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  1. I have the P3D version, and also thought that only x-plane liveries were available. I was mistaken. What you need to do is to start your PMDG Operations Center, and "Please select a product" will appear: select the drop down. All your products should appear highlighted, and in my case I select: PMDG DC-6-P3D v4. I am assuming you will have a drop down that indicates PMDG DC-6-FSX. Below in the Menu will be a Livery Downloader with liveries for FSX DC-6A and FSX DC-6B. Good Luck. If you don't get the menu for the FSX version, you probably should contact PMDG directly.
  2. This court decision highlights the "moronic", not to mention hypocritical, perspective of the current U.S. government's proposed protectionist trade policies. Boeing, one of the two largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, obviously should be able to compete with relatively tiny Bombardier without the assistance of the U.S. government.
  3. Look great! And interesting history.
  4. It depends. If your sceneries and airports are Orbx, they are now all compatible with P3Dv4. UK2000 also compatible. Many Aerosoft and FSDT and other airports compatible. Many aircraft are also compatible. Too many to relist. There are previous topics that list what is compatible. You might want to google to check these out.
  5. Hi Bobby, glad everything is working for you. My Trim Wheel works fine also in P3Dv4, and did from the beginning; all I meant was that unlike the other Saitek units which I purchased a few years ago, I purchased the Trim Wheel recently. I agree with you, the trim wheel is essential. I have been taking flying lessons (here in Cambridgeshire) in a PA28 Warrior, and much of the instruction is about trimming the aircraft. You trim it for the climb after takeoff, then you trim it for level flight, then you trim again to get the right descent rate and speed when you are on Final. You can't trim by pressing buttons, you need to have a wheel to get the constant feedback so that you quickly tell when all is trimmed. I have been able to replicate pretty wheel these lessons to the A2A Cherokee (a little more powerful than the Warrior, but generally the A2A Cherokee performs aerodynamically very similarly to the Warrior.) Anyway, without the trim wheel this wouldn't have been feasible.
  6. Got Yoke, Quadrant, Pedals & Trim Wheel. Everything works great. However, except for the Trim Wheel, the units were purchased years ago. It's been awhile since I installed them, but I believe I just plugged them into my system, loaded P3Dv4, went to the Options/Controls pulldown, and they were already recognised, so all I had to do was reset/calibrate.
  7. B757 fiasco? Icelandair continues to operate them successfully. They now fly them non-stop from Iceland to Seattle and Portland, quite a long transatlantic distance. And they offer business class seats at about 50% - 75% of most carriers. I am going to give them a try the next time a fly from London to Washington DC.
  8. Have finally got this great bird installed in P3Dv4. Everything seems to be working fine, but I cannot find the avionics switch so I can turn on the default GPS units. I have checked all of the documentation, and have not found mention of it. Can anyone help?
  9. I have been using Saitek Cessna pedals for a few years now, with a basic install, not tweakings, and find taxi steering to be fine. I have compared steering my A2A Cherokee to an actual PA28 161 Warrior, and find the response pretty close. The Saitek pedals are a bit more sensitive, but not that off in my opinion.
  10. I think many passengers are tired of being forced by the airlines into their model, where you fly in an overly huge, crowded wide-body to a hub airport then continue to where you really want to go, probably in a smaller aircraft. Why not just get into a smaller aircraft that is going where you want it to go to begin with? Also, if one considers the end-to-end travel time, a typical air journey may consume as much time getting to and from the airport, and waiting at the airport to board the aircraft, all of which takes ridiculously longer to do in a very large aircraft like the A380. I feel that many passengers would be willing to pay more to have better convenience and comfort in their air travel. I certainly do not think the A380 is the aircraft to deliver this.
  11. I followed this procedure and it worked great. Glad to finally have the RealAir PIston Duke in P3Dv4, as I prefer it to the Turbine. Thanks of posting the link.
  12. Looks great!
  13. I am pretty much sold on P3Dv4.1 and appreciate Rob Anscough's detail summary of its benefits. However, I see that one can download X-Plane free as a trial, so I might as well give it a go. Does the trial version do a good job of showing off its benefits?
  14. Good point, I forgot that. Which LM Company did you work for? I was Mission Systems in Maryland. I retired before LM introduced P3D so was not aware of its development at the time.
  15. I have to wonder about the marketing of the three platforms, especially P3D. I have never seen any LM advertisements for P3D outside of sim web sites such as Avsim, Flightsim.... But I did MS Flight Simulator in several versions for years, up through FS9, without being aware that these flight sim user web sites even existed. Didn't buy addons, just upgraded to the new version of Flight Simulator whenever a new one was released. How does LM promote its product outside of these web sites? I expect sells some of P3D on government contracts, and I know how they do that (I used to work for LM as a program manager, so I know how they do the defense and NASA side of marketing, but commercial products, don't know.) Anyone up to speed on this?