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  1. I was a beta tested and bought MSFS the day it came out. Besides some fun VFR flying, I quickly dropped MSFS and went back to P3D as only really fly airliners. PMDG, QW787, et etc. With the release of the PMDG, I reinstalled MSFS and am now trying to learn (relearn) the sim. One of the mind boggling issues when I initially used MSFS was the lack of camera controls -- OR, the complete difficulty of doing so. Chaseplane in P3D is so good and easy to use. Are there any 3rd party programs for MSFS now? I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get wing views set up with shortcut keys. I have watched videos on youtube and you have to edit some of the files??? Is this still the case? Luckily the PMDG already has bindings for cockpit shortcut views. Also, is there a way to change the spot view (P3D terminology?) to move around the aircraft using the top hat switch? really annoying that you can only get a fixed view while holding down the top hat switch.
  2. I have the alpha and bravo. I cannot get any of the switches to work. Has anyone had any luck? Exterior lights on the alpha, for example, on the dedicated switches. Landing gear was loaded in the default but it acts weird. have to put it down twice for the gear to actually go down..... assume this has something to do with the in-flight position of the lever handle in the cockpit.... even thought the lever goes all the way to the down or up position with the movement of the gear handle on the Bravo.
  3. I have the honeycomb alpha and bravo..... my next post was going to be that the switches dont work lol. they are mapped appropriately. I will remove them. Would like to use the switches though! Just a note.... even when I activated the switches in the cockpit, the lights still didnt work. also just checked at night and nothing. will remove the bindings and go from there.
  4. I've only done 1 flight which was in the daytime. I could not see any of the lights to be working... beacon, nav, strobes, etc. Anyone else have this issue?
  5. keep trying..... took me about 45 minutes of trying and trying again but I just got it downloaded
  6. I've been able to find some.... mainly for PMDG. I am really looking for the QW787 for the yoke and throttle. I am surprised that these are not easy to find. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  7. what about the settings in P3D directly? Volumetric clouds, etc etc.
  8. thanks. our systems are very similar with the exception of 3080ti vs 3090 so I'll give this a shot.
  9. Thanks to @SteveW and @LRBS on my post on settings questions after completing my new 12900k build. The sim looks and performs better than I could have hoped. My next question is more towards weather settings. When I was messing with settings in flight after all the tweaks, I noticed a MASSIVE difference between clear skies and other weather settings. FYI - I use ASP3D for V5. When I was testing I saw frame rates go from 25-30 to 80-100 simply by having the generated weather from ASP3D (which was a broken layer at about FL200) changed to clear skies in the sim and closing ASP3D. I want to focus on the weather settings to get a good balance. FPS can dip to below 20 sometimes now depending on the airport, time of day etc. I really want to achieve 30fps across the board. My system is i9-12900k / Asus 3080ti strix rog / 32 DDDR5 5200. What is a good balance in the weather settings to bump up FPS?
  10. Better to cap through NCP or in P3D itself?
  11. so, I restored the defaults in NCP. tweaked my settings a bit to: FXAA: OFF, AA: 4xSSAA (was 8xSSAA), Ansiotropic 16x, Texture Res on Ultra. I kept target frame rate to unlocked in both P3D and NCP just to see what it would do. Now I am getting 28-30 fps at FlyTampa KLAS in the PMDG 772ER. I applied the NCP settings again and gained a frame or too. This was with broken clouds (active sky). Departed out to the west to get over the desert and saw 30-35fps. closed active sky and set weather to clear skies and got 80-100fps. Then put AA back to 8xSSAA and saw about a 20 frame drop. What is the benefit of 8xSSAA vs 4xSSAA? I could not easily tell the difference. Last question.... what is the benefit of capping frame rate to 30fps as I see many people do?
  12. I used shift+z as well as the nvidia overlay. they were identical. I did have an undocked panel, but I usually fly like that. I'll make the changes you suggested and report back.
  13. OP here.... so, I updated settings etc per the recommendations in the first several responses. Everything is butter smooth and looks amazing. The funny thing is that FPS has dropped from 30 to 15. Most of my settings were at ultra already. Even funnier is, if I didnt have the FPS overlay, I would have ZERO idea that its running at 15. Its so smooth. I did the affinity mask settings, nividia control panel settings. I also turned FXAA off. (was on). Ive seen mixed responses as far as FXAA, AA and Texture Filtering -- what should these be set at for my setup? i9-12900k / asus rog strix rtx 3080ti
  14. can someone give more details on where these settings are at in the FMC? I did not see them when I looked. thanks! Also, this was a full clean install of windows on a new build. only default drivers were installed based on my motherboard. i9-12900k/Asus Maximus Hero
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