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  1. Me. And why should anyone worry about what I decide I want: better visuals over some loss in FPS or vice versa? Weird. I always thought options where good. That one size does not fit all. Why do you think anyone would be sad to be able to decide what they want out of a video game? It won't affect you if I use medium, high, or ultra, or even low, but it did affected me and others when we didn't have this slider option. Luckily, now we have more options. More options does not take anything away from anyone, but less options do. Sometimes we have to look outside the box.
  2. Just out of curiosity, are you running MSFS with a Nvidia or AMD video card? I have an AMD, I wonder if this is making a difference? I see a lot of 3080, super 2080 not having the issues I am seeing.
  3. I'll give it a try tomorrow. Maybe with fresh eyes I'll see things differently. Thanks.
  4. LOL, yes, the game was built on this idea, but lets turn it off. Might as well lower all the autogen, AI, and cars on the road, and we can all run MSFS on a potato. I kid, i kid. with your PC parts, you should not have to sacrifice any settings.
  5. Couldn't you do the same by lowering your setting last week? Now aboso did it for you. There's no magic coding or coding dust to get the better performance. They didn't rewrite the software. They took from here to give you that. They mislea... or I was mistaken by the hype.
  6. You keep saying this, and I am telling you this is not true in my case. My pc was running MSFS perfectly before SU5. I am using the 172, 152, flying around the east coast and NYC. Maybe you need the increase performance if you fly airlines, I don't know, but please stop saying it was needed. Not for me. I believe (my theory only) it was needed to run on the XBOX at acceptable FPS. It wasn't needed for people with recommended pc spec. I haven't read many threads/posts, before SU5, where people were clamoring about poor performance. But i haven't checked. And again, not to be "that guy" but i really don't care or worry about other pc running the game, I worry about how it runs for me and what i see. I guess this is where we say, "to each his own" and "we agree to disagree". If next year, when faster ram (dd5), faster cpus, faster video cards are coming out, and Aboso thinks they need better performance RIGHT NOW, i worry that the newer pc parts won't be a boom to MSFS. I could be wrong. But knowing better pc parts are coming out next year, those who need better performance would only need to upgrade, as you can with a PC, not so much with an Xbox. I think if you needed better performance, turn down your settings. Xboxers lower your settings, oh wait, you can't. I guess the software will internally lower the settings on the xbox
  7. Opening doors. Light that shine on the ground. Sun Visors. Environment sounds linked too windows/doors. Things as simple as these things brings me joy. They are "simple" thing (of course the skills to develop these things is incredible), but it's these types of little things and attention to details that turns something virtual into something more true to real life. Sitting in a cockpit, flicking switches and hearing the sounds, seeing the lights come on or turned off, etc. It's the sum of the little things that pulls people into a game. Thanks to the developer of this mod. Downloading now.
  8. I think this is very true, but it's up to MS/aboso to (want to) put this into the software. Lets me start: #allowthesliders If they wanted to do this, they could have done this in this update. They chose not to or even state if they will, thus, i am not very hopeful. They talk a good game about pc, and pc simmers, and then they offer pop ins, lol. Why wait, can't they do this for the next update. As if this idea never crossed their minds? I would think the pc beta testers would have asked, hey can we have more sliders? Everyone like sliders.
  9. My thinking or else you are all wrong and silly. Nice to be on the right side of the debate. Discuss: If MSFS was not brought over to XBOX would they have changed the way the scenery is displayed? Would they have needed performance gains if they didn't have to bring it over to the xbox? Discuss this instead attacking people who think this is true or not true. In two years, most simmers would have bought newer and better pc parts, so they won't need "more performance gains". At least not by introducing pop ins. In two years, the xbox will have the same specs. No need for me to by a 3080. I guess I should thank aboso. Save me a lot of money. Yeah, and dont' worry about me crying in my beer. There's a difference between ranting about a game on a forum and real life stuff. This is just a diversion from real life problems. No one here is going to go to the psych doctor on wed morning to get over the change in MSFS. We are just having a good time arguing over one of our passions; just like people do in a bar over sports teams... so don't worry about the wahh wahh wahh,,,You must be fun to discuss things with over a beer if your only come back is wahh wahh wahh
  10. No one is disputing it runs better. It would run better for me if I placed the setting on low. I had no issues with performance and fps before SU5 on my pc, now it doesn't look as good. That's my only issue. I didn't have any pop ins, now I do, so it's a step backwards. If they could have had no pop ins and better performance that would have been the best of both worlds, but I feel they mislead us about performance gains by redoing codes, but instead they got the gains by lowering settings for everyone. The should have had a slider, pop in, better performance to same performance, no side pop ins. Simple.
