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  1. Ok, fair enough. I used p3dv4 native VR for more than a year and I really liked it. You are absolutely right that it works pretty good although taking the headset of each time I want to use the menus is a bit annoying. Somehow I couldn't get native VR to work. This could very well be an Oculus problem, a previously installed version of flyinside or a problem occuring in my PC. By no means I want to spread the word that native p3dv4 VR is rubbish. Just wanted to say that I was pleasantly surprised by flyinside again after not using it for over a year. Haven't used p3dv5 so can't comment on that. I will buy it eventually, no doubt. It is also true that development at flyinside is very, very slow. Their product is well thought-out but seems abandoned at the moment. It does the trick for me as it is so I'm satisfied. Thanks for your input 😉
  2. Hi guys , After flying my ga aircraft in Xplane11(washed out colors and a lot of shimmering) for almost a year and trying to like aeroflyfs2 as much as I can I decided to install p3dv4 again. I had removed it because it kept crashing quite often with flyinside and native vr didn't work anymore. The installation was 3 years old and there were a lot of addons I had tried and removed and it was a mess. Yesterday I decided to perform a fresh p3dv4 install, ASN, Rex textures and orbx true-earth UK. Native VR crashed immediately when I turned on VR (rift s). Too bad. I installed flyinside again after owning it for two years and actually I was very pleasantly surprised how smooth and comfortable it felt. I love the a2a aircraft and they actually looked very crisp an clean to me. What I appreciate in flyinside: -Crisp, colourful appearance and adjustable saturation and brightness -very easy to adjust cockpit size to increase readability - easy to import other windows for PDFs, charts, notes etc - brilliant implementation of zooming assigned to joystick axis. I had abandoned flyinside for quite a while but now I realize how good it actually is. I spent a lot of time tweaking xplane11 but the shimmering is pretty bad, no way to adjust cockpit size and very full colors. Afs2 looks very good but the flight dynamics are mediocre at best and I don't like the fact that weather is no way near the level of p3d/ASN. Almost bought p3dv5 but decided to give my previously purchased software a chance. Glad I did. Just wanted to share my experiences with you. Cheers Jozeff
  3. Thanks!! We're do I find the sweet fx file? Is that a standard shader or should I download it somewhere?I'll give it a try I had xplane11.41 reshade working perfectly this afternoon but as soon as I tried VR it looked like it crashed but xplane11 unticked its own VR box and that was it. In 2d it works perfectly fine in xp11/OpenGL. I tried restarting Oculus app several times tried a dozen different shader settings but no luck. As soon as I ticked VR box it got stuck. I see the xplane loading screen in my rift s but that's it. Thanks again! Jozeff
  4. Tnx! Should I place the SweetFX_Settings_b'X-Plane 11'_b'X-Plane file in shader folder or in reshade folder in Xplane11? Yes I have performance mode checked! Which shaders do you install? Only the upper set or also sweet fx? In the next screen there are 5 things ticked and in the last screen in reshade I can choose like 20 shaders like vibrance,etc... Could you tell me exactly what you install when dealing with reshade? That would really really help me a lot. I've spent a few hours to get it working and had to recover an xplane11 backup 4 times! Thanks for your help!!
  5. Ok thanks, I got it working too but no way I see any difference in my rift s! I run Oculus tray tool and not via steam and I have Oculus app running before I start xplane11 How can i see the shader adjustments in my rift s? Any thoughts mickatmian ? Jozeff
  6. Ok, I got this working in vulkan a couple of times. Tried a lot of things but it works only once. After restarting reshade.exe xplane11 doesn't load load reshade anymore. Do I have to install the shaders eacht time? The times I got the shaders working in vulkan I fondled with some vibrance settings. I didn't notice any difference in VR! I got a very saturated screen in 2d but in my rift things were as washed out as ever.... Any suggestions? Thanks! Jozeff
  7. I get the message " gfx_assert failed pass" Every time I tried this. I edited the shortcut as you Said I got it working in OpenGL but not in vulkan. I get the aforementioned error. I disabled HDR but no luck so far. Tnx for any advice!
  8. So does reshade crash xplane11 or is it just some people who don't know what they are doing?
  9. Tnx! Doesn't it crash xplane11 all the time? I'm reading a lot of negative things about reshade for xp11. I have xvision but I cannot set the brilliance of the colors anymore. Jozeff
  10. This topic is spiraling out of control hahaha
  11. So, does it work??? If it does, it's brilliant...
  12. Hi guys, Enjoying xplane11 in VR especially since 11.50 beta. I have one issue However. Why do my ga aircraft feel so stable? I was flying near svalbard this morning with heavy storm in my rep simcoders 172. My plane just went perfectly straight without any movement. I could land it perfectly on a rocky area without any problem. I have active sky xp. I changed to just flight c152 and that one was equally stable. I have aeroflyfs2 and those planes also have this on rails like behavior. I have used p3d a lot and the a2a cessna172 was always very agile and making squeaky sounds and was sometimes very hard to land with certain winds. Thanks for any thoughts!! Jozeff
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