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  1. The fbw team did a wonderful job creating this plane or at least improving so many things. It must literally take thousands of hours to implement the things they did. Let's at least show some respect to those who have achieved things I never could in a lifetime. Jozeff
  2. I don't think rhe developer is arrogant in any way. We are all spoiled a lot with freeware stuff. I can only imagine how much time went into creating the h135. Thinking that this heli was just click bait for an upcoming payware is not very respectful. 43$ is quite some money but you can buy it after reading some reviews and decide if it's worth it. Agreed, copy pasting some default 747 stuff and then selling it is a cash grab. Developing a heli from scratch is not but that is just my 0.02... I you really have a good model the price could be worth it. People complain about pmdg stuff costing more than 100 euros but have flown it for hundreds or even thousands of hours.
  3. Xplane will not be obsolete, at least not for me. I fly VR only and xp11 is way smoother and a much better experience than msfs so far. Less tearing, larger cockpit due to steam settings, automatic fps adjustment. Just a better experience over all. I have quite a beefy PC and I guess I need a more powerful one in the future to enjoy msfs in all its glory. I'm struggling with framerate now and I suspect pmdg 737 will not change that. It would be awesome to have pmdg in this sim of course and I'm really looking forward to it.
  4. I wonder how this is going to be in VR. Wonderful news!
  5. Yes! Keep xplane! Zibo mod, active sky.....wonderful stuff
  6. Yes, it is the best thing available for xplane as far as I'm concerned. Love it. Bought it like 4 times in the last decade...fsx p3d etc. Worth every penny
  7. Yes, it was a little out of my league at first but I kept trying and reading the documents. Great stuff
  8. Having used fs academy products for fsx, p3d and msfs I can almost guarantee you that this is a very well made training tool. The developer is very helpful and loves to hear customer experiences. A serious enthusiast so to speak. Some companies just offer only decent products and fs academy is one of them. I think I'm going to try this package, there is always a lot to learn. Cheers Jozeff
  9. This would be awesome! I never got reshade to work in VR in dcs or xplane or any vr game .... only 2d seems to work.
  10. Don't want to be rude nor funny but p3dv5 kept crashing so many times that I switched to xplane completely. I've had so many crashes since my fsx days and all versions of p3d. It just never felt like stable products tbh. especially when changing graphic settings or menu stuff. When I switched to vr 4 years ago things got even worse and I moved to xplane for those reasons. Again, I don't want to be rude. I wish you all the best and I hope you will be flying stable and have fun with p3d. Just my 2 cents. Have a nice day! Cheers Jozeff
  11. Hi guys, I bought xenviro a couple of years ago. I even had a little argument with my wife about it's price tag but I convinced her I really needed this... After struggling with low fps for a while I went VR and forgot about this add on because it never worked in vr and after all these years still doesn't. I bought msfs, aerofly fs2, flyinside p3d and fsx, dcs and Il2 bos. I've really had a blast the last 3 years with all of them. Currently I fly xp11 most of the time because it gives me good performance, is very stable and looks amazing in vr. I forgot about xenviro until I found this thread. It is quite remarkable that I paid exactly the same amount of money for msfs as i did 4 years ago for xenviro....enough said. Happy flying you all!! Jozeff
  12. This fbw 320 experience is really awesome. Thanks so much to the development team. I have the toliss 321 and the aerosoft 320 and love those planes but since im just a casual vr simmer I am not looking for the die hard simulation options. If only my rift s was just a bit sharper..... Anyway, keep up this great work. Much appreciated!!!
  13. Hi guys, Have been messing around with a lot of vr tools today but I didn't find what I was looking for. Just too buggy and complicated, I don't need a fancy desktop viewer. I need a simple scratchpad so that I can write down navigation information while flying in VR. Is there something available for that? Thanks a lot! Jozeff
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