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  1. Haven't flown MFS for a few days, and tried to today. I clicked on the icon as usual, and the program started to load (the calm music and graphics, etc) then it stops and a screen abruptly appears saying that there is a required update. So I click on install and am taken to the MS Store, but no further guidance what to do. Can anyone help me?
  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Even though I have been flying FS since the first edition, as far as FS9 and FSX, MSFS2020 is another world - there is no comparison! By the way Moria15, what is this Flybe twin you're flying?
  3. I bought the premium deluxe boxed version and can confirm that the initial install of MSFS is with the 10 dvd's. After that all the updates/re-installs are online. It is true that it is time consuming to install the 10 dvd's, but my broadband here is quite slow. Since then I had a problem with MSFS and had to re-install everything. It took a day and part of the night!
  4. You are right about EGSC being a strange airport. A couple of years ago I took flying lessons from Mid Anglia School of Flying at EGSC. http://www.masfcambridge.com/ The have a fleet of four PA-28 training aircraft, and I enjoyed flying them out of Cambridge airport. I do recall that the taxi pattern was difficult, nevertheless I enjoyed flying out of the airport. At about this time Darwin Airlines, a Swiss airline but headquartered in Lugano attempted non-stop service to Geneva and from there connections throughout Europe. The airline was running morning and afternoon departure from Cambridge. Evidently the traffic level was lower than expected, and the service was terminated. Currently the airport has a few companies involved in aviation services. Marshall, the owner of the airport, has a contract with the MOD for certain maintenance and upgrade of their aircraft. Marshall also owns several automobile sales sites across the street from the airport, and I think the company headquarters is in the old terminal building. I realise this is off topic, but I believe it is a related topic of interest. The airport's likely eventual is part of a trend of closing GA airports in favour of housing developments.
  5. How about doing "London" Cambridge EGSC as well! MSFS does an excellent job of Cambridge city and colleges, but the airport is not accurate at all.
  6. Of lately I am noticing advertisements on Avsim forum (e.g., just now I see MandM Direct, evidently sports clothes, also often see something called Joker. Just curious how these ads work. Are they selected from search histories of the current user, or from search histories of Avsim members in general, or are these just ads that have paid Avsim to run them??
  7. That's great news!. I have been eager to save a flight at a specific location (e.g., parking 1, refuel station, Gate 2,...etc) with the aircraft exactly as I left it in the saved flight.
  8. You need to order it on the JF web site.
  9. I have seen a number of references in this forum noting that the "physics model" of MSFS2020 is inferior to that of P3Dv5. Just curious how we know this?
  10. Can anyone advise if it is possible to save your last flight so that in your next flight you can continue with the A/C in the same location and in the same condition as you left it? And how to do it? Thanks
  11. What/Where is 76T? The airport at Decatur, Texas? I can't imagine many simmers wanting to go there anyway.
  12. Another European city, which I live near and have flown out of the local airport, has a remarkably accurate rendition: Cambridge UK. Everything is there in place and look like the real thing: the Railway station, the colleges, especially Kings College Chapel, the Addenbrooks hospital complex. Unfortunately the airport, while the runways are accurately placed and the terminal and associated buildings are roughly there, the buildings are not accurate renditions. Btw, Cambridge was not an accurate representation prior to the recent UK update. I think this leaves room for optimism that as the world updates are delivered we can look forward to accurate cities all over Europe and North America.
  13. Okay thanks. If you and others are interested I have found a POH at this website https://args.com.br/arquivos/biblioteca/1/web/p28r-arrow-manual.pdf
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