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  1. This is interesting stuff. You waited 596 days to reply to your own question. No offense but how does that work?
  2. 60.000 or 100.000 sounds like an awful lot to me but I'm no expert by any means. A2a are absolutely amazing at what they do. I own there 172 for fsx and I have always loved it. It squeaks and rattles which I did not experience in the other "study level" 172 sim. Very tempted to buy this one....
  3. Hi guys, Interesting discussion here, thanks for that. I'm just getting into proper flight planning and charts so my question might be a bit novice.. Why wouldn't I need paid charts app/software for flying in the US only? I read a couple of times here that only outside the USA I would definitely need navigraph or aivlasoft. Thanks again! Jozeff
  4. Discord is a mess for a simple user like myself. I'm always in doubt about which files I need. The flightsim.to site is a breath of fresh air when you needa fle or just want to look around.
  5. Agree! I bought the standard version and regret it. Some very cool mods are for deluxe planes only. I wanted to upgrade to premium but the only way is buying a complete new version of msfs. Cheers
  6. Great work ryan! Thanks very much for this wonderful stuff. Jozeff
  7. Haha, funny stuff. Well, I guess I have to wait for this beauty. I really hope they made a custom flight model. All ga aircraft feel a bit on rails to me in msfs. I manage to dive to the runway, pull back on the stick and land every plane perfectly in de middle of the tarmac, something which is impossible in DCS for instance with its complex flight model and subtle movements and feedback.
  8. Hi guys, Don't know if it's appropriate to ask here but... I have literally been dreaming about that specific plane so I had to ask here 😅 Thanks a lot! Jozeff
  9. I completely agree! How hard could that be
  10. Hi guys, Clean weather looks perfectly fine in my reverb g2 but when I choose any of the Floyd's epic clouds I see a set of pulsating blue squares. Every 2 seconds they appear for half a second or so, very annoying. This doesn't go away when I lower my graphics settings. I use openxr and these cloudsets were never a problem. It appears in all planes btw. Any thoughts? thanks!!
  11. I don't know the man but I love him just because of creating xplane11. The best 59 euro's i have spent in my lifetime. Thanks for the information, interesting read.
  12. Hypocrisy rules the word man. You are probably right about all of this but I think you shouldn't worry too much about it and enjoy the sim as it it. I fly dcs myself most of the time because it has campaigns, the flight dynamics are way better and harder and it looks better in my reverb vr headset.
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