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  1. AviatorMan

    Sparse/slow autogen loading in P3Dv4

    This is exactly my experience, and I too noticed it in FTX Sothern Germany, in particular flying around 29 Palms EDDN airport which I recently purchased. I have noticed it at other locations also. By the way, after trying without luck the many fixes proposed in this thread, I decided to uninstall and reinstall v4.4 client,also uninstalled and reinstalled EDDN and SODE, and for the time being no problems ( after a few hours flying in Orbx regions So Germany, England, Wales and Nor California). Don't know if that had anything to do with it.
  2. AviatorMan

    Duxfod Scenery

    I can confirm that it definitely is in UK2000's VFR Airfields Volume 2 Version 2. And it is excellent. I live close by and visit it often by bicycle. It very closely resembles the actual airfield. Most of the airliners on display to the west of the control tower are up to date, but a few other aircraft on display are no longer there, but to my mind this is not a big deal, as the general appearance of the airfield is so accurate. I have also done touch and go circuits at Duxford several months ago when I was taking flying lessons, and it was a real treat.
  3. AviatorMan

    P3Dv4.4--all default Beechcraft removed

    Furthermore, LM still has "legacy" downloads of installers for earlier releases, which would presumably still have the beechcraft models - in case you haven't saved these earlier installers yourself.
  4. AviatorMan

    Sparse/slow autogen loading in P3Dv4

    Perhaps, but this is not such an issue. Many have experienced it and probably many more who haven't posted hoping that LM will fix it and they will find the solution in a thread here, on LM's site or elsewhere. I honestly wasn't following that close to know that LM have deleted posts from users experiencing problems and who are just hoping for a solution. I can't see that's really such a good customer relations approach.I apparently have come into this issue late if this discussion has been going on that long, because for whatever reason I didn't really experience the problem until v4.4, so I am just looking for some help. And I haven't added any addons that I didn't already have.
  5. AviatorMan

    Sparse/slow autogen loading in P3Dv4

    I tried this. Set to 30 fps. Absolutely no effect on the autogen problem that I can detect.
  6. I noticed there were a number of threads on this issue last year and earlier this year, both on Avsim and LM's forums. But to my mind there were never conclusive nor even authoritative answers to what were the causes. Some said it was setting AM, too high settings, it's an Orbx problem, etc. I noticed on the LM forum that no one claiming to be an official LM representative answered what was the problem. (On the A2A forum if you post a problem, someone from A2A responds typically within hours.) I was not really having the problem until I installed v4.4, and now I have it big time. I have tried most of the unofficial solutions,and nothing seems to fix the problem. I am thinking about uninstalling and reinstalling v4.3 for the time being. If someone here is aware that there is a real answer out there, hidden somewhere withing the many threads and responses, I would greatly appreciate hearing it.
  7. AviatorMan

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Only if you want to spend a lot more time downloading and uninstalling and reinstalling. LM says it is recommended to download the complete installer and reinstall the entire program. However, I have never done this on any of my v4 upgrades, have only installed the new client (or content if it seemed interesting) and only once had a problem (the download faulted and I had to repeat it. This could also have happened with a full installer download). So I am not sure why it is "recommended". I just installed the new v4.4 client, and everything looked great, and no problems. So I decided to download and install the new content as they have added a new default aircraft. And again, everything worked great.
  8. AviatorMan

    France VFR and Orbx in P3Dv4

    Glad several people have commented on this topic, but have to say I remain confused. Looks like there is no simple tool that allows you to run Orbx and France VFR sceneries concurrently without corrupting autogen. I guess I will just stick with Orbx sceneries and forego France VFR for the time being.
  9. AviatorMan

    France VFR and Orbx in P3Dv4

    So you are flying with the currently released P3Dv4 compatible France VFR products? Are you using the Autogen global X 2 tool mentioned in my quote from the Orbx forum to get autogen compatibility? I am really curious about this, as I would like to purchase some of these new France VFR products, even if I don't get a discount from previous purchases, if they are really compatible with Orbx Global OpenLC EU. But it seems there are conflicting reports even in this thread: a few users say they are compatible, others say they are not. Don't know what the real story is.
  10. Just saw this on the Orbx Compatibility forum: "... I simply wanted to share my experience. I have P3D PRO V4.3 and I bought several ORBX products which I LOVE but I also wanted to be able to fly over the South of France so I bought Part 1 and Part 2 of France VFR and thanks to Autogen global X 2.0 (free) both ORBX and France VFR can coexist" Anyone here have any experience with this?
  11. Just bought 29 Palms Nurnberg airport. Looks great! But there is no terminal bldg. A lot of aprons with parked aircraft, buses, and cars and car parks, but no buildings. There is a large rectangular area where there are no aircraft or ground vehicles, looks like it might be the "foundation building works" for the terminal building. Can anyone provide any advice before I take this topic up at the 29 Palms forum? Thanks
  12. AviatorMan

    Milviz PA-30 Twin Comanche

    Before I correctly noticed in MVAMS that they were "3rd party avionics", I thought they were the com/nav radio stack that we get as default in so many addon aircraft. I have purchased them now from Navstax's website (www.navstax.com) and installed them in the Milviz Twin Bonanza, and they are in fact very good, but not sure I can tell the difference from the radio stack you get for at no additional cost in A2A's Cherokee, Comanche and VBonanza.
  13. AviatorMan

    Milviz PA-30 Twin Comanche

    After trying several things to get this to work, I finally discovered that you need to purchase the Navstax radios and install them to the Twin Comanche to get the radios to work. Cost another £20, but they look and work beautifully!
  14. AviatorMan

    Milviz PA-30 Twin Comanche

    It's a pretty good aircraft alright. I am having a slight problem with the Navstax radios. If you make this selection on the MIVAMS utility, the radios appear on the dash, but the on/off switches do not seem to work using the mouse. Anyone else having this problem? I also wanted to suggest, if you have ORBX OpenLC North America, take your PA30 to KLHV, the Piper Memorial Airport. It is an ORBX freeware airport, and it's pretty nice flying your Twin Comanche into the airport where it took its first test flight.
  15. AviatorMan

    Is Cambridge NDB working in P3D?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I think I have identified the problem. I loaded P3D in the new Milviz Twin Comanche at EGSC and opened the map. The NDB is there, but the frequency given is 332, not 332.5. I dialled the ADF radio to 332.0 and the radio picked it up. But it does not pick up the 332.5 frequency. I flew from EGSC to Liverpool EGGP, which has an NDB near the airport at 349.5 frequency, and the radio picks this frequency up fine. The P3D map shows it correctly at 349.5, as also indicated by the current aviation chart. So I am wondering, was the CAB frequency previously 332.0 (when the FSX database was put together) but changed to 332.5 in recent years?