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  1. It seem that the gear lever is not activating. I’ve checked it out with Windows game calibration. Thanks, Gerry
  2. Ok. A step forward. The led lights came on when I clicked on the BEF. Should be all green. Have one orange light. But still the gear itself does not work.
  3. I’ve tried disabling simulator defaults. That didn’t work either.
  4. FSUIPC didn’t work. The problem is it’s not recognized. I’ve installed and reinstalled the drivers without any success.
  5. Everything else is working. This should be working too.
  6. I just received a bravo throttle quadrant. I installed the proper drivers. This is for p3dv4.5. Everything is working perfect except for the landing gear. The led lights are on but I can’t raise the gear. I’ve activated the profile but still the gear won’t go up or down. What am I missing? Any suggestions would be appreciated. This is very frustrating. Thanks, Gerry
  7. Make perfect sense. The lightest touch turns it off. It’s hard not to accidentally touch it. Thanks for your input.
  8. My problem is that I mapped to buttons 22 and 23 as you stated but when I try to use the trim it deactivates (turns off) the auto pilot.
  9. Forgot to mention this is Microsoft’s Flightsim 2020.
  10. When starting a flight an error pops up saying I’m not connected to the Internet so the game will then start in the off-line mode. This is not correct. My internet connection is working and on and was working before this happened. Any idea how to correct this? Thanks
  11. Thanks everyone for your help. Back working👍
  12. My controls for example yoke, throttle, etc. start and stop working so as not to be able to even control the aircraft. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks, Gerry
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