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  1. I would be willing to pay a discounted price for the beta (early access product). It would be worth it to me to get to play it now, and get to own it at a lower price than retail when it is fully released; just for the fun of being able to play it now instead of waiting next year or so. Even though it's is not complete, finished, and buggy. The problem is: some people will get the "early access" product, and then start complaining that it's buggy/not finished, etc, even though they knew that it would be an early access product. And what that means. I don't think MS would be wanting to deal with that. We see it with early access games and products now. People buying the early access product, and then complain that "it's not finished". This might be a way for small, not well funded game companies to raise money while developing their game, but MS is definitely not in that position... TLDR: I doubt MS will go this route.
  2. To me it looks like a big, cowboy hat that Hoss would wear on the classic TV show "Bonanza". That's what I would tell my kids.
  3. I "expect" to get a paycheck from work this Thursday...I just hope my boss doesn't have a dictionary near the desk where he signs the paychecks... :-D and I expect the sun to rise tomorrow am...but again, who knows... Oh, BTW everyone: Happy April Fool's Day everyone. DTG should put out a "prank" PR stating their new flight sim will include everything that all of us want in a new flight sim. Too soon?
  4. This, but also, at least for me, is the lack of any real, fun info about the new flight sim. I would love to hear a few bullet points of how this new flight sim will be different than FSX-SE. Or at least what improvements have been made/added. Something. This flight sim has to have some features firmly baked in that DTG can mention or at least hint at.
  5. Wait, are announcing the release of your product or just announcing the announcement of your product? Not even a teaser like a screenshot? Anything? Nothing? lol. Please? Ok, I'm going back to lurking and waiting. :-) I'll be back next quarter.
  6. Stated by DTG: "in the meantime, we expect to have a detailed development update for you in the New Year. As a team, we are incredibly excited to share what we have been up to! Until then, we hope you have a fantastic holiday season and look forward to making 2017 a great year for flight simulation. " Unfortunately, for the impatient, like me, "in the new year" (2017) encompasses the whole year :-) So technically, they could give up news in September or even October, and the above statement will be accurate :-) Waiting is always the hardest part.
  7. I like the idea of buying/funding something to show support for what they are doing, but when you do that, sometimes, you reward mediocrity, and where's the incentive for game developers or any other company to push the envelope when people will buy anything just because it's offered? I think this is why we have FSX; FSX-SE; Flight, Xplane, Prepar3d, and now this new-fsx. If you want to a better future flight sim, don't reward the same-ol' same-ol' For me, and me only, I love flight sims, I even spend way too many hours glued to my monitor, but I will not pay my money to give incentives to a company that should earn my money, - otherwise, it's almost extortion, lol, heck, I'll just play fallout, minecraft, etc there's too many revolutionary games out now to worry about getting stuck playing xplane or DCS or prepar3d which are available now and into the very far future whether DTG sells this new one or not. You want "my" money, and more importantly, my time, you need earn it, and offer more than what its now available.
  8. Less than two months until launch, and I can't even find a trailer for this game, and more sadly, not even a screenshot, never mind a video, not even a dedicated website featuring this new flight sim... maybe I am too pessimistic, but maybe I have seen this many times before...I don't believe in the: "no news is good news" line when a company is trying to sell something. I'll try to hold judgement, but so far, I am confused about the quietness of this game; with out even one ad out yet, and this is suppose to be a holiday release competing against other holiday gifts and things people could buy with their money. Even Rockstar has a trailer for their new Red Dead Redemption 2 game, and that's not going to be released until the fall of 2017 - over a year from now.
  9. Here is the excellent thread by FSCOTTIE of some of his screenshots ...they look truly amazing. http://www.avsim.com/topic/478020-mse-massachusetts-4x-anyone/ I hope that link works, if not, just search "MSE Massachusetts 4x anyone"
  10. Wow, according to DTG_Martin, just today, posted on the steam forums: ​"Everyone wants sloped runways Duncan! It is certainly something that we want too. We will be at Cosford, but we will not be detailing anything about the new sim. We will be there showing FSX and Flight School...." (red, bold emphasis is mine). Wow, less than 3 months away from release, and nothing will be shown? I am crossing my fingers and toes, but I am less confident now that we will see anything really new or exciting about their new sim. 64bit, yeah, but as a mostly slow low flyer, this is not a big deal for me, yet. I wish we would get more concrete info about the "new" sim. More "yes, or no" answers about what, where, when, how this sim will be different and new over flight school and fsx. Well, we have three more months, lol. Duncan asked about slope runways, and the answer is ""Everyone wants sloped runways Duncan! It is certainly something that we want too", um, yeah, we all do, plus many other features BUT are you working on getting new features into your "updated FSX-new sim"? I will (have to) just wait for release, and more importantly, wait for the experimental rats, I mean, Avsim members who buy it on release day to report on how the new sim is :-D
  11. I have given a few bucks to a few kickstarting ventures over the years. Mostly for inexpensive items, with money I am willing to risk, but this seems so far-fetched, I just have to shake my head. If $8,000 is the amount of money stopping him from fulfill his dreams to get a flight sim "off the ground", I am willing to bet even if he raises three times that amount, it will fail. Eight thousand dollars is a nice sum of money, but it's really not so much that he and his delevoper friends couldn't get a part time job for a year, and use that money to develop a working demo to show us to get us to invest money with them. If he truly will be able to demo a "A380", and an airport, in about four months, why doesn't he wait to show us what he has before asking for money? If he could show us the "goods", I am very sure he would have a lot of us flooding his project with money. But not now. I worry when he doesn't name who his developer friends are, and which BIG name flight sims they have helped and developed for. He didn't even bother to post many pics of what he has developed on this site or even his facebook page. For a flight simmer, he facebook page has nothing i can see about flight sims or planes, etc. I think he's a dreamer. Good for him. lol. Dream big...I wish him luck, but not dimes. Even dreamers with good intent can waste your money as badly as evil scammers... Just my thinking on this. .
  12. I hope this partnership will extend to their new upcoming flight sim.
  13. Well, delays happen, but for me, it's a little bit of a let down to hear it's going to be delayed just a week before we expected it to be released. I was hoping to see a lot of reviews and videos next week. A month isn't a long time to wait, but it is (lol) when you want to see how something "new". I wish, instead, they would just released it, and then make an announcement that they will release a patch next month, listing what will be improved, changed, added, etc... to build even more excitement. Some gamers/people don't take things well whenever something is delayed. unfortunately.
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