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  1. fair enough but it still stands true that "just because everyone is doing it" makes whatever "it" is, correct or incorrect.
  2. You don't know this. What if Microsoft doesn't believe the xbox was intended just for casual gamers? That would mean they would develop the Xbox to run eveything the PC runs, including a study level sim regardless of platform.
  3. I've had trouble just getting minecraft to download and install in one go through the windows store. Not that this will eliminate CTD's in coming updates but highly recommend the steam version of the flight sim as well.
  4. I have experienced this glitch too but only when using Nvidia driver updates newer than 466.77. Apparently it's been around for some time now since early last year. Not sure why Nvidia still hasn't at least addressed the problem or fixed it.
  5. all this discussion over the CPU, but I wouldn't run MSFS with less than 16gb ram. Windows by itself loves its memory.
  6. I found the buttom system doesn't work the way I would want it to but with an actual throttle, you should be able to get reverse thrust working correctly for a two engine jet using throttle1 and throttle 2 axis (0 - 100%) in the throttle settings. Make sure the Reverse Axis box is not selected. Center your throttle first which would be zero thrust on the z axis, so when the throttle drops below the center, the engines go into reverse thrust and turn off when you move the throttle back to center. ( I am using a joystick throttle combo system though (thrustmaster hotas flight stick). I would assume just add more throttles axis ( 0 - 100%) in settings (3, 4 etc) to add more engines even if you were only using one actual throttle system.
  7. weather definitely worked better before....getting pop-in now after taking off.
  8. It's good that you're getting that kind've performance 25-29fps. I have another computer system with 8 gigs ram and it barely boots into windows 10
  9. as others have said, highly recommend Steam version. I would also recommend the Deluxe version, more planes = more fun and no additional upgrading costs later. For what it's worth, I bought the deluxe version and haven't regretted it.
  10. I'd recommend the Steam version if you decide to pull the trigger on this. Aside from a few Steam setup files, the actual program download takes place within the simulator itself.
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