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  1. Hi guys, as the Airbus helicopter addon getting better and better I gave it a try. I really like the advanced flight model for the added realism and at low speed I really enjoy maneuvering with the padels. Now, I'm not really sure what supposed to happen during cruise. There is a trimmer for pitch cyclic but what happens with the anti torque? Does the pilot need constant pressure on the pedals to keep the nose heading where needed ? Does the real thing for a way to trim the anti torque forces ?
  2. Yes i did. The almost 5gb in-game download with all the airports and content.
  3. According to everything i see the update is for UK&Ireland. I don't understand how after such an update, the most iconic landmark in Ireland, The cliffs of mohar, looks simply horrible as it looked on first release.
  4. In Czech repucblic (and i guess most of western/central Europe its been snowing for like 4 days now. ground is covered under many cm of snow. In the sim nothing at all. Just me ?
  5. Really tempted to get a VR. Only thing concerning my is how much FPS needed in order to have smooth true to life experience ? And will micro stutters from scenery loading gonna kill the immersion? Thanks !
  6. Never tried VR before but for VR do you need to have above some certain FPS to have a normal experience ? Would love to try it.
  7. As the title says, tomorrow's update supposed to bring some new stuff like snow and ice. What are the most looked-for features ?
  8. With this mod i managed to land the A320 normally for the first time.
  9. I really hope its only the video and not how you really play. This looks like 10 fps.
  10. Is the latest dev version includes the custom FBW system ?
  11. Yep some areas are simply done BAD ! I simply cant fly in these areas.
  12. LOL if it was 1 OK and forget well fine... But click OK and it comes back after 20 sec... that's too much for me 🙂 Maybe some nice small notification from the upper part could have been fine instead of full screen full stop message.
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