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  1. I think that in 10 years (at least for me), the grumpy dinosaurs folks of Avsim still haven't learnt a very important thing - To ignore and move on from posts that triggers them, instead of bashing the OP. Looking fwd for another similar 10 years. 😄
  2. Overall i quite love the way it fly. Very smooth and feel natural. Landings feels much different then Fenix. (not saying one is bad or good, just different, somewhat more responsive and fluid)
  3. Anyone else rudders pedals turning to the other way on the ground ? 😄 The animation in the cockpit is good but right going left and left going right Edit NM, word not allowed assistance options got reset again
  4. Just tell the guys to go easy on me for being on the beta 😁
  5. Aamir, So i checked, all AI stuff were off. Loaded the flight and again same issue. But i think i am onto something. Looking at the running tasks i had 2 "Fenix Display" running. I terminated one of them, and so far the plane behaves normally. So i guess they conflicted each other ?
  6. Thanks Aamir ! i am going to double check these.
  7. Hi Aamir, The downdrafts/up actually came from glider pilots feedbacks. Where there would be such scenarios IRL. How often tho ? its a good question. As for my issue, last update indeed reset my assistance menu. I had reverted it back to what i remember i had before. What assistance option would you think could be related to such behavior ? I did a whole route manually and had no issue. Its the AP thing.
  8. Thats my take as well. Knowing this Developer stands on issues during betas, i save myself the hassle to report it.
  9. Out of sheer curiosity iam going to post it on MSFS forum 🙂
  10. It doesn’t work like this… i been through every single beta. If the issue is not common and not many votes it won't get any attention. Why do you say i came here to complain ? I did not post it to complain, i came to see if its a widespread issue. Which apparently it isn’t.
  11. The problem is that Fenix do not cooperate when it comes to beta builds. They simply dismiss the report with: "this is beta we do not support betas". So its kinda to be between the rock and hammer 🙂
  12. Because its really nothing to do with Asobo. I could report it to Fenix instead, but i know their answer would be : Ill save my time.
  13. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/the-annoying-turning-white-circle-on-the-bottom-right-is-back/614614 This is me. Literally the first issue report on SU14 Beta. Any more questions ??
  14. I honestly dont think its something i should report to Asobo, as i dont have this issue with any other plane including PMDG.
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