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  1. Hello, I managed to make the EOX Sentinel-2 Cloudless map work for FSEarthTiles 🙂 What you need to do: Step 1: a) Open "FSEarthTiles.ini" b) Copy and paste that under your sources [Service5] ServiceName = Sentinel 2 Cloudless map ServiceCodeing = zyx ServiceUrl = https://a.tiles.maps.eox.at/wmts/1.0.0/s2cloudless-2019_3857/default/GoogleMapsCompatible/%s.jpg Referer = https://a.tiles.maps.eox.at UserAgent = Mozilla/4.0 ServerVariations = a,b,c,d c) Rename your Service Number according to your file For me it's Service5 but for you it may be different so rename it so that it follows your current sources Referer and UserAgent are optional, you can disable them by commenting them using "#". I have noted no difference with or without these lines Step 2: IF YOU DON'T FOLLOW IT IT WON'T WORK a) Open "TileCodeingScript.cs" (in the FSEarthTiles folder) with notepad b) Locate the lines: else if (EarthCommon.StringCompare(iUseCode, "zxy")) { Int64 vServiceZ = EarthMath.cLevel0CodeDeep - iAreaCodeLevel; Int64 vServiceX = iAreaCodeX; Int64 vServiceY = iAreaCodeY; //vResultCode = "&x=" + vServiceX.ToString() + "&y=" + vServiceY.ToString() + "&z=" + vServiceZ.ToString(); vResultCode=vServiceZ.ToString() + "//" + vServiceX.ToString() + "//" + vServiceY.ToString(); } c) Now after these lines copy and paste the following lines : else if (EarthCommon.StringCompare(iUseCode, "zyx")) { Int64 vServiceZ = EarthMath.cLevel0CodeDeep - iAreaCodeLevel; Int64 vServiceX = iAreaCodeY; Int64 vServiceY = iAreaCodeX; //vResultCode = "&x=" + vServiceX.ToString() + "&y=" + vServiceY.ToString() + "&z=" + vServiceZ.ToString(); vResultCode=vServiceZ.ToString() + "//" + vServiceX.ToString() + "//" + vServiceY.ToString(); } Like so : For People who want to know why the second step: -Why do we have to do this? -Because, the source link is like this : https://a.tiles.maps.eox.at/.../ZoomLevel/Latitude/Longitude If you think of a grid you have X = longitude and Y = latitude Now FSEarthtiles must read the link and that's what the ServiceCodeing is for: By putting zxy, FSEarthtiles will read the ZoomLevel, the Longitude and the Latitude in THAT order. You see the problem? FSEarthTiles reads Longitude where the Latitude is in the link so X and Y are inversed. Because there was no "zyx" read mode I had to implement it myself by just copying the "zxy" elif instruction and just inverse X and Y. Maybe there is a smarter way to do it directly in the FSEarthTiles.ini file but I don't know. And that's it ! :) I like the EOX map more than google and bing because even if the max zoom is something like 4m/pixel it gives -a cloudless map -more vivid and beautiful colors than Google and Bing in my opinion
  2. The Carenado G1000 in the C172SP Skyhawk appears to have been developed for use in one of their 'high performance' aircraft. This collection of files will adjust the appearance of the PFD and MFD to better match the screens as seen in the Cessna Skyhawk. The changes work in both SVS and non-SVS modes. There are two corrected faults. The Vertical Speed scale is changed from plus/minus 4000 feet to plus/minus 2000 feet and the GPS CDI (the magenta line) course indicates properly on the PFD. Some of the visual changes: 1. Solid (non-banded) blue and brown PFD background. Horizon position adjusted. 2. Removed the Speed Selector box above the airspeed tape. 3. Brown hash-marked segment removed from the Altitude tape and replaced with 'clear'. 4. Altitude tape lightened. 5. 'DME' removed, 'ALERTS' added on the PFD softkeys bar. 6. Corrected titles (GLIDE, Vx, Vy) in the TMR/REF box. 7. Where possible, green and magenta colours were 'standardized' across the PFD and MFD. And 8. A Cessna logo is added to the yoke. 9. The blue colour is revised in the Standby Attitude Indicator - for day and night. Send a PM [private message] with an e-mail address to get the package. This was tested in FSX. Feedback and suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. This is the support page for SXAD's KAMA for FSX, FSX SE, Prepar3d v2, v3 and v4. Currently this airport is available from Simmarket: http://secure.simmarket.com/sxairportdesign-rick-husband-amarillo-international-airport-fsx-p3d.phtml And Justflight: https://www.justflight.com/product/sxad-kama-amarillo-airport
  4. Everyone should upgrade, performing a full un-install re-install of the new version and not use the patch Thank you
