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  1. So, you are saying, it's not due to a lack of tools from within MSFS and it's not due to MSFS missing or lacking some essential, basic codes that is slowing down the progress of these developers to product high, quality software; it's because they are slow to accept a change in the way they have been developing their software over the last many, many years? Or is it because they don't have the knowledge or expertise yet to develop a MSFS 737 up to the standards of a Prepar3d 737? Maybe MSFS is so "new" that a lot of new learning is required. Like, me who used to know a little, small bit of basic would needing to now learn to use some more modern software language. Cool, I guess, they are just being "difficult" because they are resistant to changes, and are having a difficult time "getting with the new times". Seems very simple, these developers only need to hire people who know the new codes...and then they can have a plane that features a "realistic" and functional FMS; great, believable flight dynamics based on weight, air density, fuel levels; realistic malfunctions, great working autopilots, etc. And then throw in all the other goodies for a $100+ software over and above a very pretty interior/exterior model. As you say: " A perfectly complicated airliner can easily be built using modern APIs of MSFS, as Asobo confirmed in one of the Q&A sessions" Boldness added by me. Asobo who needed hobbyists to fix the autopilot, FM of their own default aircrafts says it's "easy"...
  2. Hi, https://www.techspot.com/review/2146-amd-radeon-6800/ If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, they have their results of MSFS running on 1440 and 4k. MSFS running on the 6800x at 4k, netted 33 fps. On the 3080, MSFS running at 4k, they got 40 fps, which similar to the results of the review on the first page of this topic. My question is, is it possible for MS to optimize MSFS even more to give us higher fps at 4k with sliders to the right without sacrificing the visual qualities they are offer right now?
  3. I wonder if that extra 6gb of Vram will be more important when people start downloading more detailed scenery, planes, etc? And with some nice sceneries already available, like the grand canyon, etc, maybe more Vram will be needed. So many new, exciting pc parts (that are sort of "out", lol), and the decision to want to make the "better" decision regarding MSFS makes it hard to know what parts to get to get in order to get the max bang for the buck for me (unless it's someone who likes to get the new stuff every year, and is willing to pay for that extra 5 fps). Decisions, decisions. With MSFS getting 40 or 36 FPS at 4k with the newest stuff out there, every few FPS might make a difference. And with DX12 slated to come in the future, maybe it's good news for me to have things out of stock until the reviews and dust settles.
  4. Looks like, just from me looking at the two charts and not watching the video, for MSFS, there doesn't seem to be a "SAM" advantage using an AMD CPU paired with an AMD video card.
  5. I'm curious, is it possible to add new trees, different types of trees, or other "assets" like animals into MSFS? Or does it have to be in the "base" of the game?
  6. That was a question I was wondering about when the specs for MSFS first came out when they stated an ideal CPU from Intel would be an 9800X and not a 9900K or 9700K. Some people were speculating that they suggested the "x" CPU over the "K" CPU due to the larger L3 cache on the "X". I was hoping more reviewers would do more MSFS benchmarks.
  7. Hi, I am looking for any advice from anyone who is willing to offer me some. Thanks. I am going to build a new PC by the end of this month. Mostly for MSFS and maybe DCS. I was planning on buying an AMD 5800x (8 cores) but I am now thinking of going with my former plan of buying an Intel 10850k (10 cores). I might be wrong, but since I only have experience with Intel cpus in the past, I am more comfortable with Intel, but I would get AMD if you think it's more worthwhile. I am worried about the availability of the 5800X in a few weeks, too. I have a microcenter nearby so I can easily get the 10850K for $400 instead of the 5800X at $450. Can anyone fault my idea to bypass the new AMD cpu for a 10850K? I like the idea of having an intergrated video (even though I will get the best GPU I can afford at the end of the month). I am not looking to aggressively overclock, so my nochua u12a should be fine, and I know the 10850k will run hotter than the 5800x. I will get 2 more cores with the 10850K over the 5800x. The seem to be equal in FPS, I will get a SSD NVMe interface (PCIe Gen 3.0 x4) so I am not worried about the lack of PCIe gen 4.0 speed), etc. Does anyone seem to think the new AMD 5800x is a better purchase over the 10850K or even lower priced 10700K for MSFS (DCS)? I think 8 cores is where I want to be for the future, otherwise, I would look at the 5600K is available or the 10600K. Thanks, again. I would love to hear anyone's thoughts.
  8. LOL, I am going to use this term "solved" the next time my boss comes to me and says, "hey, this issue needs to be fixed". I will email him back saying, "it's solved"...oh, the fun I will have when he learns "solved" doesn't mean what he thinks it means... 馃檪 Sometimes I think Aboso just makes things more complicated than it needs to be, and in the end could causing more issues for them. They can't they have zendesk use the term "already reported" or "ok, thanks, we'll investigate" instead of "solved"? Weird, I think. How many people (I guess they could/should) read the "fine print"?
