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  1. Exactly my point with over 400.000 downloads here at AVSIM alone excluding before the AVSIM hack I always did freeware in that spirit... After a long hiatus at the contribution front was just picking up the speed again and planning to do some other stuff... But off to do some flying done with this....
  2. Wow... makes you wonder... I removed also my files done with the whole stuff makes all the fun out of making freeware... prefer the old ways 🙂
  3. Lol David going to purchase thanks for the heads up appreciated 🙂
  4. I agree and this one (HDJET) has after years revoked my paint brush passion too, Marwan did a great job... Hence I'm after AAU update and decades of mostly airliners converted to the GA side off the stuff.
  5. We all are going to benefit from the large scale of users 😉
  6. just installing 340 mb and via content manager 4.27 gb
  7. Was fulfilling my Air Force service and after that back to the university 😎 Time flies...🤪
  8. Works fine here no need for update, we are already at the current version 😎
  9. Would love that option too and define a de-icing area...
  10. Well I was one of the first ones on FCB and one of the first ones to leave for obvious reasons... It's not a professional approach to only offer FCB and so out date to use that medium, so many more customer friendly options to interact with customers. As for Digital Design and Justsim are on my personal to avoid purchase list anyway.
  11. Well if you read MSFS support forums in general MSFS has a problem to start automatically exe files (a known bug) Fenix has the issue several others too, just start the exe file manual when you're flight is loaded... Your drive \ local path \ Addon Manager\couatl64\Couatl64_MSFS.exe and before that right click choose the compatibility tab and choose run as administrator (one time edit) 😉 Well the video isn't 100% accurate so re-read the manual.... For example after every update make sure to run the GSX config (via the FSDT installer) and run excluded 3d party stuff and be surprised no double gates as mentioned in the video I can go on...
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