  5. The other day Ron had requested a photo of a cockpit of which I thought I had - didn't. Looking thru the 8000+ photos/images again would be a chore.. Then I remembered "Irfanview", the Swiss Army knife of dealing with images. Going through those 8000 images took just 20 minutes. ))) While experimenting a bit with the "slideshow" subset of Irfanview was able to isolate just the flight sim folders and use those. Then it dawned on me, by using certain settings within slideshow I could show all of them in just a short amount of time. So here you have it - 4796 images in a little movie going back to my first year of RTWR ( think FSHost ) and include events from other sites. These are not checked for content, they may or may not include parts of the 3173 images uploaded to Dropbox (newer MP/RTWR photos) & are in no particular order. Let your mind creep back in time by viewing or downloading (535mb) here. P.S. - I should really seek some treatment for hoarding! ✈️ 👀 😂
  6. USS Pike on Patrol in Pacific...... "Con Sonar.....Twin Screws Detected ....4 miles....Heading 176 degrees" Ayeye....Helmsmen.....Periscope depth....Dive...Dive...Dive... Sir....She's a enemy Japanese Heavy Cruiser....Bearing 183....2000 yrds Torpedo room Con....Make tubes 1 through 4 ready....open torpedo doors 1 and 2 Fire Tubes 1 and 2....Fire....Fire!! Fish Away and Running Straight!! Torpedo 1 hit Sir!! Torpedo 2 hit Sir!! She's Sinking Sir!! Ayeye....Surface The Boat and search for Survivors ....raise antenna and signal Pacific Fleet. Thanks for Looking👀 Friends👀 !!!
  7. Preparing to depart Schiphol for Cork
  8. Hello, may I introduce myself with these pictures: [img=https://i.imgur.com/QZShOIP.jpg] [img=https://i.imgur.com/mIo8QEP.jpg] [img=https://i.imgur.com/47U8PbL.jpg] [img=https://i.imgur.com/bFaRw3h.jpg] [img=https://i.imgur.com/VDvglVK.jpg] [img=https://i.imgur.com/iyJ0FKI.jpg] [img=https://i.imgur.com/kq8wXbC.jpg] Always safe landings Torsten
  9. Hello dear friends of the Avsim community. I would like to point out that the FSX version and the P3Dv4.5 version of the Chevrolet Suburban have been available on the Bahrometrix download page since last weekend. I posted a corresponding contribution here at the forum under General Freeware Discussion:
  10. Hello Simmers, I, a fellow user of the Reality-XP GTN750 have experienced an issue after updating to the FSX Beta. Upon loading in to the cockpit of my default Cessna 172 with the Reality-XP GTN as a pop-out loaded and functionable I have noticed that when attempting to switch the NAV to GPS mode there is no possible way to switch as it keeps defaulting to NAV mode which makes my aircraft unable to follow the flight plan created in the GTN750. I have another friend whom I contact with the same Reality-XP GTN750 and FSX-Beta who had this same issue and we were wondering if there is a fix for this issue or if there can be a fix for this issue. EDIT: Switching my CDI to GPS does work, yes, but when my plane attempts to turn on course the flight plan it is heading 000 and maintains 000, that has nothing to do with my CRS (of course) but with a bug. I am not sure what I can do to fix it as I have tried a few things that would possibly be the issue, but I believe it has to do with the software 🙂 Thank You, Kermout
  11. Just 2 from a test flight: Scenery is nice, buts it's missing the animations we are all used to with ORBX. Jose
  12. Hey Leute, Ich wollte wissen wie die Durchsagen in der Q400 von Majestic Software funktionieren. Ich habe gehört ich muss den [PA] Knopf drücken. Und dann? Ich benutze die Steam Edition vom FSX Danke für jede Hilfe. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Timothée
  13. Hi there, I like the AC very much, so thanks very much! Three questions: 1. I tried to shoot an ILS approach at Bowerman rwy24. I thought that I had everything set up for the approach. I hit the APR button on the AP but it wouldn't come on. No APR light and no activation of the APR mode. Did I do something wrong/missed something? Perhaps you can refer me to a resource on the SPZ-500 as I only found non free resources or make a video on it's use?) 2. The inertia felt on departure and approach (slow speed phases) is that due to the tip tanks (when full?) 3. How do I run the NTS checks on the MU-2 Thanks! Rob PS found a nice resource on the MU-2: http://www.mu-2aopa.com/
  14. Hello everyone first my computer is : AMD FX 8350 4.0GHz GTX 750 Ti GSKİLL 8 gb 1866MHz 650W PSU ASUS M5A97 R 2.0 First ı was getting 20-30 fps then I reinstalled windows and now I'm getting only 20 fps not more Fps is locked to 20 It 's not dropping as well. I didn't installed any third party products except pmdg 777&737ng .And the strange thing when I overclock the cpu to 5.0ghz fps drops to 10-15 fps.I'm using xxxxx's guide.I'm using nvidia inspector too. How can I get rid of this annoyig problem? sorry ı opened two same topics due my bad internet I refreshed forum two times sorry again.
