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  1. JMEppright

    Aircraft won't accelerate during initial climb

    I think we may be on to something here. I went into FSUIPC and set MISC menu to reload FSUIPC.INI always and it seemed to help a great deal. As a casual user, I'm not totally there but this is a great clue and workaround until something more concrete comes along. I like the PMDG product. Just need to refine some processes.Thanks, rickb1293
  2. JMEppright

    Aircraft won't accelerate during initial climb

    I am relatively new to a registered version of FSUIPC. How do I reload the ini file? Thanks. We may be on to something. I'm certainly not dragging the tug.
  3. JMEppright

    Aircraft won't accelerate during initial climb

    I'm having a similar problem. I've got 25 years flying real life corporate jets so the dynamics of jet flight are not foreign to me. I setup, program FMS, configure aircraft correctly, taxi out and takeoff. All is well until I get past initial climb. Gear up, flaps up, no SID limitations, weather normal, can't get bird to exceed 185-190 kts. Seems to have cropped up after installing SP1 and 600/700. Clean bird at mid fuel weights and clean @ climb power should climb like a homesick angel. What am I missing?
  4. Bill,This same thing happened a few years ago to me. I thought the HD add died. In the end it was the memory. Good luck.
  5. JMEppright

    Runaway Learjet

    The video you reference is actually a CJ2 Citation owned by a European concern that landed downwind on a short wet runway that turbine operations were restricted on. It is actually powered by Williams engines.
  6. Dennis,One factor that hasn't been mentioned is "P" Factor. Sitting on the ground, the P-51 has a pronounced tail low attitude. P Factor is the condition where the downswinging blade on the propeller has much more angle of attack and therefore much more pull than the upswinging blade on the other side. This is what creates the left turning motion. You just add power slowly at a rate which your available rudder can control it. Once you raise the tailwheel, most but not all P Factor goes away.By the way, this is the same reason you need slight right rudder in climb out in your 172.
  7. Gentlemen,I bought Acceleration today and installed uneventfully. FSX loads fine but if I select any of the new aircraft of load a scenario that uses a new aircraft, I get the Fatal Error Occurred message and sim quits and reloads. FSX ran great before this.I am running an E6600 with 4 Gigs mem and a GTX8800 video card. I am using Vista Ultimate for op sys.Any suggestion? Thanks
  8. I would guess that you are flying an aircraft with a normally aspirated engine (not turbo charged). If this is the case, as the air thins as you climb, the engine produces less power even if you lean the mixture. Even a jet engine is mormally aspirated. Try flying the 747. See the rate of climb at 250 knots right after takeoff and then check it climbing through 30,000 feet - much less because the air is thinner and the engine output is much less.
  9. JMEppright

    Placing Trees in FSX

    The ALT ENTER seems to fix the black screen effect. Onwards and upwards.
  10. JMEppright

    Placing Trees in FSX

    Thanks for that tip, I'll check that out. Who knows, maybe that will bring the FSX visual back.
  11. JMEppright

    Placing Trees in FSX

    Luis,Appreciate your help. Nothing has changed that I am aware of. I've used computers for 20+ years and know that sometimes things just get mucked up. A reistall frequently attains a fresh start. Take care.
  12. JMEppright

    Placing Trees in FSX

    I start FSX, start OPT. FSX in background goes to a dark screen (black). This afternoon I roughly aimed the nose of the aircraft at a spot on the ground and placed a tree. It worked but placing multiple objects with any degree of accuracy will be difficult without the visual for accurate placement.
  13. JMEppright

    Placing Trees in FSX

    Luis,I have OPT installed and the first couple of times it worked OK. Now, when I open it from within FSX, the menus appear but the rest of the screen is black. My impression was that you were in slew mode in the sim so you could place the object with the cursor.
  14. Gentlemen,In FS2004, I enjoyed using the treeplanter utility. I haven't gotten it to work in FSX. Any suggestions or alternatives?