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  1. Tnx! Clicked on the link but all info is 5 years old.... What makes you think it's getting close? Grtz Jozeff
  2. Global that a joke???????
  3. Well the shader trick did it. After running orbx lib in ftx however the textures were all water again and I have to add the areas to library in P3d.
  4. Dear all, Have been flying lots of helicopters in DCS and Xplane and they are awesome. I love native VR in p3dv4 but I miss a really good heli. HTR and mpdesign and cabri g2 are ok but I miss the dodosim 206. It was pretty amazing. Any chance it will be patched to V4? Is anybody working on a 64 bit version? Thanks in advance Jozeff
  5. Hello everyone, I have P3dv4 running with orbx the Netherlands, Wales, UK and Aerosoft Helgoland installed. After running ftx Central and updating libraries my scenery is all water all over the world...... Trees are floating on it. All scenery, not only orbx, seems to have this. Any thoughts?? The scenery order seems to be ok in P3d.
  6. I have a rift btw. I'm looking for that few extra fps. Spending douch money on a 1080 and gaining some supersampling is not worth it right now. In a few years VR will be a lot more amazing. I'll spend the money then I guess. We need a substantial improvement over the rift and the way things are now. Thanks for your thoughts
  7. Thank you alpilot for all your great work!!! Much appreciated!!! Thanks!!!! Jozeff
  8. Tnx Yeah I know I need a 1080 but the money isn't there. I will need a new mb and I want the next gen VR headset someday..... Until then I was thinking about updating win 10 for free. If it helps me for let's say 5 percent then that would be great. Inalso fly DCS afs2 and P3d so maybe it would be beneficial for those sims. Thanks for your thoughts!! Jozeff
  9. Hi everyone Is win10 better for VR than win7 I have i7. 2600k @ 4.5 ghz Gtx970 overclocked and 32Gb of ram. Would going to win 10 be a good thing for me? Thanks for your wisdom! Jozeff
  10. Hi everyone , in P3d I use monoscopic view to increase the framerate. With great results. It is less immersive but I enjoy it though. Is that possible in Xplane vis ste amvr or Oculus settings? Thanks!! Jozeff
  11. Anyone thoughts??? This is really a problem. There is no mouse pointer whatsoever in VR. I enabled and disabled the 'use mouse in vr' option, disabled VR, let Xplane check it's own file errors, disabled all add-ons but no luck so far. I just don't see a mouse pointer in my Oculus!! Thanks for your help!
  12. Hello everyone, Suddenly my mouse pointer disappeares when in vr mode. This did not happen before. After last update 2 days ago there is no pointer whatever I try. Marking the VR mouse box does not do anything. Any thoughts? Thanks!!! Jozeff
  13. jozeff

    Whats the average age of our community?

    Interesting question. As far as I can see we are a pretty mature community,😀
  14. jozeff

    23 May - P3D V4's Birthday

  15. Thank you, I have tried your options. I miss the feel of handling a REAL helicopter in p3d. It is very easy to recover from nasty situations in p3d helis I think. Last night I flew upside down in Alaska with severe winds and ended up in a beautiful hover within seconds. I cannot manage that in DCS that's for sure. Does the dodosim come close to dcs and Xplane helis? I don't want to install fsx again only for the dodosim. I'll have to use flyinside for vr and that kept crashing randomly. It would be a step back from P3dv4......