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  1. If just using FSX or the Steam version, would the 980ti make any difference over a regular 980 or even a 970 for a three monitor 1080p setup using a 4790K running at 4.5Ghz? RH
  2. Looks like I will have to choose between a GTX 970 and 980 since a Titan X or 980 TI won't fit in my case. Both (970 and 980) have 4Gb of VRAM. I just want to know what other features of a Video card will help run FSX or the Steam edition with better frame rates and smoothness when running a 4790K at 4.5 to 4.7 Ghz when running a three monitor 1080p setup. Another question I have is how much difference in terms of frame rates and smoothness will I see in the above scenario between the 970 and 980. Obviously, the 970 would be a better option since it uses less power (not really an issue) and that it is less expensive. Thanks, RH
  3. Thanks for your input! There's not a lot of info about the performance of various cards in a three monitor setup as there is for CPUs in general. So, this is my research, and unfortunately, info is limited, but again, thanks! My motherboard only has one slot for a videocard, so it would have to be one card. RH
  4. I did a lot of research before picking up the 4790K, and there is very little difference in performance between the two, some benchmarks even supporting the 4790K beating out the 6700K. The only reason I would consider a Titan X is because I want to be able to drive three monitors. If I were just interested in running one monitor, I would definitely just pick up a 970. I may just get a regular 980GTX to run three monitors. I think if I can just keep my framerates above 15, I will be ok. Thanks! RH
  5. Thanks guys for the responses. I guess when you say you lost about 5 frames, that would be when compared to the performance on one monitor (three vs. one). So, I guess with a Titan X under similar conditions, I could not expect more than about a 30 percent increase in FPS vs. the 980 - so from about 20 with the 980 to about 26 with the Titan X. RH
  6. What kind of FPS were you getting with FSX? I may just go with a regular GTX 980 as its power requirements are only 500w build around an i7 computer. Any other recommendations? Thanks, RH
  7. I'd be willing to purchase a Titan X but not if it is considered overkill. I am trying to get the feeling of how each of these cards performs in a three monitor setup with an i7 4790K @4.5Ghz. I guess from what you are saying, a 970 may work. My goal would be never dropping below 15 FPS in any given scenario in FSX at the highest settings with the most complex add-ons available for FSX. Would my 4790k running at 4.5Ghz pushing a GTX 970 do that for me running 3 1080p monitors? Thanks for any info! RH
  8. Hey Guys - I use FSX want to go to a three monitor setup with a 4790K overclocked to 4.5Ghz. What is the minimum videocard for such a setup to get good frame-rates without significant loss? Nvidia 960, 970, 980, or Titan X. I understand that FSX is primarily CPU bound and don't want to get too big of a card for the job. Thanks, RH
  9. I am currently running a system around a Lynnfield i5 overclocked to 4.0 GHz on a single 1080p display and a GTX 275 and am pretty ok with the performance. My question is that I am in the process of putting together a Haswell i7 4790K clocked at 4.0 GHz but I want to move to a three monitor display. My question is whether the i7 4790 with a GTX 9700 over three monitors will give me at least the performance of the i5 4.0GHz system on a single 1080p display? Thanks, RH
  10. That's great competing info! Now, I have a four year-old i5 running on a 1156 MB ($Gb RAM) CPU overclocked to 4.0Ghz ... Is that enough CPU power to run a GTX 760 with three monitors (my goal) with decently? Thanks in advance. RH
  11. Wow - thanks guys! Is it difficult to setup? RH
  12. Thanks paddler - I have a 1156 based i5 overclocked to 4.0Ghz and a GTX 275... hope I have enough horses to run FSX well. RH
  13. Thank you Dean for that info! That's probably the route I am going to take. RH
  14. A lot of the info concerning this device is years old on these forums - so my question is today is Matrox TripleHead2Go still a viable option for those wanting to run three monitors? I know the resolution is not as good as an SLI solution, but I wonder if you get the fishbowl stretching perspective issue other had been getting with Nvidia surround? I use an i5 with a Nvidia 275 videocard - sort of older hardware, but all I am interested in these days is small aircraft - no bigger than a Beech King Air and mostly 172s at smaller airports. I use FSX and am just trying to get back into this hobby with the enthusiasm I had in the years 1995 to 2005 and though having a surround video display would do that for me. Thanks and take care RH