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  1. Thank you, I have tried your options. I miss the feel of handling a REAL helicopter in p3d. It is very easy to recover from nasty situations in p3d helis I think. Last night I flew upside down in Alaska with severe winds and ended up in a beautiful hover within seconds. I cannot manage that in DCS that's for sure. Does the dodosim come close to dcs and Xplane helis? I don't want to install fsx again only for the dodosim. I'll have to use flyinside for vr and that kept crashing randomly. It would be a step back from P3dv4......
  2. I know, dcs is amazing but I have a lot of scenery for p3d that needs some exploring. I know there is no such thing as an equally good Huey or gazelle in p3d but I don't want a helicopter that is the best ever( that would be the Huey in dcs,,😉) but just a pretty realistic one. The best available in p3dv4.
  3. Dear flight friends, It has been a topic before but I am pretty new to helicopters in p3d v4.2 and I am looking for the most realistic combination of helicopter and HTR profile( hover control website). I tried a few combinations but find it difficult to choose a realistic one. I know the dodosim 206 does not work in p3dv4 and I own the Huey for DCS and also Xplane 11. These are awesome for helis but I am looking specifically for a P3d helicopter because I love that sim in VR right now. Looking forward to your thoughts!! Thanks Jozeff
  4. Hi folks, 11.20vr1 worked great for me but after vr2 beta yesterday I don't have xplane image in my Oculus whatever I try. The tracking seems to work but the Oculus screens are completely grey.... I unplugged my hotas throttle btw. Is there a way to return to beta 11.20vr1??? Any thoughts? Thanks!!! Jozeff
  5. VR and FS2004 possible?

    Hello, I have the same cpu! Clocked to 4.5ghz. I have the gtx970 GPU and I am pretty happy with it in vr. I use monoscopic view in p3dv4.1 which really helps fps of course. Stereoscopic view is ok but the gtx970 is the bare minimum for that..... Clear skies and not to complex scenery and you'll be fine because you have a 1080. Xp11 does not work smoothly in vr however. Fps are low and stuttery. Aeroflyfs2 works amazing with my hardware but simulation wise it is on a ( much) lower level. Good luck with you decision. I have the Oculus rift btw..
  6. VR and FS2004 possible?

    What cpu do you have?
  7. VR and FS2004 possible?

    Maybe vorpx will work. Works great for some games for me. But, why would you want to use a 15 years old flightsim in VR? FSX seems like a better option. I got steam edition for 5 dollars. It runs very stable and has great fps. Cheers Jozef
  8. Hello, Did you install active sky when a VPN client was enabled? This caused me a lot of problems trying to connect to simulator..... The IP address has to match the one that you used when you installed active sky. Probably you though of that. I know how terrible it can be when things don't work properly. Hope you will be flying soon!!!! Jozef
  9. Will these addons work in P3DV4?

    Hello, Have you tried Estonia migration tool? I have been using that for al sorts of scenery add-ons. Works great for me but for some others it doesn't... Jozef
  10. New P3D v4 User

    Hello, I use Estonia migration tool for this. I know a lot of you criticize this program but for all orbx and uk2000 and flytampa scenery this has been working flawlessly for me... Cheers Jozef
  11. Ok thanks. Should the aircraft be in "short haul" state for tutorial 1 to be successful? I don't find anything about it on the pmdg manual??? Tnx!!
  12. Thank you guys! I'll give it a try. I thought the IRS was alligned already if I load default flight in p3dv4 and then "edit" flight and choose the ngx and appropriate runway etc. In which state should the 737 be when doing the tutorial 1? Cold and dark? Or other state? Thank you! Jozeff
  13. Dear flight friends, Started using the ngx a few weeks back and I am trying the tutorial 1 flight. The problem is however that after putting in al the settings and variables there are no values in the predicted legs section. No altitudes only dashed lines.... I have been searching for this problem and tried several things. -Updated airac cycle and tried a few different ones. - set p3d time to match the airac cycle - reloaded the ngx - restarted p3d v4.1 - started tutorial 1 from the beginning again but same problem. I did press activate and execute button in the FMC several times. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Jozeff The Netherlands