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  1. Reminder for FSTL some models and FX effects will hurt FPS pretty hard... (Some bugs)
  2. Well I hope we never go back to that old stuff including the graphics.... so funny.... But hey start P3D/FSX up and download the 2d clouds and AS 😉
  3. As for Stockholm be aware that ESSB form ORBX has some exclusion set and you will be missing some buildings and stuff in the old center part...
  4. Thanks well since I own the product going to reinstall and see how it performs local...
  5. Remains the main and simple question, how is the performance regarding builds a year ago for example? That is why FSHud ended up here local in the virtual bin and as for AIG does it only works with BGL files or the new traffic format?
  6. See my message, I solved the issue and it will probably solve yours to.... For the record Tobii is Win11 compatible
  7. Solved the issue for anyone have the issue with Tobii experience app not downloading.... Go to your Microsoft account via the website log in and search for Tobii experience app. The link will open via a webbrowser the Microsoft store with the Tobii experience app then choose download and run the installer as admin... After the driver check in a few seconds the app is installed 🙃
  8. Just received mine today all installed fine but can't download the experience app from the store, any ideas guys?
  9. My TrackIR died on me local so thinking of Tobii, but I'm at Win 11 is this one compatible? Thanks guys for feedback...
  10. You could try and clear your cache folders, could solve a lot of issues...
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