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  1. Thank you ! Completed the transition ! Some tweaks didn't went through but i applied them manually on TS. That's it, new chapter began.
  2. Well, i guess we can say goodbye to PTA for now... Anyone can help with transition to Tomatoshade please ? I am terrified to start tweaking all over again now. 😢
  3. Hi Adam, Not sure if know, but before I am pulling the trigger on Tomatoshade, does the figures and values of PTA should be same as in TS ? Meaning 1.20 terrain lighting is same 1.20 in TS ? Thank you
  4. Its up to you... if i were you i would wait for till the end of day and than ask for refund or dispute. I tried to tell Matt many times that this method of online activation just to use the software is a big no no.
  5. I'm pretty sure pirets can handle anything. In fact I am sure that they can use the software right now while we the paying customers can't...
  6. Even if not making it freeware, simply remove the requirement of online validation each time you run the software. There is simply no need for that. We pay for it, for the license, registered it on installation and that's it. Why do I need to be online each time I want to use it ? It simply dont make any sense.
  7. Same. Something has do be done about using the software when offline....
  8. Hi @RealTurb Is the software take in account winds effect like fore example at LXGB ? See the chart
  9. Thank you very much ! As usual youre the pro 🙂 Just one thing, i need this for the haze effect density value which in my case is 0.00000110 and i would like this to be like 0.0000001 at night. So can your example still be vaild at this scenario? Thanks again
  10. I cant get this : Example 1. I don't like it when very thick fog covers the sunset & sky. The first solution is to put a number in the "Sky fog tuning" tweak parameter (0.1, for example). In this case the fog will be reduced, not just during sunrise/sunset, for for the whole day. The second solution is take into account sunlight power as a tweak parameter. For example, I want the fog influence to stay at it's default value (1.00) at noon and smoothly decrease down to 0.1 at dusk (when sunlight power becomes less than 0.3 as an example). I can use the green component of sunlight as a sunlight power and try linear interpolation expression like this: Fog influence = 0.1+(SunPower-0)/(0.3-0)*(1-0.1) or Fog influence = saturate(0.1 + cb_mSun.mDiffuse.g/0.33) Here cb_mSun.mDiffuse.g is sun power (in the afternoon it's strong and equals ~0.9, at night = 0), saturate function that clamps value in to [0..1]. Don't forget to put whole expression in a parenthesis in Fog influence parameter editor: (saturate(0.1 + cb_mLights[SUN_LIGHT].mDiffuse.g/0.33)) will be a final expression for "Sky fog tuning" tweak parameter. i guess thats what i am trying to achieve more or less but cant see it coming together...
  11. Hi guys, Who is talented enough to help untalented guy like me ? Heres the thing : i have a value set in the haze tweak and its perfect for day time plus i unticked the density depends on altitude so it create me nice haze at high altitude. The only thing i want is that during night time the haze effect will be off or at the minimum density as possible. Who can help me prepare some formula that will do it ? Thank you !!
  12. I hope you will have a full recovery and that it will never come back !
  13. I agree. LM has brought back to life this old engine.
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