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Found 49 results

  1. when I climb with the a300 and set a a/th and then that I want to climb to 32,000 ft and then when I choose vs it just climbs till it stalls, what am i doing wrong? what vs should I have ? (I have autopilot on)
  2. Having finally finished my fresh re-install of Windows and MSFS, an on-going issue since the previous installation is still present - any time there is an overlay on the screen, it introduces stuttering. By 'overlays' I mean if I use Game Bar (to take a screenshot, record video, display fps etc) or if I change system volume (and the volume level display comes up in the top left of my screen). The stutters immediately stop when I close Game Bar (clicking anywhere on the screen) or when the volume display fades away. I've mentioned this problem several times but nobody else has ever mentioned they have experienced it nor offered any suggestions to fix it. It doesn't appear to affect anything else, such as either of my Forza games (which I've yet to re-install). Any ideas?
  3. Having finally finished my fresh re-install of MSFS, one of the two issues I have is an 'orange peel' effect on my screen. I'll add a screenshot when I can get Game Bar to behave and record one. Essentially though, it's a little similar to the complaints of pixelated clouds, tiny and faint mottling all over the screen but most obvious against a blue sky. This does not happen during the sim's start-up nor on any of the menu or pre-flight screens, only after the flight has loaded. I figure it's something in the graphics settings which has changed since my previous install but I don't know what to try changing. Ideas?
  4. Already a few threads on individual issues so it's about time we started a list. So I'll get things started: Opening Nav Log and starting the timer, the timer should still be running if you close the Nav Log widow (as opposed to minimising it) and reopen it later in the flight. But now the timer is reset to zero when the Nav Log is reopened.
  5. TLDR: After sorting some hardware issues (new motherboard and CPU), I have lost all aircraft sounds, both internal and external. ATC sounds still work. Has a configuration file changed in some way perhaps? What should I check? I’ve read there are issues with Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs which mean it’s better to run them on Win11 (which I’ve yet to upgrade to), but this seems far too specific a problem for that. Here’s the long version, at least some of which is possibly to blame: After ordering and fitting a new motherboard - ASUS TUF Gaming Z690-Plus WiFi D4 – and CPU – Intel Core i5-12400 - (the background to why I needed to is here), I then made the mistake of changing the drive letter of my G drive (HDD) to keep my SSD drive letters concurrent. I’d forgotten that MSFS core files are there (due to originally trialling MSFS in Game Pass, but that’s another old story which I got resolved. Doubt it's relevant). Of course, I couldn’t start MSFS or the other Game Pass-installed games residing on what had been G, so I changed the letter back to G, rebooted and signed out and back in to MS Store to start them properly. All was well until I got into MSFS. The small music clip started as usual (I have music disabled) but I had no menu sounds (no big deal) and no engine or cockpit sounds (e.g. hydraulics), very big deal. Everything else appears ok and the CPU is barely taxed. I used the Repair function for MSFS in Windows settings but that didn’t solve the issue. I don’t think a Windows repair (using the Media Creation Tool method) is likely to change anything. I also don’t think it’s an issue with the new mobo’s sound as sounds appeared fine in both Forza 7 and Forza Horizon 4. I also tried the headphone port instead of the speakers and the problem was the same in MSFS, ATC sounds but no aircraft noise. I’ve looked at the sound settings in the sim and all seems as it was before. I also checked the config files of a couple of aircraft after flying them to see if there was any reference to sounds being “False” rather than “True” but I couldn’t see anything which suggested something had been disabled. I have to assume it’s a main file in the sim which has been affected, but which one and where/how?
  6. Hello everyone, I have have a problem with the new addon scenery Berlin Tegel from Gaya. I purchased it today on the marketplace in fs2020 and tried it after downloading it. I recognized that a few Buildings are sunken in the ground and that the bridge on taxiway PW/PE isn't usable because of a buggy scenery so i reinstalled it several times but i can't fix it does someone has the same problem or a solution for this problem? My Theory is that this whole scenery is to high in the world some buildings standing on the original ground an som are standing on the new raised ground cousing these bugs. Greeting from Berlin B.B
  7. I have a problem with ZSPD Shanghai P3dV4. There are some black textures like I show you in screenshot. Can you help me, I dont know why this black texture. https://ibb.co/chLjS7
  8. G'day, I am currently trying to connect to my mate in the Majestic Q400, using Shared Cockpit. However, when we connect he says he sees a single bar of connection and I do not see any green bars, he can also pull switchs and move flight controls that I can see but I am not able to do any of that. This seems like there is a one way connection even though we have both port-forwarded, put the correct ports in the control panels. We tried each person as master and loaded into the same livery at the same location at airports. My mate is using FSX-SE and I am using Prepar3D if that makes any difference. Thanks.
  9. Hello, I have recently updated to P3D V5.1 and I have been having weird textures on the knobs and switches in the VC of the PMDG 737 NGXU. It has a sort of light blue reflection on the metal side of the switches (Fuel pump switch for example) Is there anyone else who has the same problems and please suggest a fix for it? Thank you.
  10. Dear gentlemen (and ladies), I have experienced strange problem with my computer when running FSX. First of all, this only happens when running FSX (and ASE, Radar Contact, FSACARS). With any other game or software it doesn`t happen. When airborne after some time the computer goes to hibernation. Usually it happens after 1.5 - 4 hours. When woke up, I`m still able to run FSX and other programs, but the fps in FSX go to single digits. Can someone point me somewhere? I`ve tried cleaning the computer with Ccleaner, Ad-aware (nothing significant found) and defrag the disc. Any suggestions where could be the problem? Thank you.
