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  1. Don’t waste your energy mate… its the classic Avsim stuff. Your man also suggested me once to find a new hobby when I said i do not want to invest and purchase Navigraph subscription.
  2. Ohh absolutely. One of the best moves i made was going from 2070 to 3080TI. I can keep my locked 50 fps in most scenarios, max settings. Only thing blocking me right now is of course the CPU with the terrain level of detail. I must have it at around 140 to have smooth panning. If you ask yourself why am i locked at 50 fps, its simply because anything less will give me motion sickness when i use my eye/head tracking. I do a lot of helicopter flying and mission and i need to pan around quite a lot and fast. I tried locked 30 fps and G-sync, its simply slow !
  3. Not attacking anyone, it just looks so weird. Why would anyone buy the latest piece of hardware to run this game in 30 fps which 5 years old hardware can do...
  4. You will buy a 3080ti and stay locked at 30 fps ?? wow...
  5. I actually never saw most Indian cities without hazy smog layer, from my many visits there. In fact, what's not realistic is how all the haze clearing up once you a bit outside the metar area.
  6. At some cases its simply a game changer, nothing less. Beside the fact that in some areas the Bing maps Asobo is using is ancient, there could simply be a big cloud captured with the image or the generic textures of the poor attempt of Asobo to mask it. This mod can simply turn you experience into 100 times better. Be aware that Asobo dont use even the latest Bing data which this program allows you too.
  7. It worked for me all the time. I started getting these error when flying the Fenix
  8. The buzzsaw this patch sounds amazing !
  9. I agree. Jumping from time to time to people streaming MSFS, almost always i find myself watching the wings from the cabin… passenger simulator…
  10. I had the same. But be aware in my case the sim was still running normally. Just dont press OK, move the error window aside and continue landing. If you press OK the sim will close.
  11. One of the worst things of low Terrain LOD is the night lights. If you fly airliners you gonna really want to push it to 300 and above otherwise you gonna have that ugly orange sepia from very low altitude.
  12. Not something we didnt already know... very nice addon with some issues and horrible performance as the reviewer mentioned.
  13. If you try to import a flt pln from Simbrief when there is a mismatch in the cycle and there is some wpt mismatch you get an invalid flt pln uplink error. It wont load the flt pln.
  14. Just be aware if the Simbrief cycle dosnt match the plane one it wont work 90% of the times. Meaning you need to pay to Navigraph. In the PMDG import file option its not an issue as it will just remove the conflict wpt and insert the rest so you can just make a small adjustment. Sadly in Fenix you cant.
  15. 10% for you maybe... for me its more like 100%. And I mean 100%, double FPS.
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