  15. Hi, I recently downloaded Shade for fsx-se. I installed every thing without a problem but when I clicked on the application it said "FSX Registry Path is Unreadable, See the Shade Userguide.pdf". So I looked at the manual and it said to use Flight1's Registry path fixer, so I used it and I still got the error. I don't know what to do. I have the 1.2 version. Thanks --K
  16. hello guys, i have PROATCX and pfpx, i wanted to do a flight from egcc to egkk. i got a route from pfpx and deleted the star and sid from it as i wanted the atc from pro atc to give mr one automatically. however, i have to even put a sid and s atr into a flightplan in pro atc , i want them to assign me one automatically. dosent that defeat the objective of atc as im doing it myself. i keep getting error sid transition failure aborting. is ther a way to fix this? many thanks.
  17. Hello everyone I know that FSX is CPU intensive which is why desktops are highly recommended. But, I really prefer laptops due to their easy transportation capabilities and spacewise. I am interested in two laptops. I intend to run PMDG 777 and 737. http://www.amazon.com/GL551JW-DS71-15-6-Inch-GeForce-Discrete-Graphics/dp/B00T7XRH2A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1434478111&sr=8-1&keywords=asus++ROG+laptop http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QHD8N6C?psc=1 The only major difference is the GPU. The first one has GTX 960M (which is cheaper) and the second has a GTX 970M. Anyone have an idea if the difference of these graphic cards will have a noticeable different FPS count? If yes, about how much of a difference? Thank you (first post)
  18. When you use the V key to take a screen shot, where is the picture stored?
  19. Night Environment Benelux v1.71 Released! Night Environment Benelux, our first region and the one that started it all is finally getting a face lift from Aerosoft, this is a complete new version that includes our latest Textures and Quad installer; with support for Prepar3D v3.x, the new release is coupled with our v1.7x series standards; including... Read more here
  20. A video showcasing a realistic looking rendering of FSX with a sunset approach and landing at Frankfurt Airport. The footage is recorded untreated, raw from FSX, with only the custom sun lens flare and additional glow to the runway lights added as a post-processing effect in Adobe After Effects. All colour-corrections and image enhancements are applied with ReShade, a post-processing tool just like ENB, only better, and recorded direct from FSX with FS Recorder.
  21. Hi everyone Is there a global scenery update for fsx steam version,I do not mean photo quality but an upgrade from the original ones.In time as i slowly upgrade this pc i will be buying all the addons i can but for now some freeware just to keep me happy would be nice
  22. Hey guys, Lately I've been flying a bit in Japan. Fortunately, there's good freeware landclass and vector information for japanese lands, so this isn't exactly my problem. My problem is... I'm struggling to find good airport sceneries for Japan. This is kinda sad. I have these two excellent sceneries from Pacific Island Sim (Chubu Centrair and Nagasaki), but that's all. I've found some stuff by Wing Creation, but their rendition of Narita is just too expensive... Moreover, I simply cannot find good airport sceneries for Hokkaido area, which interests me a lot. :( Is Japan really lacking good airports? Does anyone has any good tips in this subject? Should I just sit and cry? Best regards,
  23. Hey guys. I used to have fsx (cd version) installed. I uninstalled it when I got p3d 2.5. I also bought Flightsim Estonia's migration tool to help with addons. Now I want to install fsx again on a 2nd harddrive alongside p3d. However, when I start the installation I only get an option to repair or uninstall the preexisting version of fsx. However, I dont have fsx installed... I made a thread at flightsim estonia - you can find it here: http://board.flightsim.ee/discussion/479/answered-install-fsx-after-p3d-and-migration-tool#Item_9 They havent been able to help me solve this issue yet, and so I turn to the broader avsim public to see if it might give me a solution. I really want to get back in fsx to fly my lovely Concord *crossing fingers*
  24. Hey, Just wondering if the 747-4x FSX edition is able to be transferred over to P3D, and how I would do it. Cheers
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