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  1. And despite the age difference I feel a strong connection. Happy flying my friends!
  2. 46, played a lot of flight games on c64 and amiga, falcon 3 in 1991 on my dad's 386 pc and default cessna in 1995 fs 95. Have been fooling around with flight sims ever since.
  3. Completely true, a lot of stuff is already available in other planes. Challenger 650 in xplane is insanely detailed for example. However, this looks like it is going to be a wonderful addon and makes me want to say goodbye to my p3d "forbidden word" 737 and enter a new Era. If only msfs had multiple monitor support. (Yes, I do have a rift s)...have been waiting 2 years for that. It's the main reason I'm still flying xplane11.
  4. I have aviacdu for p3d and it works flawlessly I must say. It's well worth the price. I presume it works the same for msfs
  5. I have to disagree on this one.. There is so much going on in msfs world that I parked xplane11 and p3dv5 for now just to keep up with everything around mmsfs. I truly have the feeling that this sim really had a major lift off the last couple of months.
  6. Hi guys , Having a lot of fun with my 4 screen setup. Only problem is that seat and headrest are always in the way. I know all about fov and monitor setup. Only plane so far I found is zibo where seats can be removed. I also have toliss 321, md11 and the seats are solid as a rock in those planes. Any ideas? Thanks a lot. Jozeff
  7. Which panel are you talking about here? I cannot find a panel for the c310. Thanks!
  8. Hi guys, I've been looking into air manager and would like to try the panels available in the following site https://www.freesimstuff.com/downloads--panels.html is is possible to use both panels on 1 screen. Reason I ask is because I have 3 screens for scenery and 1 for my panel. I cannot connect 5 screens to my gpu. thanks for any advice! jozeff
  9. Hi guys, Have been playing around with views andy triple screen setup. Would really like to have scenery only view with a panel in the lower half of my middle screen. I've been messing around for hours but just cannot get it how I want. I know Air Manager and that might be a solution but I thought of the following.. remove the planes structure textures completely and only keep the instrument panel. Looking at sideviews (monitor 1 and 3) shows only scenery. Is that even possible? Is just removing some dds files going to do the trick? I tried some things but if someone can put me in the right direction that would be awesome. I'm not going to invest time in plane maker because that's a bit too time consuming for me. Thanks in advance.! Jozeff
  10. Haha, this must be the best comment I've read in quite some time;)
  11. I "bought" it via marketplace (I was directed to that via working title website if I'm correct). Thanks for the tips! Very useful information! Jozeff
  12. Hi guys, I'm learning to fly the c172 g1000 and downloaded the working title g1000 nxi mod. I've been googling for an hour but cannot figure out how to tell the mod is indeed working/installed? Is there some kind of knob/text/feature that tells me it is installed correctly? I'm not too deep in the g1000 systems yet... Thanks for any hints!! Jozeff
  13. Hi guys, I have three 4k tv's running on 1920x1080 perfectly fine with 30-40 fps. As soon as I ad a 4th screen in the xplane11 setup window (also a 1920x1080 screen) the fps starts at 30 or so and runs to 20, 10, 5, 1 fps and then crash to desktop within 10 seconds. Most of the time I have to restart my pc because I have run out on video memory. This phenomenon is independent of the graphical settings. If I put all sliders to the left this also occurs. I can run one or two of my tv's at 4k and the third one on 1080 without problems in xplane11 (18 megapixel total). I can even run three 4k tv's with about 8-12 fps in xp11 without getting this video error. I have 32 gb ram, 2080s, 9700k cpu and high quality components. What could be the problem here. Thanks in advance! Jozeff
  14. Ok, thanks so far. To be honest I keep getting back to these challenger 650 videos on YouTube.... looks very very tempting. My problem however was not having enough time to learn to fly an airliner properly. I don't know if the hotstart challenger will take even more time. As far as I know there is a first officer who can do a lot for you and there are checklists all over the place. What I also like is the possibility to save the 650 in the exact state as you left it. In other words: you can make the challenger 650 as hard as you want to but you can also enjoy it without knowing all the bells and whistles and learn them while you use the addon. Is that correct?
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