  11. Hey Guys! My problem is the following: when I'm in the sim, on the horizon all the textures are brown. I had PTA, but I repaired P3D, so theoretically that could not cause the problem. I'd be grateful if you could help me, because I've never had this problem and it is quite frustrating. Fly safe! barna0110
  12. Hi, Im usingf the PMDG 777 with P3Dv4 on a Dual Monitor Setup (Second is for gauges) and i have a Problem with undocking the Panels. Whenever i undock a Panel to take it to my second Monitor, the Panel goes black in the VC. Ist like im litterally taking it out to bring it to the other Screen. I have never had this with any other aircraft. Is it Normal ? sorry for my bad english Greetings from switzerland Stephane
  13. Hey! I've recently been having some issues with the PMDG 737NGX. Whenever I start my aircraft up, I do this: Battery > APU (whole procedure) > IRS Align -- I may have missed some things out, but that's basically what I do. Now, when my PFD, ND and EICAS come on, it shows this: As you can see, there is no numbers on the PFD, ND or EICAS. I need help! Signed, Jacob Passam
  14. hello to all i don t like complain but here twice flight and twice problem during arrival this morning, arrival at eham from west, pass over spl for an arrival R36C, just before spl plane turn right and follow a south path, not programmed path into the fmc, i had to correct the heading via hdg mode until i was align with LOC arrival this afternoon, another flight and another arrival problem at moscou, i had programm the arrival into the fmc, the plane follow it until it lost the path, need to correct by hdg mode, and finish on manual mode for landing So the Vnav mode seems to have a problem with approach in my case, i don't have any problem with 737 or 777 just with the 747, maybe someone can help me?
  15. Hi, as the title says, my screens go black from time to time. I might do a full flight without a single problem. But there are some flights in which right after takeoff, say 2 or 3 minutes after departure, PFD and ND go black, but I can still use the FMC. Thanks,
  16. Hi guys, today I would like to install my PMDG MD-11 (boxed version), but I got the fail "FS9.1. missing, please install FS9.1. Update" (not word-to-word). But I am also not able to install the FS 9.1 update, because of "fail34", so what to do right now? I still tried the idea under regedit, but I don´t have the path called Microsoft/Microsoft Games/FS9. I am just wondering because on friday I just had a nice flight with the MD-11, but today I got a fail and want to re-install it. Now I got all these fails... Anybody has an idea? Thank you very much for your help! :-) Best Regards, Sebastian
  17. i've bought the 737ngx + expansion recently, but the activation is giving me hard time, the error is "unable to connect to activation server" and then "you don't have a valid license installed for this product" i'm in a campus and i've thought that the broblem could be that here some internet ports are blocked but the problem, even trying to activate it with an external 4g connection, is the same, i seen that i can not connect to the pmdg site with this pc (chrome give me an ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED ) i realy need the 737 for the flight training that i'm doing, so thanks for your time
  18. First, biggest problem is that in some planes (two concordes to be specific) reverse thrust sound can be heard even at idle, this is super annoying. Second, even though I have used the "time_constant=0" solution I havn't been able to fix the sound bug every time I switch from the inside view to the outside. Send help pls. P3D version: 4.5 Hotfix 3
  19. Strange issue now happening to me... Any add-on I install now fails to show up in the sim. My process is unchanged: Download Unzip Copy contents to "Add-ons" folder (I use Add-ons Linker) Refresh Add-ons Linker and confirm add-on is green Launch sim (usually through Add-ons Linker, but sometimes direct from sim's shortcut) When I am in the sim, the newly installed add-on doesn't appear. That so far has happened with aircraft and liveries (yet to experiment with other add-n types but I expect the same results). I have tried add-ons from flightsim.to and sim-outhouse. Co-incidence or not, it happened after I installed the Asobo Junkers Ju-52 which I had to install in 2 parts after the sim suffered a CTD during the download. The Junkers appears unaffected. I'm tempted to try the "Repair" option for MSFS in Windows Settings, but before I do, any other ideas?
  20. Hello! When I am landing the A320 flyby wire it does not give out the words “minimum” and “100 above”. I have only realized that on the gyroscope two M’s pop up on the bottom but I want it to say it to me.
  21. I want to apologize right away, I am not a native English speaker and I use google translate. I noticed that if you assign the push to talk function in the A32NX settings, for example the "U" key And at the same time, assign, for example, the "J" key in the Pushback express settings to the Push to talk function In this case, the a32nx program will use the PBE settings while it is running. After that I decided to check again and left the "U" key for a32nx, and in the PBE settings I removed the key altogether, that is, I turned on the "open microphone" mode. And it really happened that both programs listened to me in open microphone mode and both executed commands, although a32nx should have been activated only by pressing the "U" key and this continued until I finished towing and PBE automatically closed, after which a32nx again worked only on the "U" key as it should have been originally. In short: both running programs use the PBE settings at the same time.
  22. I don'k now exactly when this problem appeared and why but I need to find a solution. Please help me!!!! Here a quick vid: btw it happens with all the planes no matter the size...
  23. Hey guys! I've been having a very annoying issue with my PMDG 777 lately. On all my last 5 long haul flights, I am experiencing a constant and slow reduction of my fuel remaining at my destination. I am planning all my flights with real time weather in PFPX and activesky. By comparing the estimated wind forecast in the OFP and the actual wind in the sim, I can tell that they match very closely. I already read this: and changed the battery of my motherboard. - doesn't help. I have around 2000 hours in the sim with the PMDG 777 and never had this issue before. Does anybody have an idea about what's going on? Please help me I don't how to continue.
  24. I have a Problem with my ImagineSim Shanghai ZSPD, one Terminal Building looks perfectly fine while the other one is pretty much completely black except the jetways. I`ve reinstalled the scenery many times but haven`t found any solution to my problem yet. Here are some screenshots: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1313868765 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1313868877 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1313868958
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