  11. Hi Rob, Like and respect your posts, and I agree: performance has improved, but I have had no issues with FPS or performance before SU5. I was very, very happy with my settings on high. Best looking graphic i have seen on a MFS game ever. But what did I have to loss to give others better performance? I contend I lost visual appeal. If this pop in, refreshing was here from that start, i would think, GREAT looking game. But after seeing what MSFS looked like after SU4 and seeing what I see now, I feel "cheated". Right or wrong, these are my feelings, and I will not be denied my feelings, lol. I wish someone would do two poll: SU4 or SU5? Is the side refreshing pop in/ground refreshing (don't know how to term it): 1. a big turn off 2 little turn off 3. no turn off 4. WHY MS/Aboso WHY? 5. the best thing slice slice bread. For those who have mid - high pcs, did you need the performance gains we have now?
  12. As I wrote in another post: it's not the panning, but some of us use camera views, left, right, etc, and this pop in is as clear as the nose on my face. I use camera views to look out the side windows, back, etc, because i like to see the scenery without going out of the plane. As I stated, for me, there was NO reason to do this. My performance with my pc listed below had msfs running and looking perfect on high settings. So good, i didn't even care i could not get an 3080, and had to "settle" for a 5700xt - settle, because a 6 months ago, that's the only high end card i could find at a decent price. is MSFS playable, sure. Am i as excited about playing as i was this past Sunday, no. The only thing that has changed is SU5. Like i said, I would pay the 90 dollars again to get MSFS with SU4. Not possible 😞
  13. I could video record the refreshing and ground texture being out of focus and popping in. Sure it doesn't happen in panning, as i stated in another post, but i use the camera view a lot. and this is what i feel. I don't know why you say it's not true when I see it. Maybe it doesn't happen to you or it doesn't bother you at all, but, good on you, it bothers me. I know what i saw on Sunday when I played, and i see what i see now. It is immersion killing for me. I speak for no one else but me. It's to the point where I played for about an hour, and have no interest in turning msfs on. I'm back to GTA and the witcher. I was on the hype train last week, got run over.
  14. Are we really so happy that an AAA title game runs so great on a mid-low spec-ed PC? If Aboso did such a great job with performance gains, then why did they need to make looking right, then left looking out the side windows (which I like to do when scanning the scenery using left/right camera view) have such god-awful immersion-breaking pop ups, ground texture filling-in that takes a second or so to get into focus? It's so noticable. Didn't have that last week. Nice "feature". Thanks. What good is having a 3080 or a even a super 2080 if nothing is gained? If MSFS - with my 5700xt looked a little bit better than SU4, i would be estatic. But (i know what i see) my sim looks worse. I see it. I knew i should have take screen shoots a few days ago to compare to know, but I know what I see. As soon as I started up MSFS with SU5, And I going to rant all night? No, it's not the end of the world, and I understand MS has to go where the money is (xbox) but just remember this: The Xbox specs will be the same next month as it will be in two years. PC parts will be FASTER and BETTER next year. MSFS probably can not get "visually" better, because the sim has to run on the components the Xbox has spec-ed. So when the 3090 or 3080ti next years get cheaper, will these cards be worth buying to get a better experience in two years? Will the pop up, side refreshing every be removed? I doubt it. It's an immersion killer for me. Looks less perfect - yes, this past weekend, it look perfect to me. Even just on "high" setting.
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