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  1. i7-10700k, 32gb 3200mhz RAM, 4080 One of the worst scenerys beside UK ones. Even EKCH works better for me.
  2. I have terrible perfomance at Wien with that scenery. Quality-wise its good!
  3. Hello, i have severe perfomance problems but ONLY in Denmark airspace. It does not matter if DX11 or 12 or which settings, i am getting 40+ at nearly every airport but while beeing in the air over Denmark airspace, fps dropping to 25-30 with MainThread beeing red and Manipulators going hugely up. I've never installed any addon or anything in Denmark, so i have no idea where this is coming from. When crossing from south to north frames dropping starts near of Hamburg. Does anyone have or had the same problem? I've done some research what Manipulators means but couldnt find any solution. Specs: i7-10700k on 4,8Ghz, 3080
  4. My CPU is generally running very hot as well, with LOD 150 my cpu is getting thermal throttled while approaching big cities/airports. I've got an I7-10700k which is very hot in general. I cant even overclock it with my Dark Rock Pro 4. I started some troubleshooting but couldnt solve it, gave it up. DX12 solves it a little bit because CPU isnt needed so bad.
  5. I already figured that one out as well though its only reducing the frame drop and do not eliminate it.
  6. Are you able to fly into big airports like Vienna without a Fps drop? I have a 3080 10Gb and my Fps are dropping from 35 to 15 while approaching. Always when VRAM is maxed out.
  7. Yes, thanks for the video! But that is exactly my problem: When pressing LS, the FLS mode is not activating. So i asked myself if i missed something that is necessary for the FLS to get active. In my case there is only a frequency visible on the pdf instead of the RWY data (Distance etc.)
  8. Yes, he flies the approach without FLS but in theory you can activate FLS by pressing LS. (My understanding) Please watch from 1:16:00 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kolcGYlcCD8
  9. Thanks for you help! Could finally solved it. There were some key binding mistakes (double bindings etc.) on functions you mentioned there! There is just one little problem that i can solve atm. It has nothing to with the title of the thread but maybe someone can help out here without the need of open another thread. I tried some RNAV/RNP approaches where FLS should be available. Though i understood it is available with every NPA app. in the Fenix A320, i cant get it displayed. I cant get into F-APP on the PDF and when i turn on LS, there is only a frequency displayed in the bottom left corner but not the distance to the RWY etc. The FLS badge is not shown as well. I selected the RNAV app. in the MCDU like tutorial videos are doing it. What am i missing? Thank you!
  10. For me DX12 is fine until the approach. Same Airport while Takeoff ~35 Fps, while Landing 15 Fps. That is frustating.
  11. Thank you but i have done this several times, always with the same output. This is why i opened this topic to check where to start troubleshooting. Maybe something wrong with key bindings on IGN switch for example (post above). Will check this later 🙂
  12. Hi everybody, i bought the Fenix A320 some days ago but have some problems understanding the ECAM data and messages. You can see an example ECAM here: (Please ignore the ECAM messages, the picture ist just for showcasing the two questions below) 1. The flaps indicator is always orange coloured even though the flaps are fully retracted. I couldnt find any information regarding this information. When does it turn green like or what is wrong so its orange here? 2. I am starting out of Cold & Dark state. But from the beginning on there is green data about N1 etc. available. In tutorials videos there are orange lines like there is no data available which seems correct for me. Also, N1 is 4.1 despite the thrust levler being in idle. 3. During Startup i got the message "AUTO FLT A/THR OFF" in the ECAM, i cancelled it because i didnt know what it means but i couldnt start the engines so i guess its because of this caution. I dont have pictures from the overhead but what could be the the problem here? Thank you very much for answering my questions! Best regards Thies
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