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  1. hmm... i wounder what setting in PTA can cause this... anyway ill wait for your finding. Thanks again Simbol !
  2. Yes i use PTA. Thank you Simbol !
  3. Hi Simbol, My screen is 1920x1080 HDR settings: BRT- 1.17 Bloom- 1.44 Sat- 1.29 DL- ON
  4. roi1862

    Helicopter controls

    Thank you very much !
  5. roi1862

    Helicopter controls

    Hi guys, I am starting to really like flying helicopters in the sim its a great fun and challenge. As i am trying to get the best experience i was wondering if those of you who have real experience can recommend me how to set my sim joystick to get the closest feeling of heli. I mean does it have lots of null zone ? Is it very sensitive? Etc... Thank you very much !
  6. Yes its working. Do you think the PRO version could fix this ?
  7. Hi Simbol, Hope you enjoyed the expo and home safe ! I just want to add its wired because from close distance its looks fine and almost invisible its when the AI getting further the lights becoming real big balls. I use 4.2 with hdr on and DL on. What do u think it can be ?
  8. roi1862

    P3d v4.3

    Maybe they will finally nail one of the most annoying issues of shadows appear/disappear. Its simply horrible !
  9. Thank you Simbol ! have fun at the Expo ! I will wait for the PRO edition.
  10. Hi Simbol, This is a great tool and indeed it made a big difference. However i still find AI light very bright and visible. During daytime strobes and nav should be barely seen. Is there anyway to play with the values to make them more dim ? Thank you very much !
  11. roi1862

    No METARS ?

    I just checked KIND metar and its not matching to your screenshot metar.
  12. roi1862

    No METARS ?

    I think its mostly in Europe
  13. roi1862

    No METARS ?

    Hi, Anyone got an idea what happened to the metars ? It looks as some apps and Active Sky cant download current metars.
  14. roi1862

    Volumetric fog brightness at night

    They fixed my issue ! finally proper night ! thank you for the Envtex advice. best night flying now.
  15. roi1862

    Volumetric fog brightness at night

    Hi Afterburner, Thanks again for all your help. After watching your results i had to bite the bullet and purchased ENVTEX. Unfortunately ENVDIR seems to have issues and it simply dosnt work, so i cant really enjoy the night like you. :(