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  1. Thinking about buying this one. Can anyone who has it confirm if it has cockpit vibrations, as Milviz did for the Cessna Bobcat? Vibrations of the instrument panel, needles, etc significantly increases the realism of the flying experience.
  2. Thanks. Looking forward to that development. I think it will help.
  3. I too was troubled and have complained about the lack of tire screech on landing. However, remembering the experience of several flights a took in DC6's when I was a child and young adult, I now recall that inside the cabin, the engine noise was very high. Significantly higher than modern jet airliners. It was difficult to even have a conversation with the passenger sitting next to you; you had to talk very loud when you spoke to the stewardess, for example. I now don't think you would hear the tires screeching from inside the cabin of a DC6 because of this very loud roar of these giant rotary piston engines. I would like to hear the gratifying sound of the screech, but now I think it would not be realistic. I do believe I hear a slight "bumping" noise when the landing gears contact the runway, but I could not identify a .wav file that is obviously named to be this faint touchdown bump. Perhaps someone from PMDG could clarify.
  4. There have been a number of simmers asking for recommendations on controllers. I have four Saitek controllers purchased over three years ago, and generally have had no problems. But now that Logitek has acquired the company, have discovered that support for the Saitek devices is virtually non-existant. For some reason today, my PC stopped recognizing any of my Saitek devices. The general recommendation is to download and re-install the drivers. The Logitech download site does not have the 64 bit version for all of the controllers. It did have the 64 bit driver for the Throttle Quadrant, but when I ran the installer, it does not complete. It locks up at one of the "Next" prompts Anybody have any suggestions?
  5. Last week a number of users noted that there is no sound at all when the DC6 hits the runway, and I understood that PMDG was working on a revision to correct this oversight. Can it be confirmed that this is indeed underway? Thanks for a beautiful aircraft, by the way.
  6. Hi DC6 pilots. Can anyone tell me the difference between the two American Airlines DC6B liveries: 1946 and 1947? Is it just the registrations and one is "Flagship New Hampshire" and the other "Flagship California"? Just curious.
  7. I think P3Dv4 is great, and think you have made the right choice. Since I mostly fly GA at lower altitudes, I don't think any of the main sims have decent default scenery. Would recommend as a minimum that you get Orbx Global.
  8. Agreed!
  9. I just loaded the latest version yesterday, and in a short flight I just took, there seemed to be a touchdown sound when I landed. A bit faint and no tire screech, but it seemed to be there. I did notice that the sound cfg file has a touchdown event, but could not find the .wav file. Could someone from PMDG comment on the status of this, as I had understood that they intended to address it.
  10. After two or three more attempts yesterday to run P3Dv4, when the problem described was still there with the DC-6 (but the other planes I tried worked perfectly well), then I just started the sim earlier today, and the DC-6 now works as it should. Not sure what the problem was, but whatever it was, it seems to have "fixed itself."
  11. I first downloaded the DC-6 last week and had a small number of successful flights. It is a great aircraft! However, as of today when I load the aircraft and enter the VC, I am not able to activate some of the controls. I can put the mouse on the parking brake and set and unset the brake, and I can get the yoke to go down (the "disappear" mode), can get the arm rests to go up/down, and perhaps a few more. But most of the other controls I attempt to activate seem to be "dead". For example, I am unable to unlock the flight controls, move the throttles, mixture, propeller pitch controls, and unable to move most of the controls on the overhead panels for starting the engines, lights, etc. Help would be appreciated, thanks.
  12. Hello, when I downloaded and installed the aircraft, the Operations Center came up as an introduction at the end. However, when I want to consult the Center later, I cannot find it. It is not on my Windows Start Menu and it is not in a short cut on the PC main screen. I thought I may have done something wrong on the initial install, so I downloaded the product and installed it again, and still the Operations Center is nowhere to be found after I close the installation screen. Please help. Thanks
  13. Thanks for this. My P3Dv4 suddenly experienced the extreme stuttering and loss of FPS you mention, and I did as you said, and all is OK again.
  14. Spoke too soon. The problem has returned just as before, even without LOWI uninstalled. But the controller works fine in P3Dv3? Anyone have any ideas? Tnanks
  15. Okay, I already seem to have the answer to the issue, but I certainly don't understand it. The last scenery I installed was Orbx's LOWI Innsbruck airport. I uninstalled it, and this fixed the problem???? Could this possibly have been the issue? I will post on Orbx's site to see if others have had the problem.