  9. "Negative ranting". Nothing wrong with that, in my opinion, if someone is VERY negative about a product they bought and rants away, i still sleep at night. Isn't this a place to state your opinion on FS-ing? Is this not a discussion place? I see people raving to the high heavens, and that's ok, but not the opposite? As long as there's no inappropriate words, personal attacks, following TOS, etc. And who decides when a post is a rant or a negative experience? I have read people "ranting" on here...but who knows if they are ranting, they might be as cool as a cucumber at their keyboard, they are just using very descriptive words. And THEN they get labeled as "immature"."impatient" "go play XYZ instead" love it or leave it. As if this is their playground to dictate who can post what and when.
  10. True, but when I go to the MSFS forums, i don't go there with a "community" feeling. It's just to see what people are discussing, ranting about, praising, etc. Here, it - to me- is a place I come to see the posters I recognize and see what they are saying. It's sort of like: I would be more bothered if i go go a hangout place and everyone is acting awful, as oppose to i go to a place to visit and people are just jerks.
  11. I don't think or believe "really toxic" is the correct term to describe the mood here, but it has changed. The community "feeling" is not as prevalent as it once were (my outlook, right or wrong, my feelings are what they are), and it's more of a "my view is right(er), and if you don't like it, get out of here". The ol' intolerant "love it or live it" attitude. Well, I can love something and rant about its short-comings, thank you very much. I don't post much, but have been around for 15 years as a member, and probably 10 years before that as a viewer with no profile. People are very passionate about FS here (obviously), and sometimes that can cause people to be less tolerant of other people's views, ideas, or suggestions. I agree with some that if you are a bit negative about MSFS, you get a lot of "ribbing" or worse. Even if you are just pointing out something you don't like about it, something broken, something not working right, something lacking, OR GOD FORBID you make a suggestion about what you might like to be included. You get the ol' "better than thou attitude of": "it's a flight sim, not an "octopus pet" simulator". I guess, everyone has the right to state anything, but it's the way you state it that can make all the difference in the world. And isn't this a discussion forum? I don't think it's a lot of people who have been here a long time. I think it's the newer posters who are the ones who are less tolerant and more willing to give a snarky reply. Maybe they are younger? They seem to be like the posters i used to see on GTA forums. God forbid you talk negative about that there...it's almost as if people are losing money if you bring up a fault or issue you are experiencing. In some ways, you get a better reply if you insult a person's first born kid than if you express a negative regarding MSFS..weird dynamics. Maybe the parents of the developers are here reply? LOL. 馃檪
  12. "Rah rah rah".... ban mauben. How dare he ask a question or a feature request. It's a flight sim for god sakes. Imagine if some one else starts stating the mountain are too roundish. We are luckily to not have wire triangles of mountains and only green shading. Your comment seems a bit harsh.
  13. I love your posts, but in fairness, I don't think you can lump "us" all into one statement. Thousands (and more) of us each have our own priorities of what we want, don't want, like, dislike, is acceptable, is not complete, etc. It will be a like an shop owner opening up an ice cream shop, and someone comes in, and says, "I bought your ice cream and I hate it". Another person says, "I Love your ice cream". It would be unusual for the owner to say, "geez, I can't please everyone; I better close up shop", when hundreds of other customers are buying his ice cream. I would think he would at times listen the opinion of the haters to see if he can find out why the person hates his ice cream, and maybe be able to improve upon it (if it's doable and still profitable, and he cares about adding sales. Or maybe he has enough sales for the lovers, and says, "no soup, I mean, ice cream for YOU". Asobo will determine what we eventually get. They will determine what features they implement based on whatever they think is important (good will, more products sold, too much effort, not possible for a 100 dollar game, let have third parties do it, etc). But we might get more if people point out what other features we want. The sqeeky wheel...and all. I think (imho) it's great that people are expressing their "views" even if it's blunt and comes across a bit angry. To me, it means they are really passionate about flight sims, and they want to see the best it can provide. They wouldn't bother to post if they didn't love flight sims. I know I don't post or read forums I have little interest in. Of course, posters should vent in a way that's not profane-filled, with name calling, etc but those post are lively and interesting. It makes good reading for me. If it gets too much, I am good at skimming right over whole pages of posts. I like that Asobo has video talks, and answer questions. I would love it if they would come here once and in a while answer a question or give exclusive info to us. But they do shout our at AVSIM at times, I find that cool.
  14. So they should stop all work on the graphic engine now since it's so good - no need to improve on it? And people wonder why flight sims have been so far behind other AAA titles in terms of graphics; we settle and accept what he get, and we better be glad we have what they gave us...god forbid they might take it away from us. It's not like we are "paying" money for a product. We should just take it no matter what we get. "Love it or get out"? Is this the mantra we should get behind?
  15. I am going to be very optimistic and take the term "meaningful" to be a deliberate term they chose to use based on it's real definition and not based on a "marketing" term. I like the synonyms for meaningful: significant, important, consequential, worthwhile 馃檪 They could be using "meaningful" as marketing term, but i don't want to think that 馃檪 Although they could have give more insight to the terms they are using. ---------- having meaning. "meaningful elements in a language" 路 [more] synonyms: significant 路 relevant 路 important 路 consequential 路 material 路 telling 路 pithy 路 weighty 路 valid 路 worthwhile 路 purposeful
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