", for example..... 49" or another large size is necessary.
  13. I agree with vincentrouleau on this. even after only a few quick flights and landings, the perspective is unreal. Yes, the instruments are not as big as they used to be but they are still legible enough. I was somewhat underwhelmed after completing my new 9900k build, even with the upgrade from an Acer Xr34 to the BenQ 4K. This monitor has changed that and, after 5 months since my build, I finally feel like my system is complete. It is absolutely the most immersive flight sim experience I have ever had. And I've been simming for 30 years going back to the very beginning. Not to mention, I dabbled a bit with RDR2 and The Division 2 last night as well. The monitor provides a whole new experience.
  14. one word. AMAZING. My almost new BenQ PD3200U is now for sale haha.
  15. It worked, thanks! forgot that this is the best fix for lots of issues!
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