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  1. has the design/animation of the GE90 fan blade hub/spinner improved over the -300ER? I've always thought that was lacking compared to the GEnx on the QW 787.
  2. Cool it'll be more like P3D then! I am currently getting consistent 40 FPS on ultra. i'll take a dip in FPS to get PMDG.
  3. Here's my view on it. I was an alpha and beta tester so knew what to expect. P3D is still 100% my airliner, IFR sim for now. MSFS changed my interests a bit though. I never do any typical VFR flights in small aircraft in P3D... NEVER. With MSFS, I find myself hopping in a GA aircraft and exploring or doing short cross country flights. For me, P3D is for airliner flights and the flight levels, and MSFS for low level (mostly) VFR flying in smaller aircraft and potentially some flying in the teens or low FL with the TBM etc. Once MSFS gets the PMDG and other releases, then it will be a game changer.
  4. I tried all of the recommended tricks. was stuck at the 20% blue bar. tried at least 5 times but the same every time. then, from the start menu, I right clicked and ran as administrator. finally launched and is now downloading. not sure if I am just lucky or what.... 90GB to go in the download. crossing my fingers.
  5. I think it's an issue with auto throttles. The reason I think this is because I did a flight starting with engines running (not cold and dark) and when I turned on the auto throttles while take the runway power went to max. clicked off the AT and it fixed it. Turned on the AT once off the ground and everything continued per normal.
  6. having an issue where, when after engine start up, it goes to 100% power regardless of input and cannot be reduced. Anyone else having this issue? FYI - if I do not start from cold and dark (engines already running at the start of the sim) I do not have this issue.
  7. Just for reference, here is my system - running V5: I9-9900k 2080ti 32GB DDR4 3200 2 GB m.2 49" CRG9 I use all ORBX products, PMDG, Captain Sim, QW 787. Most add on airports from the big creators, FlyTampa, FSDT, ORBX, etc. ENVSHADE, ENVTEX, ASP3D. No live traffic. I tend to fly with most settings at high or ultra. CPU usually runs below 60 degrees max.
  8. I run a 2080ti, but am encountering VRAM issues. What settings or add ons kill VRAM the most?
  9. Restarted my computer and it seemed to fix the issue but then I noticed that hi res ground textures wuoldn't load. not sure what is going on.
  10. I haven't had a single CTD with V5 until today. Now, I can't even get beyond pushback without a CTD. Got a message that graphics memory is out... running a 2080ti.... tried multiple aircraft. Just updated to Beta 4 of ASP3D.... thought that was it so shut it down. Still, same issue. I have made no other changes. Very strange.
  11. My i9-9900k runs at about 55 max in P3D. V4 and V5. I have most settings to ultra.
  12. I've seen these on lots of videos. What program it this? https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqAVIzvkKWxIj8Mk09ZVjyqkD7iuWg?e=iNiwf6
  13. I have a 49" CRG9. I usually do 2/3 of the screen as cockpit and the other 1/3 of the screen for external, wings views, etc. For some reason in V5, chaseplane does not work in the undocked window. Anyone else experience this issue?
  14. Over the years, I have owned several different weather and texture add ons. Now that I am moving to V5, I want to refresh my brain on what the best options are. Currently ASP3D installed along with ENVSHADE and ENVTEX. Used to use REX products, but I don't think those are available with V5 yet. What are the best weather/texture/shader combos for V5 at this point?
  15. I am ready to fully uninstall V4 and all add ons now that I have V5 up and running. What is the best way in order to ensure all add ons, etc?
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