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  1. Posted August 5 · Report post On 05/08/2017 at 6:45 PM, et31 said: Great, can you let us know the reply I just got the reply a few minutes ago (they are fast) It says PMDG is already investigating this issue and they hope to get it fixed with next update! According to this posted from August, PMDG was hoping to get it fixed "next update". ?
  2. Been wondering the same. I understand PMDG confirmed a few weeks ago they agreed this needed to be done.
  3. Lot of good advice here by pilots with real-world experience in flying large complex radial piston liners. I enjoy the challenge of dealing with the deep systems simulation, but find that I definitely need the help of the AFE, and support the idea proposed by Alan_A for PMDG to consider expanding and refining the AFE's capabilities in the future.
  4. This is a lot of detailed systems simulation. I know that PMDG is known for detailed systems simulation, but does the PMDG DC-6 simulate engine operations to this level - carburetor power enrichment and the carburetor power valve and their relation to cylinder temperature and combustion stabilization?
  5. This seems to be turning into a different sort of discussion than it started our three pages ago. Not that that is a bad thing...I suppose if a few chaps sat down in the hangar after a flight and started chatting, it could go in many directions. A few beers would help.
  6. You're right. Also you hear the landing gear & flaps retract/extend, the parking brake, touchdown when you contact the runway. At the end of the flight after you shut down, the pilot and co-pilot say "goodbye...see you next flight". Many sounds that you do not hear without the Doug Dawson gauge. And the gauge is very easy to install, just rename it per the instructions and put it in the panel folder.
  7. That's a fine looking fleet you have! Love these propliners from the 50's. My dad was a flight engineer for American Airlines, flying DC-6's (later he flew the Lockheed Electra turboprop, Boeing 707, and retired flying the DC-10). As the whole family had free flight passes, we took advantage of these every year at vacation time, and I have fond memories of many flights in DC-6's, DC-7's and other liners of the period. Another piston airliner of the era that I think is very interesting is the Convair CV-240 twin mid-range, which American had developed to replace its fleet of DC-3's. I haven't seen any simulation model of this aircraft since CalClassic's FS9 version.
  8. PMDG DC-6, Manfred Jahn DC-3, A2A Comanche, and A2A Cherokee - these are the only ones I am flying in P3D. I would like to have a piston twin and am considering adding RealAir's B60 Duke, but haven't overcome my inertia to do the work to get it to work properly in P3Dv4.1.
  9. Have noted that FSUIPC is required, and have now installed it and re-installed Real Cockpit Effect, and it still does not work in P3Dv4.1. To be fair, Real Cockpit Effect resellers only claim that the product works in FSX and P3Dv2 and v3. Hopefully they will be modifying it in the future for v4.1, as this sounds like a very useful product.
  10. Well I bought it and installed it by pointing to my P3dv4.1 folder. The installation seemed to go okay. I opened the program where there is a menu to set the amplification of the vibrations. . Then I opened P3Dv4.1 and tried it on two aircraft: the Lockheed Electra (a default aircraft) and the Carenado Navajo. Absolutely no visible effect; no vibrations at all. ??? Has anyone else tried it in P3Dv4.1?
  11. I looked at a few videos and it seems like it produces the normal cockpit vibration that you would get standard in a more expensive sim aircraft like PMDG and A2A - so does not seem as it if would impede clicking on switches. Sounds like an interesting product. Does anyone know if it is now compatible with P3Dv4.1?
  12. Thanks, will appreciate the detailed feedback. Currently I am flying the PMDG DC-6 and Manfred Jahn's freeware DC-3 almost exclusively. I am impressed with both for the systems depth and general "real-world" feel (e.g.,they both have realistic cockpit vibrations that enhance the immersion factor). I haven't purchased the A2A Constellation yet, as I am so impressed with the PMDG DC-6, but I expect to do so in a few weeks. I would be interested in the Flight-Replica DC-4 if it has reasonable systems depth and cockpit vibrations, as I am interested in Douglas Aircraft's progression from the DC-4 to the 6 and eventually to the 7. I have been using the DC-3 and DC-6 to fly historic airline routes: e.g., United Airlines north to south Pacific (all flying over ORBX regions) - both DC-3 and DC-6 during late 1930's and 1940's. But during the transition period from the DC-3 to DC-6, most airlines were using DC-4's for some routes, so it would be interesting to have a good model for flight sim.
  13. Has anyone tried this new aircraft and wish to compare it to the PMDG DC-6 and A2A Constellation?
  14. Well mine works now, and I was able to get it working correctly soon after my August post. Unfortunately I now do not remember how I got it fixed! I think I did a full re-install of P3Dv4, but don't remember for sure.