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  1. I know Jim, Its just almost perfect but today the breaking point that made me write this post, i was preparing the flight at the cockpit in kinda nice windy day with sct clouds, and then when i look fwd the airport is dark by cloud shadow and then i look 30 degrees to the right all the shadow gone its sunny bright. Annoying.
  2. Hi Dave, i know, they been asked so many times on their forum and the answer is all the time same "it will be looked at at the future..." or something like this... Just wanted to come here share my frustration... 🙂 Take care !
  3. So we all know the old (P3D V3 till today) when all shadows disappear when panning around. During summer time it was mostly noticeable during early morning/late afternoon- evening- sunset. Now that winter months are here, the sun is always in lower angle so this bug simply happens all day. LM, you are developing planes and advanced weapons systems, is this bug really that hard to fix ? or its simply dosnt bother you as company ? Please dont get me wrong as i love the sim but this annoying thing is there for years.
  4. Even just fixing the shadows appear/disappear since P3Dv3 will do for me :)
  5. Beautiful ! David is doing a really good job bringing to life this beautiful country ! He deserves all the compliments in the world for doing it and doing it for FREE ! I am waiting for more addons of Georgia. Thank you David !
  6. roi1862

    Help with helicopter function

    Hi Jonathan, The thing is that the trim has strange effect. I can trim it and once moving the cyclic a little forward or backward it will push the cyclic full aft or fwd.
  7. Hi guys, I hope someone has exprince with it and can shade some light. I rally love the Milviz Bell-407. The only issue that bothers me is the trim. It has a force trim option which is really great but the problem is the trim controls. As the manual saying u simply usr the keyboard elevator up/down keys for trim. It work great but as soon as move my cyclic up or down it goes back to previous position and trim is lost. Does anyone know of its possible even with Fsuipc to adjust a key press that will trim up/down and once releasing the key will define this position as neutral ? So when i will move cyclic again it will go back to this position ? Any help will be very appreciated! Enjoy the rest of your weekend all !
  8. roi1862

    Better rain/detailed rain effect

    Yes i saw this one but it dosnt say anything about using the new P3DV4 rain/snow detailed precipitation. I think it still just replace the old snow/rain effects.
  9. roi1862

    Better rain/detailed rain effect

    Thats kinda what Fslabs implemented to their A319 no ?
  10. Hi guys, Sorry if it was asked already i couldn't find something specific on the detailed precipitation. The rain looks kinda bad like white lines. Is there any addon changing the detailed precipitation rain effect ? Thank you !
  11. roi1862


    I really wounder how much more they can squeeze out of the ancient FSX engine...
  12. Isnt haze and fog are more or less same effect ? And whats really the difference between haze and rayleigh scattering ?
  13. Hi, Did someone else noticed the haze effect is mostly horizontal? What i mean is, from ground level up FL350 or higher the haze will always be at some distance from the plane but never below it. Is it P3D limitations or is possible to modify something ?
  14. roi1862

    Shadows appear/Disappear

    You didnt say anything mean but you didnt say anything smart or contributing either... Its not my job to fix the software. I am the customer and its totally legitimate to sound my opinion.